freeze dance, and other things we like to do together.


the weekend was a little slower paced than usual, not much on the itinerary. resulting in more calm, more quiet (maybe this has to do with unplugging?). we need more weekends like this in our life.

there was cooking at home, a quick trip to soho,  a walk with snow falling around us on saturday evening, and about 3 or 4 baths in between. (because eleanor asks for “more bath” every hour of each day and samson follows suit by always escaping our view and crawling to the tub where he pulls himself up and drums his hands along the tub rail excitedly. my children are part sea-creature if you didn’t know.)

we made it to church on time this sunday which was a first in a while and there was a brief moment where we were all asleep at the same time sunday afternoon. success! we worked on using the “potty” more with eleanor but mostly just had a lot of accidents everywhere because we are still learning. sunday evening we huddled around papa at the piano and sang songs and danced together. by the way, have you ever played freeze dance with a toddler? if you haven’t, go find a toddler and do so immediately.

there is something sweet about a weekend spent together doing simple things. and seeing eleanor’s and samson’s excitement and enthusiasm for spending time together as a family makes my big mama heart happy. this parenting thing leaves josh and me both so exhausted by the end of the day.  and then there is always that fun night shift, too. ;) but weekend memories like this i’ll cherish forever.

  1. Rose

    Love your braids! How do you do it?

  2. Emma

    Such gorgeous pictures! Potty training is hard work, but you will get there!

  3. leore

    your hair is amazing. tutorial please? :)