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two words to describe yesterday : teething baby.

for anyone who doesn’t know much about what that entails (i didn’t. with eleanor we just saw two teeth appear one morning around six months and we were like, oh what? cool! wow! piece of cake, this teething thing!) but in samson’s case, it has  basically meant the opposite of that experience.

there was a high fever for almost 24 hours yesterday, with a very very sad but not-at-all cuddly mister samson who was inconsolable for nearly every minute of that time. there was a back rub at 4 in the morning, a few warm baths throughout the night to help calm him and aaaaaaaaalot of bouncing. a few calls with our pediatrician to ensure it was teething and nothing else, a lot of yawning from the rest of us, and a very sleepless night for everyone (possibly the neighbors, too. we’ll be making and delivering a lot of cookies this weekend. but probably dodging eye contact in the halls for a couple more days.)

we’re hoping a few new teeth are going to pop through any moment now (after all that, they’d better pop through!) and i’m so glad someone is back on their way to being their cute smiley self.  samson and his sister have been nothing but sweet and cuddly in mama’s bed so far this morning and josh just ran down to the corner store to grab me a hot chocolate!  with all the snow falling around us outside, today is already off to a better start than yesterday but just incase, wish us luck!


  1. Hannah

    My mother made us all elderberry stem necklaces which helped ENORMOUSLY. Cut up elderberry stems into tiny beads, and sew them into a choker so that Samson can’t actually CHEW on them; they just sit around his neck. Not sure how it works, but it does!

  2. poor baby :(…and poor mama, too. teething is worst. such torture for such tiny little people. hope he’s feeling much better today and hope you see some pearly whites breaking through soon!

  3. Anne

    oh man good luck mama!

  4. Ariel

    Oh poor Samson! I feel his pain. My wisdom teeth are giving me grief this week (swollen gums, how fun!) Poor little baby. Hope those little buggers come through and he’s feeling better soon!

    The picture is just darling by the way. xo

  5. Maura

    We just discovered Teething Tablets (got them at Whole Foods) and I was skeptical, but they work. All natural and dissolves under their tongue. Someone else told me about Amber necklaces, but we haven’t tried that yet…Good luck.

  6. hayley

    I love this post! This is what I’ve missed about your blog… The honesty that offsets the posititivty and silver lining. I had alot of lectures to listen to for school this weekend so I decided to go through some of my favorite blogs archives. As I was going through yours, I started to remember why I fell in love with your blog. It wasn’t the pretty pictures, nice clothes or where you lived but your sweet, honest but positive and, at times, slightly self deprecating tone that really made me feel like I could relate to you. You werent just some girl with a blog; i felt like i actually knew you or at least saw some of myself in you. I’ve missed that lately. Your pictures are pretty and you have a beautiful life but I’ve missed your input and ‘two cents’ on everything: the good, the bad and the ugly. Though I can’t really relate to this post because I’m a single teenage college student, my heart still goes out to you. I’m glad things are looking up! Praying for you cute little baby and family

  7. ene

    Sending lots of positive energy to you all especially little Samson. Growing pains is all it is. Wishing you peace today and always :)

  8. Elisa

    In France we’re using iris root as a natural pain killer for teeth you should try it.

  9. andy

    4 to 5 drops of clove oil mixed with a tablespoon of olive oil – live saver!!

  10. andy

    I should of mentioned, I just dip my finger in the oil mixure & rub on their sore little gums. Hope those teeth come through soon!

  11. Henna

    Poor Little Samson man! Hope he’s feeling himself again. We just went through some of this. We had it so lucky until molars. Same as Eleanor, except it was at three months! The teeth just kept on popping out and Mateo didn’t seem to blink. Looks like molars will be different. We had a night of high fever and wakings followed by a day of drooling…but luckily that was the worst of it.

    Hmm, I’m reading all of your comments. Very savvy readers you have there. I think I’m going to take note of some of these tips! ;)


  12. Ruby

    I love the arrow earrings! And so many cute blouses!

  13. An absolute delicious picture. We’re in the middle of the teething phase too. Having as much fun as you! :)

  14. I think my daughter may have her teeth coming in – and I’m scared!

    I’m already baffled by what causes her to cry half the time. I don’t want another factor making her upset that I can barely control.

  15. Jamie

    As a mama to five, including two little dudes who are 1.5 and almost 2… I can totally relate… The pain they feel when those teeth decide to bud translates into some intense mommy/daddy agony as well in trying to comfort them…

  16. Katrina

    Hi! I am a new reader and I love your space and style and words and pictures! I was wondering how I ‘follow’ or subscribe to your blog??

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  18. Piper

    I totally understand, Naomi! Zoey, our 3 year old, never experienced any pain it seemed when she was teething. But our 15 month old, Nathan, had it really bad. He had 8 teeth before he turned 7 months old, which probably explained why he was waking up every 1.5 hours at night the entire first 7 months of his life. Hang in there! It will be over sooner than you think :)