we’re counting years now, not months.

this year, we celebrated eleanor’s second birthday by waking her up to birthday cake and presents in the nursery before papa left for work. i still struggle frosting stuff, as you can see by that fancy leaning-tower-of-pisa cake right there.  but i’ll have you know, it was delicious. as most trader joe’s cake mixes are. ;)

^^^one of e’s favorite things: balloons!^^^

^^^a birthday crown!  ...

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rockstar giveaway! (closed)

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hey lovers of instagram, we have the perfect giveaway for you today from our sponsor, stickygram! sticky gram turns your instagram photos into magnets and they are giving away  3 sets of sticky grams (27 instagram photos) to one lucky reader!

we covered our big fridge back in dc and our not-so-big fridge here in new york city with stickygrams we have collected over the past year, so i was so happy when stickygram reached out to me a few months ago about being a sponsor for our site.  ...

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josh’s birthday.

^^^we filled the apartment with 30 gold balloons for josh’s golden birthday. each had a note from a friend or family member saying what they love most about him. in a perfect world, those little notes would have made it inside the balloons, but you know, with two kids hanging on me and josh texting me saying he was on his way home much sooner than i anticipated, taped to the sides was good enough for me.^^^

^^^we spent the evening together down at eataly where we had dinner as a family....

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