a bit of our weekend.


hey what’s up, monday! hope everyone had a great weekend! we started ours off right by deep cleaning our closets friday night and not speaking to each other. (you know how that goes when you’re tired and everything is annoying you and you just wanna be left alone?) once we got that out of our systems we spent the rest of our weekend running around the city and seeing friends, doing a few errands and eating a lot of good food!

below are a few moments we caught on camera ::


^^^we spent saturday afternoon and evening in brooklyn enjoying homemade puerto rican food and unbelievable views of the city with friends.^^^


^^^oh hi handsome man pushing a double stroller and holding a baby bottle. you are my kind of man.^^^


^^^reaching the keys. playing something fancy. ;)^^^


^^^the farmers market is bustling with starter plants and spring flowers so we brought a few home to usher in spring!^^^


^^^bought these shoes for myself for easter but couldn’t wait until then to wear them, because they just make me so dang happy!^^^


^^^we can’t get enough vegetables these days. i’d like to grow a few tomatoes this year on my fire escape out back if they will let me. eleanor eats them like apples so it only seems right. ^^^


^^^and this little chica is all about the music. yesterday when i changed samson’s diaper she sang me a song about “samson, poop! poopy samson!” in such a cute little melody that the lyrics weren’t so bad. and while yes, as her mama i tend to think pretty much everything she does is adorable, her song was actually really good. ;) ^^^

other stuff that happened this weekend but isn’t pictured here:  finally meeting elsie and emma, the beautiful minds behind a beautiful mess on saturday morning since they were in the city over the weekend. those girls are such rockstars. a quick lunch with the ferneys who were in town from SF at The Smith (i’ll do anything for those hot bleu cheese chips!). 3 hours of church spent pretty much in the hallway because that is  how it goes with a ten month old baby (or at least with my ten month old baby). a lot of parmesan cheese dipped in honey sunday afternoon and of course, 3 bubble baths for the littles.


  1. Oh what awesome shoes! Well done for cleaning out the closets… reminds me to do it too! Love the photos… did you catch E singing on camera? x

  2. Parmesan cheese dipped in honey?Why have I never thought of that before? That sounds delicious!

  3. you have the sweetest little children, they are unbelievably adorable! loving your snap shots over the weekend =)

  4. I love the first pic of E… soo cute with her guitar! This sounds like such a great weekend! The shoes and little plants remind me of spring and the beautiful colors and weather to come! Thanks for the post
    Melissa Nadine Illustration

  5. I love your blog so much! You are such a blogging inspiration and your family is adorable.

  6. I really love reading your blog. It’s so refreshingly honest and sweet! Sounds like a wonderful weekend.

  7. Stella

    Do you mind telling me where you got your pants? its SO beautiful! I absolutely love reading your blog, the pictures of your family and your stories always puts a smile on my face! So I am thanking you and your family so so much :) x

  8. AM

    Amazing photos – thanks for sharing!!!

  9. Jenny

    I guess it’s called Spring Cleaning for a reason, huh? I recently got the cleaning bug as well. Goodbye, ill-fitting shirts that I’ve been holding onto “just incase.”

    I adore your new shoes!

    And I adore your blog in general. It never ceases to put a smile on my face. So thanks for that. :)

  10. Great photos!

    We would love to grow some vegetables this year too! We go through them like crazy and my boys go for those tomatoes the same way Eleanor does!


  11. Roseann

    Ha! I laughed out loud at your honest opening. Thank you for being real. This is such a nice weekend roundup, you perspective is inspiring! I hope you have a terrific week, Naomi!

  12. Love the colors on your new shoes! They look very spring-y :)

  13. Alisha

    I totally need a “not talking” evening right about now… Your pants and shoes are adorable!

  14. Piper

    “3 hours of church spent pretty much in the hallway because that is how it goes with a ten month old baby (or at least with my ten month old baby)”

    totally feel you, mama! our son is 15 months old and he will not stay in the nursery without me or my husband in sight. we then try to keep him in the church sanctuary but that means i have to pack a huge bag of little snacks that won’t get everywhere and just lots of random quiet toys. we end up just strolling through the hallway a lot too…this was never ever an issue with our daughter though (who is 3 now). she didn’t like the nursery either but she knew how to behave to stay in the main room with us :)

    thanks for sharing the pictures! they are always a delight.

  15. I always love your posts and the pictures, but today’s especially caught my heart. I’m a music fan and I just love all the piano pictures. It made your kids even more adorable {is that even possible?!}. And I gotta say, I love the pic of your hubby! I just don’t have words to describe how awesome it is! Thanks for sharing all of your fun!

  16. hanna

    Your new shoes look fantastic –hanna

  17. Your little E looks like an absolute natural holding that guitar!! Great pics. And I agree, a hubby that can handle a double stroller and bottle is quite the catch:)

  18. Allison

    Love E and the ukulele! I wish spring would show up where I live. The snow in our yard is 4 feet high!

    xx Allison

  19. New York is my favorite place in the world! Seeing these pictures makes me so jealous that you actually get to live there and build your family there. I wish I would’ve gotten to experience that delicious food in Brooklyn too. And sweet little E is just adorable. i nanny and totally understand the making up songs thing… the little girl I keep does it all the time,,, she sings songs that can be about anything under the sun!

  20. Oh adorable!

    I may be bias, just because I love your blog so much, but i’m pretty sure your family is the absolute cutest!

    Josh looks great with a bottle, too!

  21. Love your littles they are so cute! It still amazes me everyday that your children are spaced almost the same in age as mine only two months younger :) It was great seeing some of my fav bloggers together…#blogheaven!! lol

    xo ,

  22. oh, it looks like spring! happiness :) eleanor is so musical i love it! you have bragging rights anyway, proud mama ;)


  23. Brandi

    I’m with everybody else, where did you get those awesome pants????

    • TAZA

      thank you! they are from Top Shop from a few months ago.

  24. I adore E’s pigtails so much!

  25. lo

    i love seeing signs of spring from all around the country- it fills me hope! one day, soon, hopefully we’ll be enjoying more time outside.

  26. Lovely pics, lovely shoes, lovely babies, lovely you! Have I mentioned that you’re l

  27. Cheltz

    “we started ours off right by deep cleaning our closets friday night and not speaking to each other.”


  28. love the pic of samson playing the piano!
    it’s nearly 2 weeks until my first ever visit to new york….excited doesn’t even come close, especially after seeing more of your gorgeous pictures!!


  29. God, new york looks so beautiful even in the winter. *sigh

  30. Oh I know how that “quiet and annoyed, wanting to be alone” thing goes. Cleaning always helps me.

  31. Jessica

    It looks like you had a wonderful weekend! Weekends spent with my own little family are always my favorite.


  32. ha, love every word and photo of this post naomi—can’t believe how quickly and E and samson are growing up, and what amazing parents you two have always been. and i hope growing your own tomatoes works out–I’ve been trying turn my black thumb green for years and tomatoes have always given me the ray of hope that I need as they always seem to persist and stay with me and offer the most flavorful tomatoes for your plate of all time :)

  33. x

    love the shoes :)

  34. Corinne

    Such gorgeous snapshots! Looks like a lovely weekend with a lovely family. And I totally get that ‘annoyed’ feeling – sometimes a bit of quiet time is the best thing :)


  35. i really like your shoes :) could you tell me where did you buy it ?

  36. i really like your shoes :) Could you tell me where did you buy it?

  37. Johanna

    I love love love your blog, every single morning when I open my macbook I check if there’s a new post. It makes me look forward to having my own little family at some point in the (hopefully not too far away future) as well :)
    I also love that you’re not pretending that everything is always perfect, but the little imperfections you talk about actually make it seem perfect overall, if that makes any sense whatsoever.

  38. Great photos! I love the trousers you wore with your new shoes – fab!

  39. yvi

    omg…i just fell in love with that cute litte girl!!!!

  40. Joanna

    love the shoes and feeling of spring in the air! ready to hit the farmer’s markets myself!

  41. hannah

    um, yes, i had the exact same moment with my partner this weekend while we were doing some spring cleaning. we just needed some alone time! cleaning is stressful.

  42. Emily

    I’m going to be the annoying one who asks what’s happening to the items that you’re getting rid of. Another charity sale perhaps? #fingerscrossed

    Also, 10 MONTHS! Holy Samson! I swear, you blink and it’s gone. I love that you guys take time to truly enjoy what family is, I think you’re sending a positive message out to people. :)

  43. Jaclyn

    Awww S and E are JUST ADORABLE!!! Love them!!
    Glad you had a great weekend!!! 10 months?!!? how has 10 months flown by already!! where is time going?

  44. Megan

    Where are your shoes from?!!
    Also, the striped shirt in the front and plain on the back in your SF photos??

    Thank you!!

  45. Stella

    laughing about your description of Friday night! we definitely have those nights every now and then. glad y’all got some sleep & made up ;)

  46. Shannon

    hahaahah, loving that song of e’s!! so great. =D

  47. Kelly

    I love the mint shoes and how much fun the little ones are having at the piano, aww!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  48. Kim

    Looks like a fabulous weekend…love the shoes! And I spend our church hours in the hallway with our almost 10 month old as well!

  49. Sally

    Loving that shot of the bridge!

  50. esther.

    We spent our Friday evening deep cleaning a certain husband’s closets as well. Four garbage bags lighter!

  51. Noeme

    Hi Naomi! Your shoes are amazing, you have excellent taste! Would you mind sharing you bought them? Thank you so much in advance and have a great day!


  52. bridget

    well, those shoes & pants are pretty excellent.

    i also love all the photos from around the market. it’s so nice that e & samson will have all these wonderful photographs from the place where they grew up. and not just in a huge sense, but all the little details, too. and the details are better, anyway.

  53. Those mint loafers are to die for! So cute!

  54. Natalie

    DYING over your pant/shoe combo.

  55. It looks like you’ve got yourself two musical babes right there! So lovely reading your weekend recap – such happy, normal things that are perfect for Spring! :)

  56. minta

    glad to hear you’re normal and have “silent” moments with your husband and have to be outside with your little one at church… not so fun but blessings come either way. You sound happy and I’m so happy for you!

  57. Julie

    Gotta love Brooklyn! I actually spent a month living there as I contemplated returning to NYC, but couldn’t give up living in San Francisco. There’s no place like home!

  58. Where did you get those beautiful shoes!

  59. aly

    GAH. Both kiddos are getting so big! Beautiful pictures, and I love the shoes.

  60. Alice

    Parmesan dipped in honey?! Is that good?! Your weekend looks lovely- little kids playing the piano are so cute (I should know, I used to be one of them) x

  61. Ester Sparkles

    Such a lovely weekend! And what a surprise when I saw your picture with Elsie and Emma on “a beautiful mess blog”! I love their blog too!

    Thank you for sharing! and oh!your shoes are sooo adorable!I love that mint color!

  62. Great photos. I love your babies. They are so lovely and adorable.

  63. Monika

    Oh, can you please tell where are the shoes from?

  64. Kathie

    Great photo!Am I able to print the photo of the Brooklyn bridge. My son just moved to Brooklyn.

  65. If you weren’t changing a diaper I would have requested a vine video of that song! ; )

    Love that you shared you have a little fight : ) It makes me realize that even when you guys are SUPER cute and almost famous like to me you’re still real people : )


  66. shayla

    adorable photos :)
    and your shoes are so cute!

  67. Sarah

    Your photos are always lovely but I admit I wonder why you don’t try to go a bit deeper with this blog and the incredible following you’ve amassed. There are so many topics you could tackle: potty training, picking schools for your kids, meal planning, budgeting, the motivation behind your decision to be a full-time mother, your dancing career or your morning makeup/clothing routine. But instead we just get photos. They are beautiful, don’t get me wrong, but this blog has turned into a static magazine spread. Tell us something. Challenge your readers. Speak your mind. I know you have something to say. I’m sure I’ll get attacked for even daring to write this, but I hope you aren’t offended. It’s certainly not my intention to offend.

  68. LeeLee

    Sounds like fun. And you have budding musicians. :) Too cute.

  69. Melanie

    Love that first shot of Eleanor, it’s beautiful!

  70. Kodi

    Those shoes are adorable, but I must say the pants you’re wearing in that picture caught more of my attention! So cute! And I totally know what you’re talking about with sometimes just needing to be left alone. My husband and I had a few hours like that last weekend — sometimes it’s just nice.

  71. Janice

    Eleanor with her ukulele makes my uterus cry.

  72. Jessica

    hahahaha poopy Samson.
    Don’t ya just love kids?!

  73. Music is good for the soul, haleluja!

  74. Mun

    Your little ones are too adorable…

  75. Alison Teylor

    I absolutely love following your blog from week to week! The kids are so darn cute and I love all of the creative things you do to keep them (and yourselves!) entertained. Such inspiration for so many people :)



  76. Sofia

    Really really enjoy the pic. of the brooklyn bridge. Just a beautiful sight to see.

  77. Caity

    mmmm Parmesan dipped in honey! In my mom’s hometown (Doylestown, PA in Bucks County), there is this little restaurant called HONEY..and she took me there for my birthday a few years ago. I had a cheese plate as an appetizer…omg! Part of their deal is that they incorporate honey into everything they do, so that was my first experience with dipping sharp cheeses into honey. You should try some other kinds of cheese too. Honey is great with all kinds of sharp cheese. Also, goat cheese. OMG>

    Also, beautiful pics as always! It seems like your life is pretty darn busy, what with raising two children and doing all the super awesome stuff you do, and then blogging about it. This doesn’t need to be an instructional blog, no matter what above comment said..just saying. We all love it no matter what.

  78. Woww I’ve just found your blog and I really liked it! It’s kind of sweet and you have a great desing. Congrats!! xx

  79. Kayla

    Where in earth did you find those perfect loafers!?

    – Kayla


  80. jen

    those shoes are amazing! and you and your family as well! :)

  81. laura

    Hello Naomi!
    I´m impressed with your photos, they are getting better and better with the time!
    Have you learnt at your leisure? What type of camera do you like more? Do you take the camera always with you?
    I know, I know, so many questions! Ok, just forget them! And take my congrats for the pictures.
    I send you a big kiss from spain!

  82. Lena

    I just found your blog.. and fell in love with your new shoes:)

  83. Your blog is so inspiring!
    Whenever I pop over to catch up on what you and your family have been up to I always feel instantly happy and cheerful :)
    Thank you for sharing these photos <3
    By the way, I love your shoes and the pants your wearing with them (the pattern is gorgeous.)
    Much Love,
    Kate xo