i just finished frosting somebody’s birthday cake in the kitchen. the entire time i had to fight back the biggest baby tears. i am an emotional wreck today. eleanor is officially two.  part of me is mad today is already february 1st because i am not ready. it is difficult to admit to myself that we are already here. even harder to say aloud. it went too fast. scary fast… they aren’t kidding when they say you blink and they’re fully grown. i have decided to stop blinking from now on.

and so here we are, february 1st 2013.  my baby girl is two years old.

eleanor1lately, eleanor carries around one of those little rubber blue bulb syringe things we got at the hospital when she was born. she uses it as her microphone when she feels like singing. it also serves as her ice cream cone when she feels like having a lick.  she even sleeps with it… and just when i think she is fully out for the night and try to pry it away from her little grasp, she tightens her grip.  ok eleanor, you can sleep with that snot sucker thing, sure. sometimes i crave an ice cream cone in the middle of the night, too.  she has a fascination with the moon. we look for it in all of our books. we look for it when we are outside and we look  for it when we are inside by looking out the window. sometimes we catch it and stick it in our pockets. and sometimes we play catch with the moon before we toss it back into the sky.  the best is when she pretends to roll it under one of the cribs and says, “oh no! moon! where are you?!” and then goes searching the apartment from the moon… “are you here? noooo. MOON! are you here?!….. noooooo….” as she looks under furniture and in closets.

as we are leaving the apartment each day and are about the close the door behind us, eleanor says, “keys, mama? keys?” i did not train her to do this but i’m thankful someone is on top of things around here.  she loves to skype with grandma and grandpa. in the middle of the night a few weeks ago she came and pulled me out of bed and led me to the computer in the front room. she then pointed to it repeatedly while signing “grandma. grandma.” sweet girl. how do you explain to a 2 year old that it is 3 in the morning and grandma is asleep?  she cried.  and then i cried because it is hard living so far from family sometimes.the other day i was sitting on the bed nursing samson and eleanor casually walked into my bedroom.  she leaned up against my bed crossing one leg over the other and rested her head against her hands (one of which held a little blue crayon, naturally) and looked up at me. “oh, hi mama.”  “hi eleanor. what are you up to?”  she used her hands while she spoke very fast about something that sounded very important and i nodded my head back and forth trying to catch little phrases of things i could understand while occasionally offering up responses like, “really?” or “wow!” or “and then what?” when she finished, she turned to walk back out, pausing before she got to my door to blow me a kiss over her shoulder. “bye, mama.”  and then, you know, for the 798th time that day, my heart burst.

i am so thankful for you, eleanor. i love you more than you will ever know. happy birthday,  sweet sweet baby girl.

first photo by carissa gallo.

  1. Emma

    This just made my day! She is adorable and I hope she has an amazing birthday and you are an amazing mom and such an inspiration for when I have a family one day!

  2. Emily

    Happy birthday, Eleanor and congratulations, Naomi and Josh! Naomi, I discovered your blog two years ago, about a month before Eleanor was born. I have followed you ever since. It has been so fun to see how much your beautiful family has grown over the last two years. I can hardly believe it’s been that long either! I hope you and Josh can have some time together to celebrate two successful years as parents.

  3. Ana

    Happy Birthday, baby E! Or should I say big girl E?

  4. Chelsea

    Happy birthday to your sweet Eleanor! She sounds like she has such an amazing and sweet personality. I hope you enjoy celebrating 2nd year this weekend!

  5. sinead

    Awww, those stories are just too cute! Happy birthday to her :-)

  6. Kelly

    I have tears in my eyes as I read this and my heart is so full of love for my own daughter who is almost 17 months…

    happy birthday sweet, beautiful E!

  7. Ahhh, you got me on the missing family part. I totally feel you on that, its really rough. I’m moving back to my hometown after 5 years of being away because I’ve missed family and friends so much. : )

    Oh and Happy Bday Eleanor!

  8. Kyra

    Oh my god! I’m about to cry! How sweeeeet! You’re such a good mother and you’re Kids are really a blessing !!!!!

  9. Julie

    Happy birthday from the UK Eleanor!! Have a wonderful day!

  10. HOLY MOLY I started following you when you found out you were pregnant with her : ) I have been loving every minute of it!
    Prayers to you and your family on this new TODDLER adventure! : )

  11. Audrey

    This post is so sweet. Thank you for sharing your wonderful photos and stories – this post in particular makes me so excited to be a mother someday!

  12. So sweet! This little lady has grown so much in such a short time. Happy Birthday Eleanor!!

  13. I can relate to this post on SO MANY levels. My baby girl turns two in two days, she’s a lot like Eleanor, busy, smart, loving, funny…I can’t even think about what a mess I’ll be Sunday! My little family lives hundreds of miles from all of our parents and siblings too. It’s tough, especially around birthdays and milestones. Anyways, love those babies up, and definitely don’t blink!

    Happy Birthday E!

  14. Anne

    Happy birthday to Eleanor! Love the sweet stories you shared

  15. Lovely post Naomi. You do have the cutest little girl. Sometimes I feel like I know her even though I’ve never met her in person. She sure seems like a blast. Hope you guys have a very fun day. Virtual hugs from L.A!

  16. Jess

    This post brought tears to my eyes, so sweet. Happy b-day to your sweet girl!

  17. Kelly

    This is absolutely adorable! She already has quite a personality and thank you for sharing these amazing stories! I know she is really going to love looking back at these when she is older, especially because Skype will probably be such a thing of the past!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  18. awwww how adorable. i can’t wait until my little one starts speaking. he’s 8mo today and has not said anything yet; no vowels, no consonants, at least not voluntarily; i did catch a “boo” and a “agoo” once or twice. he vocalizes but it sounds more like happy wining. xD have to be honest im a bit worried. but what first time mom isn’t.

    anyway, happy birthday Eleanor!! you are the cutest – ever!

    love, x

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  19. Ling

    she makes the heart swell, that’s for sure. such a little treasure. happy birthday little E.

  20. Nicole

    Happy Birthday, to your sweet little girl.

  21. Natalie

    Happy 2nd Birthday E! Hope she’s had an amazing day and gets to see (these coments when she’s older) how much she’s loved by all us strangers! Probably because she’s so damn cute! ♥

  22. Abeer

    Hi naomi, i hv been following your blog for quite sometime now n i absolutely love it! Needless to say i have grown to love eleanor n samson too! Happy birthday to cute little E frm my side. Ur gurl is absolutely adorable! :)

  23. Ann

    Happy Birthday Eleanor! Here’s to another year of blessed life : )

  24. dear e!

    before you go to bed tonight, find the brightest shining star up in the sky and catch it. it’s yours forever to keep.

    from this day on, that star, the brightest shining one, will shine only for you. forever and ever and ever.

    let this be my little gift to you. happy birthday!


    the moon.

  25. Diana

    Wow – I can barely type through my tears….My “little” angel turned 15 today. I can remember the moment she was born like it was yesterday. Remembering the first time we looked at each other melts my heart. And here she is… on the cusp of womanhood. Cherish and treasure this special relationship because you are in for an amazing adventure.

  26. Teresa

    Happy birthday sweet girl!!!!! Your words made me a little teary..

  27. Fannie

    Happy Birthday sweet baby E!!!:)
    We all love you so!!!<3

  28. Erica

    such sweet words. i teared up just reading this. happy birthday eleanor!

  29. Happy Birthday Sweet E!!!
    I’ve been a HUGE HUGE fan of yours since your mama began sharing photos of you when you merely in the womb.

    i love being in some small way a part of ‘E’ world.

    happy birthday
    feliz cumpleanos
    joyeux anniversaire


  30. stephanie w

    such a beautiful post! and i feel like time flies even faster with the second one (which you’re probably learning firsthand)…and i’m sure it goes faster and faster with all the subsequent ones. a perfect reminder to savor all the sweet little moments!

  31. Gosh, my heart is in my throat reading this post because my own little girl turns two at the end of the month and I feel just the same way! She also loves the play the ‘where are you? Are you THERE? Noooooo!’ game.

    As much as I miss my tiny baby, I also enjoy spending time with her so much. At one time I really worried about the future and going back to work and all of those things, and now I don’t worry anymore. I have decided to actually pay attention to what people say about kids growing up too fast, and really focus on spending time together and laughing and having fun.
    Then, when they are grown and they are away from us, we can know that we truly made the bets use of our time together.

    And now I’d better stop because I will cry too! Much love. X.

  32. Ana

    Happy Birthday Eleanor! I have never met you and I am completely smitten by you! You are an absolute joy and I am so glad your mommy and daddy are willing to share pictures of you and your silly moments. May you have many wonderful birthdays surrounded by the ones you love!!! Happy Birthday Sweet Eleanor!

  33. this post just warmed my heart so much. it makes me realize all over again, that there is nothing better in the world than being a mommy. and i’m going to stop blinking too!!

  34. Kara

    You have the MOST beautiful family!

  35. Time really flies doesn’t it ? I remember seeing Eleanor’s first picture on this blog and how you kept her gender a surprise. Hearing you talk about your baby girl and your little moments together is simply so sweet. When are you going to start taking her to mother-daughter dates?

    Happy birthday E!

  36. Caroline

    That was a beautiful post Naomi. Everything you wrote was so specific to your precious baby girl, but so recognizeable to other mothers out there. It made me so happy to read it. Thank you.

  37. Rachael

    Oh my goodness, what a precious post to sweet Eleanor. This will be so special for her to look back on one day. I hope you all have a fabulous celebration with her this week.

  38. Rachael

    Oh my goodness, what a sweet and precious post. This will be so special for you all to look back on one day. I hope you all have a fabulous weekend celebrating your sweet baby girl.

  39. Rebecca

    I hate when moms do this. Be happy! Life to too short to mourn how fast it’s going by.

  40. This is the sweetest post! I love when you write longer essays that really depict your relationship with your kids. You sound like an excellent mother.

  41. aya

    I love these anecdotes. I love the photos of her but it’s also fun to get a glimpse into her personality through these little stories. What a wonderful life you’ve made. Happy birthday to E and to you for having her!

  42. Britni

    Such a sweet post! Thank you for reminding me that even with all the bad things happening in the world, our homes and family can be a heaven on Earth.

  43. LB

    Happy 2nd birthday, Miss Eleanor :)

  44. Rachel

    Happy Birthday, E!! I can’t believe she’s two already?! I felt like I was here last year reading about her first birthday! Time really does fly by fast. It’s insane. I hope you guys have a wonderful day!


  45. Izabela

    Happy birthday E! You are just so adorable.
    My baby boy is turning 1 tomorrow, Feb 2nd, and I am in denial too.

  46. Gemma

    I don’t comment much, I don’t know if you get time to read them all. Being such a busy Mama, but I just wanted to tell you how amazing you are. I read this post and I cried, because I long to have a baby so, so much. I can’t wait to see if I am blessed to hear the words Mama & for my child to blow me a kiss. You are so inspiring as a mother and a woman and your children are simply beautiful – along with your marriage. I just wanted to tell you that. Happy Birthday to your beautiful miracle. xx

  47. Annnd I cried. I kept thinking about how my parents must feel having their only child so far away from them, and the speed at which I must have grown up. It’s so scary, you’re right. Give E a butterfly kiss for me. Happy Birthday little one!

  48. Diana from San Francisco

    Oh my, this made me tear up – okay not just tear up, full on cry. Such a sweet post in honor of your precious girlie. My girlie is about to turn 12 in two weeks – time flew, it flew so fast. A friend shared this quote “The days are long, but the years are short.” Oh how very true.

    It makes me realize that my mom still sees me and remembers me as a baby, a little girl, a young woman and the woman I am today. It is all so very touching and sweet – how lovely life is.

    I wish precious Eleanor a very happy birthday. And I wish you, her mama, a very happy birthday.

  49. Well, just reading that made me want to cry – the sweetness! She is a gem.

  50. Lorena

    Feliz cumpleaños, princesa!!

  51. Such a touching post! I know she’ll look back on this one day and smile :) So many birthdays around here lately – happy birthday, Eleanor!

  52. This was a beautiful post.


  53. Julie

    Happy birthday, little Eleanor! You sound like such a funny little girl. Keep it up! xo

  54. Happy Birthday Eleanor! You bring joy to all you meet and even those like us you haven’t! Congrats on beginning year Two Mommy and Daddy – I’m sure it will be an even more entertaining ride!!! oxox

  55. Happy birthday to your sweet girl! This post brought tears to my eyes. My daughter was born three weeks after Eleanor so in a weird way I feel like they grew up “together.” Being a mama is the best…

  56. Elena

    Your post (aka love note!) about Eleanor made my heart melt. SIGH. Sania will be turning two in April… Happy Birthday Eleanor! Hugs, Sania

  57. Hannah

    Happy birthday E!

    I want to thank you, Naomi, for all of your posts. My daughter Fiona turns 1 tomorrow and I’ma wreck just like you are. I never knew I could love someone so much. Reading your blog has really helped me when we have our rough days. It helps me refocus my energy and dig deep for that love. You really inspire me to be the best mom I can be. Thank you.

  58. Briseidy

    this is so beautiful!

  59. Kerstin

    Okay. Now I’m crying – again.

    My little girl just turned five and will start school on Monday.
    Just the thought of her walking into that school building makes me cry and I will be weeping in her daddy’s arms when it will actually happen.

    Luckily I have a ten month old also. So more baby time.

    Having children is the best and hardest in life, isn’t it?

    I loved your post.

  60. Melissa

    I don’t even know you and just recently started following your amazing blog and this seriously made ME get teary eyed. I hate that our kids grow up, my baby is 7 and it really feels like yesterday we were celebrating his 2 year old birthday! Enjoy her!

  61. Katie

    welp, that made me cry. Like others have said, it’s been so fun to watch E grow from a tiny infant to a spunky little person. thank you for sharing these stories! I hope your family has a wonderful little celebration <3

  62. rosenny

    happy birthday cutie!
    i am in love with your family.
    is there a way to sign up for email newsletters?

  63. mariana

    so sweet!
    Happy Happy Birthday, Eleanor!!

  64. Laura

    Beautiful. Thank you for your openness and sharing sweet moments.

  65. Meg

    Tell Eleanor Happy Birthday from me!I just turned 17 today too, so today is a very special day.
    I absolutely adore your family, I hope someday I can be as happy as you all.

    God Bless!



  66. Chris

    Oh Taza I completely relate to your place in life. I too am going through the same but only with a 5ft tall almost 10 year old son! Also with an almost 5 year old cutie daughter! Especially since they’re it no more kids for us, boo hooo I cry too!!
    Love, Chris

  67. what a sweet girl you have—your moon games with her are so so precious. hope you soaked up every moment of today with her on her 2nd bday!

  68. grace

    happy birthday sweet eleanor! i can tell that you are so loved.

  69. Melanie

    This post was super sweet, and sounded like it came from a super good mama! She seems like a wonderful little girl. Happy birthday to Eleanor!

  70. Anna

    Happy birthday to the most beautiful, little lady. It’s been a pleasure watching her grow up and seeing your family’s journey throughout the years. May you have many more spectacular birthdays to come, Taza.

  71. brittany

    I have been reading your blog for years and it’s been a privilege to have a little peek into your journey to and through motherhood.

    happy birthday to the cutest little girl, Eleanor Davis.


  72. Happy birthday to Eleanor!
    My daughter, Aria (, is about to turn 2 as well on February 7th. Whenever I go on this blog and see your pictures of Eleanor I’m always reminded of my daughter. They look so similar and are so close in age, I always wonder if they would be friends if we lived nearby. Have a wonderful day!

  73. Your kids are going to love being able to read these someday. Happy birthday beautiful Eleanor! May all your wishes come true…

  74. Maria Xing

    Happy birthday!!

  75. Jessie

    Happy birthday sweet Eleanor. You sure are loved by your mama.

  76. oh naomi, you made me cry. i’m sure it must seem overwhelming having your baby girl turn two. you are creating such wonderful memories with her, memories that will stay in your heart forever. she is precious, and you are so very blessed :) happy birthday eleanor!


  77. Elise

    Happy 2nd Birthday Day little E. You are all very blessed ! Be happy :) xo

  78. Christina

    Happy birthday little E! This was so beautiful it brought tears to my eyes! We are so fortunate to be able to sit and watch every single moment of these times because they do go by so fast!

  79. ElleSee

    What precious moments! My little guy will be turning 2 in April, and I agree with you that I will no longer be blinking. The time has flown by. I remember when he was in love with a spoon, and would even have baths with it. He was not happy when we took it away at bedtime. Enjoy capturing the moon!

    LC from theworldofellesee

  80. Jasmine

    This post is so sweet it brought me to tears. Your little family is too sweet for words. Have birthday little E, you are lucky to have such a wonderful mommy that loves you so unconditionally.

  81. Victoria

    Aww so sweet! Congratulations, love your blog!

  82. Megan

    Happy late birthday, Eleanor! You bring so much joy to so many people!

  83. Natalie

    I have tears in my eyes! Taza, your writing is beautiful! I can’t believe sweet sweet Eleanor is already two. How time flies! Hope she had a wonderful birthday!


  84. Brooke

    Aww, I can totally relate to this post. Time really does fly, doesn’t it? And what a cute Eleanor is! I remember reading one of your posts right after she was born and thinking how excited I was to have a little girl one day. Well, now I have one :) And she’s just a few months older than your little boy. Happy birthday to Eleanor!

  85. Kara E.

    This literally made me tear up! I love you guys so much! Happy 2nd birthday to the cutest girl on the planet!

  86. semira

    Happy birthday to your lovely baby girl.

    I came across your blog via bloglovin and I simply love it.

    Very niceeee…

    Will follow you right now on bloglovin, would be nice of you do same too :)

  87. yassy

    Wow! As I was reading your post , I found myself crying. No, don’t feel bad. Those were tears of joy because it’s time to celebrate but a little sad that our babies are growing up so fast. I totally get every word you said and every feeling and emotion you were describing as I am about to go through what you just went through. In 2 months, my lil munchkin, Yasmin (Yassy is what we call her) is turning 2 and already I am feeling so emotional just thinking about it. Thank you for sharing your beautiful post. It just made me want to make her day even more special! :)

  88. Kathy

    Happy birthday Eleanor! xx
    what you wrote about eleanor was really sweet, i’m sure she’ll look back at this one day, and admire just how great of a mother you are. i followed your blog a few months after eleanor was born, and its amazing to see how much eleanor has grown. i hope she had a lovely birthday :)

  89. Sophs

    I’ve been reading your blog for months. You have the most incredible little family,this actually made me tear up a little! I hope in the future I can be as brilliant a mummy as you are to your lovely littles! Happy Birthday Eleanor! xx

  90. Tharrr

    If God grant me to have a child i will pray so much that i have one like E and raise a good family like yours! truly inspiring! big love for taza :D

  91. olya

    happy birthday, beautiful girl! may God bless you and your family always and keep you all safe, happy and healthy. we wish you to have fun and joyful “Threes” and for mama and papa – tamtrumless year :)! ( not to imply that E has been difficult, but i think that “terrible twos” are overestimated and THREES are the ones to be on guard for :) ) .

    happy birthday, sweet little Eleanor! your life brings light to many :)

    love, olya and the crew

  92. Brenda L.W.

    I’m on the opposite end of where you are. My baby girl is going to be 26 this year :(
    You and your sweet man are doing an awesome job of raising your children and you can look back and know that you appreciated every second.
    Eleanor- Happy, Happy Birthday!