and then we fell in love with new york all over again.


the last two days in new york city have come with the most glorious weather (upper 70’s!) we have been living outside each day until the sun goes down and it’s time to head in to scrub the dirt off our faces with a bubble bath before crawling into bed. we’ve hit up the parks, the playgrounds, the pier, downtown, uptown, sneaking in picnics with friends and mister softee ice cream cones (with rainbow sprinkles, of course) all in between.

i loved new york before, but i really loved new york yesterday. that first initial change of weather, after a long and cold winter, really does something to the soul. you forget all about life in new york in january and february where for the most part is it is yuck and you replace those old thoughts with this grin on your face that just won’t go away.  suddenly the ridiculous rent prices, the walk-up stairs in our brownstone apartment building, the small spaces, yada yada yada…. it’s all worth it again.

loving your new energy, new york.  and bless you, weatherman!

monday monday2

^^^oh the places i am finding dirt upon arriving home in the evening! every rock, stick, and handful of dirt in sight goes straight into his mouth these days. curious samson. i’m in for it!^^^

monday5 monday7

^^^and i’ve said it before, but i’ll say it again. these two kids together. seeing them play and love and hang out side by side is my happy place.  i fully endorse having kids close in age, if you can swing it. because you can totally plan those sorts things, you know.  insert sarcasm here. ;)

  1. Those little sunglasses are adorable, I’m going to have to get a pair for my Charlotte! And I can’t believe how big Samson’s getting! Thank goodness for spring… we could all use a little energy burn-off after this winter.

  2. Aimee

    Hi Taza –
    Just curious, when do your two nap and what is your sleep theory? I’ve got a 7 month old and we are thinking about having another but I’m nervous about having them so close together. Is it hard for the Mamma but good for the kids?

    • TAZA

      it’s definitely hard. but i feel like having one baby was hard. you just learn to adjust and adapt. my mentality was kind of like, i’m already changing one diaper, what is two?! i think it definitely got easier on me once samson started sitting up on his own around six months… he wasn’t too fragile and tiny anymore. and they began interacting so well together at that point. i really love having them close together! especially as they are getting a bit older and i’m beginning to see the pay off as they have each other all day to play and interact and be with. good luck!

  3. Shayna

    love new york! wish i lived there! thank you for sharing, so i can live there vicariously through your blog ;)

  4. Shayna

    p.s. it’s snowing in texas today…funny how the roles are reversed!

  5. Erica

    so in love with your cute life. :) keep up the good work, you are affecting more than just your littles. :)

  6. I just love how a city can redeem themselves like that! I’m always in NYC for the Spring – maybe that’s why I’m always so enamored with it? :) Looks like you guys had a blast in the park… and ice cream w/ sprinkles are always a good idea!

    Happy Wednesday!

  7. Dani

    New York in the Spring seems like a dream!

  8. it seems like for once, new york is heating up more quickly than it is down here in austin tx! enjoy your parks – ours are all getting rained on right now so i’m reveling in your sunglasses & ice cream cones :)

  9. erica

    Ahhh the picture of E holding hands with her fellow little people, just love it!!! Where did her sun glasses come from? I am looking for a fun & funky pair for our 3 year old to wear and those are pretty rad!


  10. Erika

    Oh, they are just the most precious little pair together! Everything is suddenly better when rainbow sprinkles are involved. Always a good choice :).

  11. Natali

    Beautiful photos! I totally can relate to what you’re talking about. Same for me and my city, during late fall and usually always very long winter, I feel reborn after all the snow has melted and the sun is shining and the nature is waking up.
    I love spending time outdoors then, it’s hard to make me go inside :D

  12. ryan

    Our little guy, Archie, is just about the same age as Samson and he wants to eat everything too! I’m so excited to bring him back to the park once our weather changes but I’ll have to watch him like a hawk :)

  13. It has been totally gorgeous in New York these past few days!! Woohoo! I hope it stays!! Aww your lil ones get cuter every time you post photos!! =)

  14. Eleanor and her sprinkled ice cream melts my heart! Yay for warm weather which really equals more adventures :) can’t wait to see them!

  15. Nicole

    Your kids are adorable. Love that E is rockin those sunnies.

  16. esther.

    Makes me want to live in the city. So bad!

  17. Great photos! Those babies are too precious!

  18. Katie

    Looks glorious! Warm sunny happy days are the best days :)


  19. Glorious spring weather! We’re soaking it up here in DC, too. E is looking mighty fabulous in her mini sunglasses :)

  20. i know right!? the weather was ahh-mazing yesterday. we recently discovered access to the ROOF of our brownstone, and decided to have a picnic up ther for dinner last night:

    warm weather, watching the sun set and the manhattan skyline turn from tall pretty buildings to city lights, glass of champagne in hand… it doesn’t get much better than that!

  21. I hope E’s ice-cream cone made it in her mouth and not on the concrete! Looks like it’s leaning wayyyyy over to her right … but what a sweet picture it made for! And your babie Samson soooo reminds me of my little brother at that age, jammin everything into his mouth… bigger the handfuls the better :)

  22. Ana

    I love that I get to see NY through your blog!

  23. Rayani

    Lovely post with lovely pictures.
    Thanks for share!

    Hugs from Brasil

  24. Lindley

    You dress your kids to perfection! So adorable :)!

    You also seem to have the best of times and make the most of living in a city!!!

  25. i enjoyed new york city the past few days too! it’s as if the city just woke up after a deep slumber.

  26. LOVE this post! My NY fever grows each time I read post like these. Love the ice cream pics. E looks adorable with the sunglasses and cone in hand.

  27. Oh man, the sunglasses plus ice cream cone is just the cutest combination ever.

  28. Petra

    Eleanor and Samson are so grown up! In my personal opinion, you’re such a good mum. And those photos are beautiful. Hope I’ll see NYC one day, when I grow up … :)

    Have a nice day!

  29. Bea

    I think that warm weather makes everything easier!!
    And the sun….and New York…!!
    I’m happy to see that everything is ok!

  30. hannah

    you make me want to go back to nyc!! enjoy your warm weather. :)


  31. hanna

    The weather looks fantastic. I ant to go to HYC –Hanna

  32. Jess

    I live in Boston, our weather is similar and I too have felt reborn these past few days with warm weather and sunshine! I know my 17-month old feels the same way as we end each day with playtime at the park. I imagine the short-term beginning of having 2 so close in age was hard, right? But seems to be getting good now. We are thinking of trying soon for a #2… ;)

  33. Natalie

    Glad the weather has warmed up for you all! Visiting NYC last June was a great experience for me. The weather was beautiful, at least for the short time I was there.

  34. Amanda

    This post brought back some great memories. Thank you. I lived in NY for a couple years and I remember that exact feeling of the first warm weather. It erased all those months of cold in an instant. Love the pics!

  35. Emily B

    Looks like you’ve been having a wonderful week! We’ve had beautiful sun down in here in Philly as well, but I wish I could be enjoying it outside with an ice cream cone :) Speaking of which, I’m amazed Eleanor managed to hang onto hers! It looks like the leaning tower of Pisa!

  36. Marie

    Hi, just curious to know, does your 2 young children have naps in the day-time? Or do you take them out the whole day without naps? I used to have trouble with my boy regarding his naps. :(

    Anw beautiful photos and hopefully weather in NYC will stay this way for a few more weeks! ;)

    • TAZA

      hi! my kids actually sleep really well in the stroller so samson takes boths his naps on the go if we are out or else we do one of his naps here at home. eleanor only occasionally naps these days (i think we are moving away from naps entirely with her as she just doesn’t want them) but if she does, she will zonk out for 3 hours straight in the stroller. i feel lucky they nap well in the stroller. it sure makes life in a city a bit easier. good luck!

  37. Rachel

    Yay for wonderful weather!! :) Soak it all up.

  38. I was completely taken with New York when I visited in February. I can’t even imagine how magical it must be in the spring! Xx

  39. anna*

    yay – that´s what i always think about berlin each spring – except for the high rent! haha

    love the energy spring brings to everyone in the city!

    enjoy the sun!!


  40. Carli

    O New York! so beautiful. we visited for the first time in November of this past year. to say we left smitten is an understatement. now I just can’t wait to visit NY in the summer. happy you and your sweet fam felt the sunshine on your faces and the green grass under your toes! Can’t wait to do that in NY one day soon :)

  41. I agree – SO nice for them to be close in age so that they’ll actually play together! I hear ya on the warmer weather – it has completely changed my mood for the better!!

  42. Anca

    Moving back to NY in a couple months and this post made me even more excited about it! I totally know what you’re talking about when there’s a weather change in NY…it’s truly magical.

  43. Jean

    i woke up to snow this morning in MN! i can’t wait for beautiful weather!

    the two of them are so great together! love the sibling love!

  44. RoselyC

    New York has its charm. I have never been, but it looks like it has a little of everything. Your kids are just adorable!

  45. Vicki

    I want to visit New York sooo badly!

  46. Jm

    The weather has turned here too, and FINALLY! Just these past two days, it has been great.

    Oh and by the way, I totally agree with the having kids closer in age theory. My brother and I are two years apart and were each other’s best friends when we were Eleanor and Samson’s age and we are still really close now. Your two little ones have some great years ahead of them.

  47. Jaclyn

    OMG your kiddos are so adorable! Love the one with E and the ice cream cone!! she is just sooo cute! And with them on the slide!! makes me want #2 :)

  48. Alexandra

    you inspire me to make the most of a beautiful day! thanks Taza

  49. How glorious! I can’t wait for this kind of weather to come to Montreal!

  50. Jamie

    it’s amazing and inspiring how much you love and find beautiful things in your city.

  51. Katie E

    Haha. I fully enjoyed that last comment about *Planning* babies. It’s nice to know that some of us had welcomed surprises out there!

    It’s 36 and raining the past few days in Michigan. Enjoy that NYC weather!

  52. Faren

    I have never been to NYC but since I was 8 years old it the place I’ve always wanted to live. It looks like it would feel like home to me. I enjoy seeing NYC through your blog!

  53. Janice

    Oh! I wish DC had Mister Softee trucks!

  54. Lauren

    What I wouldn’t give for a little shorts weather! Its currently rain/sleeting here in Alberta. I’m starting to forget what green grass smells like! Ls {sixteensunbuckles}

  55. Fer

    E! wearon stripes!! she’s a princess!! <3

  56. Kelly

    E is so cute and I loved the Instagram photo of the cherry blossoms!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  57. ACK…LOVE the pic of Eleanor and Sampson holding hands on the slide! It must be so fun having them bonding. :) sweet, sweet.

    (from reading your comments)…I actually love that you make napping on the go work. We have our son Mateo nap at home in Chicago (our home town) but when we’re traveling, we absolutely have him nap on the go in the stroller and even sometimes put him to sleep in the evening and go out to eat with him sleeping in the covered stroller beside us. :) Kids are so adaptable. It’s nice to see that it still works for Eleanor. Last time we were really traveling, Mateo was one year old. We’re trying to plan a 2 month trip to Italy and Croatia this summer while our son will be just shy of two years old.

    It’s raining here…but it’s nice to see the sunshine somewhere else! :)


  58. Thais

    I’ve seen these on instagram and loved them! My little Emilia is 4 months old and we’re already trying for a second. Going to test next week! I really want them close in age and then take a break and have 2 more close in age again. :) Gotta give mama some time to finish grad school lol

  59. I love cold cities once spring rolls in. Everybody is walking on sunshine, because we can really appreciate even a speckle of warmth when it’s given to us after months of deprivation.

    P.S. Your babies…gah! <3

  60. Mun

    I think I’ve said this a few times before but each time I see Eleanor and Samson’s cuuuuteee faces, I melt into a puddle.

  61. Marissa

    My brother and I are only 18 months apart. We were exactly like Eleanor and Samson (I’m the oldest)…. UNTIL my youngest brother was born 4 years later and all HECK broke loose! Haha, watch out for that third one! Just kidding ;)


  62. ah!! what?! i think i’ve seen all your posts but i must’ve blinked and now your kiddies look so grown up! stop that! but they are so, so cute. what an adorable pair.

    enjoy the warm weather on our behalf! utah’s sun is now shining (!) but the weather still doesn’t quite understand the idea that “sunshine” and “warm” should go together….

  63. Carie

    Yippee for SUNSHINE! Doesn’t it just feel wonderful to feel fresh air on your skin after a winter bundled under layers – or at least it would if it wasn’t softly raining here – ah England, you never change!

  64. Anne

    Oh I am so jealous of your sunshine! Hoping some of that will make it my way soon. These pictures just look so summery and nice!

  65. Mónica

    Lucky you! I also want sun, the temperature here is good but not raining say this weekend is going to do well …. We prepared the bikes, scooters, balls … and enjoy. The photos with the glasses is fantastic. Kisses and happy Thursday.

  66. Becca

    Lovely photos! Looks like you’re all having such a wonderful time. I am so jealous of the weather! It’s dull and drab here in the UK at the moment and I am just so ready for some warmth!

    Love reading your blog :) x

  67. Teresa

    Hey Naomi, hey Lovetaza-readers!
    I have a question and I hope it’s not too personal, but if you are a member of the LDS church und are married, are there any rules on whether you are allowed to use contraception in your marriage?
    My mum had me and my two oldest brothers within 31 months and after us three, she decided to take a break and went on the pill for two years.
    I’m curious and would love to hear from anyone who has an idea! Thanks :)
    All the best from Vienna, Austria!
    Love, Teresa

  68. Tania

    It doesn’t get any cuter!! Those two! Desperately waiting for the sun to arrive in London..! x

  69. Those are the cutest pair, aw! Hopefully we’ll get some sun in Dublin soon :)

  70. Ester Sparkles

    Eleanore and Samson look so happy playing together!They are so cute!
    And Eleanore is to dye for in the pic with those sunglasses and the rainbow ice cream!

    Thank you for sharing such a colorfull post!

    Kisses from Spain!

  71. Lindsey

    I am having a baby boy in June and he will join his big sister who will be 19 months. There are days that I am so excited and there are days I am absolutely terrified. Then I see your instagram photos of the two of your kids and it helps ease my fears – even for a little while. Thank you for your honesty and your “support” – even if we don’t know each other. :)

  72. I absolutely love that picture of your kids going down the slide together. Timeless!

  73. we were there too enjoying the good weather before our flight back to edinburgh. it was my first time in new york and i’m smitten! unfortunately i was ill with tonsillitis while i was there :( my husband asked me if there was anything in particular i wanted to eat because i was starving but it was agony when i ate, because of your blog i knew…a luke’s lobster roll (i’d eat lobster everyday if my bank balance allowed!) i have to say it was the best thing i’d ever eaten, thank you!! it made me forget about the agony i was in for the whole 3 seconds it took me to eat it :)

    hope the weather stayed nice for you guys, it’s raining back here!

  74. Bianca

    Such a wonderful city! xo

  75. aww what fun! love the sprinkle with ice cream photo/// seriously it has been such a long winter! yeah for spring!!

  76. Taylor

    Loving those pictures! They’re just so precious. I’m still waiting for it to warm up here in Michigan, but hopefully soon cause I’m not sure I can stand this dreary weather much longer.

  77. Sounds just glorious! I fall in love with New York again every time I visit. You are making me happier and happier I decided to go to school in NYC! I can’t wait to be there come September. Also you are so right on having kids close together in age. I loved having a little sister so close in age to me when I was little (I still do too!).

    ~ Caroline

  78. They’re so cute! Little Samson is such a little dude. :)

  79. oh, i love love love this. seeing sweet E & Samson together makes me yearn for a 2nd child so badly! praying hard! ;-)

  80. Tracy

    Thanks for sharing your wee family and NY sites… Yout blog is a fun stop in the day!

  81. Katie

    That weather looks amazing! Cold and rainy in Michigan =(


  82. Such a great post! It really is a beautiful city!

    LiviaLoves x

  83. sinead

    These pics are so so cute, the four little ones holding hands just melts my heart :-)

  84. Darling

    So adorable!! Where so you get E’s clothes? I love it! Especially the shoes and cute stockings! Blessings your way!

  85. Louise

    absolutely amazing!

  86. Lea

    There is something so inexplicably intoxicating about sunshine. It brings out the smiles, but more importantly it gives you those special, memorable family moments. I love the capture of Eleanor with her ice cream cone. Simply, adorable.

  87. Lydia

    Your kids look amazing! Must be some awesome parents behind it all :D

    – L

  88. c

    gosh, new york is such an amazing place.
    i hope to visit it soon again, i miss it so much!
    xo, cheyenne

  89. Sofia V

    Oh beautiful NY!