a few moments from the past few weeks, not to be forgotten.



^^^she is getting so good on this little scooter! but sadly the fronts of all her left shoes are falling apart as she has no idea how to break any other way than with her cute foot. :| ^^^


^^^oh gosh, i am such a sucker for anything yellow. and traffic lights against old new york city buildings are something else.^^^


^^^strand. enough said.^^^


^^^that stage where their posture is perfect and you just wanna nibble on their toes all day long.^^^


^^^on a chillier day, but i refused to wear a jacket because i am stubborn and also, c’mon SPRING! (the weather the past few days has made up for it. so we’re all good.)^^^

7a 8a 9a

^^^a family dinner date to momofuku for pork buns and cookies. always hits the spot.^^^


^^^i just love her so much.^^^


^^^a bite of DC (georgetown cupcake in soho) while we try not to think about all those pretty cherry blossoms we are missing out on this year.^^^


^^^crooked photo of the bandshell in central park. but i like it.^^^


^^^this reusable sticker-dress-up-party-book-thing keeps not only eleanor but also me pretty occupied. ^^^


^^^empty all the toys out of the toy basket and just play with the basket, why don’t you. kids!^^^


^^^whenever i put pigtails in her hair, i say once i am finished, “ok, let me see!” and she flips around to face me, forcing her mouth into the biggest, teethiest grin with the widest eyes and raised eye brows. her entire body starts shaking because she is smiling so hard with every muscle in her face and neck. and then we laugh together because she is so funny and she knows it.^^^


^^^we have been on a sandwich kick on sundays after church. these kids are ham monsters. i am the same way with my sourhdough bread. don’t leave me alone with the entire loaf.^^^

blog1 blog2^^^and this face. i seriously don’t know if i am ready for samson to get any older. this ten month old stage right now on him is my complete favorite. we just adore him.^^^

  1. Poti.Marron

    Taza, please – you have to remember that a child pushes one time once the other leg. Because of the load arthritis and scoliosis.
    Safe way :)

  2. Mun

    Your kiddos are so cute I felt like squishing them! They seriously have one of the best wardrobes around.

  3. Adore the image of you forcing Spring. We have to get tough when it’s April and still cold. Adorable post per usual!

    brandy j | http://www.prettyplainjanes.com

  4. Adorable photos! Thanks for sharing with all of us. :)

  5. super sweet post … love that part about pig tails … doing hair is my favorite thing about having daughters :)

  6. Rayani

    Hello, I’m back here just to say that when I saw this video of Cat Power I immediately reminded your latest posts.

    Hope you like it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ybjpIt9oPuo

    Ps: Sorry my bad english
    Hugs from Brasil

  7. Kelsey

    I always love your photos of the littles around NYC!! I just stumbled upon this blog (http://www.humansofnewyork.com/) and I’m sure you’ve probably seen it – but just in case, I think you’d love it! New York City and amazing photos. Best wishes!

  8. Sally

    I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again- you’re constantly inspiring me to be better about documenting life! So great!!

  9. That might be the most beautiful ham sandwich I have ever seen. Bravo.

  10. Mari

    Please, please, please tell where you found Eleanor’s lovely shoes!!