1. Dani

    So many laughs and smiles. I love it. I want to visit SF now.
    P.S. E smelling the flowers? I died of happiness!

  2. Lindsay

    Stop it. This is too cute!

  3. Marissa

    I LOVE this video! Favorite one! Your family is just so graceful and sweet.

  4. Juliana

    You have such a beautiful family, Samson and E are just lovely kids.

    Lots of love… i love your blog

  5. shayla

    so sweet :)

  6. Tamil

    Love the video of your family in SF. Regina is so talented, isn’t she?

  7. I love how E is giving the thumbs up!

  8. gray

    awwww I love that song. My favorite Regina Spektor….reminds me of living in Edinburgh, Scotland during my first year of marriage….warm and fuzzy feeling accomplished! Thanks!



  9. Audrey Crisp


  10. It is so wonderful that you capture your beautiful life in this blog, it looks like a lovely trip.

    I am just starting to capture my new life in Melbourne


  11. Clare

    your blog is so cute! love it :)

  12. leah.

    this video is so sweet! i love that you captured so many special moments and put them into just a few minutes… a good reminder that all these little moments are precious and to be cherished.

  13. Ludivinep

    Merveilleux !!!!!! <3

  14. Shannon

    really beautiful! it is contagious.

  15. lo

    so sweet! great job. love the song choice :)

  16. jana

    oh god, the end of this video is so incredible, cute!
    and I love the music, it perfectly fits with all captured moments (and the way we can hear the voices of samson and E).

  17. if this video doesn’t give you baby fever, there’s something wrong with you :P

  18. The part where you let the audio overlay over the lyrics “it’s contagious” took me by surprise . . . and made me tear up a little. Children’s laughter is just _that_ sacred.

  19. Clementine

    Wonderful family!

  20. lina

    i love this!! i don’t think i’ve ever commented on your blog before (but i’ve been following since your first was born!), but i think this video deserved a comment ;)

  21. Elle

    This is the most gorgeous thing I’ve ever seen! So cute :) Eleanor reminds me of myself as a child!


  22. oh my word, this is really so very sweet naomi. what fantastic parents you two are, eleanor and samson also look so adored and like the are having a ball. thanks for sharing in such a beautiful and fun way!

  23. hanna

    Eleanor is so cute! –Hanna

  24. Amanda

    That is adorable!

  25. You can feel the love, laughter and warmth your family has! Very special indeed. Thank you for sharing
    Much love, Bailey from Vanilla Blonde

  26. Lisa

    ohh..this is so cute ♥

  27. Laura

    Really incredible. The music was perfect!

  28. What a great family getaway!

  29. Timi

    I love you guys, you are shining! Thank you for sharing!

  30. Ashley

    This is the cutest! Looked like a lot of fun!

  31. jamie

    this is such a sweet video.

  32. Sara

    Hi! I feel a little weird “reporting” this, but I am a frequent tumblr user and lately I have seen a lot of pictures from your blog on my feed. I’m not sure if you have given people permission to use those photos, but I’ve seen three in the past month and all of them have Eleanor or Samson in them. I just wanted to let you know that these pictures were floating around, especially since they are of you and your children.

  33. that was such a sweet video. i have been following your blog for a long time and think it is so sweet–inspired me to start my own…ourhilife.com–about living in hawaii with our son:)

  34. Kathryn

    Eleanor and Samson are so sweet together. :)

  35. Mun

    Such a sweet compilation of memorable moments ;)

  36. allison

    Too freaking cute. I love when E is smelling all of the tulips :) I was in SF that same weekend and hit pretty much all of the same spots… dying to go back again!!


  37. Carla

    Complimenti video bellissimo! :)

  38. Jocelyn

    Aw it reminds me of our honeymoon in Sanfrancisco. Such an awesome city. And Eleanor reminds me of my daughter, they do so many things alike. Both Samson and her are very very adorable.

  39. Shelby

    Oh my word! This had me grinning from ear to ear! More, please!! Your family is so, so special and beautiful. It’s so nice to see a couple so in love with their children and so happy in their lives. I LOVE your blog and this!



  40. Jenne

    <3 pure love

  41. Natalie

    Soooo cute!

  42. Julia

    oh how cute ..
    you have so wonderful kids – i wish i had that.

  43. Anne

    You are truly make being a mom look absolutely chic and young and attainable. It wasn’t until I started reading your blog that I felt like ok, she can do it, so can I!

  44. Meghan

    love it! ❤ i’m inspired to make my own!

  45. Cintya

    This video clip is making me want to visit San Francisco!

  46. Henna

    Wow, I absolutely loved this! I couldn’t stop smiling. I’m so glad you guys made a little video, it’s such a good reminder for me to take little film clips. I never remember to do it and it’s often so much easier than taking photos.

    On my TO DO list is to learn how to make little films like this! So sweet!!

  47. Antónia Guerra

    Hi beautiful family!

    (First of all I want to apologize my “english”)
    What a lovely weekend I suppose it was. The video is… amazing, and because I’m at work I didn’t hear the music you told so.

    I follow your site every day and I just want to say that your family inspire mine.

    I have a 6 months old boy, Henrique, and I feel like you both. I’m in love with this little guy.

    Big hug from Portugal

  48. I loved seeing this because sometimes I look at your pictures and forget that this family actually exists in real life and lives every day with poopy and crying children. That happens with blogs and Facebook because its not like a person would want to post a picture of their kids balling their heads off or being gross like most toddlers are, but I prefer the positive adorable pictures you post. I can vicariously live through your life. Your children seem perfect and adorable and I assume once I have my own kids I will think the same thing about my kids :)

    Thank you for your blog :)

  49. Sinead

    Such a great video! San Francisco looks amazing :-)

  50. Your family seriously melts my heart. Wonderful video! Thanks for sharing! :)

  51. Perfect little video!

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  53. Jennifer Burns

    so, so sweet. You are wise to appreciate the everyday moments. They are sacred. Adorable family. :)

  54. Thanks for taking the time to put together this video! You guys are such happy people and really enjoy each other! And I love seeing that!

  55. Q

    I love how you have your hair fixed in the video! I’ve watched it a few times but can’t quite figure out how you’ve go it styled the back (is it milk braids? knots? something else?)…I’m always on the lookout for fun & cute hairstyles because I’m a mom on the go most of the time & have little time to do my hair! I adore your blog & appreciate you sharing bits & pieces of your beautiful family!

  56. Gem

    Well that was just a little bit beautiful. xo

  57. Truly amazing video!
    The song is so fitting to the video
    You look like you had a wonderful time in San Francisco
    Happy Monday!
    Much love,
    Kate xo


  58. Fanny


    I follow your blog for more than 1 year now, and I have to say that you’ve got a beautiful little family!

    I’m french and I will come for the very first time in United States, I’m so excited about that!!!!!
    Can wait to be on may, so I will come to Los Angeles, and San Francisco.

    Do you have any advices about SF? What I have to see, good food, good place to stay…

    Thank you to share all the joy of your life!



  59. Edissa Romero

    Adoro a Eleonor y Samson, estoy super Fan de ustedes sigo el blog desde hace años y me gusta ver cada momento de ustedes, son lo mejor.
    Saludos desde Cd. Obregón, Sonora, Mexico:)

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  61. Rachel Hagen

    It was so great meeting you guys! Thanks for letting me talk your ear off and vent. There aren’t many moms here in our situation (most are dental student wives or work themselves). So it was really helpful for me to hear your perspective and positive outlook on city living. You’re it look so effortless! Looking forward to our next picnic…

  62. Eliana Durante

    You have the cutest family ever. I am only 16, but i look up to you as a role model. You are the cutest,stylish mom out there and one day i hope i will be just as great as you are to your kids.
    p.s. I loooove that Regina Spektor song. Especially in (500) Days of Summer.