date night.


most of our date nights these days consist of grabbing both our laptops and heading to a local coffee shop together to work beside one another on a few of our bigger projects we have in the works. fun to us (because we really like working together and seeing our ideas and dreams coming to life) but also, not really romantic. and i mean, can you really count it as a date when you’re working the entire time? ;) so friday night we changed up our routine a bit by pulling out the bikes and taking a ride around manhattan together.  josh often bikes to work but i haven’t biked in the city yet and i felt like i saw the city in a completely new light! it’s just so different on a bike! and it got me crazy happy for warmer weather and more bike rides for the entire family soon!

i have found that an evening out away from our little ones where josh and i focus on one another with no babes in sight is doing wonderful things for our marriage. it’s nice to be able to hold hands across the table and form an articulate sentence because there aren’t any tiny distractions sitting in our laps.

there was a time after eleanor was born where i thought it didn’t matter if the kids came with us on dates because they were such teeny tiny babies, but as they are growing bigger and older, i’m realizing that one of the best things we can give them is a healthy and loving relationship between their mama and papa to look up to. and so spending time together as just the two of us on occasion has become a priority. i really love dating my husband. ;)


^^^that infant bike seat on the back of my bike is so hot. i know, right?^^^


^^^i usually avoid time square because it’s so crowded and touristy but we biked through (there is a great big bike path!) and i feel like i have this new love for all those billboards and lights (but not the crowds. i still hate the crowds.) ^^^


^^^somebody’s bike is rusty.^^^


^^^hi handsome.^^^


^^^we biked to the west village and decided to try a new place for dinner. we stumbled into aria and got real lucky because the food was absolutely delicious.^^^





^^^sparkly lights and branches to cover all the scaffolding outside. genius. and beautiful to look at while eating dinner. i love you more and more each day, husband. thanks for a wonderful night out.^^^

  1. get real

    No straight guy dresses like that. You can’t convince me your husband is 100% straight.

  2. Sweet! You guys are such a cute pair. And i totally rock the infant seat on my bike too! What kind of helmet do you have? The color is amazing and matches my little’s helmet perfectly!

  3. Beach

    If you are looking for romantic w/delicious food you have got to try August in the west village. My husband and I love it!

  4. Very smart idea I’m not married but my bf and I have been together for years and even with out kids sometimes you have to make your time together a priority.

    PS: Bike riding in NY scares me almost as much as bike riding here in LA! I would imagine there are lots of hazards, no?! but the idea of biking through Manhattan IS super romantic. :)

  5. christina

    A pastor in Seattle says that the best thing he can do for his kids is to not put them first. 1. God 2.Wife/Husband 3.Kids. I’m sure it easier said then done BUT it seems like you are trying:-)

  6. Awe!!! This is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen! Love it!

  7. Kaan

    What a cute couple! :)

  8. what a blast! and i say this all the time…it’s so important to invest quality time with your partner because a happy marriage means a happy family :)

  9. Jennifer

    How tall are you?

  10. Karen

    Such a great idea! You just look so happy! We never go out and it’s ridiculous! You are very lucky to have friends around, we live in the countryside and family live in another country :( Definitely hiring a babysitter! Decided xo

  11. Karen

    PS so cute that you read the comments too :)

  12. Anna

    You guys are adorable. But seriously I’m amazed that you manage to always have and can afford the hippest of the hip things as a young family living on one primary salary in NYC – no less!?!? Seriously!?! The high end baby strollers, high chairs, cribs and baby carriers are in the background of all your photos. Patagucci jackets for the littles. $100ish bike seats and overpriced bikes meant to look retro. Even expensive luggage when you travel abroad. What’s your secret? Are you sponsored up the wazoo by these companies for ad placement on your blog and in your photos? Are you madly banking oodles off this blog? Or are you guys trustafarians with generous families that gift you $1000s in life props? Or a little bit of it all? I don’t expect an answer but I do remain curious.

  13. Ally

    Such a sweet post, you’re such an inspiration I love your mentality. Fantastic entry <3

  14. Jenny

    You very well might be the only person ever who’s still looked adorable in a helmet. I commend you. :)

    Those lights are enchanting. I’d love to include something like that to the decor of my wedding someday.

  15. Sarah Ballard

    I had the pleasure of meeting your dad at his mission reunion in Salt Lake tonight. My dad also served in Spain at the same time and actually picked yours up from the airport when he first arrived in Madrid! Small world. I have been following your blog for a couple of years now and I just want to let you know how much I appreciate the way you live your life. You’ve been a great example to me. Your post “its okay” from the other day made me think of this quote I heard in my new testament class–“It helps a great deal if we realize that there is a certain healthy element in getting the blues occasionally. It is quite in order to schedule a good, discouraging, depressing day every now and again just for contrast.” –Boyd K. Packer (Teach Ye Diligently p. 84) Just know that for every person trying to bring you down, a lot more are here to support. Take care Naomi.

  16. Joni

    That restaurant must be the best in the world, because that’s my daughters name! Must eat there next trip :)

  17. Barbara

    Beautiful blog!!! I really love it! Makes me feel even better about life with kids in NYC! AND I love your boots. Any hint where you got them from?!:)

  18. Kellie

    you two are such an adorable couple!

  19. Hannah

    My pal just gave me her old bike and now I go to the co-op every week to help tune it up…doesn’t hurt that there are attractive boys there too! Biking is awesome, though NYC would probably put me on my toes before I got on my pedals.

  20. Amy Jo

    Fun in the city with bikes and your man!

  21. CassandraCreates

    I got one of the behr helmets last summer and love it! I totally recommend them. They’re super comfy and really cute, as you can see.

  22. Jacob

    What a lovely date! You all are so adorable and I truly hope to find a love like yours someday.

  23. Yay for Date Nights :) It looks like you guys had a Blast!!!


  24. Saara

    You guys are soooooo adorable <3

  25. Mun

    I’m not married and I don’t have any little ones but I definitely appreciate what both of you did to nurture your relationship…

  26. It’s so true that biking around make you see differently the city.

  27. I completely agree with you, it is vitally important to spend quality time as a couple; remembering that you do still have each other and get out of your routine.
    What an adventurous date though! I think I would be far too scared to cycle through Manhatten on a bike!
    I love this kind of post, it’s fun to see a differernt aspect of your life :)
    Much Love,
    Kate xo

  28. Great reminder! We have a 19 month old and although half of our date nights end up being watching a movie at home, whenever we do get ourselves out the door we’re always SO happy we did!

    Starting my Monday with a smile from your blog! :) Thanks guys xo

  29. Sofia

    I love seeing a strong couple like ya’ll. Together ya’ll are amazing & wonderful. May God Bless you both!!

  30. ali

    i’ve said it before and i’ll say again, i LOVE the way you love your family.

  31. Tess Prescott

    Lovely pictures!

    I LOVE your boots!! Where are they from???

    Love your blog, Thanks!!


  32. amy

    my husband & i really need to start doing date nights more! that food looked so scrumptious! my daughter’s name is Aria!

  33. Charis

    You guys are so beautiful :)

  34. HI! I am not sure if you answered this question or not, I browsed your responses rather quickly, but where are your shoes from?! Love, love them. And ya’ll are the cutest. :) Thanks for sharing your little family.

  35. Megan

    Beautiful photos! and your relationship continues to be so inspiring :)

  36. em

    You guys are so cute!!! This makes me want to live in a big city!

  37. dani

    I love your bike ;)

  38. My boyfriend took me to Aria a couple weeks ago for my birthday while we were visiting NYC. Fantastic food and service!!

  39. so so sweet! dating your spouse is so important for a vibrant marriage. you are right that it’s also one of the best things you can do for the kids — model to them what a loving marriage looks like. xoxo

  40. Lindsay

    Your date night looked wonderful! I love having date night with my hubs! And yah for warmer weather and a lot more biking adventures!!

  41. Hi! I’m writing from Leeds in West Yorkshire UK. I am visiting NYC in Sept/Oct I am researching early childhood development/parental engagement in urban areas of deprivation. As a keen cyclist I am interested in getting around on two wheels. Do you know of any good hire shops? As someone who has never even been to the States before, I can hardly contain my excitement!! Thank you

  42. Rachel Hagen

    Love this idea! We started our weekly date nights when mick Reid to convince me to stay in the city longer. :) you have a completely different outlook and appreciation for the city without kids. Can’t wait to bike on our next date :)

  43. Anna

    Hi, I’m in love with Your lipcolor, would You be SOO kind and please tell me what brand and number it is?
    Yhank You so much!

  44. Jourdan

    So true that it is important for not just the two of you to go on a date, but it’s important for your babies too! Also, that helmet is so nice. Where is that gem from!?