1. bridget

    i can’t get over eleanor playing hide & seek! it’s the best thing i’ve seen all week.

  2. Love all of these! You got the prettiest babies in NYC!

  3. i love how much color you fill your lives with. every time i see one of these iphone recaps it feels like you could sum it up with one phrase: “life is beautiful.’


  4. Cheltz

    Love the picture of Samson smiling at Eleanor in the stroller :).

  5. I love when you do these posts; I also live in NYC, and it’s really great to see the city through someone else’s eyes as well.



  6. laurel

    thanks for sharing these moments

  7. Love the selfie of you and your kids. I need to be in more pics with my family, even just fun cell phone ones like these.

  8. Joana

    I love your blog!! You have the most adorable family ever. The pictures remind me of my time at the East Coast during my exchange semesters (and I recognize the statue in the Time Warner Center :) ). Thanks for sharing the pics and keep on blogging!

    Best wishes from Germany,

    PS: In which restaurant is the second picture from below taken? Love the atmosphere!

  9. Lisa

    love your iphone pictures <3 have a nice weekend :)

  10. Ester Sparkles

    I love these posts!Your pictures are soo cute!Thank you for sharing!
    Cheers form Spain!

  11. Great pics! Love your red boots. Have a lovely weekend.

  12. Karen

    Gorgeous photos as always :-) can anyone tell me where the photos taken opposite the milk bag one? I need to go there!!! Xx

  13. Maria

    I’m always overwhelmed by the cuteness going on here <3

  14. Jess

    Beautiful photos! The picture of children hugging is just so adorable xx


  15. Laura

    a lovely collection of shots that just highlight the great time you all have been having. Really nice – and how do you manage to stay so stylish as well as having two small totts?!

    laura x

  16. Love the red shoes and the pic if E with her shadow. How precious x

  17. marta

    yes, life is good :) have a nice weekend xo

  18. Alice

    The fact that she hid in the rug is SO SO CUTE!! I love kids and their imaginations- and the whole “I can’t see you, you can’t see me” thing is brilliant- so wish it was true!! x

  19. Such adorable babies! :)

  20. ah, my two are exactly the same age and I love this sibling relationship. Having two littles so close together is hard work but it is the best!

    If we play ‘peeka’ my little girl just covers her face. Too cute!


  21. I just love these kind of post. Such lovely babies. Such lovely city, right?


  22. Janice

    Eleanor’s hands in her pockets=my uterus cries out.

  23. Ariel

    I think I will always love every photo of E with her pigtails! Just too cute. ;)

  24. Anne

    Pretty please would you do a post on you and your littles’ favorite books?!

  25. Love that pic of E walking through the park with her hands in her pockets.

    So grown up!

  26. Sophie

    We absolutely LOOOOOVE NYC over here in France and your pictures both remind me of our honeymoon and give me so much the willingness to go back to the Big Apple urgently :-) I am trying to catch all your different little addresses for a future trip this year (and would be so happy to maybe have the pleasure to meet your family there? :-) ) – Thanks so much for your blog!

  27. Iituli

    I adore how most of these pictures are taken in the moment, especially E’s piggy back ride :)

  28. magali

    Always great pix! <3

  29. Great photos:) I love the one with her gazing up at the Botero statue. Those are sure interesting..:)

  30. Love your everyday pictures…….arghhhhh will be in NYC next month….can’t wait!!!!!…..Astrid from France

  31. Carie

    I love the one of little Eleanor and the big sculpture. The eldest little ones seem so big in daily life; my 2.5 year old Kitty seems enormous compared to 12 week old Elma and it’s only when you see her against something big that you’re reminded just how tiny they really still are.

  32. That pic of you and your girls in your arms is priceless!! ;-)

  33. Karen

    you guys are always smiling. so much joy!

  34. jen

    all of them full of sweetness! thanks for sharing xo

  35. I just adore your blog! Its on my checklist every single day!! Such a joyful bunch!

  36. Phibi

    Hello I am Phibi. I am a young mother that lives in Madrid, Spain. I have discovered your blog, and I am charmed with it. From now I will look at it every day. I invite you to my blog, if your you want, serious an honor for my. Excuse my English is not very good. I am sorry. Today it is the first birthday of my daughter. And we invite you to blow of the candles with us. Kisses from Spain. Thank you. Phibi.


  37. Morgane

    Ta vie est tellement pleine et comblée!

  38. brooke

    family fun in the spring in NYC! such fun, and thanks for the push to get ourselves out of the house regardless of slush and yuck. adventures await!

  39. Jaclyn

    love the pics! your family is the cutest and always looks like so much fun!! wish we were in ny and could do a playdate!!!

  40. I am just so enamored with your fambam :) And I was laughing out loud when going through my Instagram and seeing Eleanor’s hiding spot… too precious!

  41. Ana

    German pancakes! YUMMM! And your kids are adorable, btw… but that goes without saying ;)

  42. Julia

    love the light up piano.

  43. Sally

    Always love these posts!

  44. Ana

    I absolutely love your little ones, they are so full of life and Samson’s smile! My goodness he wins my heart over every time I see a picture of him and Eleanor, best hiding place ever!

  45. Irela

    Gah! I love the white/orange chairs! ♥

  46. Elle

    hey naomi!
    just wanted to let you know that per your recommendation, my husband and i tried 2amys pizza in dc the other day…so good! thanks!

    one of our ABSOLUTE fave pizza spots in NY is Roberta’s in Brooklyn, the pizza is similar to 2amys in how they wood oven cook it and the rest of the menu is amazing! Just thought I’d let you know for a future outing. If you guys haven’t been, it’s a greay date night!

    thanks again!

  47. Sarah

    Taza, where is that cute cape coat from?

  48. Do you ever get tired of hearing you have an adorable family!? Well I’ll say it one more time! haha Too cute!

  49. I love the pictures of both your children interacting. It’s so beautiful!

  50. lisa

    so cute !

  51. Shanna

    I love your beautiful family and your beautiful pictures! You make me want to be sure that I enjoy life to the fullest, because you guys definitely do!

    I have to ask: where did you get Eleanor’s and Samson’s coats? They are so cute and look warm-maybe a future investment for the little one for next winter….

  52. Man, your kids slay me! they are ridiculously adorable and fashionable. (doesn’t hurt they have a pretty awesome mommy ;)

    PS: I actually have that same rug that Eleanor is wrapped up in! love the colors in it.

  53. Your kids are so adorable, it actually kills me. xx

  54. Flore

    Could you tell me where you bought your red shoes? They are awesome !

    Love your blog :)