weekend hair.


how was your weekend? i decided to give my brush the weekend off and somehow my hair looked like this for most of ours.

eleanor tried to help me out by combing it with a hanger on sunday morning…

weekendhair3 weekendhair5

that mostly just resulted in the hanger getting stuck in my hair. that was fun. bless her.


anyway, i finally washed it. incase anyone was wondering.

  1. Cheltz

    Funny. This is my weekDAY hair. I get gussied up on the weekend. And by gussied up, I mean I brush it.

  2. Sana

    Weekends are not for hair washing ;)

  3. Lucy

    Did you get eye lash extensions?? They’ve been looking really full/long lately!

  4. Haha! Love it. I always know it’s been a quiet weekend if my hair hasn’t touched a brush until Sunday night!

    Now, spill on how you get those awesome braids…

  5. So kind of like my hair right now!

  6. lo

    ha! bought my first brush at age 20. and my hair usually looks like this, still…

  7. haha you are too funny! who wants to wash hair on the weekends :) don’t blame you at all. and dry shampoo has saved my life.


  8. Hahaha.. it’s so cute and endearing of E to brush your hair with the hanger. My son currently has a fascination with hair brushes and he absolutely LOVES to brush my hair too. Silly kiddos.


  9. Lauren

    I wish I looked that good with dirty hair and no makeup! Haha I’m with you girl – weekends are for enjoying, not for primping!

  10. Nikki

    hahahahaha this made me laugh out loud. silly, like a throwback to some of your old blog posts!

  11. You are one of the most beautiful women. I’ve been reading your blog for years, never commented. I love how real this is. Thanks for the endless smiles.

  12. Danielle

    I totally see your little brother in that last picture of you.

  13. Arti

    And yet you can still pull it off… Fabulous haha

  14. sarah

    more importantly.. WHERE IS YOUR SWEATER FROM?? :)

  15. Hahaha oh how hilarious and fun! Lucky you didn’t get hurt with the coat hanger! x

  16. Bea

    I play “the hairdresser” with little children that I know….and at the end of this “game” my hair and I are unwatchable!!!

  17. Rachelle

    Cute as a button no matter what!

  18. Sarah

    A hanger?! You are one brave momma. Ya, I noticed the hair got washed less with each kid I had lol!

  19. leah.

    i love it when my daughter plays with my hair! i have discovered since having a little one that my hair probably never needed to be washed as much as i thought it did before i had a child, ha!

    top knot and unwashed hair all the way!

  20. Lala

    E looks so big here. Kids really grow up so fast. And by the way, that’s what my hair looks like everyday!

  21. Annalise

    I also just did “weekend hair” again out of laziness, always turns out that it’s worse to deal with it at the end of the hair vacation than if I just took care of it. I’ll prob make the same mistake again though. :)

  22. …and still you look awesome!! ;-)

  23. Some weekends are just for staying in and just not washing one’s hair.

  24. Lydia

    Ah, know that hairdo! hahaha

    – L

  25. My hair looks that when I wash it haha it goes crazy xx

  26. Katie

    haha I’ve started doing the same on weekends. Ratty/greasy bedhead is a nice change from everyday work hair.

  27. Camille

    Too funny! I didn’t wash/brush my hair for most of the weekend, either! Windblown, tangled, unbrushed curls are totally in, right?

  28. Anna

    Life with kids….. or without! Hey, sometimes everyone needs a hair brush break.

  29. Ha! I can never seem to get my hair to NOT look like this. Even if it looks neat in a photo, it is a mess in person. :) Except maybe once a week with the right amount of hair oil and flat iron-ness.

  30. Lindsay

    I love this :D We all have those weekends… :)

  31. Leigh

    Hahahaha this just made my Tuesday! Hilarious!

  32. hah! i love it! my 11 month old has started playing with/eating my hair on the regular. it’s funny, but also sweet. and my hair is also usually a hot mess, especially when it’s been a while since i trimmed it!

  33. Lisa

    Oh goodness, hangars and hair…not the most comfortable combo.

  34. weekend hair is the best kinda hair!

  35. Anne

    haha oh this reminds me I need to go wash my 4th day hair

  36. giulia

    oh my! i feel like my hair looks like this everyday, not only on weekends. i don’t know what to do.
    but you pulled it off perfectly:)

  37. Henna

    pretttty sure you couldn’t look cuter! :) I bet that Eleanor think that her mama is the loveliest of them all, brush or no brush. :) Kids are lovely like that, aren’t they.


  38. Lex.

    Because I’ve just GOTTA know… Where did you get your sweater?

  39. caitlin

    haha this cracked me up! brushing your hair is overrated anyways.

  40. Shelley

    I think that the comb (and brush) should take a break on the weekend:) They should have days of rest too:)

  41. Alaina T

    Oh girl… You’re a mom! My brush has been practically LOST since I had my baby! :) But still gorgeous as ever!

    P.s. SO refreshing to see a blogger with dishes in the sink. ;)

  42. Jaclyn

    wish my hair could look that great without washing over the weekend!! E is just adorable brushing your hair with a hangar!!

  43. That’s my hair by Friday!!! =P

  44. haha this is too funny. Often this is the case for me too

  45. Kim

    I am a huge fan of your blog! I a also a mom of 2-a 4 yr old girl and newborn son! I love your sweater,where did you get it?

  46. ha, this is great! confession: I washed my hair only once last week. Finally, on sunday, a much needed wash took place. Maybe I was a little too excited about my new purchase of dry shampoo.

    Glad to see I’m not the only one :)

  47. Not fair, you so pull of the messy hair look :)

  48. Hmmm, I wonder what it signifies that this is also my weekend hair and I don’t have two littles.

  49. Vicki

    I feel so lucky – I haven’t used a brush (or a hanger) in years. I just use my fingers. My hair is pretty straight so it mostly does it’s own thing during the week. I use Friday as my look decent day :)

  50. shayla

    hahaha i love this.

  51. Ha, we all have those days! You’re lucky you have such a good helper over there though ;)

  52. Jordan

    LOVE your sweater! Where did you get it?

  53. Kasia

    You look gorgeous anyway!

  54. Hibben

    and that’s why god created dry shampoo

  55. Kelsie Rae

    Best post ever :) Life of a real momma!

  56. bridget

    this cracked me up. i love how self-deprecating you are, naomi. and letting e pull a metal hanger through your locks? you’re just a good, good momma. : )

  57. Jacob

    I think you are fabulous either way!

    I love the light-hearted spirit of this post!

  58. Alice

    I love how much kids love doing other people’s hair- I would spend HOURS combing my DAD’S hair when I was little. Though the hanger is a real piece of innovation! x

  59. LOL! LOVE IT!!! Seems like a typical weekend to me!! hahaha

  60. Heather

    I love your sweater, and the crazy hair is a must some days. :)

  61. Karen

    Hahaha! Haha! Fab

  62. E you are getting so grown up! Super blessed that Mommy of yours is!! Such a big helper you are :)

  63. you look lovely as always! and Eleanor looks so big!

  64. Alison

    Ha! Two year olds are awesome! My son tried the hanger brush on our dog. Needless to say, the dog did not love it. :)

  65. WHY can’t I look as cute in a high messy bun as you?!

  66. Jessica

    Haha. What a fun, light-hearted post! Your hair looks hilarious, I love it! Hahaha. It’s sometimes fun to just enjoy a weekend where you just hang around in sweats and just feel relaxed. :)

  67. Hanna

    This is adorable. –Hanna

  68. Ashlee

    It’s like a much sweeter version of “No more wire hangers!!” from Mummy Dearest :)

  69. Piper

    good job, E! love their creativity to imagine and just be playful.

  70. Louise

    Cool hair! :)

  71. It is sooo refreshing to read a post about “bad hair weekend”! I guess we’re all the same! PS Maybe you could start a new trend with that hanger! :-P

  72. I love how you’re not afraid to keep it real! I think most mamas can relate to your weekend. I don’t know what my excuse is for weekdays, though. Great post!

  73. Sally

    Hahaha- glad it’s not just me with weekend hair like this!

  74. Rachel

    You’re so cute!

  75. olya

    meh,,, you can have your hair unwashed, undone – whatever, and still rock the “most gorgeous” list :) gorgeous skin, gorgeous face, personality… etc, you get my point :) i DO adore your kitchen – ours have always been 3×3 feet. very fun. xo


  76. haha that is too cute!!! And thanks for reminding me of my own need to wash MY hair. It looks about the same right now ;)


  77. Audr

    I think this is my favorite post ever.

    Just bought my first hairbrush in 10 years yesterday… husband said he was sick of me shedding everywhere…

  78. Oh man, you just brought up some repressed memories of my nephew getting at my head with a thing called a “Scumbuster” at grandma’s house… it was kind of like a Clairsonic for your grout, I guess? Anyway, it took HOURS for it to be extracted from my head. I never let my own kids near my head in that way after learning that lesson early, prekids. ;)

  79. oh i rock this look a little too often around here…how did i used to shower every day? seriously?

    love eleanor’s sweet little bob that’s growing in, and what a cute role-reversal for her to be combing your hair :)

  80. Daliana

    Cool mama! :)

  81. Janice

    Eleanor is getting so big! This post reminds me of your older posts.

  82. Mae

    But that is so much fun that you can do that together, isn’t it? Maybe she should try her hand at washing your hair? LOL. That would be fun.

    I think the messy look is pretty cute, still, though.