1. lo

    the carrousel! and its really cool to see some of my favorite bloggers are friends!

  2. OMG isn’t Elenor the cutest and sweetest girl ever! You guys are so blessed.

  3. laTonya

    you guys are so cute. love following along on insta.

    hugs to you,

  4. Wow what clear pics! Love the photo of E ‘signing’ the bill. Adorable x

  5. Cintya

    I always look forward to your Instagram pictures, they’re full of joy and happiness.

    Thanks for sharing!

  6. Lynn

    Always looking forward to your life lately photos. :)

  7. esther.

    Eleanor’s little arm around her friend in the tub shot! I die!

  8. Janice

    I die over Eleanor’s little fist signing that receipt,

  9. hanna

    Eleanor is adorable. I love the life lately posts –hanna

  10. esther

    Oh gosh the kids look darling! Eleanor with the slice of bread. Adorable!

  11. Jessie

    Holy moly! She’s eating broccoli by the spoonful.

  12. Ashley King

    All Around Adorable! My family is headed to NYC at the end of April, our little one will be almost 8 months – I would love to read a post about your favorite places to take your little ones around town – best baby friendly spots and insider tips

  13. Sarah

    How on EARTH is she eating broccoli??? I think I would break down with tears of joy if ny 2 yr old ate broccoli!

  14. adorable, as always!

  15. Oh! Pancakes and a carousel! What a week :)

    you’re very lucky!! x

  16. i try not to look at your instagram pictures online so these posts will be a surprise, but i just can’t help myself. your life is captured so artfully, i don’t even mind seeing these a second time.

    what a fun batch of photos (again) <3

    -britt (zealouslyzika.com)

  17. Your instagram pics always put a smile on my face.

    Especially that one of Josh on the merry-go-round in his suit!

  18. I love your photographs. You seem to be able to capture really precious moments. Have a great rest of your day dear!

    -Ashley Cooper @ design-parlor.blogspot.com

  19. Lucy

    I love these! Pancakes are making me jealous, and I agree with Alice on the suit/ merry-go-round combination. What a joy!!

    Lucy xo

  20. I love your photos, such fab moments :)

  21. Courtney

    Such a sweet little family you have! Where did you get both of those adorable striped dresses for E? I would love to purchase for my daughter Eve! Please share!

  22. Lovely pictures… your blog always makes me smile

  23. so cute! i love the one of E and the cookie sheet :) ps. what kind of mascara do you wear? your eyelashes look so long and thick!


  24. Sally

    These posts always inspire me to document my life more! So lovely! Always look forward to these.

  25. Kelsi

    Such sweet pictures! Love Coldstone! :)


  26. Vicki

    Omg! That lil teeny hand signing the receipt! Your family is so adorable :)

  27. Your littles are growing so fast! Every time I see a picture of Samson, I would swear it was E. :)

  28. That little girl of yours can rock stripes better than any J. Crew model. and nobody can rock a smile quite like samson! your iphone catch ups are my favorite. this is such a pick me up on a slow and boring wednesday!!


  29. Jaclyn

    E tracing her foot is just sooo adorable!! Your children are sooo cute!! and so are you!!!

  30. Living in NY looks like so much fun! Your family is adorable. :)

  31. Ashley

    My sister In law was visiting NYC this past weekend and she saw you at church! I admitted to her that if I saw you I probably would have made a complete fool of myself and asked for your autograph or something. Anyways, how did you get such good eaters for kids? I put a veggie In front of mine and they won’t touch it.

  32. I need to teach my son to pick up the tab like that. c;

  33. Agula

    I love ur pictures and colourful life!
    Greetings from Ireland :)

  34. Stephany B.

    I swear your children never seem to stop smiling (although I’m sure if they did those wouldn’t be your first choice to post)! I have never seen such happy faces on a blog!!! So adorable.

  35. Your pictures are always so sweet. Your countenance reminds me of your sister Rachel. So full of charm, and a pretty smile. My daughter loves her being part of the beehives!

    Family time is the best, and to be in the city of New York is awesome! You’ve given me many ideas on where to eat good food whenever we go!

    take care.

  36. Alice

    That bike is SUCH a beautiful colour!! And your children always look so happy- it must be having such a cool mum!! x

  37. I always love it when your Instagram photos pop up on my feed! They are so cute – especially the ones with your kiddos :) Their smiles are always so precious!

  38. The one with Eleanor so excited about hand-washing cracks me up. May we all get so pumped about daily hygiene, right?

  39. AMAZING POST:) you are sooo talanted.

    If you would like to see a lovely Danish webshop..check out my blog:)

    have a great weekend

    LOVE Maria from inredningsvis.se

  40. Sera

    I agree with Eleanor, washing your hands is totally exciting.

  41. Lola

    Samson is getting so big! Your children are so lovely:) God bless them!

  42. Shae

    Now I want pancakes! Also, your babies are precious!

  43. Rhiannon

    You have the cutest children I have EVER seen… just adorable!

    Are you going to put up your NYC recommendations soon. Ill be there in May and would love to see it like a local!

  44. Tara

    This was an especially sweet week! Thank you and your lovely family for sharing! xo

  45. I love these round-ups. All the little things add up and tell such a fun story. :) I also always get hungry, ha.

  46. Jamie

    haha eleanor seems like such a little ham, and samson is growing super fast!

  47. Anne

    love samson’s smile- always so bright!

  48. Sarah

    More photos. BORING. Try something new for a change.

  49. Lisa

    Every time I look at your pictures I am reminded of how much I love NYC. Your beautiful family modelling the city is quite sweet as well:)

  50. Jo

    great photos! i spent saturday in brooklyn as well! i don’t get to do that very often, since i live in los angeles, but oh what a city! i just love it and can’t wait to go back!

  51. i am just so impressed that you are able to pack so many fun activities into all your weeks with your littles—love these little glimpses into your adventures :)

  52. Liz

    I love that you met up with Elsie and Emma while they were in NY!!!!! My mind is figuratively blown every time my blog crushes show up in pictures together. I want in!

  53. Peter Schmalz

    I love you guys so much. You always make my day and make me happy. Is it sad that I live vicariously through you guys?

  54. Erin

    My family and I went to The Smith Friday for dinner and those hot potato chips with bleu cheese were AMAZING! I went there just because of your recommendation and they definitely did not disappoint!