general conference weekend.


hello! hope you had a great weekend! we got to spend the week with nana and granddad (josh’s parents) who came to visit us in the city. it was so nice to have family here for a few days. eleanor and samson sure love their grandparents which was evident all week as they preferred their laps for sitting and hands for holding over ours.  we skyped with both of our families last night and eleanor didn’t want to say goodbye at the end of the call… she got so sad that she hid her head in josh’s chest and her bottom lip quivered something awful. it broke my heart. sometimes living far away from family is the worst. looking forward to seeing them all this summer!

the grandparents left town friday afternoon and we decided to kick off our church’s general conference weekend with a little crêpe party with a few friends on saturday morning. i love any excuse to bring my good friend nutella out of the cupboard. ;)


we streamed general conference online on our computer and watched each session as a family in our home.  while that would come out to 8 hours of conference watching in total, in all honesty i feel like i only caught 20 or 30 minutes between these two kids of ours that really kept us on our toes during each session.  we look forward to reading the talks later in the month once they come out in print because most of conference from the weekend is lost on me. (anyone out there with kids around our kids ages, please tell me how you do conference successfully!)


in between conference sessions on saturday and sunday we found ourselves outside at the playground where we ran into friends, or at the park where we met up with a few and picnic’d in the chilly wind. (because sometimes you just gotta pretend spring is here even if the wind did just knock your baby flat over!)


on saturday evening the littles and i got together with some friends over at a girlfriend’s house while all the boys went to priesthood session. we ate domino’s pizza (sometimes it just hits the spot the way other pizza cannot) and enjoyed great conversation. i am so grateful for the good friends i am making here in the city on round II. and for the old friends that are still such good friends.


it’s supposed to be over 70 degrees here most of the week.  so i’m signing off to go get dressed. once samson wakes from his morning nap, we are off to go live outside in the sunshine for the next 5 days straight. have a great monday!

ps. we use this crepe recipe (thank you nyborgs) if you’re in the market for a good one:

1 cup flour
1 egg
1 cup milk
¼ cup sugar
pinch of salt
2 tablespoons oil
½ teaspoon vanilla

combine dry ingredients and add milk slowly while stirring to avoid lumps. add egg, oil, and vanilla. (or put all ingredients in blender and blend.) cook about 1 minute each side in hot crepe pan or skillet. use Pam or other food release spray often. enjoy!

  1. Krysta

    My goodness, that photo of E on the scooter with the helmet and sunglasses! I just died, it is so cute!

  2. Oooh! Can’t wait to try the crepe recipe. My husband maintains that he’s the master of breakfast food and I’m the master of dinners, but I’d like to show him up in BOTH areas at some point…

  3. Darling

    Those crepes look delish! Looks like you had an amazing time. You inspired me to have a picnic as well! Haha! Your kiddies are adorable. Hugs your way! Enjoy the weather! Xoxo, Darling

  4. Amy

    I feel the same way about Dominos pizza.

    We only have one babe, a 15 m/o, so it was probably a lot less wild over here. My husband and I took turns being the playmate for each session. And he napped through most of the afternoon sessions. I’m definitely glad we have the option to watch it at home instead of having to go to a chapel.

  5. Jaclyn

    aww what a great weekend! sad the grandparents had to leave :( hopefully they will come visit again soon!! xoxo

  6. Meaghan

    What great pictures(as always). And those crepes look delicious. And little Eleanor with her quivering lip! Poor girl. It is hard being far from family especially with babies.

    This is the time of year when I miss New York, spring in New York? Yes please! Hope you have an awesome warm week with your little ones.
    It is rainy here in Utah so I will live vicariously through your beautiful pictures.

  7. Sounds like such a great weekend! I use to live away from my family and it was really hard. But good thing you get to see them soon. Thanks for the crep recipe, sounds DELICIOUS!


  8. Cheltz

    Maybe I’m an idiot, but I’ve never been able to make lumpless pancakes, waffles, crepes, etc. I have a feeling my husband is going to thank you!

    As for conference … We have two kids the age of your kids. It helped that they were napping through two sessions :). Legos worked great for one session, but there are many things you can do. I think the most important thing is to keep experimenting and trying. You’ll have an enjoyable conference again in three years or so, even of you have two new kids the same age as your kids now :).

  9. Alix

    E on the scooter is adorable! Also nutella on crepes is my absolute favorite! Great choice for a General Conference breakfast! Glad you guys had a great weekend! And good thing the talks come out in print because I think I missed a few as well to sleep! :)

  10. Suzie


  11. so freaking cute! i love how creative you are with your kids, they have a great momma. these pictures are too precious, love stopping by to see what you guys have been up to =)

  12. bri

    being away from family is the worst. we’re in san diego and all the family is in ohio. i’m taking a trip there on wednesday with my little man (alone… so anxious) and i can’t wait!

  13. Sarah

    Even I had to get the wiggles out with bike rides and runs in between sessions, and I’m 25! I saw a cute idea on Instagram, where a mama had set out tons of bowls with treats or little games and the kids grabbed a new bowl to play/eat at the start of each talk! Would take planning, but would also keep them excited and busy! (at least for one session or two)

  14. vivian

    it really is amazing and a blessing to have family nearby. my husband and i often talk about moving out of california, but we know we never will because we just can’t imagine not being near our families!

  15. I love love love how open you are about your faith! It is so inspiring! And it shows that you don’t have to compromise your values to find success! Thanks so much for sharing!

  16. Your daughter is so cute!!! Moreover your all photos are very awesome! xoxo

  17. Hanneke

    This might sound a bit strange, but we usually have friends of different faith over as babysitters if there is a conference we’d love to see. Obviously they are not able to babysit throughout the weekend, and we don’t expect them too. We know the program in advance, so we decide which topic we’d love to see together. Our friends will watch out littles and we can watch conference together. If our friends have a similar event at their church, we obviously step in and babysit their littles. I love it this way. Usually we talk about the topics we’ve heard and discuss them with our friends afterwards. They get a bit more understanding of our faith, and I get to understand them. It bonds us as friends, and I get to see (part of-) conference in peace :)

  18. eleanor looks like the epitome of cool on her little scooter. we’re pretending it’s spring here in austin tx too even though some days still feel like winter (at least for us texans) and some days are already in the summer 90’s.

  19. Amanda

    I can eat Nutella by the jar. I had to stop buying it because I had not self control when it came to that jar. Love the pictures – your kids are absolutely adorable.

  20. I love your kitchen table area. Great use of family photos!

    xo green gable

  21. Oh the picture of Eleanor on the scooter, too adorable!

  22. Jessica

    Way to share the gospel! You have such an influence on people who read your blog, and you’re using it for good! Thanks for the great example you are! :)

  23. Yay, so happy you finally have sunshine! That, plus family, and you’re in business, right?

  24. hanna

    Eleanor is so adorable! The family photos are great too. My Blog

  25. Raya

    That photo of your girl on the scooter is pretty lovely

    Hugs from Brasil

  26. Carla

    We got up early and took the kiddo for a run and wore her out at the park so she slept during one session of conference, and then second session we bought a book of about 5,000 stickers, a new toy and let her eat her easter candy. We missed a handful of talks but we got to hear most of it.

  27. Natalie

    Your family are the cutest. What I love the most is how stylish your life is; your clothes, your husbands, your kids and your home. I wish to be as fashion forward as you when I have a full on family. Gorgeous pictures ♥

  28. Sophie

    way to much curch in that post after my fancy!

  29. ali

    your posts stopped showing up in my bloglovin feed. happy day for me when i checked your blog today and found you’d been posting all along!

  30. Those photos of Eleanor on the scooter in her sunnies. Ahh. Makes me slightly consider trying for baby number 4!! With three boys we don’t see an awful lot of girly cutness!! Love love love.

    Lynden Laundry

  31. who knew the ingredients for crepes were so simple??! off to try this one pronto! thanks for sharing! that BE YOURSELF everyone else is already taken board, is brilliant!! love love

    best, Jennifer

  32. bethani

    thanks for sharing your crepe recipe! i’ve been wanting to try them and didnt have a recipe i want to take a chance on, but yours always look amazing.

    and e zooming on that scooter with those sunglasses.. so adorable!

  33. We aren’t Mormon, but my roommate and I are always meaning to watch General Conference b/c we’re so interested – but we never happen to catch it! Will definitely try harder next time :)

  34. Shelby

    Okay, first of all. How great was conference?!

    I’m totally going to snag that crepe recipe. :) We enjoyed pie and red rock this weekend as a fam for conference weekend. It was lovely.

    And finally, those last two photos! I die. You are too cute… and stinking E on that scooter with a helmet. Heart exploding. :) SO adorable!!


  35. mmm, crepes. I’m lucky in that my husband has a killer recipe and I come downstairs to a whole stack at least once/week. :)

    Don’t you love when the grandparents are around? Glad you guys had a nice visit.

    I’m not mormon so I haven’t heard of General Conference before today. I don’t know how you even attempted to watch 8 hours via computer but it’s lovely that you try. :) It’s nice that two always include those kiddos in all the things that are important to you.

    Over here we took it easy, but BIG NEWS is that baby (or toddler) Mateo now has a MOHAWK, haha. :) Nothing crazy, but sooo adorable.

    “BEFORE” photos on the blog today, “AFTER” shortly. :)

    xo, Henna

  36. eeek, have to add…LOVE the photo of Eleanor in that first photo trying to reach the goodies on the table. BABY TIP TOES are my favorite thing. :)

  37. Connie

    You seem like such a lovely close knit family, i hope to someday have what you have :) xx

  38. erica

    Don’t little baby birds just love picnics!? I know my little one does! How very fun. I love that print by your computer & cannot wait to make our on crepes! Thanks for the recipe!

    visit us,

  39. Whitney

    i love the photos in your kitchen :) so cute!

  40. Brenny

    that last picture of E is amazing! you need to post a video of her on the scooter! she seems so comfortable on it and she’s only 2 right?

  41. Lauren Nadeau

    where is E’s tiger shirt from …. Love it!

  42. Paulina

    Great pictures. I love your son – Samson – he is so cheerful. He smiles in every photo!!! :) It’s hard not to smile back looking at him…

    And the idea with crepe party – I think I might do sth like that one day :)



  43. Rachel

    Getting ready for general conference this year I stumbled upon these ‘Reverence Stations’ for kids and, even though I have no babes of my own yet, I’ve decided saving the link is a must. (cause it’s brilliant in creativity I am sorely lacking;) Kids aren’t fighting over toys the whole time, all of the activities are new to them so they are attention grabbers, and they are gospel centered which is so great.

    Look at the link!

    And your family is lovely as always I if no one’s told you in the past 10 minutes(: xoxo

  44. Sara

    I like your blog because although you’re mormon, you don’t usually shove your faith down your readers throats like the majority of mormon girl blogs do.. this post however was super annoying

  45. Yum! Crepes! Lovely photos. I love how connected with your faith you are. It is inspiring.

    Juliette Laura

  46. sinead

    Yum I love crepes – and your table looks so beautiful!

  47. Jenna

    Beautiful spread Naomi! So fun to meet you this weekend. You’re even more lovely in person. I really enjoyed getting to know you better, hopefully we can do it again soon!

    And I hardly heard a word of conference with my kiddos. If you get any tips let me know in six months when I try try again!!

  48. Kelly

    They are are absolutely adorable and I really do hope the weather gets warmer soon!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  49. I think 99% of parents find it hard to listen to a full session of conference with little ones. We’re like you – we read/watch the talks when they are available together when the littles are asleep. It’s hard for toddlers (and sometimes even older!) to sit through two hours straight! Love the photos as usual x

  50. Lily

    You are one stylish mama! I agree with the other commenters, that last picture of you and Eleanor is too precious.

    BTW, how did you get the nickname Taza and what does it mean? I have always wondered :)

  51. abbey

    I love reading your blog! I also love when you post things about the church. I admire that you are not afraid to post things about your faith (with links included). I hope that people check them out, You are being a great missionary in such a simple yet courageous way and I thank you for that. :)

  52. LOVE that wood table! And you’re making me want strawberry crepes. :P

  53. Tara

    Our little ones are about the same age as yours and I’m with you–conference was rough! All the brilliant ideas out there on how to keep kids occupied during the sessions are definitely for older kids. One of the sessions each day I was able to listen on the mormon channel app while the kids played outside. They were happier that way but I still didn’t get a whole lot out of it :)

  54. Erica

    You are adorable & I love your blog. I thought Conference was great :)

  55. Sarah

    Hi Naomi!

    I love your blog and I love nutella! I’m trying to cut out as much sugar and processed foods as possible and found a sugar free version that is yummy and healthy! It’s basically hazelnuts, coconut milk, rice malt syrup, coconut oil and vanilla powder – all thrown in a food processor.

    Guilt free nutella! xx

  56. Piper

    So jealous of the good weather in NY! it’s been rainy and cold and wet here in Seattle (expected, but still!) Love Samson’s jacket btw!

  57. Alexandra

    I love reading your blog and checking out your Instagram daily. You’re an inspiration.

    Love from NZ x

  58. jocelyn

    Hi there – It was fun stumbling on your blog today. I am the “reverence stations” girl that someone mentioned in the comments. You should try it out…we’ve got all kinds of tricks up our sleeves to help kids watch conference and we watch ALL of the sessions together with the kids and have since they were your kids’ ages. It’s not perfect, but it’s meaningful to us. And now my kids really look forward to conference weekend. My kids are now 7, 5, and 4.

    Anyway, I just had to laugh out loud when I read the comment saying, I like you because you’re mormon but you don’t shove it in people’s face and that this post was “annoying!” Live it up, girl…suddenly you’re annoying! Well, then they’ll probably find my blog REALLY annoying…but then again, that’s all I talk about! :) Beautiful blog…come see me when you want to read annoying mormon posts from a fellow easterner…but I’m not a transplant! :) Take care!

  59. jocelyn

    Oh…and I have a five month old…can’t forget her!

  60. Chinwe

    Actually watched a bit of conference because I had seen it on TV in the past and decided to see what it was all about. Quite disappointing. Not disappointed in your blog, though. The rest of it is quite lovely.

  61. meg

    i’d love to know where your beautiful flower shirt is from?!! please dont say vintage!!!


  62. shayla

    conference weekends are the best :)

  63. Look at that releve from E! She’s going to be a dancer just like her mama!

  64. Eleanor is way too cool for school, and I mean that in the best way ever. She’s amazing. Gorgeous photos!! Thanks for the crepe recipe, too :)

    Also, I’m really glad you’re not sick of babies in hoodies, because I don’t think I’ll ever be.

    <3 Josephine

  65. Being that this was the last conference to watch with our daughter before she heads off to college in the fall I wrote a very special, and personal post regarding conference, and some of the talks.

    I’m a convert to the church so I adapted to watching it in the chapel via satellite. We were fortunate enough to have lived in Salt lake while the girls were younger to be able to actually go to the temple grounds to listen. Our stake even sang in April 2004 conference. That was an awesome experience!

    There have been years where we’d watch it at home, but in my opinion it doesn’t feel the same.

    Now that the girls are older 17, 13, 8, and Noah is three we make it a priority to go to the chapel to watch it. The spirit feels so much stronger, and even though Noah may still distract me I try to bring quiet toys to entertain him.

    We like to keep the routine going as if we’re attending sacrament. If you can’t go to all the sessions in the chapel…at least make the effort to go to one on Sunday.

    Everyone is different, and in todays world it is convenient to watch conference in your own home. I prefer going to the chapel. It’s a habit, and has been for 21 years…going on 22 this May!

    Glad y’all had a lovely weekend with family!

  66. Rachael

    UMMM….that picture of eleanor on the scooter is just KILLING ME it’s so cute!! seriously?! just died.

    loved conference soo much. we missed so much of it in real time. my hubby and i watched a few talks tonight after we put our wee one in bed and it was like the first time! we’ll probably commit the next several FHE’s to watching a talk or two after baby goes to bed (we have a mini 3-minute FHE with Jude and then a more real one with just us once we goes to bed).

    <3 <3 <3

    Hyperlink Code

  67. Laura

    I love love love your dining room table! Where did you get it?

  68. I am so excited for the warmer months to come. Looks like y’all have had a great weekend.

  69. Rachel

    Such a cute family. Love the pictures. Glad you were able to have such a wonderful conference weekend!! I felt like we only caught 20-30 minutes of each session, too…. we kept nodding off. Yikes! Haha. For some reason, even though I love the talks, conference just makes me so sleepy. It probably has something to do with not changing out of my pajamas and laying on the couch with a blanket…

  70. Bea

    You’re so lucky with the weather…Here in Italy is so cold!!!!

  71. Oh gosh, Eleanor looks so cute in these photos! I love her tippy-toes in the first one, and she’s such a cool kid on her scooter in the last photo! It looks like a super fun weekend – I love when you can splash out and have a super fun spread of food!

  72. Mónica

    I have the luck that my parents live in the same town as us and the kids are happy. But I have my brother away …… You can not have everything. Our weekend was not very good Candela with fever and stomach pain I hope this is much better the truth. I love the photos with this beautiful scooter. Kisses and happy Tuesday.

  73. Louise

    oh this cute little family always makes my heart melting.

  74. tRiSh

    What a beautiful weekend it has been! I love all the memories you made, they’re all so precious.

    I’m wondering more and more about your religion (I’m from France and we don’t see your religion often there) and it got me curious, do you have any book recommendations that could tell me more about it? Thanks. :)

  75. JM

    As someone who grew up far away from grandparents I can totally understand poor little Eleanor’s sadness. It’s never easy saying goodbye. Hopefully you can all meet up again soon!

  76. Sam

    So beautiful.

    Yesterday I was in D.C. for the Cherry Blossoms and I thought of you!

    New Post on my blog about them. They were so gorgeous. I imagine D.C. was an awesome place to live.

  77. Sally

    Love that first picture of Eleanor and I want all those cake stands! So excited for picnics in the park now that it’s actually spring!

  78. Anna Adams

    E’s arch is out of this world! She is made to be a ballerina. Keeping bunheads in the family!

  79. Janice

    BEST dressed kids…I’m jelly of a two year old’s clothes. So. That’s sad.

  80. kendall

    beautiful pictures!! X

  81. Alice

    Dominos is the shiz. Seriously, better than anything else sometimes! Sadly, living in the sticks in the UK means that I haven’t had one in about 2 years. Sad sad times!! And I know I say this EVERY time, but how adorable is Eleanor on her tippy toes?! Glad your weekend went well, if not entirely to plan! x

  82. hannah

    so sweet that eleanor loves her grandparents so much! growing up i lived far away from mine and it was always extra special when they came to visit or when we visit them. :) i’ll have to give that crepe recipe a go too! yum! enjoy your 70 degree weather this week! we’re stuck with 40’s. :/


  83. I can relate to living far from family…we are on the West Coast, they are on on the East Coast and beyond. Hopefully getting home this summer as well, it’s always a blast:)

  84. Lisa

    Best Conference weekend ever! I sat just a few rows back at the Sunday Afternoon session. Awesomeness!