we’re counting years now, not months.


this year, we celebrated eleanor’s second birthday by waking her up to birthday cake and presents in the nursery before papa left for work. i still struggle frosting stuff, as you can see by that fancy leaning-tower-of-pisa cake right there.  but i’ll have you know, it was delicious. as most trader joe’s cake mixes are. ;)


^^^one of e’s favorite things: balloons!^^^


^^^a birthday crown!  stayed on for a total of 3 seconds?^^^


^^^sweet baby girl, you look so big!^^^

blogbdayeleanor4blogbdayeleanor ^^^eleanor has loved stealing (i mean) riding everyone else’s scooters at the park and gym the last few months. so we decided her very own scooter would make for the perfect birthday gift. and judging by how many times she cruises by me in the apartment each day on that thing, i think it’s safe to say she likes it.^^^

blogtea1 blogtea2 blogtea4blogtea3

^^^and naturally, since she is a tea party kinda gal, eleanor also got her first real tea set for her second gift. another success! although samson very badly wants to be invited to tea time, and eleanor will not have it. we’re working on it.^^^


^^^and so, my baby girl is two now.  we are two weeks in and my heart still kind of sinks and skips at the same time when i say that. what a ray of sunshine she is in my life.  what a wonderful two years it has been. happy birthday once more, baby girl. i’ll love you forever, i’ll like you for always, as long as i’m living, my baby you’ll be. ^^^


a post on eleanor’s 2nd birthday. eleanor’s first birthday, here. and the post introducing eleanor to the world, two years ago.

  1. Cheltz

    I like how you call it the “nursery.” very Peter-Pan-ish. Welcome to 2 Eleanor (and Mama)!

  2. Brittany

    WOW! I can’t believe this. I knew it was coming around the corner since Valentines day….but seriously? Two years? How can it be? I feel like you just announced you were pregnant with her (little did we know it was a HER then)!

    It’s been so fun watching you grow into toddlerhood, little miss Eleanor. Happy birthday!!!!

    Thanks for inviting us into [little glimpses of] your world, Naomi & Josh!

    -Britt (zealouslyzika.com)

  3. sandy

    HaPpY BiRtHdAy Sweet Baby Eleanor!

  4. Nicole

    I love the little leaning tower of Pisa cake.
    You are so blessed with those two littles of yours. Eleanor sure is gorgeous, and Samson so handsome.
    Thanks for sharing. Always enjoy your blog.

  5. Courtney

    “i’ll love you forever, i’ll like you for always, as long as i’m living, my baby you’ll be.”

    Love that! My mom read that book to me when I was little and I plan on reading it to my babes one day. It’s become so special. You have such lovely littles. Enjoy year two!

    By the way, I admire you for doing what you love and being who you are. I’m learning it isn’t always the easiest thing to do, but it’s what I’m striving for every day and hope more people do the same.

    Always a pleasure to read!

  6. Kelsey

    That scooter is too cute for words :) E is so beautiful, just like her mama!
    Time Stand Still

  7. JM

    I know i say this a lot but she is such a gorgeous girl, and she really does look suddenly older in these pictures. you can tell she will be a stunning, stunning beauty! and always with that happy smile on her face. thanks for sharing these pictures!


  8. love this! the kiddos are so adorable, and i love how bright and cheery all of your photos are! happy saturday! xo


  9. Angelica

    precious little girl! how time flies. i think your cake is seriously adorable, and i love the cake stand. eleanor just takes your breath away. she is such a beauty.

  10. Lisa D

    Wow Eleanor is 2!! Shes such a sweet thing and its awesome she loves scooters. What a sweet little celebration.

  11. What a beautiful little girl, You are so lucky!

    Juliette Laura

  12. Constanze

    The pics are so cute! :)
    Happy Birthday Eleanor!! ♥

  13. olya

    oh, my goodness, such a sweet post :) happy second birthday, Eleanor, again! thank you for sharing your life – even if a portion. xo


  14. Mary

    so lovely! what a sweet little girl you have. i’m curious, if you have a moment, could you share where you got/what brand the scooter and helmet are? thanks! and enjoy that growing girl! : )


  15. Michelle

    Wow time goes by so fast! Happy Birthday Eleanor :)

  16. Carli

    Love this post! What a beautiful celebration and such a happy looking little girl!

  17. This is so sweet, bless her with her little tea set! xx

  18. Lori

    These pictures are to die for. You honestly capture some glorious moments, and I love that you are more than happy to share them! I love admiring your photos. What a beautiful birthday morning it must have been. Such sweet children!

    Lori x

  19. Anika

    Those pictures of Eleanor with the tea cup are so, so precious. It’s lovely that you document so many important moments of your family’s life. Although your babies may be growing older, think of how fortunate you are to also have gained such magnificent memories. Cheers.

    p.s. I like your cake! It looks very Dr. Seuss-like with the cake stand!


  20. Suzanne

    I would love to know where you got the scooter and the tea set. Both great gifts for some toddlers I know.


  21. Those tea party pictures are adorable. What a sweet little (2 year old) lady!

  22. Love, love, love :)

  23. What a sweet post. Baby girl looks so big and so happy.

    My Oliver is turning two tomorrow and we’re getting him a bike, that skuut bike where there’s no peddles and they balance themselves. He also “borrows” other kid’s bike so it’s about time we got him one.

    Love to you & your fam.


  24. Happy Birthday E! Those are very nice presents, I’m surprise that a two year old can ride a scooter, she looks so cute with her yellow helmet too.

  25. Brooke

    Love your little family. Might I ask, I have been looking for a wooden xylophone like in your picture…but can’t seem to find one. Wherever did you find it?

  26. Penblwydd hapus Eleanor! Xxxx

  27. Goodness, she looks so big. It makes my heart skip a beat as well, thinking of my own baby boy. He’ll be 3 in june and I can’t even say it out loud yet. Such a cute little birthday.


  28. Cory

    Happy Birthday E! Here’s to another year of growing up : )

  29. Kelly

    Oh my goodness, this post is amazing and it sounds like you really knocked it out of the part with her presents – Happy Birthday E!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  30. Jessica

    OK this post is so sweet. I almost got emotional there, and I don’t even have kids. What a sweet little family you have.

  31. Your photos are amazing!! and your daughter is so cute :)) !!

  32. Adorable. E is a doll. That crown! And the cake is perfect. My little guy turns 1 in two months and I’m so shocked that time has flown by so fast.

  33. My mom always would sing me “I love you forever, I like you for always, as long as I’m living my baby you’ll be.” I couldn’t help but to literally smile while reading this post. Thank you for sharing, E is the cutest little girl :)

  34. Leigh

    Aw! What a sweet birthday! She’s throwing her head back so far to get her helmet buckled lol! I can’t believe how big she is getting! I love reading about your adorable little family!

  35. Cat

    So cute! Just curious, what kind of scooter you got?

  36. Alice

    Oh, how lovely! Leaning Tower of Pisa cakes are amazing, and just perfect for a two year old. How grown up she is!

  37. Time flies! E and S look adorable, as usual! happy belated birthday, sweet E.

  38. Ah, beautiful! My little girl just turned 2. I found this second birthday even harder than the first-they seem SO much older. Like you, I have an eight month old son too so these are busy but fun and wonderful times.

    I have just blogged about the relationship between my two, like you say-there can be sharing issues and squabbles but I love seeing the relationship developing between them.


  39. Loulou

    I’m not sure anything could be more cute than this post, right down to the little ‘leaning tower of pisa’ cake. Happy birthday to a little treasure and thank you for sharing her with us!

  40. MAGDA

    Love itttt!!! <3

  41. Sinead

    Oh my God, these pictures are just too cute! She looks like she’s concentrating very hard on her little scooter :-)

  42. courtney

    Adorable photos as usual! Happy birthday to Miss Eleanor and to the part of you called mama. :)

    Can I ask about your tea set? I’ve been looking for a red polka-dot one for my own daughter and would love to know where you found it!

  43. Ashton

    Little E is just so precious. It has been so much fun watching her grow up these last couple years! She just keeps on getting more and more adorable. :)

  44. I love the cake & crown & tea set! She is so adorable! It looks like it was a wonderful day.

  45. Gabby

    So sweet! Happy birthday baby girl!
    I adore that last photo of the three of you. Precious, mama!

  46. Janice

    I wouldn’t mind having a party like that for myself!

  47. Tangee

    I think your cake was just perfect!! I used Trader Joe box cake for my 3 year old too with pink icing in the shape of the number 3, thanks to an image on Pinterest!!

  48. Anne

    aww 2 years already! time goes quick. Happy birthday to E!

  49. Alana

    As a new subscriber/reader I just wanted to congratulate you on a terrific blog! Happy birthday Little Ms E!!!

  50. good gracious, eleanor clinking her tea cup and taking a big gulp—she is just too precious. happy belated to your litte :)

  51. Gosh, such a tender post. And your little Eleanor is so precious and sweet! Look at her and her little scooter!

  52. Happy Birthday, sweet Eleanor!

  53. BriAnne

    So Cute! What a fun little birthday. I’d also love to know where you got the scooter. I’ve got a little two year old boy who wants so badly to ride his bigger siblings scooters, and I’ve been looking for one for him that is safe.

  54. naomi

    Your line about your heart both sinking and skipping is precisely how it feels to have a toddler. I sometimes tell my husband how right now, I say ‘they grow up so fast!’ with joy and even some anticipation, but in just a few short years the same phrase will be said with bittersweet nostalgia. It’s crazy. Nice job on the cake. Really.

  55. our little ones have the same birthday, a year apart. :) what a sweet post. Happy Birthday, E!

  56. Briseidy

    I love b-day crowns! and that glittery one is perfect!
    love the tea set so cute!
    looks like a nice b -day

  57. leah

    i love that you celebrated her birthday in the morning together with cake (it is an adorable cake, and i agree with you about trader joe’s mixes!). it is so fun to enjoy your children growing up, but so hard at the same time!

  58. She looks like she loved her scooter! What a happy little girl :)

  59. Lisa

    Ah, mama, how are you doing? She is such a beautiful 2 year old!

  60. robyn

    Haha I used to read and sing that book/song to my 3 little ones 15 years ago ! adorable photos ;)

  61. Ali

    what a wonderful way to start a birthday!! happy 2nd birthday miss e!

    (the quote made me tear up. my mom used to read that book to me when i was little. thanks for the memory.)

  62. colleen

    two years! i can’t believe it! seems like just yesterday you posted you were pregnant with her. happy birthday e!

  63. Marie

    Happy belated to E! And the last photo of samson smiling is so adorable! You have such a lovely family. :)


  64. I’ve been a follower of your blog for a good couple of years now & I feel so familiar with your little family! Thank you for sharing these beautiful moments with us. I always walk away feeling so inspired by you, your family, marriage, wardrobe & home. I think I’ll go have a little tea party with my 2 little lovelies now! <3

  65. And I somehow managed to forget to say Happy Birthday to Miss E!! Wishing you a lifetime of happiness & laughter Beautiful Little One.

  66. i love that quotation. i read that book to my son almost every night. mind you it’s in french, but still as lovely.

    e is so cute with her helmet, ready to ride her scooter.

    love, x
    blog | twitter

  67. Lauren

    These photos are the sweetest :) Seeing Josh in his shirt/tie fresh from work playing with Eleanor reminds me so much of my dad… she’ll cherish these :) Happy happy 2nd birthday, E! And congrats, you two, on being blessed with parenthood for two whole years!

  68. Jaana

    I think little E’s first birthday was one of the first times I read your blog! What a cutie she is. You all are! http://www.thismomsgonnasnap.com

  69. Carie

    Happy Birthday Miss Eleanor! It looks like she adores her presents. I shall have to add a scooter to my list of potential Kitty presents. For her second birthday I made her a little baking kit as she’s my little shadow in the kitchen. Two is such a fun age, on the cusp of so much so I suspect you’ll find the years as good to count as the months.

  70. Melisa

    Hi taza! Isn’t that quote at the end from the book love you forever? If so, I love that book !

  71. Nataliya

    Aw Happy Birthday baby Eleanor. I have never met you but in a weird way it feels like I have seen you grow too! Hugs.

    PS: my baby girl turns 2 on Tuesday so I am feeling what you are feeling this instant! Sigh. Love the gift ideas. Just might steal them too:)

  72. Saara

    absolutely adorable <3

  73. Athelia

    Happy birthday to your girl! May she has all the best in her life! :) Thanks for all the inspiration you give through your blog! Greetings from Greece! (yes, we read your lovely posts over here too! ;)

  74. caitlin

    wow this one sure melted my heart! xx

  75. So sweet! Your family is seriously just the cutest. Mine is two days younger than Eleanor and I totally know about the sinking feeling. Also, I’ll Love You Forever has long been one of my very favorite kid’s books. I bought it for my mom for Christmas the year I moved out of the house and we both cried!

  76. Happy Birthday to sweet Eleanor!!!

  77. So sweet! Happy Birthday Eleanor! Love the gifts you gave her–so thoughtful and perfect!

  78. LizzieD

    Happy Birthday, Eleanor!
    PS – Love the way the cake leans :)

  79. Fashionista Era (@Fashionistaera)

    Oh wow! such adorable pictures….very cute! wld love it if you would drop by my blog and follow if u like :D

  80. Haley

    Oh my goodness, she is everything that is sweet in these pictures. May the years pass you by nice and slow :)

  81. Erin

    What beautiful images. Wishing your girl a happy birthday from Australia.

  82. Elizabeth

    Love this. My momma used to tell me that quote from Love You Forever when I was little too :)

  83. Morgane

    She’s the cutest little girl in the world! But she looks so tired on the photo! Happy birthday Eleanor, you’re a lucky little princess!

  84. I was sad when I stopped saying my bub’s age in weeks….

    When we stop saying Peyton’s age in months – well… eeek!!

    Happy Birthday Little E!


  85. Your children are the cutest!

  86. Julitta

    Happy Birthday E!!!
    My little girl turns 2 on Mai 17th and I’m sooooo happy but also sad. My little girl grows up so fast.

    We wish you all the best.

  87. kelly

    i feel happiness every time i read you post :) happy birthday, eleanor ^^
    you are the cutiest baby girl in the world!

  88. allison

    agh, though the cake is tilted it’s perfect for E. Has it really been 2 years?! Time sure flies fast.

  89. the kid is so cute…the snaps are brilliant…thanks for sharing

  90. Alaina T

    Where did you get that cake stand and those candles?! So cute!

  91. erica

    Sending very Happy Birthday Wishes to your sweet little one!!! What beautiful photos and too cute about her crown staying on for no time at all, at least you were able to snap a couple great photos. For my little Bea’s 1st she HATED her little birthday crown and just refused to wear it, too funny. Anywho I would love for you to check out my little fairytale and any professional suggestions would be awesomely appreciated too!!!
    <3 http://www.somethinglikeafairytale.com

  92. i’ve been following this blog since Eleanor was born and my own baby was merely a dream, a hope. now E is two and my baby is almost 10 months – how did that happen!

    beautiful photos of your beautiful little girl.


  93. Timi

    Woah, she is a lady!

  94. Kelly Y

    Happy Birthday Little Miss E! Where are those adorable green stripe pjs from? Super cute on the birthday girl.