dancing with vampires.

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josh and i have been listening to vampire weekend and their new song, step, since it came out a few days ago.

i’m especially in love with the music video above since it’s all about new york city and you know, i just can’t shake my love for this place no matter how hard i try. the video is probably the main reason why we keep on listening to the song. it’s wonderful.

anyway, while we were winding down as a family tonight (you know, just samson eating spinach pasta on the floor and eleanor running around in nothing but a diaper), eleanor started dancing to the song so i hurried and grabbed my iphone to catch a little on tape. papa and baby dog joined her and it was a fun evening watching my little family letting loose.

eleanor, your moves are crazy good. but please gravitate towards tennis or piano, ok? ;)

  1. Aww how adorable! I love how she doesn’t let go of her little toy the entire time, rocking it while dancing x

  2. Dani

    Oh this is so endearing! you have the best little family!

  3. Katy

    That made me teary eyed it’s so sweet!

  4. There’s nothing like dancing around the house in your underwear to a truly great song… So cute! x

  5. Nicole

    I love their music. And of course I love E’s smooth little dance moves.

  6. Lauren

    LOL. She has the beat! And Samson is so entertained watching her :) Precious.

  7. Oh my word…sweet video! She’s really working her moves!


  8. Emily

    The grand plies at the end are the best. Such grace, bravo!

  9. anne

    I love your blog! I have to laugh at your request for your daughter to take up tennis or piano. We hope our sons become architects instead of sculptors like their father! Of course we’re just joking… kind of.

  10. Carly

    Her moves are so retro! And those sways at the end! Love it!

  11. I love this song!! I had always heard of Vampire Weekend but I had never heard a song by them!

    Aww your little ones are so cute!! Eleanor has some crazy moves!! =)

  12. Rachael

    It’s adorable, but I felt so intrusive watching it. I would feel so creepy crawly if I found out now that my mom had shown hundreds of thousands of people a video of me in a diaper dancing. :/

  13. Lauren

    this is so good. her little butt wiggle! hilarious!!!

  14. Ohhh my goodness, your little family!!! I can’t! This is all too adorable. :) Thanks for the smiles this wednesday night.


  15. Sarah

    Aw this is sweet. We are VW lovers too. It’s my ringtone and my 2 1/2 year old shakes her tush anytime my phone rings =)

  16. a) It’s refreshing to see Josh in casual wear…not that I don’t dig his usual style :)

    b) great taste in music

    c) your babies are so cute! (as if you haven’t heard THAT a million times)

    d) I REALLY APPRECIATE IT WHEN YOU POST VIDEOS! Thank you! It adds so much life to the blog!

    -Britt (zealouslyzika.com)

  17. Leticia

    Adorable! Don’t you just love when these little girls dance with their Daddy’s? My hubby will brush our daughters hair sometimes and it’s the sweetest thing! Also, I’m so glad to see that you let your kids run around in just a diaper sometimes too! ;)

  18. esther

    Oh gosh she has the cutest little moves. Thanks for always sharing sweet moments like this. Your blog is always so full of joy! xo

  19. So cute!!! I love it when my baby girl steps in to dance with me..It gets me every time and I thank God for having a girl:)

  20. I love watching little girl’s dance!! It’s the sweetest. Also LOVE Vampire weekend!! Great music choice!

  21. Jenn

    So cute! Oh the days of two in diapers.

  22. Oh hey Eleanor? You’ve got some super sweet dance moves there girlfriend. Wowee!

    She sure loves that little dog, eh? I see it in so many pics!

  23. Her face at the very end when swaying! She looks just so happy. I remember your older post when she would sit on papa’s lap while he played piano, she’s a musical girl.

  24. hanna

    Your photos are always so cute –Hanna

  25. Naomi

    Too cute!!!

  26. Bianca

    E is so adorable with her groovy moves. I think that it’s a very special video x

  27. aboleyn

    You really have the most adorable kids. I’m so glad to have found your blog. :)

  28. Lucy

    This video is adorable!! Thank you for sharing it!! Her moves are rocking and I love how she holds her teddy the whole time!!
    My son dances a lot but he’s still bum shuffling so he just spins around in circles, love him!
    I love how when they hear music they just move to it no matter what it is or where they are… I wanna be more like that!!
    X x x

  29. JM

    Oh man, I LOVE Vampire Weekend. My love and I went to see them a few years ago on Valentine’s Day. We were both really ill but had planned it for weeks and weeks so went anyway and it was great! Such an awesome live band. Thanks for sharing the video.

    And thank you also for sharing that GORGEOUS video of your family! It’s great to dance around and be silly in your home with people you love.


  30. Haha this is insane- they’re proper little rock-stars :)


  31. Ania

    Sooooooo cute! :)

  32. Ania

    Soooooooo cute! :)

  33. Thanks for sharing! I am now starting my day with a smile on my face! Your babies are adorable :)

  34. this made me laugh… soo cute! thanks for sharing

  35. Why is she always naked?????????????????

  36. Amy

    That little video is very very special! To be a kid again and not have any inhibitions at all – how wonderful!
    We have daily dance parties in our house, and my little Gigi’s papa is often her requested partner…my heart hurts (in a good way) watching this. You have such a beautiful and loving family :)

  37. Sally

    Haha- so cute! She’s got good taste in music!

  38. SO sweet! I love seeing little chickadees dancing to contemporary music. I think they’re going to look back in 10 years and laugh and laugh. What a sweet moment to capture on film!

  39. Fannie

    OH Taza, this is so beautiful! I’m not a mama just yet, but I can’t wait to have little moments like this with my family!! Love it!!
    Have a great rest of the week girlie!!


  40. i died! too adorable!!!

    i can’t wait until my little one can dance like E! currently she does the baby bop to music, still very cute :)

  41. Jasmin

    Thanks for sharing – I’m now in love with Vampire Weekend! Also, Eleanor is very cute (as always). :)

  42. Grace

    E is so talented. I could watch this thousands of times. Look at her move at the end, so natural!

  43. Jaclyn

    aww i love those special little moments! those are truly the best!! your family is the cutest

  44. shayla

    love vampire weekend :)

  45. Shelby Clark

    Love your cute blog! Your family is so sweet!


  46. Ashley R

    Your kids are adorable!

  47. Rhianne

    I love Vampire Weekend, I didn’t realise they had a new song, thank you!

  48. Jess

    This is so cute. I love that she is slow dancing at times with her stuffed animal. I love more that he is oblivious and completely focused on his little snack and scooping up the pieces he dropped. Sweet family moment. =)

  49. Cailey

    Am I internet challenged or something?? I can only see the Vampire Weekend music video. I wanna see cute babies dancing too!!

  50. Christina G.

    Love Vampire Weekend and this song. I’ve had it on repeat all week!

  51. Ashley G

    Awww, I can’t see the video of E dancing either! Love the song though!

  52. Cheryl

    I love Vampire Weekend, too!!! :)

  53. Henna

    I literally CANNOT stop listening to that song. Thank you so much for sharing. I don’t even know why but I get teary eyes every time. I’m one of those people with a NEED to feeeeeel. ;)

    Thought I’d share something of my own with you guys that you might get a kick out of! :)

    I LEOPARD PRINTED Easter eggs. haha, yup. :) So fun. Hope you enjoy!

    Alright, back to listening to Vampire I go…

  54. Sarah

    Where’d the video go?? :(

  55. Kelsi

    Wait, why do you want E to gravitate to something other than dance? (Being the dancer you are…) I’m a ballerina, too, and I’m curious–will I feel the same way about my daughter someday?

  56. Has the video of E been removed? I don’t see it either. Maybe it’s an odd glitch and I should try again later?

  57. Where did the video go?

  58. Kelsey

    I love the references to Oakland and Berkeley!!! Thanks for showing me this song!

  59. Ariel

    Where is the video of E dancing? I cant see it. :(

  60. Lily

    I love vampire weekend!! My husband and I will be seeing them at coachella next month :)

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  62. Sara

    I love love love your blog!!! Such an inspiration. And this is a great song. :)

  63. Celia

    I can`t see any video. Can you please take it back? =))

  64. Betsy

    I can’t see the video either. Am I doing something wrong? I don’t normally comment, but I love your blog Naomi. You seem to be such a great mom!