i am sure you already heard, but if you didn’t, it snowed all day and all night yesterday in new york city meaning we had a foot of snow this morning! they named the storm nemo. probably not after the pixar fish, but we’ve still been chanting the phrase, “shark bait ooo la la” nonstop anyway. the snow was beautiful and exciting at first, but sadly it’s just a big grey slushy mess outside now. sad how fast that pretty stuff turns black here in the city.

we spent the morning taking turns trying to sleep in (i took the first shift of handling our 6am alarm clocks, and josh took the second shift around 9am so we could both snooze a few hours longer.) here are a few photos from the AM:


^^^eleanor practiced some typing at a desk she assembled all by herself!^^^

blogcookies^^^we made cookies while papa slept (it’s the only thing that’s worth doing at 7am on a saturday in my opinion.)^^^


^^^we went out in the snow and played.^^^


^^^i pushed my stroller through lots of slush like this. it was funnnnnnn.^^^


^^^”papa! snow!^^^


^^^eleanor got her first taste of snow…literally.^^^


^^^still wearing my hat as i type this because i now have hat hair.^^^


^^^everything in smaller sizes is just cuter. especially shoes.^^^

i hope they name the next storm, dori. thanks for stopping by, nemo!

  1. Stephanie

    Y’all just may be the cutest family ever!

    And I love e’s skirt. Where is it from? My two tea party lovin girlies would love it!

  2. Mun

    Those teeny weeny hunter boots are super adorable! So is your family :)