weekend hair.


how was your weekend? i decided to give my brush the weekend off and somehow my hair looked like this for most of ours.

eleanor tried to help me out by combing it with a hanger on sunday morning…

weekendhair3 weekendhair5

that mostly just resulted in the hanger getting stuck in my hair. that was fun. bless her.


anyway, i finally washed it. incase anyone was wondering.

  1. Shelby

    I am dying over this. Mostly because it’s how my hair looks at this very moment. You win some, you lose some. :/

    Although, I gotta say. With babies as cute as your’s and supermodel looks…. you’re on the winning side of things.

    Just throwin’ it out there.



  2. What a sweet mommy and daughter moment…although I’m sure it wasn’t that sweet for you! lol!

  3. cortney

    my little one started brushing her hair with a fork at dinner last night. it was a total little mermaid moment. i dont know whats makes a better brush, a hangar or a fork?

  4. Michele

    I think your hair looks really cute. The fact that you are dressed with two little ones is impressive to me :)


  5. dear naomi,

    i miss rockstar diaries.
    where has it gone? where has naomi gone? naomi who loved to blog about her colorful life… shes gone.
    this blog seems very boring these days. maybe its the city. your life were so much more fun in DC, weren’t it? and what about the shop button on top? i mean: why????? there is nothing for sale.

    do you really like the direction your blog has gone????

    i can’t believe that.

    i really loved rockstar diaries! and NOT in a creepy fangirly way!

    i’m just sad.

  6. Rachel

    My hair resembles this a few days a week. Oh, the joy of having little ones!


  7. andrea

    Do you wear false lashes? If not what mascara do you use! I can’t stop looking at your lashes
    Love the messy hair look!

  8. Rhiannon

    The wild for you dress in pink! Thanks!

  9. Morgane

    Oh God! ^^

  10. Love your willingness to be silly, unwashed hair and all! You and your girls are true beauties. :)

  11. Jan


  12. Lauren

    Just stumbled upon your blog! I’m a new mommy blogger, so you and your blog truly inspire me. Excited to be a reader of yours!


  13. YES! I have a bad case of ‘weekend hair’ much to often… Glad we can relate ;)

    Hailey Devine

  14. Lauren

    Such a good mom! I always tried to trick my younger cousins or the kids I babysat into playing with my hair.

  15. Still looks pretty good. you should see mine, I get those sticky outy frizzies on the sides. Best look ever. Hate post-partum hair fall out/regrowth.

  16. Ester Sparkles

    I totally remember myself playing with my big sister’s hair and loving it!!So cute!

  17. You pull off a messy top knot with ease lady!

  18. Chantel

    Messy or not, you are rockin’ that top knot. (: I only wish I could. I’ve got a thick-as-horse-hair mop that won’t do anything except be straight. It keeps me low maintenance, though.

  19. Steph

    I agree with Kristina. I’ve been bored of the blog lately, but I understand! Your life isn’t all about blogging, and it’s hard with two littles, especially in NYC! I’m sure it’s also hard to really speak freely, since there are so many judgemental meanies out there. I hope the meanies don’t continue to judge to the point to where the blog is just pictures. I love reading the stories behind them. You’re an excellent writer!

  20. My hair has looked like that all week…except much, much less flattering. Pics on my blog to come…thanks for being unafraid to show “mom hair.” :)

    PS Lovin the lash extensions or whatever you’re doing to get that extra OOMPH! Looks fab!

    -Britt (zealouslyzika.com)

  21. My hair is very curly, so my weekend hair is a lot like this, but more like Don King.

  22. wow

    Boring blog? Um, yeah to put it mildly. You women really like looking at this self absorbed woman posting picture after picture of herself fishing for compliments? It is frightening what some women in our country admire these days.

  23. thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU!!!! It’s so refreshing to see that you and your family are not always picture ready. xo Heather

  24. taza, i miss you! more posts :)

  25. Casey

    This is adorable and makes me feel better about what my mom hair looks like right now!:) Thanks for posting!!

  26. Jan

    Damnd. Muss auch noch spülen.

  27. Beautiful! Love care-free cozy weekends like that. And just as someone else posted – “weekends are not for hair washing.”