general conference weekend.


hello! hope you had a great weekend! we got to spend the week with nana and granddad (josh’s parents) who came to visit us in the city. it was so nice to have family here for a few days. eleanor and samson sure love their grandparents which was evident all week as they preferred their laps for sitting and hands for holding over ours.  we skyped with both of our families last night and eleanor didn’t want to say goodbye at the end of the call… she got so sad that she hid her head in josh’s chest and her bottom lip quivered something awful. it broke my heart. sometimes living far away from family is the worst. looking forward to seeing them all this summer!

the grandparents left town friday afternoon and we decided to kick off our church’s general conference weekend with a little crêpe party with a few friends on saturday morning. i love any excuse to bring my good friend nutella out of the cupboard. ;)


we streamed general conference online on our computer and watched each session as a family in our home.  while that would come out to 8 hours of conference watching in total, in all honesty i feel like i only caught 20 or 30 minutes between these two kids of ours that really kept us on our toes during each session.  we look forward to reading the talks later in the month once they come out in print because most of conference from the weekend is lost on me. (anyone out there with kids around our kids ages, please tell me how you do conference successfully!)


in between conference sessions on saturday and sunday we found ourselves outside at the playground where we ran into friends, or at the park where we met up with a few and picnic’d in the chilly wind. (because sometimes you just gotta pretend spring is here even if the wind did just knock your baby flat over!)


on saturday evening the littles and i got together with some friends over at a girlfriend’s house while all the boys went to priesthood session. we ate domino’s pizza (sometimes it just hits the spot the way other pizza cannot) and enjoyed great conversation. i am so grateful for the good friends i am making here in the city on round II. and for the old friends that are still such good friends.


it’s supposed to be over 70 degrees here most of the week.  so i’m signing off to go get dressed. once samson wakes from his morning nap, we are off to go live outside in the sunshine for the next 5 days straight. have a great monday!

ps. we use this crepe recipe (thank you nyborgs) if you’re in the market for a good one:

1 cup flour
1 egg
1 cup milk
¼ cup sugar
pinch of salt
2 tablespoons oil
½ teaspoon vanilla

combine dry ingredients and add milk slowly while stirring to avoid lumps. add egg, oil, and vanilla. (or put all ingredients in blender and blend.) cook about 1 minute each side in hot crepe pan or skillet. use Pam or other food release spray often. enjoy!

  1. Csilla

    This recipe is a hungarian pancake… Welcome in my world. :)

  2. When Eleanor starts to get older have her play Conference bingo! Whenever they say like “Joseph Smith” or something she can write it down and whoever gets the most the fastest wins! Fun way to keep everyone listening intently. Conference was amazing! You will love it :)

  3. You do so many cool things with your kids. Sometimes I don’t go anywhere just because I know how much effort it’s going to take to leave the house and I only have one right now.

    Living away from family is the one reason we haven’t taken that risk and just moved out of Cleveland. I really want my kids to know there aunts and uncles and grandparents. Who knows what the right decision is?

  4. Lisa O.

    Did they get to the part in the conference where they discriminate against gays and lesbians, and talk about how same sex headed families are inferior and invalid?

  5. nykeiko

    OMG that first picture with Eleanor on her very tippy tippy toe! soooo adorable!!

  6. Awesome photos and blog! It’s my first time here :) Where did you get the white picture frame set? I sooo want one for our dining room!

  7. Conference for us this weekend (our kids are 3 and 1) was a little crazy. I figure it’s like all of church when you have young ones – you’re a little inactive (walking the halls with a 14-month-old, anyone?). We tried our best to catch what we could and I’m determined to read or watch everything again. I did feel like I felt the Spirit and had some questions answered, so I feel like the Lord knows that being a parent of young children comes with challenges and helps you out a bit.

    So…heading to New York this summer for my husband’s opera internship and I’m wondering if I should get my 3-year-old daughter a scooter. What brand is Eleanor’s? And is it useful, or do you worry about her on it? I’m also considering one of those toddler-ride-along-running-board things for our Maclaren to use on days when our double won’t work (darned New York stairs).

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