1. gorgeous photos!! i especially love the one of Eleanor hugging Samson, soooo cute. can’t wait until my little one has a sibbling to hug one day.

    i made your oven puffed pancake recipe yesterday in honour of pancake day here {in the UK}, it was AWESOME so thanks!!

  2. Aww your kiddies are as adorable as always!! NYFW must be amazing!!

  3. alissa b

    i always love seeing your instagram–a little more personal peak into the daily lives! as weird as that is–your family is beautiful and so inspring!

    i can’t wait til i have my first child with my husband and i’ll know even then i’ll still be reading your blog!

    alissa b

  4. Hi :) Where did Josh get the hat he has in the picture at the bottom, where he is on the train??

  5. Janice

    Such a lovely family!

  6. you have such a precious family! i love your instagram pictures, you guys look like you have so much fun. it helps that E is pretty much the most adorable little girl i’ve ever seen.

  7. your iphone updates are my favorite. they are like their own little silent storybook. also you may have already revealed this somewhere, but where did you find your amazing circular sunglasses? i’ve been eyeing this pair of lilly pulitzers that look similar, but yours are so much better.

  8. Talia

    what a fun week you’ve had. i must say i’m super envious you met the Coulsons, i am a huge fan of that whole family. and i just love those big sunglasses! where are they from?

  9. Looks like a fun week! Love Eleanor typing away on the laptop…can easily see her having a little photo blog herself someday soon!

  10. silvia

    Cute pictures! This is random, but how’s Kingsley doing? Would love to hear an update xx

  11. Kyra

    Are your babies ever not smiling?? They are just so sweet!

  12. Anna

    Always a pleasure to see how you guys spend your days!!!! You’re my fav and I ts so nice to watch little E and finally get to know a little bit of her voice too on your Vine videos! It’s so much fun! God bless you all !!!
    Anna from http://www.tincturetales.com

  13. Michelle

    Such cute pictures especially the one of Eleanor with her arm around Samson :)

  14. erica

    Wonderful photos!!!

    Is E totally into dinosaurs too?! (the dino exhibit pic) My little 3 year old Bea is obsessed lately! I kind of love it since normally she is a super super girly bird. Its nice to see her diggin in the dirt with her little dino figures.
    :-) Happy Wednesday!

    visit me! http://www.somethinglikeafairytale.com

  15. CarrieKyoko

    <3 The Davis Family! Such a positive inspiration for us all. ;) I super enjoy the blog and your family's use of color in your lives–clothing, books, furniture, smiles, food, etc.–I, too, believe in a life full of color! :) And of course I super love {Instagram} and enjoy all the photos! <3 Here here to {StickyGrams} as well! :)

  16. Penny

    Would you tell me where you buy your kids clothes. I really adore their style.

    Love and follow your blog since about two and a half years now!!!
    Your new design is very special and beautiful!

  17. Jaclyn

    what beautiful pictures!!

  18. You guys are so adorable! Cutest family ever x

  19. Briseidy

    gotta love ballons!… this post made me hungry :0

  20. Omg! I went to the corner deli after you posted it months ago… It’s so cute! And definitely good spot to sit on the sidewalk and enjoy a nice NYC summer evening :)

  21. Looking at pictures of Shake Shack makes me want to bawl – I just want some RIGHT NOW! And I’m so in love with these pics… it looks like you and your family are having such a ball in the most wonderful city of all!!

  22. Ashton

    I love all the bright colors in these pictures! It makes the dreariness of winter a little more enjoyable!
    And on that note: I love your scarf that makes an appearance in a couple of those pictures! :)

  23. Olya

    mahnattan is so beautiful at night…sigh. i miss it..

  24. Maggie

    Oh lordy your children are adorable. Love these photos – thanks for sharing!

  25. Dani

    I love all of these. You and your whole family is beautiful. I just die a little from happiness whenever I see all of you.

  26. Rachel

    Such ridiculousy cute pictures.

  27. JM

    Seriously those crinkle chips (as well call them) in the top right picture look AMAZING! making me hungry. and don’t you just have smiliest sweetest little daughter? love the pictures!


  28. Eleanor looks like a little monkey swinging from the subway handles! Your life seems to be full of all these precious, small moments of joy.

  29. Eli

    I’m always drawn to colour that magically brightens up my visits here and can’t stop staring at the flowery scarf you’re wearing, bringing your dark hair and devil red lips out. Cannot imagine your life lately in black and white. x


  30. Too cute! did you go to any of fashion shows this week? AWESOME.

  31. Carie

    Such lovely photos, and I’m glad I’m not the only one whose hair gets toddler-styled!

  32. I recently found your blog and am in love! You seem to approach life with such zest, it’s inspiring. And I certainly admire you for doing NYC with two babies!

  33. What filter do you find yourself using most often? I always like the coloring in your photos.

  34. Mae

    You life is so colorful and fun! I’m in love with your beautiful, colorful little family! <3

    Love + aloha,
    Mae Xx // thereafterish.com

  35. brittany

    how fun are these pictures?

    my faves are always the family shots. such happiness ad cuteness!


  36. Hannah

    you’re gorgeous and you have amazing style! where is your pink beanie from? i love it!

  37. Karen albl

    I love your Blog with all my heart, in fact you have a place in my dashboard, so all I have to do each day is click.
    As a 60 year old woman who has struggled with weight for a large part ( no pun intended) of my life it is hard to see all the fantasic food you post, You seem to be able to eat extremely high fat food and remain picture perfect. Are you not sharing that you have a very high metabolism or that you find time to work out. Maybe all your years as a ballerina set your metabolism at a high burn factor. Just asking?

  38. The images serves as memories of the past… And as what I have seen from your post, the pictures says it all! You have a happy and interesting family! :) Enjoy life and live fully!

  39. Rebecca

    Love your blog and the black poncho coat you are wearing in the six photo down left side. Where is it from? Keep blogging and enjoying life!

  40. Stacey

    OMG what a cute bunch of photos! They make me feel all warm and fuzzy, thanks for sharing. Have a brill day

  41. Louise

    uhhhhhh i love your iphone pictures, they are always lovely.


  42. Patricia

    I love your pics. You guys look so happy!
    I’m not from NYC, so when I saw the shake shack in a movie last night, it reminded me of your blog.

  43. Anne

    Your instagrams are always so fun!

  44. Lou

    How are you so slim when you eat so much junk food!

  45. allison

    Seeing your photos on my instagram feed always makes me smile. Happy happy family!

  46. Morgane

    It’s so cute and so fun!!

  47. I love your pictures. It makes me a little jealous because you seem to live such a glamorous city life. I mean, you got to go to Fashion Week….that would never happen in my boring life. However, I am curious, if you ever get the urge to live in a suburban style home, with a yard, and neighborhood. Just curios if people from the city ever think about the suburbs, especially with kids.

  48. Carrie

    Beautiful children, beautiful smiles, beautiful pics, beautiful family.
    I’m a mama of two wee beauties, the same ages as E&S and I find your blog a joy to read & see. Thank you. (From New Zealand where, right now, the sun is shining, the ocean is sparkling and the days are long and lazy) x

  49. Jackie

    Your pictures always make it so hard to resist falling in love with New York! Also Eleanor and Sampson are adorable together. I can’t wait till my little man is a bit older and him and his sister can have that same bond.

  50. Irela

    I need that doughnut sweater in my closet!! ♥

  51. Your pictures just make me want to go to New York!

    They are all fun & awesome!

  52. Sally

    This makes me want to move to New York so badly!

  53. Yasmin

    my heart goes crazy when I see nyc…miss it so much…

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