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monday was one of my hardest days yet as a mother. it was snowy and rainy out. we never left the apartment. we played, we sang songs, we read books and colored and the kids even napped. but by 3:30 in the afternoon, i was done for the day. i put my kids in the tub for their bedtime bath even though it was only mid afternoon and i sat on the floor beside the tub while they played in the bubbles and cried....

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a bit of our weekend.

hey what’s up, monday! hope everyone had a great weekend! we started ours off right by deep cleaning our closets friday night and not speaking to each other. (you know how that goes when you’re tired and everything is annoying you and you just wanna be left alone?) once we got that out of our systems we spent the rest of our weekend running around the city and seeing friends, doing a few errands and eating a lot of good food!...

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you are my wild.

i’ve been following the ‘you are my wild’ project the past few weeks, and have felt so inspired by the beautiful portraits that i wanted to share in case you hadn’t come across it yet.  14 photographers are collaborating by sharing a portrait of their child each week documenting how they see their children. it’s absolutely beautiful....

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