on unplugging.


i mentioned in this post from the other week that  josh and i were planning to unplug from our phones on sundays. it’s just so easy to check in with twitter or instagram for a second and lose ten minutes on there… what a time suck!  well anyway,  it has been two sundays since that post, and you know something? best. two. sundays. ever.

during years and months past, i always felt like we were doing really well with this sort of thing. we have never had a tv in our home.  we aren’t into video games. josh hasn’t had a facebook account for years and i log into mine so rarely i always have to have them resend me my password because i forget.  but now there are all the social media sites we do use often and love (like twitter, or instagram or pinterest or the new vine app.) as a blogger, these sites are such a great way to stay connected with friends and readers alike.  and if you haven’t noticed by the amount of overgramming i tend to do, i sort of like social media a whole bunch.

in this day and age of always being connected, i swear all of this modern technology gets in the way of our living!  on a few occasions at the park, i’ve noticed someone pushing their child on the swing while being totally checked out and staring at their mobile device. and all i can think is, goodness i am so close to becoming that person.   between texting, social media apps, reading and responding to comments and questions on said social media apps, checking email, updating the ical… it’s like, well of course we are glued to this thing 24/7.  and also, how sad.

so sundays are becoming our slower day… away from technology… our day of rest.. it is the sabbath after all. and whether you’re religious or not, it’s nice to have a little breather. a time to unwind. to gather inspiration out in the world, away from your mobile device. to enjoy the people around you and your surroundings without refreshing any app to see who is eating what for brunch (i mean seriously!).

in addition, we’ve stopped bringing our phones to the table. when josh and i are out on a date away from the littles, the phones stay away, too.  and something we haven’t done yet but i keep hearing about and would love to try… charging phones at night in a room that is not the bedroom. i love this one. we need to buy a clock for our room so we can do this.

what do you do to stay sane and unplug?


photos by tim coulson.