day trip to philly!

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we caught the train down to philadelphia on saturday for a quick day trip! we met up with my sister and her husband who live in the area and had a fun time catching up with them, exploring more of philly (we’ve only been one other time a few years ago) and eating a lot of great food.  a few photos from our iphones below:


^^^catching the train at penn station. and my cute little family peering out the window on the train ride into philly. eleanor kept pointing out the window asking, “henry house?!” so um, hey taylors, i think we’re coming to dc soon!^^^


^^^so excited to be with her aunty and uncle.^^^

^^^you will know the davis boys by their blue shoes. also, i can jump! and why yes, my shins ARE still sore. how did you know?^^^


^^^reading terminal market. i want another day dedicated to exploring every corner of that market and trying all the food and vendors inside.^^^



^^^thanks to joy for letting us in on that crazy good pork sandwich from dinic’s at reading terminal market. we keep talking about it.^^^


^^^goosebumps just standing in that room where history was made.^^^


^^^we did part of the mural mile walking tour and were really blown away by the beautiful murals. our favorite being the one up top made entirely of dyed woven fabric! how cool are some people and their talent!^^^

philly12 ^^^just our feet, our shoes, and a trail of cheerios curtesy of samson.^^^

philly19^^^speaking of cheerios, sometimes when you’re ten months old, they tend to get stuck on your nose and chin as you shove  fistfuls into your mouth. and if you have obnoxious parents like samson does, they will remain there until they fall off your face all on their own. cause it’s cute. and also, what if you’re hungry later? ^^^

hope to see you again soon, philly!


ps- if you live in utah, this little 14 year old girl named charice went missing yesterday on her way to school. please help spread the news and keep her and her loved ones in your thoughts and prayers. i cannot even imagine.  also, boston. wow.  sending thoughts and prayers your way, too. sounds silly to include in a ps of a post, but a few of these stories of kind acts taking place during such a horrific event helps rekindle my belief in humanity. sending prayers your way, boston.

  1. aman

    Strangely enough, your post about your trip to philly a few years ago was the first time I read you blog and got hooked!

    All of you looked so happy which was just so appealing!

  2. gaby

    samson is too cute with all those cheerios stuck to his face :)

  3. These are such lively photos! You obviously had a fun day.

    LOVE the Cheerios on the nose :) I would leave them there too.

  4. Hannah

    Looks like you had a lovely trip, great photos! Your little ones are so sweet!

  5. That pic of you jumping is so cute (almost as good as Samson with a face full of Cheerios!!) Looks like you guys had a blast in Philly. x

  6. LeeLee

    Sounds like a well deserved family time. I adore the cheerio’s picture. So cute.

  7. Mónica

    That most fantastic getaway is not it, and above in good weather. Children are ideals, I see aprovechasteis good day. We also this past weekend we have taken advantage butt all day in the street …… you want to sun. Kisses and happy Tuesday.

  8. AnnCamille

    So fun to see that Josh had the same shoes during your previous trip in Philly!! E was so cute, how lucky you are!
    Love from France.

  9. Rachel Hagen

    You guys are too cute. Looks like a fun trip!

  10. we’ve had so many moments when we’ve gone, hang on son, stay like that with the ice cream all over your face and head JUST so that we can get a photo!! great pics, as always xx

  11. Kirsten

    Looks like you had a really fun trip! And the cheerios had me laughing out loud, so cute!
    I love your outfit by the way, the pink coat and the black pants, where did you get them?
    Love from Germany,

  12. yay! I love philly so much :) best part about living in or near NYC is that you can take these mini trips to all these wonderful east coast cities! next time you go you MUST take your kiddos to franklin fountain!!


  13. Marie

    Really hope that the young girl will find her way back to her family soon. I can’t imagine what her family is going through right now. May God bless them with strength and faith that everything will be alright. ♥

  14. JM

    Wow, you look so much like your sister! Looks like a fun day trip.

    We’re thinking about those poor people in Boston, all around the world. I’m not religious so can’t pray for them but my thoughts are with them and their families, I hope everyone stays safe.

  15. Loulou

    Looks like it was a very fun little trip!

    And I so love your honesty … I was looking at that picture of you jumping and thinking ‘wow, she sure can jump well. If I tried that I’d probably sprain my ankle’. Then I laughed and felt better when you admitted that your shins were sore after that incredible feat. Just know that it looks outstanding though!

  16. Meg G

    I had to really resist the urge to hop on the R5 (I live 30 minutes outside of Philly) and come down to the city to find you so our girls could meet. I figured it would be kind of creepy, so we stayed home and went for a bike ride.
    But your photos make this city look good and capture the parts I forget about it.
    Hope you had fun!

  17. Natalie

    You’re photos are lovely. I love day trips- especially when food is involved!
    Hope you had a great trip. Also, looking at the post when you previously went to philly- how much did E look like Samson? Identical babies! ♥

  18. hanna

    The trail of cheerios is so funny, and so is it that you left the ones that ended up on his face. –Hanna

  19. wonderful post
    i would love to go to philly
    so much history and magic about the place!
    have a wonderful day
    lots of love
    kate xo

  20. Kathy

    Cute! Where is your jacket from?

  21. Justine

    Eleanor looks so much like rach it’s crazy! She is the long lost triplet. ;)

  22. Oh my goodness…that picture of the couple reuniting in Boston made me cry. Thank you for posting that link! So important to focus on the good when we can.

  23. Janice

    I want an adult version of Eleanor’s shoes. Bad.

  24. we’re making a day trip to philly next week actually since i’ll be working out of there next wee, already had a few things on my list but didn’t know about mural mile – definitely adding that!

  25. Stacey

    That pork sandwich…no words!! I saw it on Man vs Food a long time ago and continue to have dreams about it after i finally got a bite. Philly definitely has some foodie gems.

  26. Sally

    Definitely needing a little weekend getaway to Philly! Somehow I’ve only spent two hours at a time there and I’d really love to dig in explore. Looks so fun!

  27. Gahh your family is soo precious. Philadelphia looks like fun and I’d love to explore that market!

  28. Dalia

    Thank you for sharing, as always!
    And for always being so positive :)

  29. Faith

    I have never visited Philly, and now I am eager to check it out! Your family is adorable and it looks like you had a wonderful time.

  30. Heather

    Oh, hey- my city! Glad you enjoyed all that Reading Terminal Market had to offer. Be sure to come down to the zoo in the summertime with the kiddos- they’ll love it!

  31. susan

    I swear we passed each other-when I saw your instagram I had just been at that spot in center city for a meeting. Philly is the best-I live in the nice quiet countryside outside of town but enjoy it whenever we go in!

  32. WOW, that mural is incredible. Love the weaving!

    We had a little 24 hour trip out of town this weekend as well…sometimes these little trips are the exact reset you need!

    You guys are so full of life. I love the jumping photo of you! :) Nice. And haha, the Cheerios on Sampson’s face.


  33. Lindsay

    As usual, your photos are just stunning. I’ve never been to Philly but have heard it’s a wonderful city. I will travel just about anywhere by train – they’re probably my favorite form of transportation. So fun! :)

  34. Lisa

    Everyone needs a short trip away every once in a while to regroup. Just as shocked and horrified at what happened in Boston along with the disappearance of Charice. All I can say is “wow! What is going on in this world…”

  35. Dani

    Well, now I need to add Philly on my “Places to see, Places to Explore” list. It looks absolutely lovely.

  36. Megan

    Please please!! Where is your flower shirt from??

    I hope they find that girl. It’s so heartbreaking.

  37. you all are so cute and have so much fun together, it’s great!


  38. Ana

    How fun! I hope I get to see Philly one day.

  39. Jaclyn

    aww you’re family is just adorable! glad you were able to see your sister and her husband :) and eat great food

  40. Lejla

    Love Philly. We visited it in February, and it was soo sooo windy. But very special. Somehow I find it is a combination between Boston and NYC…Lovely..

  41. Abby

    Looks like a lot of fun! I’m heading to Philly later this week to visit my own sister, and we’ll probably hit up Reading Terminal Market too. If you go back again, you should definitely check out Dock Street Brewing Company–they have a pizza restaurant, and the pizza is out of this world. There’s a savory/sweet fig jam pizza…yum!

  42. Katie

    I’ve always wanted to go to Philly…mostly to eat cheese steaks ;)

    Your little fam is always so cute!!


  43. Katie

    I’ve always wanted to go to Philly. Mostly to eat cheese steaks ;)

    Your little fam is always so cute!


  44. Beautiful pics, as always! I’m still in love with Samson. I wish I’d have such a charming son one day :)

    And your sister is similar to you :)

    Love from veeery warm and sunny – finally -Warsaw !!!

  45. Your children are so so adorable!
    They look so comfy in that stroller and I’m just struggling with the one I have. What is your stroller brand? It must be excellent, since you even took it on the trip abroad and happily survived it… am I right? Do you absolutely love it?

  46. So sad to see those PS notes – wish they didn’t have to be included :( Yesterday was just such a sad day, but of course those kind people give us hope. Loved seeing the joyful pictures of your family though – Samson is too funny!

  47. Emily

    Ok I don’t usually comment because you have so many, but if you are reading this, I’d love to know what brand the blue shoes are. The triple strap is just fantastic, and if I can put of tying shoes a little longer, I’m all about it! Also, I love your jumping photo, I wish I could do that!

  48. I love day trips! Cute photos. Makes me want to visit, I’ve never been!

    Juliette Laura

  49. Looks like you guys had so much fun! My husband and I are moving there this summer and posts like this make me a little less nervous and more excited about living there! Thanks for sharing, I always love your posts!

  50. Kelly

    It looks like you had an amazing time – my favorite photo is a tie between you jumping and E having an amazing time swinging!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  51. Looks like such a fun trip, great photos!

    I hope that girl is found safe & sound!

  52. lena

    Hi Naomi,

    What brand and style are your jeans? They are the perfect indigo wash I’ve been looking for! Thanks in advance! :-)

  53. jana

    I love how you match with your outfits as a family, so cute. Look at the shoes! :)

    Because of London

  54. Emily

    The dyed woven fabric mural is right outside of my apartment building, I marvel at it everyday. I’m glad you enjoyed your trip to my little city!


  55. amanda

    Yes! I love philly, it’s such a cool/interesting/bizarro/awesome city. When I was planning to my move up north years ago, I almost went there instead of NYC. I was thiiiiiiisssss close. Aren’t we so blessed to live in a place where it’s so easy to visit other awesome places?

  56. Rebecca

    Can you give details about everyone’s clothing items? I realize it is not a fashion blog, but the details would be much appreciated. I am a Philly girl and you did a good job with a day trip. Reading terminal is historic and yummy in itself. PLEASE TOUCH museum is a good bet for next time. Franklin Sq. is also a fun stop. Rebecca

  57. Joe

    The shocking news of the missing girl. Impossible to imagine how her family is feeling tonight or the mind of anyone involved. I will stop for a moment and hope my thoughts can help.

  58. Amanda C

    I’ve never commented before but had to when I saw one of my favorite bloggers around my stompin’ grounds!

    Glad you guys had fun. I may be biased, but food wise Reading Terminal Market is THE BEST if you love to try new things!

    Amanda C.

  59. Philly seems like such an incredible place. There are so many cities in the USA that I’m dying to explore, but it is overwhelming to start choosing, and deciding how to allocate my expenses. *sigh

  60. Bridget

    it made my weekend to meet you on the street here in Philly- hope the city treated you well! I will help E with her s sounds anytime!

  61. Peter Schmalz

    There was a post on my Facebook wall they found the girl in Pleasant Grove and she seems to ne okay. If you hadn’t heard

  62. Sinead

    The blue shoes! Too cute, love it :-D

  63. lena

    I’m sorry–i see now in the photos that it is your sister’s means that I am asking about!

  64. Rose

    What?! Sampson and Eleanor were in Philly! No way! I’m glad you guys visited and enjoyed your stay. Next time check out HipCityVeg. Best vegan food in town. They have vegan options for kids too! It’s down the block from Anthropology and the park.

  65. Stephanie Perkins

    Prayers and blessing for humanity while viewing such a blessed family! Thankfulness everyday :)

  66. your jump pic is pretty much the end all to all jump pics!! look at those hands! ;-) and so relieved to hear about Charice; the power of prayer is amazing!!

  67. This makes me want to go visit Philly again, since I was so young the last time I went.

  68. I’ve said this before but I have to say it again, I just love your writing style. It’s so honest and adorable. You inspire me to really pay attention to the everyday things in life and try to blog about them.

  69. Meghan

    The matching pink coats and matching blue shoes…I’m dying of cuteness. Glad you had a fun time.

  70. Caity

    What part of Philly does your sister live in? My husband and I (and our little behbeh) are leaving the NYC area to move there soon and have no idea about the wards there (where do the youngin’s live?) and such and are desperate for help! If you get a second I’d love to know!!

  71. Rachel Hagen

    So nice to have your sis relatively close by. Looks like a fun trip!