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one of my very favorite things to do with eleanor and samson is read with them. i always knew i wanted a home full of children’s books (my friends even threw me a book-themed baby shower before eleanor’s arrival) because my fondest memories of childhood included my parents reading to me.  you can’t find time better spent than when you’re cuddled up with sweet babes on  your lap as you read a good book together. and i don’t think anything else compares.

the very first thing eleanor does in the morning is bring me a book while asking, “mama, book?”  her face is one of those faces i have a hard time saying no to and so we begin our days with a book or two. we continue reading throughout the day together and our days always end with books, as well.  reading stories before bedtime with papa (which are definitely more fun because he usually does the voices and sounds in the stories better than mama) has become a staple in our bedtime routine.

chronicle books kindly sent us three new stories to add into our bedtime rotation last month.  they are quickly becoming some of our favorites! it is hard to pass up books with vibrant drawings and poems mama doesn’t tire reciting day after day.

steam train, dream train has been a hit at our house! with animals, trains, and a pretty moon across the pages, eleanor was sold! (samson is sold if he can put the pages in his mouth, otherwise, not so much yet.) the book officially came out today and below are a few of our favorite pages…

book01book7 book8book11

we’ve also been reading flora and the flamingo (a wordless picture book with interactive flaps) which is full of fun movement on every page and goodnight, goodnight, construction site (a nytimes bestseller from the same author as steam train, dream train.)   a few favorite pages below…


chronicle books is giving all three books away to three lucky readers below! just leave a comment sharing your beloved bedtime ritual! the three winners will be drawn at random and emailed directly via your comment below next week. good luck!

**this post is sponsored by chronicle books. as always, thanks for reading this blog and supporting our sponsors!

ps. chronicle books is producing a personalized version of steam train, dream train! you can order your book with a personalized dedication and photo of your child to go inside the book. more info HERE.


  1. rachel

    I love reading and while I don’t have kids yet, I want to read to them morning, noon and night too! I actually started collecting books already! My favourite is The Balloon Tree by Pheobe Gilman. Happy reading!

  2. Jeni

    I sing to my baby girl every night, and she is a dear to let me do so :)

  3. Maria A.

    I read to my 2 year old son each and every day. It is so important to fuel a love for reading at a young age!

  4. Warm little bubble bath for us for three months! I almost can’t wait until the book more interesting… Thank you for the incredible gift!

  5. Elizabeth

    My baby boy and I read every morning & night.. I love books and since I suffered from a learning disability I’m more determined to read daily to my son… Love to add these to our collection! And I love your blog and littles!


  6. Tilly

    Such sweet littles and books! I am in love with the pillow’s in the cot. They are so adorable. Would you be able to let me know were you purchased them? :) I have been reading your posts for years now. Love your family so much. You are all so sweet and the little’s are just divine with their smiles! xx Tilly

  7. kate

    our ritual: rumble around with no clothes on, pjs, nurse, stories, rock, sleep. Definitely my favorite part of my day.

  8. bath,snuggles,and a book… our current favs are No!David!, and Are You My Mother?

  9. Alicia

    What an awesome give away!! Our bedtime routine consists of: a bath, picking out cozy pajamas, a cup of milk and a few good books! My 4 year old son would love these books! Thanks for the opportunity!

  10. Katie

    How fun! Olivia loves books, too, and will keep bringing them to me, one after another, if I let her. We would love a new book for our after-bath reading!

  11. Sara

    I won’t have one until my son arrives in August :) However, I’m sure we’ll read stories and say prayers when he’s old enough

  12. Stephanie

    I like to read a story from a book they pick, and then we like to make up our own story together! It’s fun and creative, and they get to use even more of their imagination!

  13. holly

    i am still waiting for my first to start my own bedtime rituals, but as a kid my most favourite was when i shared a bed with my little sister, and it was a ritual to make as much noise as possible, and then my dad would come in the room and we’d try to hold in our laughter, and the first one to break lost!

    and then we had to go to bed…

    what gorgeous books!

  14. Erica Tanner

    I don’t have kiddos, but my husband and I watch families when their parents go out of town often. We read one story and tell stories from our own childhoods. Then we sing a song or two and bed!

  15. Melissa Neveu

    I love this giveaway! Storytime before bed is a favorite time in my house for my husband, me, and our 3 year old daughter Elizabeth. She picks out 3 books every night (5 if she’s lucky…) after her bubble bath. Then it’s time for prayers, a lullaby, and then lights out. :) Thank you for hosting the giveaway.