walking through the village to eat the best slice of pizza (in the world. in our opinion.)


here are more photos by tim coulson of our family together, which he took while we were out and about in the city with him and his sweet family a few weeks ago (more photos here…. and more to come too, because i just really love them so.)

looking through these photos rekindles my love for this fascinating city. it may be ridiculously cold here when it’s cold, or so humid your face is falling off when it’s hot… it may not be the most stroller friendly city around and it may have excessive amounts of bugs and rats and trash everywhere, but this place is straight up special. it keeps my eyes engaged and my mind constantly thinking.  it keeps me on my toes (and my hips in shape thanks to not being so stroller friendly.) it inspires me more than any other place in the world.  i am so proud to call new york city my home.

looking through these photos also reminds me just how blessed i am to have josh and these two sweet babes in my life.  i do not take them for granted. i think back often to one of the first conversations i ever had with my husband. it was one or two in the morning and i had just gotten back to my juilliard dorm room after being out at a party. i didn’t know josh at all yet, besides one or two brief conversations we had in passing. he called me that evening to express his disappointment in the fact that we were at the same party and didn’t have the chance to talk at all that evening but that he wanted to get to know me better at some point. it was late and i was kind of confused as to how he had even got my number, but somehow we kept on talking.  we talked at length, but it was only a matter of minutes before we were talking about families. our current families, our future families….   i will never forget thinking, “who is this guy? how does he know exactly what i want and how does he want the same thing?!”  i am so thankful to have found a man that values his family so much.  i absolutely adore him and these beautiful children we have been blessed with.

wow, this got so sappy so fast but you can’t get me started on my family without allowing me to go on for at least a minute or two about how much i love mine. i mean, have you ever read this blog? ;)

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thank you again to tim coulson. that man and his camera are something else.  and yes, the best slice around is joe’s in our book. we could find an excuse to visit the village every day for a chance to eat a slice.

  1. ryan

    New York is the only other city I can imagine living in (we’re in Chicago). I love getting to see other families with small children raising their kids in a big city!

  2. Virginia

    Oh goodness…my favorite picture is E sitting on the park bench, leaning over to examine the pizza pie! Thanks for sharing your love for your family with us. We sorta love them, too :)

  3. Chelsea

    I am absolutely in love with these pictures but mostly this post and the evident love for your very beautiful and special family!

  4. seda

    black & white ♥ beutiful pic..delicous pizza yummyyy

  5. Sarah

    Definitely noted about the pizza place. Once I wean my little guy I’ll start up on the dairy again. Labor of love right? It’s so sweet hearing about you and Josh’s earlier days =)

  6. wow tim is extremely talented. the black and white shot of e up against the window is absolutely beautiful.

  7. Nicole

    I just adore these photos, and your family is just precious. I love that you two have been so open in allowing up a glimpse into your lives.

    I also live in New York City with my love and our “fur baby” and we too forget just how special and amazing this city is, especially when its 27 degrees on our way out the door in the mornings. We forget all the time!

    Thank you for lifting our spirits a bit today. I think we may even do a photoshoot of our own just so we don’t forget these moments!


  8. Awww, the one of Eleanor blowing on the pizza is ridiculously cute. So glad you love your family so much…I feel the same way, and can’t even imagine what it’ll feel like to add kids to this mix.

  9. tiffany

    that photo of eleanor leaning over to smell the pizza, best picture ever! (;

  10. Tish

    Oh my gosh! I was just sitting in that square eating one of those slices two days ago. I love the village, and your family is adorable!

  11. These photos are gorgeous. The one of E looking into the pizza box is the best! You have such a beautiful, happy family.

  12. erica

    These photos are really beautiful! Looks like you all had a wonderful day together. I cannot believe I have lived on the East coast (NoVA) for as long as I have and I’ve never been to NY. We even have family there, there’s no excuse we gotta get our bums up there – you all make it look so awesome – especially with littles! <3

  13. These pics are amazing. I love hearing about how you and josh met. I’m so happy for you two. My son will be three next month and I have to pinch myself everyday. So blessed!

  14. Laura

    Beautiful article and amazing pictures. Your family is absolutely lovely.

  15. Stella

    Such a sweet post, Naomi. Thanks for sharing that little moment between you and Josh. Totally made me tear up. And this post really reminded me not to take my family for granted. Actually your whole blog always reminds me of that, but just wanted to say thank you.

  16. Naomi

    Ha! We share a name and a love of pizza! I just left NYC a week ago to move to India, but I already miss Bleeker Street Pizza (usually followed by gelato around the corner!)

    xo Naomi │ Be Ready Bravely

  17. meghan

    beautiful photos, as usual, naomi! can i ask where your great leather jacket is from? i love it!

  18. Lovely pictures seems like you guys were having a great time :)

    Vintage Inspired Fashion by Independent Designers for Your Little darling

  19. I have to go!!! I should be in NYC in the next few weeks and I’ll make sure to stop by!! That pizza looks sooooo good!!! =)

  20. lo

    beautiful photos he took, and words by you!

  21. Kate

    Love these pictures and love your gorgeous outfit!

  22. AM

    those are some great photos! and i agree with what you wrote about nyc.. it’s hard to explain but there is just something about that place that is so magical!

  23. Meghan

    is little eleanor ALWAYS smiling?! she is just too too cute! oh, and that pizza looks delish!

  24. Truly blessed, what a lovely story, and a lovely family. Beautiful pictures, so happy for you!

    Juliette Laura

  25. olya

    GORGEOUS photos! ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS! What an amazing talent! you are so beautiful :) and love E and S in picking out of a donkey :) xo


  26. Kaitlin

    What a sweet post. I love the way you count your blessings, and I love the power photography has to illuminate those blessings. As always, thanks for sharing!

  27. Lauren

    Adorable!! I love reading about the beautiful relationship that you and your hubby have – it is so refreshing and hope that one day I too have a cute family like your’s.

    L. loves to share

  28. wow, so blown away by these pictures…what a treasure to have them and what a great way to document the little things that define you as a family :)

  29. Virginie

    Hi Naomi,

    Can you said me where is from your scarf ?
    I’m really fan of your blog and your lifestyle.

    Bises (I’m French) :)


  30. 9 times out of 10 when i read your blog i literally shed tears…. i love your the way you love your family. beautiful words!

  31. Jessica

    Such beautiful photos!!! Not to mention, that pizza looks delicious.
    And I loved the post! Hey, it’s your blog! You can get sap if you want to haha ;)


  32. jaclyn

    OMG we love Joes!! Our first visit to NYC we ate there almost every night!! Love the pictures! Your family is adorable :)

  33. Noemi

    Stunning photos. New York is magical. So is your scarf – will you share the source?

  34. Kassi

    There’s something extra special about beautiful pics of everyday moments. I always make my photog sister take those when she’s in town. They’re simply my fave.

    Oh, and that pizza. I would move to New York just for that gooey deliciousness. You really can’t beat that authentic New York style!


  35. Julie

    Absolutely beautiful and heartwarming as always!

  36. jessica

    ohhhh these pictures are just gorgeous! and you always dress so dang cute girl!

  37. Jacki

    Aww :) It’s really sweet to read your thoughts about how much you love your family. It’s obvious from your photos how much you all love each other and how happy your children are. Their smiles are contagious. I feel the same about my family … it’s hard not to go on and on about them!

  38. Sarah

    my husband and I walked endlessly about our families on our first “date” too, and I just knew he was different/special. I can relate to the warm excited feeling, just thinking about it!

  39. Haha, I love that line – “i mean, have you ever read this blog? ;)” – very fitting! I think it’s just so lovely that you can gush so openly about the connection that you have for your family. It’s so inspiring, and definitely something we can all do with being more open about. Lovely photographs – that guy certainly has talent! x

  40. JM

    I can totally relate to this. This is exactly how I feel about the city we live in. It is such an interesting, historical, special place. We will probably have to leave one day but it will always, ALWAYS hold a place in my heart, and not just because it is where my significant other and I met, there’s just something about it, most people I talk to who move here feel it. This is a really beautifully written post, never apologise for talking about how much you love your family, it’s the most important thing in the world. everyone should be so lucky to have a loving family.


  41. Alyssa

    Obsessed with this post. The value of a family is idescribable. You have been so blessed with such a gorgeous family… And even the pictures capture your children’s sweet spirits! Also, that outfit is TO DIE FOR. perfect winter to spring transition :)

  42. Loulou

    So cool that you grabbed a (scrumptious looking) pizza and enjoyed it outdoors! What fun.

  43. Ana

    I think these are the moments when you make true memories! Nothing can compare to having family time. Especially if involves good pizza :)

  44. First of all, Tim’s photographs are gorgeous. Second, you are gorgeous. Third HOW ON EARTH ARE YOU EATING PIZZA WITH A TODDLER, IN A LIGHT PINK SHEER MAXY SKIRT?!! And not covered in tomato sauce?!! You are one amazing woman.

  45. My spelling in the above post is questionable. One more thing, god bless you’re beautiful family!

  46. Dania

    If you think they have the best pizza in the world, you have got to try Schiano’s Pizza in Richardson, Texas. I’ve been all around the world.. even Italy a numerous amount of times.. and that place still has the best pizza I’ve ever had!!

    I’ll have to try that place though, and decide if it beats that! :)


  47. Ashton

    These pictures are so beautiful and capture the art of everyday life so well!
    Loved hearing you share about your family. It really is such a special gift. Plus, it’s fun to relive those moments when we first met our husbands! :)

  48. Donna

    Honestly, you guys are just too cute! Thanks for always sharing your family with us. xxoo


  49. i think that’s why so many people are drawn to your blog- because you focus on family- the most important thing we have been given here on earth. it’s such a nice “refresher” to catch a glimpse of heaven.

    from someone who has dreamed her whole life about being a wife and mother, your view of this sacred calling is truly inspiring. thank you for sharing.

    lots of love-
    brooke elyse

  50. Shelby

    Oh my.

    A) New York. It IS straight-up special. I only stayed there a week and I still miss it. Love the way it gets up inside of a person’s soul, you know?

    B) Black and white and pizza. HELLO

    C) This post totally made me cry. So sweet.



  51. Michelle

    Beautiful photos, the first one of Eleanor with the pizza is so cute!

  52. Iman

    Sappy is ok! I totally got a bit sappy after reading this post. God Bless you and your beautiful family. How refreshing that you are not ashamed of the blessings God has given you nor are you shy in sharing it. So encouraging. Thank you!

  53. Amie

    I love this post!! Sappy is always good! & the pictures are just beautiful!!

  54. Very genuine and from-the-heart words! I always love checking in here to hear you express yourself so eloquently :) Stunning photos, beautiful family, and oh that pizza….

  55. clare

    what kind of stroller do you have? it looks relatively compact for a double and we will need a double soon! :)

  56. alicia

    love the photography. i can honestly say that if your blog had low quality photos I probably wouldn’t be following it. thanks for not resorting to shitty photography!

  57. mandee

    aww, that was beautiful. i can’t wait til baby comes this june and my heart and family get a little bigger.

  58. Jesse

    oh love the story of your first phone call, so sweet.
    p.s. want to face plant into that pizza.

  59. Katie

    I feel like you guys should know better than to be propping up a bottle on blankets for Samson.

  60. gorgeous photos!
    everyday is pizza day in my book… i’m always up for trying a new slice of za somewhere.

  61. Lisa

    You are truly blessed…

  62. liz

    yes! every time we visit the city my husband has to stop at Joe’s ;)

  63. Alice

    I love how your little one looks like she’s about to fall into the pizza!!! You are so lucky to have found someone that thinks so much like you- you’re very blessed. x

  64. Helen

    I’d say your post is sweet, not sappy, and I think we’d all agree (or at least we should!) that the world could use some more sweet. Positivity and love, it’s pretty refreshing. Love your blog!

  65. alyssa

    beautiful beautiful photos! i have to ask though: where is that pretty pleated skirt from? xo

  66. LeahS.

    Beautiful memories captured. You have such a beautiful little family and I love seeing how you grow together.

  67. Beautiful photos, and beautiful post. Someday I hope to have a family of my own as wonderful as yours, but until then I’m happy to follow along, especially on your gushing with love for your family posts :)

    <3 Josephine

  68. I’ve been to New York twice…I wish I would have known about this place! My husband’s italian and has yet to find a good pizza in North America!! ;-) Please don’t tell me they make a killer seafood pizza (no sauce, only mozzarella)??!!!

  69. Rachel

    Very sweet. How do you travel downtown with the double stroller? Just had my first babe and am trying to figure out the logistics of getting around the city besides on foot!

  70. Carie

    Lovely photos – especially the one of Eleanor and the pizza; my little girl has the same ‘I love this food so much I’ll dive into it’!

  71. Katie

    I don’t know what you did to your hair here, but it looks killer.

  72. Cheltz

    Congrats on finding a good man and starting a good family!

  73. gorgeous family and gorgeous photos. and now i want pizza for dinner. ;)

  74. I absolutely adore your little family, and it’s nice to see how grateful you are!

  75. Kristen

    Naomi, I love reading your blog. You’re so darn cute! I find myself trying to duplicate your outfits. Can you share where your jacket and scarf are from? Thanks!

  76. Eli

    I like how the story started off with an explanation of how you adore the city you live in but then surprisingly progressed into such significant time in your life that I could keep reading it like a new chapter of a book. We are all attached to things through our memories and the ones our loved ones bring are the best. Definitely one of my best posts over here. xx


  77. Although more than happy with my country existence, I have litte fantasies of making it in a big city after reading your blog! What an exciting place to be. And the food…. I think I’d go for the food alone!!!

  78. robyn

    Be sappy.beautiful photos x

  79. katie

    i love reading your blog! i don’t usually comment but i just had to say that these photos are so gorgeous…and your words are so wonderful. i especially love the top photo – you can tell how much love there is between your husband and you!

  80. Oh my goodness. These shots make me want to brave the 20 something hour flight (with 2 kids under 3) to NYC from Sydney. Luckily we live in what is considered little Italy so great pizza at least is a weekly outing for us!

  81. Janice

    Be still my heart- or I should say, my uterus! Your babies make me want to procreate!

  82. Lindsay

    These pictures are gorgeous! You can tell how happy you are together. And that pizza looks amazing.

  83. Michelle

    Love hearing stories about you and Josh. Keep them coming. You guys are so sweet. I hope my future family is as adorable as yours is. <3

  84. Adriane

    Sweet! Very talented photographer indeed… I’ll definitely try Joe’s pizza next time I’m at NYC.

  85. and kate

    This is truly an amazing post, loving how you dress your two children in colour contrasting outfits <3
    Looking at this pizza makes me hungry though, could you send me a piece? Haha.
    Have a great Wednesday!
    Much Love,
    Kate xo


  86. Allison

    It’s because your are mormon. That’s how he knew what to say. He said he want’s a forever family and lots of kids. Duh.
    Love the photos.

  87. Sarah B.

    This blog does two things for me: Its visually stimulating as you manage to make every day life so beautiful. Second, you give me a sense of peace by reminding me that there is still good in this world and that the foundations for a happy family still exists, we just have like a mamma bear to keep it that way.

  88. Lize

    Hi Naomi,
    I am sooo in love with your colorfull outfit.
    Thank you for all your inspiring words.
    I really like reading your blog.
    Maybe we’ll meet in the streets of NYC someday.
    God bless,

  89. Marie

    Beautiful photos! Family photos are always the best and most beautiful,

    Love your flowy long skirt by the way. :)


  90. What a sweetheart, calling you up because he missed talking to you at a party! You two prove true love exists :)

  91. Kelly

    I absolutely love these photos and E is getting SO big! You have the picture perfect family and I love how you portrayed NYC, that is how I see my Manhattan!

    Sparkles and Shoes