you are my wild.


i’ve been following the ‘you are my wild’ project the past few weeks, and have felt so inspired by the beautiful portraits that i wanted to share in case you hadn’t come across it yet.  14 photographers are collaborating by sharing a portrait of their child each week documenting how they see their children. it’s absolutely beautiful. here are a few of my favorites…

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all photos via the you are my wild project.

  1. Laura

    i love this project! it’s very inspiring.

  2. Kirsten

    i love this idea. what a great thing to do.
    thanks so much for sharing.

  3. I love the title of this project and the project itself! It is so beautiful to see the complex relationship between child and parent put on display in this lovely manner. Can’t wait to have my own little crew of wilds some day!


  4. These pictures are so amazing. You definitely need to contribute some of your photos to this amazing project! Thanks for sharing :)
    Melissa Nadine
    Melissa Nadine Illustration

  5. Janice

    Incredibly lovely.

  6. perfect….just perfect little wonders <3

  7. Jenn

    Going over to check this out! Looks lovely.

  8. very nice and inspiring images

  9. Amanda

    Those are beautiful pictures – thanks for sharing the site.

  10. meaghan

    Thank you so much for sharing our project with your readers xo

  11. Great project! Love them all! Looking at this post I had an idea that It may be a great post if you’d someday share some blogs or instagram people that you like to read and to follow. Someone who inspires you.I know that you don’t have a lot of time but in case it’s interesting for you that would be very interesting for me! Thank you!

  12. jessica

    tHanks for sharing! I’m so excited to start following their blog!

  13. rachel

    i love love love this project, though sometimes it is almost too much for me. it seriously breaks my heart into bits.

  14. anoushka

    the heart bum on the bed is the sweetest!! little ones really do some silly things <3

  15. Vicki

    These are beautiful!

  16. Kacie

    I’ve been following along too. As a mama and pro photographer, I find it so inspiring… as if I don’t pick up my camera enough as it is! Thanks for sharing your favorites.


  17. J.

    I love this project! The photos are gorgeous and I’ve been following for a while as well. Really inspires me to pull out my camera more. :)


  18. hanna

    Fantastic idea of a project. I think I’ll follow –Hanna

  19. Kelsey

    Thank you so much. We are grateful everyday for the amazing response we have received!

  20. Naama

    This is such a lovely project!
    So heartwarming, thank you for showcasing it!

    You know how sometimes when it rains, it pours?
    It’s a funny coincidence that I’ve never looked into children photography projects, and just this week I’ve come across several.
    Another blogger I read referred to this one, with children all over the world being photographed with their favorite toys:

  21. Abbey

    I saw this a couple of weeks ago on Pinterest and I am hooked! It is one of my favorite reads each week the new post goes up! Makes me want to polish up on photography skills and capture amazing images of my own kiddo.

    Love it!

  22. I love that!
    The photograph with the dog and heart tights are my favorite.

  23. I love this project – and all the other blogs that have taken on. Such a fantastic way to capture your children’s growth! x

  24. rethink it

    Why do people photo document their children for the internet? We should be teaching our children to use the web with caution and responsibility. Not every internet child is going to grow up to appreciate that their topless, bath time, or potty training pics are online forever for the world to see. I’m sure this will be classified as trolling or that I have no life etc.

  25. Heart = melted. I’m so in love with every single one of these.

  26. This is such a wonderful project! So beautiful, thanks for sharing.

  27. ashley

    Beautiful photos – inspired to get out my new Canon 7D and try and capture some photos of my own.

  28. giulia

    too much beauty in one blog post

  29. Lauren

    Aww how fun. cute little kiddo’s.

  30. Alice

    Oh my god these are such beautiful images! They say so much about the littlies :) x

  31. Melanie

    I have been following this project and I must agree it is beautiful! Such great portraits and talented photographers!

  32. Alice

    These are lovely portraits.

    There are a group of Aussie bloggers joining Jodi from Che & Fidel’s lead and taking a portrait of their children once a week each week all year… you can follow Jodi here:

    It has produced some very gorgeous photos.

  33. So cuuuute!!! The heart on the bum killed me. Love it.

  34. Just discovered your blog and I’m in love with it already! Can’t wait to read more :)

  35. Sarah

    These are adorable. Especially the heart butt. <3

  36. Sarag

    I started following this the other week too, beautiful concept and gorgeous images. It’s enough to make me want to be a mum but i think i may wait a few years!

  37. Sally

    Wonderful! Definitely going to start following that one…

  38. vvv03

    Beautifully stylized photos. But, I gotta say it, a bunch of rich white kids in their Boden and DPAM outfits. That lifestyle does indeed photograph well.

  39. Laura

    Ooo I checked it out a few weeks ago and love it. I couldn’t leave the site. Every picture lead to the next then to the next, then to the next…

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  41. Brianna

    Thank you SO much for sharing this!!!

  42. April

    Those photos are amazing! Very well composed. Thanks for sharing this! I have a new blog to follow now :]

  43. Lea

    These are all great captures, but the little heart bum is adorable!

  44. jaana

    this is one project i’ve been following from the start and get really genuinely excited when they post the new week’s photos. just awesome