stopping into the record store…


the day we were out with the coulsons, we stopped into bleeker street records to warm up a bit after eating pizza in the park. this is a spot josh knows very well, but i’d actually never been inside before.  it’s always fun to browse and hold and buy actual records and cd’s. i wonder what sort of music stores will be around when the kids are older. it’s so rare to even buy cd’s anymore!

there are also two fat cats that live at the record store, so eleanor was a happy girl. but be careful if you ever come across them, because only one of them is kind. the other cat is crazy. you were warned!


^^^will probably will be my favorite photo of my boys forever more. thank you, tim.^^^


^^^this child knows a good beat!^^^
60 61

^^^the nice cat!^^^


more photos HERE and HERE. all by tim coulson.

  1. lauen

    Love the pics…can you tell me who makes your jacket?

    • TAZA

      thank you! it is from zara. it was the last one in the store when i found it, and marked down like two times from the original price. big steal!

  2. Virginia

    Is it just me or are Eleanor & Samson looking more & more like twins?! You’re totally right…that b&w picture of Josh & Samson is incredible and one for the record books…see what I did there? ;)

  3. Cheltz

    We have almost no CDs anymore, but we have an entire wall of records. Property of my husband, of course. I wonder too what our kids will use.

  4. There’s actually a records store in NYC!! I have to go!!

    Aww…you guys even make going to a record store with your little ones look incrediblyFun!! =)

  5. April

    Lovely photos! I haven’t been to a quality record store in a while. It’s nice to still see some stores that are still up and running since we’re moving away from that…but I think nothing could ever beat owning an actual record. :]

  6. Haley

    that first photo of the four of y’all is frame-worthy. such a beautiful family!

  7. I love records! My roommates and I are always dancing around our dorm listening to Ella Fitzgerald and Frank Sinatra, so fun. And I buy CD’s to support the artists! Looks like a lovely day.

    Juliette Laura

  8. Daniella

    I love these photos. Your children are so unbelievably cute. Wow… I love your blog x

  9. Justine

    I have been reading your blog for a while now, and I just want the same family as yours. You are so sweet! I love the last picture, Samson is way too cute for words, keep up the good work :) love from Belgium xx

  10. Love how happy everybody looks! Stores like these are so much fun, you feel like you’re digging through history. We have one in Long Beach, too (I actually wrote about it today, funny enough :))

  11. You guys are so phototistic (I made up the word) that one can put you four in a box or white room and have fantastic picture after that. Just like that!

  12. This looked like a wonderful time, so glad you can still take your children to a record store. I use to have a couple of friends that worked for Second Coming Records not to far from there. And now one of them is a news commentator on Bloomberg. Guess he has left his punk days in the past!

    Ali of

  13. the flying/kiss and this last picture of Samson are simply the best. so much love!!!

  14. Sara

    These photos look like a blast from the past – I’m so glad I found your little corner of the Internet, and your beautiful family!

    xo Sara

  15. Oh my goodness, this totally reminds me of my favorite record store, Wild Rufus’. I don’t even know if it’s still open… Bookstores and record stores, I sure hope they’re around for our kids, in some form or another!

  16. Dani

    Papa and Samson! How adorable, my heart melted into a puddle of love juice! Eleanor does know a great beat! This is all so beautiful.

  17. Bea

    I absolutely love Samson’s smile!!!!!
    He seems to be very happy!!!

  18. Tini

    Lovely photos :) You have such cute kids :) Would you mind telling me where your scarf is from? It would be the perfect cover-up for dress I bought for a wedding. Would really appreciate it!

    • TAZA

      thanks! it’s from kate spade.

  19. Svannah

    Naomi, I know you have those baby moccasins for E when she was little, but do you remember where you got them? I want a pair for my lil one. I think moccasins are so cute on babies.


    Ps…I love getting to see your family. Makes me so happy!

    • TAZA

      hi! eleanor had a few pairs of moccs that we got at fort bridger, but she also wore a lot of freshly picked moccs. samson is wearing some of the freshly picked moccs in these photos….


  20. Lisa

    Record stores are delightful to browse through, but I wonder how much longer they will survive in our modern, hi-tech world.

  21. Ravyn

    I love this post so much. Such lovely images … that one of your boys really is SO lovely!!

  22. Beautiful pictures of a beautiful family! You are all so picture perfect!

  23. Dalia

    Great photos! Love your cute family :)

  24. All of those photos of Josh & Samson are PRECIOUS. I mean I’m obsessed with you and Eleanor as well, but those two boys of yours… these pictures are priceless!!! Such big smiles :)

  25. Magen

    Eleanor looks like a GROWN UP here! i remember her birth announcement on this blog ;).

  26. i know everyone tells you 50 thousand times a day, but it is worth saying: you have the most beautiful family, you are beautiful, your kids are beautiful! god bless all of you! gosh, and samson is just growing to be so so very handsome, like his daddy!

  27. I bet this kitty time made you miss Kingsley : ( Maybe one day!

  28. Amie

    Too sweet! These photos are priceless!

  29. your littles are so photogenic—these are all so amazing, and those of samson flying are just the sweetest thing and such a fantastic moment captured!

  30. hanna

    I’m surprised that there are still record stores around. I don’t think I’ve bought a hard copy of music in years. Adorable pictures.

  31. My word, these photographs are the absolute sweetest.

  32. Carli

    O. my. goodness. Those photos are breathtaking! Looks like a lovely day :)

  33. what tyoe of music do you like?
    you got a great skirt :) i really like it :)

  34. a good record store is a good place to know!!

    my friend (part-) owns the record store right off bleeker street called generation records. you should stop in next time you’re in the area ;)

  35. Kristina

    Ah, I love this! Nick and I went to a Red Onion Records in Dupont the other week to pick up some records. We’ll have to check this place out when we come to NYC!

  36. Mani

    These photos are so precious!

  37. Dyyyiiing. Samson’s face = heaven.

  38. Mae

    Your little family is so energetic, joyful and beautiful. I love the energy and playfulness and absolute joy that is on all your faces when you’re together. I can only hope my family experience will be the same once we decide to start having kids! <3

    Love + aloha,
    Mae Xx //

  39. stacy

    Ok, this is going to sound crazy but, I just figured out who Eleanor reminds me of…DREW BARRYMORE. Seriously! Look at old E.T. pics of her. Dead ringer. Your kids are scrumptious.

  40. Amanda

    Naomi, I truly cannot get over the smiles that always adorn the faces of your littles. They are so precious – congrats on your beautiful family!

  41. Jessica

    The 3rd photo is so neat!
    Such cute photos of the record store!!!
    i wish I lived in NYC! Definitely a dream of mine to visit one day.
    Have a good one!

  42. Marie

    love the father and son photos! And Eleanor looks like a big girl here! She’s growing up so quickly.. :)

  43. Conny

    Naomi, these pictures are perfection! each picture is a gem on its own :)

  44. Jacob

    your family is beyond adorable!

  45. Carly

    I don’t know, I kind of like the one of the boys before the one you like — the one of Samson surfing the records!

  46. Elena

    oh. my. gosh. when josh holds samson he suddenly becomes a bajillion times cuter.

  47. Bailey

    That black and white picture of those two is stunning! Love it.

  48. This is a great post! Love the photos of you and your family :) And this looks like such a nice little spot to pick up some music!

  49. *kristin

    i. can’t. STAND. how much i love all of these photos!! so. SO much. gosh, you guys are just absolutely adorable.

  50. Jessica

    I love these photos! It makes me wish I had more photos of us doing day-to-day things. I’m always the one behind the camera so I’m always craving photos that I am actually a part of.


  51. Jill

    Oh my! Samson looks like he is growing so fast! I love seeing these pictures of your gorgeous littles as they grow. Thanks for sharing them with us :)

  52. Julie

    That Tim gets it right every time. Love his work. I’m glad E got to be friends with at least one of the cats!

  53. curious

    why are there photos of you guys with the coulsons? did you not want photos together?

  54. curious

    *why are there no photos…

  55. I absolutely LOVE these photographs – they are so perfect. I especially like the one of Josh and Samson – the composition is perfect! That guy is seriously talented.

  56. JM

    I love going to record shops, there are several near us. Such a fun, relaxing way to spend some time. these are amazing photos, beautiful family!

  57. I always, ALWAYS adore reading your posts! These photos are just so so darn good.

  58. Carrie

    Hi there–i’m so happy to see these pictures of your beautiful family enjoying the record store. I help run an event called Record Store Day and our whole purpose is to shine a light on the more than one thousand independently owned record stores still alive and well all across America. We encourage folks to visit them, and especially to introduce their children to the joy and the culture and community of a place like a record store–which offers up nothing but emotion–any emotion you can think of–in the form of physical media. So many folks in your comments, and yourself in your post, have wondered and hoped that there would still be stores around when your little ones get older. One way to make sure that happens? Visit your local record store now! Our big party, Record Store Day, is every third Saturday in April and it’s an amazing party, and folks can easily find out about us through our website, but really, just wanted to say how wonderful those photos are, and how nice it is to see you guys in a record store.

  59. Too cute! You should procreate more and start a band. These could be the band photos.

  60. These photos are amazing!! I love the black&white one of your boys, too – the record store is a great backdrop.

  61. Kathryn

    GORGEOUS photos! Your family is darling. :)

  62. Lydia

    The first and last picture – PERFECT!

    – L

  63. april

    beautiful, as always. it is inspiring to see a family that find beauty in every part of life. keep writing and sharing, please!

  64. Maggie

    This makes me excited for Record Store Day – saving up my pennies!

  65. Jaclyn

    Aww what a great day! Pizza and music!! Yipeee!! not to mention 2 adorable babes to hang out with all day!!!

  66. TJ

    AWW, that last picture is beyond adorable! Samson is beautiful!
    xo TJ

  67. OMG!!! These are by far my favorite photos of you guys. Samson’s eyes on that last one look out of this world. Amazing!! Love your little family Naomi. Again, thanks for the baby fever :)

  68. Etheline

    What a cute fun are all your post. I love all of the place to explore when you need to get out of the cold in the city. This record store is awesome. Thanks for sharing all of the pics. The city and your family are beautiful.

  69. SHannon

    Lets just agree that your kids are the cutest little people on the planet!


  70. Avy

    I just hope these stores will never go away,

  71. The picture with your hubby and baby looks adorable! but I don’t know how you can live in NYC with kids, it must be such a challenge… Everyday when I get on the bus to get to the city I tell myself, I could never live here… you deserve a medal :)

  72. Meghan

    these photos are incredible!

  73. Ashley

    I am obsessed with your blog! It is absolutely stunning! Your photos are impeccable and your blog design is quite inspiring. Thanks for being awesome!

    Oh! And I featured your interview with the SAYDAILY along with your blog in my weekly roundup, Links Loved // No. 7.

    Stay amazing! I am happy I found your site!

  74. Kay

    Where did Josh get his jacket? Is it quite warm? I’m on the hunt for a not so bulky but warm jacket for my husband. Thank you!

  75. alyssa

    beautiful beautiful photos!

  76. Samantha

    Oh gosh, I can’t even with your family. You guys are so lovely.

  77. nikkiana

    Kool and the Gang! Kiddo’s got taste! :)

  78. Kendra

    That last photo of Samson… killer. What a hunk!

  79. Brittany

    oh my gosh that last one……*gasp*

    all of them are darling darling darling…couldn’t expect anything but darling from this blog though!

    -britt (

  80. Naomi,
    I cannot get over these pictures! The whole series is beautiful. Such a fun treasure for you all to hold onto. The top pic is a favorite.
    :) Anna

  81. Grace

    These pictures are absolutely beautiful, thank you for sharing them! The same goes for your whole blog, its such a joy to read. Grace x

  82. Mari Gennari

    OMG! How can you be so perfect together?
    I hope to be as happy as you guys, when I get married and have my little ones…

    Lots of love from Brasil!

  83. Eleonora

    Dear I am writing because I love your work on the blog! You are a great inspiration and send me a lot of joy! Thank you very much! In the world now more than ever we need good examples of love, united families, true simplicity … Sorry but I’m using google translator and I do not know if I’m writing it correctly! I send you a hug from Italy! Congratulations Eleonora

  84. Sofia

    Beautiful pictures… and what a beautiful family. I really enjoy reading & viewing your blog! :)

  85. Makola

    Ooo wooow! I know this store! We were there on holidays in NY! :D
    And the fat cats!
    Greetings from Poland!!!

  86. Sally

    Adding this one to the list! There’s just something about a good record store… I could spend hours and hours flipping through everything.

  87. Megan

    Hi Naomi! You have such a beautiful little family. I’m planning a trip to NYC in July and know you are in the works of an NYC guide but in the mean time I was wondering if you had any hotel suggestions? (I’ve already started browsing through your archives for all the fun little restaurants and shops that you love!)