5 tricks for life on the go with 2!

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i am still figuring out life in manhattan with two little babes in tow. i have friends who get around this city with 3 or 4 kids all on their own so i’m always feeling more inspired and brave as time goes by.  there are days where i’m like, i’ve got this! and also days where i’m like, towel thrown!  but getting out everyday and exploring the city together sure is fun. and in my opinion, i’d rather be out and about with the kiddos than inside our tiny apartment all day long. (i really believe it’s easier!)  fresh air and sunshine – they’re kind of a mama’s best friends. ;)

i thought i’d share 5 simple things i’ve found to be my little life savers when it comes to handling this city with two in tow. 5 things that prove to help make life a little bit easier on me as the mama:

1. just forget the cute heels and embrace the flats. i’ve finally learned, flats are your friend! i walk miles around nyc each day and have worn out a lot of shoes and seen a lot of pretty blisters.  these (which you can often find at jcrew outlets for less) and these and these are proving to be my favorite flats these days.

2. never leave home without your bleach pen. because the day you do, will be the day you need it.

3. keep an emergency snack in your bag for you. i feel like i always have a bunch of snacks with me for my kids, but while food is practically my favorite thing on this planet, sometimes i forget to eat until i feel this hole in my stomach because i’m so busy running after my babes. carry a granola bar or apple in your bag for you… otherwise you might get stuck eating your baby’s puffs in a moment of starvation (and unless they’re the sweet potato ones, we are talking bland!)

4. prep the night before! looking somewhat put together when you go out means having time to get ready before you go. since my kids wake up early and i am still not a morning person, most of my prepping happens the night before (after the kiddos are asleep!)  that’s when i shower, when i prep my diaper bag or food for the following day, and everyone’s clothing. it’s just easier to do this in the calm and quiet of the night rather than in the morning when there are two monkey’s pulling on my legs and chanting “mama! mama!”

5. it’s OK to ask a stranger for help! there may be the occasional dude who walks through the door with you and then slams it shut hitting your stroller’s front wheels because – i don’t know – he thinks chivalry is dead and can’t hold it open until your arm can reach it… but for the most part, i am always blown away by how kind strangers can be on the street, so often happy to help in a moment of need. samson might drop a toy from the stroller and baam! two people are rushing over to pick it up before i can even get to it.  the elevator is out of order at a train platform downtown and i might feel stranded at the steps with my double stroller, but i can bet at least 4 people will offer to help me carry it up the steps. even if someone isn’t lending a hand, and you feel you might need one, don’t be afraid to ask. i have asked people in line with me if they wouldn’t mind holding something while i readjust something else or if they could hold that door open a second longer, or slide over a little so i can fit into the subway with my kids, too. and for the most part, everyone is so kind and happy to help. it makes my day to see others offering a hand and makes me feel like i’m not alone in my attempts to get through the day with my hands full.

what are your survival tips for living life out and about with little sidekicks in tow?

  1. come on, who WOULDN’T want to help your adorable little family? if i cross paths with you i will probably offer to be your volunteer babysitter for the day :P

  2. Asking for help can be so hard, but I agree…people want to help you! Sometimes they’re a little shy/distracted/whatever, but if they’re called upon, they’ll rise to the occasion.

  3. Grace

    as a full-time nanny, those little disinfectant hand/face wipes are seriously my best friend, especially when @ children’s museums, parks, etc. :) and yes.. also TIDE STICK.

    • TAZA

      right on! giggle sells an alcohol free foamy hand sanitizers and i always have one in each of my bags! those are so great. disinfectant wipes, too!

  4. Kate

    great tips! I only have one baby (my Eleanor is Samson’s age) but I try to bring an extra shirt for myself along with extra clothes for the baby when we are out and about – It’s come in handy several times! I also agree that it’s important to just get outside, even if it might be messy or you have to change plans, or clothes :-) along the way!

    I just found your blog recently through gussy sews and as a new mama living in DC I’ve really enjoyed it!

  5. I’m currently kidless, but I still find this post informative. My husband and I got married last year and we are definitely thinking of having a family of our own within the next few years. I think being brave and knowing when to ask for help is just good life advice in general!

  6. Janice

    And patience, I imagine! :) I need to acquire more patience before I can even think about it!

  7. Holly

    Hello from over the pond!

    I found your blog via Rosie (the Londoner) and i’m so glad I did as I’m a blogger too with two little ones (I think from the looks of it a year on from your two beauties) & your list is spot on.

    My sister worked in NY for a while & posted me one of the bleach pens saying ‘every mum needs one of these’ we don’t have them in the UK! Plus – I ALWAYS wear flats! Mind you, sneakers are so fashionable now I don’t feel too bad in them ;)

    And I do everything the night before, right now packing Oscars lunch for school tomorrow &baking cakes for a school cake sale. It’s definitely an easier option!

    I love your beautiful photos & blog, keep it up!


  8. Jess

    You know,I ALWAYS look forward to new posts from you – this one is great! It’s so hard to be out and about ALL day with your little one and not forget something. Special little toys are always important for me to have on hand (a little book, a small stuffed toy, etc..) so if we end up doing something boring like grocery shop, my little one has a little distraction.

    And yes, a bleach pen and emergency snacks are always a must too!

  9. heather

    Love this!

    Not being afraid to ask strangers for help – especially in NYC! – is a great tip. It’s nice to know that New Yorkers are defying their prickly stereotypes :)

    Snacks are an absolute must (with or without kids). Kashi has some really yummy snack crackers that are perfect for on-the-go (and they go great with apples!)

    Here’s a question about showering at night: Does your hair feel greasy the next morning? I would love to shower at night and save myself the hassle in the a.m., but I always worry that my hair looks greasy if I don’t shower when I get up!

  10. Ahhh yes, life with little ones on the go is always interesting! I have three boys, none of whom are in school yet and I can echo pretty much all of those tips. Except the bleach pen, apparently we just embrace stains :P

    Lynden Laundry

  11. jenn

    i’m looking for any tips! #2 in the fall and they’ll be 17 months apart.. oh boy, so any survival ideas i’m all ears :) and oh the flats become a must a few years ago haha.

  12. Melissa

    love this post! I’m always curious how you manage to be out and about so much! but i totally agree that it is easier than staying home with a little one! I hope soon you’ll give us advice on how you balance naps and getting out. That’s my biggest challenge!

  13. Shannon

    I adore this post! Completely agree that it is way easier to be out and about with littles than sitting at home staring at each other. Do you have any tips for travelling with littles when the weather is not ideal? Or do you tend to bunker down at home?

  14. Preach!

    I always carry my bleach pen and definitely prep the night before.. especially now that I have a 2yr old and just gave 3 weeks ago.. it’s been extremely hard, but prepping the night before before outings and such are a big help for the next day.


  15. oh that made me laugh about eating your baby’s bland puffs…so been there!
    i’m with you when it comes to spending your time out and about with your little ones, therefore i always try to prep dinner in the evening for the following night so i don’t have to worry about rushing back. best buy for spending our time mostly out – a snoozeshade, it’s amazing as now my son will sleep anywhere! oh and disposable bibs, they just make life so much easier when out and they double up as a scoop for the lunch that finds itself on the floor ;)
    thanks for all your great tips, and for making two seem a doddle…it makes me broody!!


  16. I like the bleach pen tip!
    And you’re so right about asking for help. We mammas are too shy, and most people generally like to help us out!
    : )

  17. i love this post!
    so inspiring. it is wonderful to learn your parenting skills (even though i am not a mother i will keep these tricks buried in my brain until i do!)
    literally, every single post you do on your blog i love
    i think the reason why i admire your blog so much is the fact that it is about family and loving one another (i know this may sound cheesy to some) but a lot of blogs aren’t like this and it feels like everytime you publish a post you are telling us a story; another chapter in your life (& your family’s lives)
    so i just want to say, thank you for sharing and i will continue to be a huge supporter of your blog
    lots of love
    kate xo


  18. Libbie

    Great tips! Curious as to what you do about your babes nap times when you are out? Do you make it home by afternoon naps or do you let them sleep in the stroller while you are out?

  19. Ginger

    A San Francisco Mommy here! My 11 month son and I go out immediately after he has had his lunch and gotten a fresh diaper. We stay out for 3 hours- also known as his next feeding. This way I literally don’t need to bring anything with us beyond Hand sanitizer and water- we just stay pretty close to home in case of emergencies which is fine bc we live within walking distance to plenty of spots.

  20. Marie

    I always bring a storybook and/or paper with color pencils. Very important especially when we’re waiting for our meals to be served. ;)


  21. Marie

    And heels are a big no no for travelling with babies or toddlers. Saw a mum who nearly tripped and fell in her heels before. *shudders*


  22. I am a mama of two babies the same age (exactly) as both yours and I could not agree more with all these. I live in London, England and use the underground train a lot too. I shower at night and if we’re going somewhere nice, get my clothes out too, I haven’t worn heels more than twice in three years either!

    Great post!

    mama of two aged 2 and under http://www.samandasha2.blogspot.com

  23. Diana

    Love your advice Naomi! I totally agree on the shoes…nothing like chasing toddlers in cute heels…even if they are cute! I’ve got two littles too and i’ve learned that i need to pick and chose my battles. Being a flexible mom means a happy mom and happy child (depending on the situation of course ;)


  24. Piper

    Ditto on hand sanitizer and snacks! I am all for comfortable flats that don’t cost too much. You just need shoes that you don’t feel bad or sad about getting dirty or scratches!

  25. karen

    As my4 littles get older, I’ve found it helpful to involve them in the trip too. As toddlers they carried backpacks with just a diaper and a toy in them to feel part of the errand running team. Now they are used to it so they happily carry their own snacks, toys, coats etc (very important when you lose the stroller–where to put the “stuff”?!). I give them a rough itinerary (we’re going to the post office, the shoe store and then the park) so it doesn’t seem like a never-ending day for them. And my daughter occasionally reminds me when I forget–“Maman, we can’t leave the mall yet, you didn’t pick up Daddy’s dry cleaning…”

  26. alison

    low expectations of what we will get accomplished

  27. Julie

    Thanks for these tips! I have a question for you…If you nurse, how do you manage feedings on the go? Or maybe you pump? Or don’t nurse! Sorry I really don’t want to come across as rude asking you that! :) thanks so much and I absolutely love reading your blog :)

  28. Anne

    Dear Naomi,

    Though I am not a mom, I afterall babysat four adorable girls when I as a 20 year old was an au pair in Australia. I was not always round and about with all four of them, however I defiantly still learned from my experienes as a busy nanny in the heart of Melbourne.

    I learned always to bring a bottle of water (especially during spring and summer). Also, I learned coffee breaks were my saviours while strolling around the city, and a pair of comfortable shoes was a must. However I still mangaed to walk around town with open toe wedges during summer (perhaps because I was young and (too) stubborn to wear flats).

    I am big admire of this blog, and like many other readers I am always excited tuning in to see what is going on with you and your little family in New York.

    Kind Regards,
    Anne, Denmark

  29. Shal

    Hey Naomi! Great post, you are an inspiring mama with energy my childless self looks up to ha! i do have a silly related question though. I have often wondered how you carry your double stroller and two kids up the flights of stairs to your apartment! I have seen you jokingly mention doing that in response to those who ask how you’re so fit – and it probably is what helps keep you fit! – but I can’t for the life of me picture it… Does E walk up next to you while S remains in the double stroller? Are you ever worried about tripping when walking down? Do the kids stay calm. Is it nerve wracking if they start moving about? Would love to know!

    • TAZA

      hi! we do live in a walk up but i have a large lobby and am able to leave my stroller there so i only ever worry about the kids with the stairs! and eleanor has gotten great at doing them on her own. gosh, can’t imagine hauling the stroller up and down all those flights of stairs multiple times each day. would be rough. :)

  30. Dawn

    Hi! Just a question… what is a bleach pen ??? We don’t have it in Europe ;-)

    • TAZA

      you can google it! i am pretty sure you can buy one online (like amazon maybe?) if they don’t sell them locally in europe. life savers!!!

  31. I hope I remember this post when I have a few littles on my own!

  32. hanna

    I really love how you did the photos in the beginning of the posts, and all these tips are great. Hanna

  33. fafalafait

    lorsque je suis au supermarché, je donne a ma fille des livres en rayon que je repose a la fin …ainsi je peu faire mes achats presque tranquille…

  34. loved this post! i only have one but i find myself wondering increasingly how i will juggle things if we have another!

    i’m pretty sure most of my heeled shoes are gathering dust as they have become only for date nights with the husband and those are few and far between!

    i first became amazed at the kindess of strangers when i was pregnant. maybe it was because i was HUGE practically right from the start {and it looked pretty hilarious on my 5’1″ frame} and people took pity on me but i am growing to suspect that the general public is just nice in general to mums and mums-to-be alike. it really warms the soul when someone lends a helping hand.

    thanks for the tips!

    *googles places to buy bleach pens in the UK…*

  35. Jaclyn

    Yes, you are so right!! strangers are always so kind! esp when you have kiddos in tow!! so happy you are able to get out and about with your littles!!

    and yes.. i have ditched my heels and always wear flats.. so much easier to chase a little one :)

  36. Sinead

    I’m always amazed at people who can walk around in heels all day – with or without kids! Seriously I can just about manage them on a night out but other than that, I live in my flats :-)

  37. Vigdis

    I agree with all your tips and especially the snack tip- I also travel with two small ones so a good stroller is a MUST too :)

  38. Rachel

    Hey Naomi, I was just curious how do you choose what you do everyday? Karen mentioned that she gives her kids an itinerary of errands they will run, but when you run out of errands, where do you go every day? Do you plan in advance what museums and parks you will hit or do you just set out and stop wherever looks interesting?

    I guess the obvious answer may just be you are in New York where there is so much going on, but I’d love hearing how you discover the lovely things you share on this blog (before and after littles)!

    • TAZA

      hi! i answered this a bit above in lisa’s comment, but it really depends on the day. we do a lot of different parks and playgrounds throughout our day together. we hit up museums and the library on colder days. there is so much to take in here in the city, that we like exploring different neighborhoods, shops and places too, depending on our day and mood. i don’t plan my days very far ahead of time because sometimes the weather is ick and also it depends on how my kids are doing. some days they don’t wanna leave the park so we just stay outside all day, meet up with friends and stay in the park til it’s dinner time. other days i can tell they are tired and need to head home, so we call it a day by noon. it just depends. i mentioned above that my kids nap really well in the stroller (thank goodness otherwise i’d be home all day as they are on opposite nap schedules, although E is taking less naps so we’ll see…) hope this helps!

  39. Whitney

    I recently stumbled upon your blog and adore it. My hubby and I live in VA with our year and a half old twin boys (a third on the way but shhhh, no body knows yet:)) We’ve been to the city several times and it’s one of our favorite places. I love your tips and will keep those in mind next time we take our boys (especially asking for help. not very good at that). Thanks for your post!

    PS… your little family is absolutely darling. :)

  40. Carie

    I find planning the week in advance is essential so that I know where we’re going if it’s sunny and what to do if it rains. It isn’t fixed in stone but it helps to give us a bit of focus and routine.

  41. bri

    my tide to go pen is my savior. we still have a touch of reflux over here (eight months, jeeze!) so if the spit up gets out of control i can smack some tide on there. plus, i live in white tshirts (silly, i know, but i can’t help it!) so it really is a must. i also keep an extra shirt for me handy in case things get really messy!

    • TAZA

      hey thanks!

      for the most part i plan our days depending on the weather. if it’s cold out, we usually hit up the library or a museum (we are lucky we live close to many) and stay relatively close to home by choosing a playground in the area. the super cold days here in nyc were really hard for me. if it’s warmer out, we’ll spend our entire day outside… downtown, uptown… hitting up many different parks and playgrounds along the way. i usually pack one meal with us and a lot of snacks. we like to feed the ducks these days but i usually forget to bring bread unless i plan ahead with that one. :/ we have lots of friends and little friends in the city as well so we try to meet up and play. it’s always nice to be around other people. my kids both nap really well in the stroller so if they nap while we’re out i just stay out and walk. i love walking around this city. there is so much to take in. that was a long reply, but anyway, maybe it helps!

  42. Jess.

    Mine are potty trained, so my biggest tip to add to your great ones: Use the bathroom before you leave the house! Even if we all just went 15 minutes ago. & if you’re at a store/friend’s house/church/museum where you know the bathroom to be clean, use the bathroom before you leave to go home. Lots of outings rerouted/frustrated by “But I have to . . .” And, “Why didn’t you tell me before we left?” Just make it a habit.

    • TAZA

      this is a good one. we are potty training with E right now and i am so curious how our outings and life will change once we get rid of diapers when we are on the go. i am pretty nervous about it. great tip! thanks for sharing!

  43. heather

    with a VERY busy 2 1/2 year old and a 2 1/2 mo. old, my absolute godsend has been a simple sling. i stuff it in the diaper bag and put my baby in it BEFORE getting my toddler out of the car to go to the park/storytime/grocery shopping, etc. wish i lived in the city so i didn’t need the car, but the sling would still be on all of the time.

  44. Your tips are so helpful. I always look forward to you sharing your secrets even if I have no kiddos yet. It feels kinda like learning magic numbers’ tricks and actually seeing the proof that there is hope and you can have a happy and sane life with 2 kids or more.
    How can people not help you with those two little happy faces? And I’m glad you bring it up. People are glad to help. You just have to let go of negative emotions and not be afraid of being judged and your kids being called tiny bad names. Usually it doesn’t happen and life is wonderful:)
    Also, how much more love can there be between three people? The pictures are priceless :)

    P.s : earlier today I saw a mama holding her frustrated boy’s hand (around 2-3yrs) and changing direction in the middle of the street (he didn’t want to go to the shop I think) and a men holding his upset sun’s hand (around 4-5). I asked my fiance : how come these children are so sad and angry? And I immediately got the answer coming form myself : Because I compare all children with the few children I see on blogs, happy all the time, like yours are. I wish I could see more happy faces in real life…..

  45. lynn

    also a change of clothes for my 2 yr old- sometimes a diaper leak happens at the most inopportune time!!

  46. I definitely appreciate when strangers help out. I was especially appreciative one Sunday I took the train to church and forgot that the stop I got off at had no elevator. A guy on the platform just offered to help me carry the stroller down the steps. Definitely made my day.

  47. Katriel

    I love these ideas! And I also love that you go on adventures with your little ones!

  48. alison

    we take our travel potty everywhere and 16 handles or any ice cream store that charges by the oz is a must—-that way i don’t have to share and they can get tiny portions of their choice….. and when do i say no to ice cream with gummy bears and captain crunch?

  49. Jimmy

    I think your comment on the kindness of strangers bears repeating. Every single day someone in my city (DC) goes out of their way to help me out with my two kids. It’s easy to remember the one guy that was rude, but there are just so many more folks I come across that bend over backwards to help. It’s awesome.

    My kids are 2.5 y/o and 9 mos, and my learned trick for city living is to keep them in the bjorn (or which ever carrier you prefer) until they are old enough for the umbrella stroller. We had a big infant stroller, but it was more hassle than it was worth. The umbrella stroller goes everywhere, and hangs easily from my stroller when I need to go on an escalator. My oldest walks most places with me at this point, and my youngest now goes in the umbrella stroller. If the oldest isn’t cooperating, I just switch the little one to the carrier for a bit and into the stroller goes the toddler. The flexibility is super helpful.

  50. Alycia

    Hi! Thanks so much for this post (and your whole blog really). I always look forward to your posts. I was wondering how you are liking your bugaboo donkey? And/or what strollers your friend with 3-4 kids have in the city. We have a 20 month old and are expecting twins in October when Myles will be just over two. I am researching double strollers with the ride along but worry about three things…1 my britax already feels large in the city sometimes with only one kid. 2 since we live in the city I do a lot of shopping with the stroller and like a large basket thats easily accessible. And 3 I’m nervous Myles won’t stay on the ride along…opinions??? Thanks so much for any advice you can offer! Alycia

  51. Tara

    This is so fun. Our little family lived on capitol hill with just one toddler, and I thought that was an adventure. I’ve got two now and am overwhelmed, and I’m in a small city now! I’ve been curious how you do it with two in a much larger city!

  52. Raquel

    Hi Naomi, That’s funny I just got back from NYC. Me, my husband and my 2 kids spent couples of days there and we were overwhelmed to walk around the city with two kids. I thought about you a lot, since I’ve been reading your blog for a while. I don’t know how you do by yourself. Thanks for the tips. Take care.

  53. Dani

    Oh you make me want to be a mom! I love all of this.

  54. Celine

    As a french mum of 2 littles ones (the big one goes to school) in DC since 2 years, I wanted to tell you how much i liked your blog, a good mix between real life, tips, addresses etc. and all of this with this optimist and positive tone that i find much more frequent in USA than in France. So thank you, you gave me energy cause when i arrived i didnt know there was no free school for kids before 5 years old… I think life is not always easy for the mum here… Bravo !

  55. leah

    this is a very good list! i am planning on using your tip of stashing myself something to eat in my bag and prep the night before. i am a night person, not a morning one, and it seems that it takes me forever to get out the door in the morning – getting ready the night before might very well get us together much quicker! thanks!

    i try not to allow mine to play with the phone/computer/ipad when at home, and save a couple cute apps for situations where i need a quick distraction or for her to sit still while we are out. i also keep a few lolli-pops in my purse, and sometimes a small bounce-y ball…. i have been able to entertain her for surprisingly long amounts of time with a bounce-y ball!

  56. Jessica

    Ahhhh, I love this post and all the comments. I have one (amazing!) daughter and have my fingers crossed for more babies, but sometimes when she goes taking off toward the street or hollers her wake-the-neighbors scream when I suggest bedtime, I worry that I can’t handle more than one. This is all super encouraging!

  57. Nicole

    My husbuddy, infant, and I went to ny last month during spring break and if my husbuddy wasn’t there with me as my second stroller lifter I do not know how we would have done it. We seriously lifted our stroller so many, many… many times through the subway. How do you it on the subway.

    Also you are my hero. thank you for the tips!!!!!

  58. Kelly

    I do not have kids but I babysit a ton and I totally agree about snacks, very important for you and them. And I love these pictures from Metro North over the weekend – as a girl who grew up in Westchester I would recognize the shots anywhere!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  59. Melissa

    I just have one and I often wonder how in the world I will ever get out of the house with two. You make it look so effortless! For now, I’m starting to wonder when to stop carrying a diaper bag. It doesn’t look like you carry a lot even with two. Any tips on what age I can leave all the ‘just in case’ supplies behind?

  60. jen

    what a great post! we have 4 little ones (ages 6, 5, 2, & 11 months whew!) and it’s the same here, our days are much nicer when we’re out and about! we used to walk everywhere when we lived in a city area and i miss it, but even now i pack light to make getting around with so many kids easier. i keep a small bag in the car with the essentials so we can just hop in and go.

  61. Mónica

    Thanks for the advice works for any city, I love to spend all day on the street with them and now enjoy more good weather coming long story. These precious two. Kisses and happy Thursday.

  62. Catherine

    1. Always have a change of clothes in case of explosive nappies!

    2. Depending on the age of No.1 when No.2 comes along I think it helps to have a good routine in place and to have your first sleep trained by the time the second comes along. As a nanny I’ve witness so many Mum’s (& Dad’s!) on their knees with exhaustion because they’re getting up to two small humans during the night instead of just one. And of course, sleep train the youngest when they’re old enough!

    3. Don’t be scared of telling your children ‘no’ and ‘wait’. Teaching them to wait from a young age (for short periods of time) is a powerful thing!

    4. Don’t stress too much about reading and writing before they hit school. That’s what teachers are for! The best things to teach them before they hit school is their P’s & Q’s, how to dress & undress themselves (including shoes!) how to ‘wipe’ after using the bathroom and to listen to instructions. It’s so easy to get caught up in competitive parenting but largely, it doesn’t matter when they start sitting/walking/talking. You need to give them the basic skills to enable them to do well at school/in later life.

    5. Make time for your spouse! Children are amazing and the biggest part of your life, but the main thing your children want is for their parents to be together and happy. You need to give them a healthy model for relationships for when they’re older too, so when you/you partner gets home from work (within reason) tell the children to wait for 5 minutes while you have some adult time :)

  63. JM

    Great post! This is so informative, even though i don’t have kids yet, it is nice to imagine how i will do things when i finally do have them.Quick question, as you always seem so well prepared. Are you generally only out for half days or whole days (ie just the morning or just the afternoon)? The reason I ask is because I was wondering whether if you’re out full days whether you got out for lunch with your littles or if you are so prepared (and it wouldn’t surprise me :) ) and take lunch with you? It definitely seems like a lot of preparation and I imagine going out for lunch with two little kids on your own can’t be the easiest thing in the world….

    thanks for the very informative post!


  64. I agree with them too also coiour pencils, crayons & a empty book to draw write or anything to keep them entertained for when you have to wait for a train/bus, food ect.

  65. Chloe

    I loved this post – thank you!
    Sorry to ask again re the napping – but I would really like to be more mobile.. I am usually always at home for my 9 month olds morning and afternoon naps.. Very boring especially with a 3 year old also. How do you create the nap for S? do you make sure you walk and put the hood down on the stroller etc? or do you just put him in the stiller and he goes asleep??!!!
    Thanks for sharing.. x

  66. Christina

    This post is so sweet as I have a little one that i tote around Brooklyn and into the city and always find inspiration on this blog, especially since you have two. How do you find all the lovely pals your kids play with? That might seem like a strange question but we are the only ones within our group of friends with kids so its sometimes proves hard to find others. I have gotten good at just asking other parents while in the park to play with their little one but always feel a bit shy when it comes to asking for an actual playdates aside from the random times we might run into each other. I was just wondered if you might have any tips or advise. I have also found some groups online but those are sometimes hit or miss. Many Thanks.

    • TAZA

      hi! i feel fortunate that our church provides opportunities to meet and socialize with other mothers and young children throughout the week in addition to sundays. there are 35 kids under the age of 2 in our church group so it’s pretty great. but i have also met a lot of great mamas and little ones just out and about in the city, too. if our kids are playing really well at the park and after chatting we find we live in the same area, i just straight up ask for their number or suggest we meet up at a certain time and place again another day. i’m kind of more shy when it comes to things like this in general but having kids has definitely taught me to just go for it. so i’m that mom at the playground that’s like, “i just met you, but let’s do this again tomorrow?!” good luck! i hope this helped…

  67. Thanks for sharing your tips. I’ve got one guy, in the suburbs, so things are a bit easier. But I completely understand the constantly full hands and needing a hand every once in a while.

  68. cortney

    agreed! people are always super willing to help. wether it be holding a door open, picking up dropped items by me or the baby, and i can’t count how many times people have asked if they can help on the stairs with the stroller.
    i feel i’ve got my hands full over her with one, so i am giving you plus two a big round of applause from dc. and your friends with three and four kids?!?!?!
    that makes me sleepy just thinking about it.

    enjoy the day!


  69. Stella

    I love that you mentioned the kindness of strangers. New Yorkers seem to have a bad rap, but they really can be so kind and willing to help if you ask. (I’ve never lived in NYC but have siblings who do and have visited several times.)

  70. siheme


    I think the most important thing is to prepare everything in advance. Planning the bag the evening before so you are not overwhelmed the next morning. On top of that, I try not to bring too much stuff with me: no toys (he’ll play with leaves or things we find in the streets, I know that some moms don’t want their kids to touch wooden sticks or stones, but I lived 2 years in Africa and kids play with everything there!, a snack, but no lunch and just water)

    have a great day,
    sihemesebaa (instagram)

  71. sarah clark

    and while potty training i bring the fold up portable potty, it was a life saver! and if i’m really on the ball, maybe some chalk, bubbles and a ball! i love how helpful new yorkers can be!!

  72. Ayan

    you’re my hero! lol. my daughter is five now and still need a helping hand most of the time. i can’t imagine having 2! ps. i’m a long time reader, first time commenter. i love your blog (!!!). thanks for the inspiration and putting a smile on me and my daughter’s faces. beautiful family!:D

  73. Kat

    All good tips! I will have to pick up a bleach pen. I can’t tell you how many clothes have been lost to stains that were left untreated until we got home.

    My little one, Solenne, is two and a half and the one tip I can share about toddlerhood is to pick your battles when they get to that “let me do it!” stage. She insists on getting into her stroller, climbing into chairs at restaurants, and all manner of big kid activities she sees her parents/older playmates/other children partake in on a daily basis. Sometimes (when we’re really in a crunch) I have to step in and let her know I need to give her an assist to speed things up, but more often than not I am not in a rush and the only thing dictating the schedule is my patience. At those moments, I have to step back, and let her wriggle into the chair (taking care not to let her fall, however) and enjoy some hard won independence. It may take a minute (or two, or three!) but the smile on her face at the end of it is worth it.

    I love your blog, and your little ones are just darling.

  74. what kind of diaper bag do you use? and do you combine your purse with your diaper bag. i have trouble organizing all my mama stuff and all my baby stuff… actually i just have trouble being organized…

    • TAZA

      i usually just use my regular bag as my diaper bag. and i keep my stuff to a minimum on outings. a very small container of wipes, just a few diapers, an extra shirt for samson. a book. some snacks. not much… but my bag is never organized. it’s always messy. uh.

  75. Darling

    I try to bring them each a small toy for moments that may not be as fun to them…. the snacks are a must. I like bringing along my IPod…. just because my kiddies always calm down with music. Dont know why. My car is always equipt with baggies of toys or books, but we live in Florida…. I know the commute is really different :)

    Xo, Darling

  76. Robyn

    Great tips, Naomi! I just learned the heard way today about the importance of mama snacks. And I have to agree that getting out of the house is so super important for both baby and mum!

  77. Elizabeth

    This is my first time commenting on your blog, but I discovered it last year, and had so much fun reading through all of your entries through the years – you got married a month after we did, and our baby Grace was born just a few months before Samson. Thank you for sharing so many beautiful pictures and stories of your precious family. Y’all are just awesome!
    I have to agree with you on the kindness of strangers. People love babies and are so happy to help. I’m amazed by how many more smiles I get from people. I feel like having a kid has pushed me out of my shell a bit and I now find myself talking to so many new people throughout the day! It’s great!
    I occasionally run into a grump who seems annoyed by me/my stroller/my spirited kid, but it’s rare, and I try to give them the benefit of the doubt that they may just be having an off day and/or maybe they don’t want to hear a high pitched scream (can’t blame them for that).
    I also want to say, as a Texan who loves NYC and has been traveling there frequently for the last 20 years, New Yorkers are just THE BEST! I have no idea why they have a reputation for being rude. They go out of their way to help tourists and have always seemed amused by my accent. Your description of people helping you carry your stroller up the subway steps does not surprise me, but it makes me so happy. I cannot WAIT to take my Gracie there. So many good hearts in that city.

  78. as an occasional babysitter of kiddos around this city of boston, i am seriously in constant awe of how amazing you are at mothering your kids so gracefully–not only are two kids close in age a very big challenge, but being in a city (particularly in cold months) definitely creates more obstacles and you take them all in stride, keep your kids active and so very happy, and are making friends while you are at it. all of it is such such tough work and you make it look so completely approachable, which is just a testament to you and how very lucky your sweet little ones are :)

  79. Ah – my sister and her husband have 3 kids (4th on the way) and are living in Manhattan and sometimes she really does find it impossible to leave the apartment on here own. I’ll be passing this post – and all the useful comments – on to her.

  80. rebecca

    I just found your blog. It is so sweet and your photos are beautiful and fun! Just wanted to let you know!


  81. Anna

    I love this post! I write a lot about this subject. We go out and travel a lot – we just got back from Rome and thank you for your tips/photos – they were helpful for us in planning our trip!
    I’d say:
    1. Be overprepared. Have a spare toy/craft tucked away that they’ve never seen before for just the right moment – if you need it.
    2. Always smile – or at least try to – I find strangers are much more willing to approach you to help out when you are open and friendly. But don’t feel like you have to have the ‘I’ve got this’ look when you clearly don’t.
    3. Iphone – desperate times call for Angry birds/photos/song time
    4. Hit up the travel section of the drugstore and buy those mini containers of handcream/sunscreen/handsanitizer and keep them in your purse
    5. Ibuprofen and throat lozenges. I LOVE my kids but they sometimes give me headaches and a sore throat – gotta be prepared!
    6. Wipes – argh, the answer to everything!
    7. No diaper bag. I’ve never owned one. I pack all my stuff up in a gorgeous Sienna Ray doctor’s bag and I feel much more ready to hit the day as a woman not as an overtired Mommy.
    8. Plan YOUR outfit the night before. I adore dressing my kids but much time is spent dressing them in the morning and leaves a milli-second for me to get dressed. So, if I don’t want to be stuck wearing a stained white tee and holey jeans – I plan ahead.
    9. KNOW your city. Know where all the free toilets are, know where the right kid-friendly cafes are, know where all the libraries/playgrounds/free shows… basically be a tour guide in your own city so you are ready when you need to have a change of plan eg. it starts raining just as you hit up the park!
    10. Enjoy. This time with 2 little ones is so darn short – both mine are in school now and I miss them soooo much. So savour the day – even when it’s a rough one.
    Best wishes – ps, I ADORE your blog!

  82. Nope. You’re still superwoman. This is just a toy bone to make us believe you’re a mere mortal, like us. Taza for President.

  83. barbara

    i really need to find a bleach pen here in Italy!!! i’ll have my second kid in 3 months (the first one is nearly two) so thank you for this post!

  84. I saw someone comment to have your potty trained kid or kids go to the bathroom before you leave, and I’d second that! If you don’t they are bound to need to go 5 minutes after you leave. And for me, with two kids, who don’t nap in their stroller but both take afternoon naps, it’s crucial for me to get an early start to be able to fit anything in!

    Was wondering, if you walk/transit everywhere (we do too here in Vancouver) does that get expensive or have you just bought a monthly pass? I haven’t bought one yet but am wondering if I should just go for it. I feel like every little trip I take I am cringing as it adds up!

  85. Olga

    I’m a mother of 3! The older is 3 years old, and twins are 21 months, so imagine me in the morning….i run, just run, i wake up aerly but never is enought early, as you i prepare quite the nigth before, but i have to change the deappers, prepare breakfast, dress them, and when they and i are ready, i have to take them to the school….two different schools!and at 9 ihave to be at work, so when i arrive at work, almost without breath,i don’t need a coffee, i can’t be more awake!! So funny when i imagine me running for the streets of Barcelona with my 3 kids

  86. lisa l

    I have girls 2.5 & 14 mo

    I’m sure it was stated, but I always have an extra pair of clothes for diaper explosions, etc.

    Also, if I know we’ll be out late, I bring pjs along so if they fall asleep in the car, I can just lay them in bed once we’re home.

    Love your blog!

  87. eva

    ok, but when do you cook? when do you rest (nap) or you are so full of energy all day long? and when and where do they sleep??
    i need to be at home to do all this 3 daily essential things

  88. Morgan

    Great tips! LOVE your blog! I just started a family blog about our adventures in San Francisco– would so love for you to check it out!

  89. Lorinda

    Love this list, the only things I would add would be a sense of humor.

  90. Danielle

    I look forward to your every new post, though I wasn’t sure how practical or helpful this one was for me, personally. I guess this post may be pointing out how different you and I are in reality (not that you’d care about that, or need to, I guess). I was thinking carrier, wipes, snacks, stroller, cellphone, money, but never once did I think of fashion, and stains, or depending on the help of others. I think your average mom may be more like me, but hey, we can strive to be more like YOU and that’s probably why we do! :) You just look so gosh darn perfect! Maybe you are.

  91. Kari

    Naomi, thank you so much for this post! I’m sure you hear this a lot, but I feel like I “know” you from following your blog and Instagram–I just think you are the most beautiful example of motherhood. I have a 23-month-old (Adam) and a 3-month-old (Asher), and honestly, I’ve been having a pretty tough time. I love being a wife and mother and I make a conscious effort to find the beauty in raising my little ones every day (and I easily do!), but oh my goodness, some days are really tough! Do you have any advice on how to LEAVE the park/library/play date? That is one of my biggest struggles right now. I try so hard to get out and about, and things are pretty good once we get to out destination. But then things get CRAZY when it’s time to leave. I try everything (“the swings have to take a nap, say bye-bye to the squirrels, look mommy has strawberries!), but nothing stops Adam from bursting into tears and throwing himself on the ground. It seems like every outing ends with everyone (including me!) crying on the car ride home :( Things are getting a bit easier now that my little one is growing out of colic (so sad!), but man, the whole whole strong-willed toddler thing has me stumped! Does Eleanor ever throw a fit when it’s time to go home??