josh’s birthday.


^^^we filled the apartment with 30 gold balloons for josh’s golden birthday. each had a note from a friend or family member saying what they love most about him. in a perfect world, those little notes would have made it inside the balloons, but you know, with two kids hanging on me and josh texting me saying he was on his way home much sooner than i anticipated, taped to the sides was good enough for me.^^^

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^^^we spent the evening together down at eataly where we had dinner as a family. that place is so much fun to walk around. also, the gnocci with braised lamb was so delicious i am still dreaming about it.^^^


^^^mah boys.^^^


^^^so let’s talk about this gnocci with braised lamb some more. because i’m serious. it’s the best.^^^


 ^^^he didn’t want cake. just one last pint of ice cream to eat all by himself because he’s crazy and has decided to cut out ice cream for an entire year (it’s his vice.)^^^

we love you, papa! happy birthday!

more birthday celebrations the weekend before, here.

  1. happy birthday josh! that low-key birthday with fun surprises sounds prefect :) my boyfriend and i had one of our best date nights at eataly! we ate at il pesce, and each of our meals had deep-fried sage garnished on top… O.. M.. G… best stuff ever!


  2. What a lovely little birthday!
    I love, love, loooove the ballon idea!

  3. Kellie

    oh my gosh i love the golden balloons idea for the golden birthday!!! so sweet. you definitely deserve the best wife award!!!

  4. How lovely! What a special day, happy belated birthday to him! (and good luck with no ice cream! I don’t think I could do it!)

    Juliette Laura

  5. Looks like the most amazing and perfect way to celebrate a birthday!

    Balloon messages are SUCH a fab idea!

  6. Nicole

    How special! My man friend can relate to the candles in the ice cream! He rather skip the cake and just have ice cream!

    We still haven’t gone to Eataly yet…it’s on our list though! Thanks for sharing!


  7. robyn

    looks like a pretty perfect birthday! (even with the notes on the outside of the balloon!!)happy birthday to your man

  8. Briseidy

    love the idea of the messages in the ballons!…and of course having a birthday pint of ice cream instead of cake would be awesome!

  9. Jackie

    I love the golden balloon idea. So clever!

  10. Happy birthday, Josh!

  11. cortney

    oh man, i can’t imagine! all the willpower in the world couldn’t come between me and ice cream. does this mean no milk shakes too?

  12. Anika

    I love the balloon idea- I think it’s sweet too that the messages were taped onto the sides. Otherwise the balloons would have to be popped…

    Best of wishes! :)

  13. melissa

    you guys are so cute ;) the balloon idea is awesome!

  14. TJ

    Oh gosh, that picture of ‘your boys’ is more than perfect! Honestly, how did you make such perfect and adorable pictures! Adore!! :)
    xo TJ

  15. mandee

    No ice cream for a year?!?!?! that’s crazy talk… i wish him luck, I would last one day. MAYBE two. oh p.s. happy beeday josh!

  16. Cut out ice cream for an entire year!!? I must admit, it’s my vice too and I have thought about cutting it out… but my, oh my, I would miss it so! Looks like a very special birthday!

  17. LeeLee

    Looks like an amazing birthday. You guys are the cutest.

  18. What a great idea with the balloons… and love the pic of Josh with the candle in the ice cream tub! x

  19. Jessica

    Happy birthday Josh!

  20. Sarah

    That’s so sweet. Looks like a great birthday night! It’s terrible that I would want the ice cream, even though I can eat ice-cream whenever I want anyway!

  21. Etheline

    I can’t wait to go to Eataly. My husband has such good things to say about it. The prosciutto alone he talked about for 10 minutes. Lol. Lots of birthdays in your house this month…happy celebrations:)

  22. Cory

    I think Josh is onto something here! A pint of ice cream with candles on top sounds like a delicious alternative to cake.

  23. Kenzie

    Okay, you are the master at making even the most casual of nights look like a beautiful celebration. Happy birthday, Josh! And the ice cream with the candles, perfection!

  24. Brittany

    Whoa, no ice cream for a year! Go Josh! Happy birthday!

  25. Wyatte.

    Okay, you two are so adorable it makes me sick. And I LOVE Eataly! Next time you go (if you feel like splurging) try the grilled lamb chops with pistachio pesto. So GOOD.

  26. Arti K.

    Love the gold balloons! I might steal that idea for my beau :)
    And if everyone hasn’t said this enough already, Samson is the cutest!


  27. That photo of Samson and Josh. Goodness me! The cutest.

  28. Emily

    A whole year? That is some impressive willpower! I was thinking of giving up sweets for lent and I am not even sure I could do that! I tip my hat to you Josh! If you ever need me to take one for the team and eat some ice cream for you, i’d be willing to make that sacrifice.

  29. Constanze

    Happy Birthday to Josh! :)
    The idea with the balloons is awesome.

  30. Last time I was in the city I had a pesto lasagna at eataly that was seriously to die for. I ate two (well I did share them, so there’s that), but still, best I’ve ever had.

  31. brittany

    I had a golden birthday once! I turned 9 on 9/9/99, and had a 9 layer cake!

    didn’t have any cool notes with balloons though—what a neat idea!

  32. Jaana

    good luck to josh giving up Ice cream! i had to give it up this year too. along with cheese and shopping. so far 2013 sucks! ;)

  33. I really like read your blog :) it is so colorfull :)))
    and for Josh -happy birthday :) My 30 was on 21 september 2012. An i really love to be 30 woman :))

    have a great day :)

  34. I love the balloon idea!! and the notes will be so lovely to keep. welcome to the 30s club Josh!! it isn’t so bad, but are you sure about the ice cream??!! ;)

  35. Happy Birthday man born like me under sign of Aquarius….. Best sign…best men…. xo from Italy

    Daddy Lele

  36. seda

    happy bday josh. hope you will always be happy with your beeeeautiful wife and children.
    and i want those balloons

  37. Cute idea for the balloons! My husband and I love celebrating birthdays as a family even though family offer to babysit. It feels odd to celebrate without the littlest and most important people there.

    Blogging about life with two aged 2 and under…

  38. Coco

    I want to say something important but all I really wanted to say was this post just made me really happy. :)
    I love birthdays and babies and food. Everything about seemed special and precious.
    Your blog has all of that and so much more!

  39. Stacey

    Awww the balloons with the “what I love most about you” is a brilliant idea for any birthday : )
    Enjoy the ice cream and good luck with abstaining! I couldn’t do it

  40. Morgane

    Joyeux anniversaire Josh!!!

  41. Michelle

    Love the balloon idea! Happy Birthday Josh :)

  42. Adriana

    Sounds like an amazing day filled with fun and family! But then no ice cream…

  43. Taylor

    I like to call it birthday week! Any chance you remember what size your Happy Camper top is?! I would LOVE to order but am not sure what size (I am around your size) Thank you so much! xx

  44. that balloon idea is awesome and so original!! where do you get your creative juices from??! so thankful you share all of your ideas with us!

  45. hannah

    i love this balloon idea, naomi! might have to borrow it :) thanks so much for sharing!

    + happy birthday josh!

  46. Erica

    Happy Birthday Josh!!!

    My main man turned 30 this year also! I too had his family and friends write a total of 30 letters telling him how awesome and appreciated and loved he is, its such a great gift. Made my husband cry too :-)

    Love the idea of taping them to balloons! (much easier to get to them than having them inside ;-)

  47. Ixtchell

    My birthday was in january 27th and I´m also turn 30!!!

    * Happy birthday Josh!! * Naomi I just looooove your blog! :)

  48. bridget

    i love what you did with the balloons. that’s a very you thing to do. : ) and i actually like them with the notes outside! it still looks darling and hey…then the balloons get to live a little longer.

  49. bridget

    + happy birthday, josh!

  50. No ice cream for a year?! That is crazy! Happy birthday!! Back to Eataly. It’s so amazing that even my Italian boyfriend who consistently makes fun of the “Italian” food us Americans eat is IN LOVE with Eataly. When he came with me on a work trip to NY last year, he happily wandered the aisles for hours. And he still talks about it on at least a weekly basis…

  51. Amie

    WOW, an entire year??! That is…either amazing…or crazy, I haven’t decided yet!! hehehehe!! Happy B-Day to yours!

  52. pamela

    Where do you buy your babies mocassins I really want some my first baby is due in may and I wnat a pir for her sobad thank you!

  53. Car

    After to switching to the new site the pictures never appear for me. I don’t know if it is the browser I’m using? Disappointing though! I’m sure the pictures are beautiful!

  54. Dani

    Awww Josh is growing up! You are a lovely wife. I can’t believe he is cutting ice cream. I would die.

  55. leah

    what a lovely birthday! i love the gold balloons – such a fun, and sweet birthday surprise.

    and the best of luck with giving up ice cream – haagen daz is my favorite!

  56. Eataly may or may not be one of my favorite places on EARTH. That seems like such an amazing birthday – I’m a fan! :)

  57. Robbie

    no ice cream for a year – I’m all about that kind of discipline. I will do what I can to make up for the impact his fast will cause to the frozen foods industry by doubling down on my consumption.

  58. love the balloon idea!!!

  59. Anne

    Happy birthday to Josh! I without a doubt no I would fail miserably at no ice cream for a year haha

  60. Sounds like a great birthday! I love Eataly too, and those gnocci look amazing!

  61. A WHOLE YEAR?!? Currently sending josh some good luck vibes because WOAH.

  62. Sinead

    I love the 30 gold balloons idea – so sweet and thoughtful!

  63. Carie

    What a lovely celebration for a great milestone birthday. My husband and I share the same date of birth so we have all our milestones together which makes them special but it’s a bit harder to surprise each other! I think your golden balloon idea is wonderful – I shall have to remember it next time someone hits a big birthday.

  64. Lorna B.

    Sweet we share the same bday (me,29) happy bday josh!

  65. kim

    so. many. instragram photos.

    i would love to print them out with stickygram! please pick me!

  66. Gabriela

    You are an inspiration, The idea with these balloons is great!

  67. I’m amazed you got all those balloons blown up! I can only imagine how tempting they were for the little guys to bat around.

  68. Happy birthday, Josh! You are so brave to give up ice cream!

  69. So cute Naomi! I filled our bedroom one year for Valentines as a surprise for my boyfriend, while taking care of our new puppy (now 2 years old). I know exactly what you mean LOL As always I love your pics!

  70. Jhan

    Absolutely love the balloon idea. My beau will be 30 this year as well and I’m sure he would love something like this…
    p.s. that braised lamb and gnocchi actually does look pretty delish!

  71. Kat

    These photos are gorgeous, beautiful family

  72. Heather

    Oh my word! We did the same thing for my husband’s birthday! I love the idea of typing the well wishes and then pasting on the balloons. I had the folks write their message it smeared a little..LOVE this idea!

  73. retinna

    wow such great photos! so adorable…
    and the ballons ideas are lovely too

  74. I think the balloons look fabulous with the notes taped to the balloon! You get a better impact being able to see the notes from all his friends and family. Happy Birthday Josh!!


  75. Three things: 1. Happy Be-lated birthday Josh! 2. I just went to the magic that is Eataly and am so in love and overwhelmed by it. 3. I love all of your pictures! Lots of love, Elle from

  76. This balloon idea is incredible! Did you find it on Pinterest? I only ask because all of my good ideas pretty much come from Pinterest :)

    Also, I really enjoy your blog! Your photos and stories are lovely to read and inspire me to keep up with my own blog more often than I have been. Thanks for the boost!

    PS. Scrolling your posts now since I just MAY attempt to ‘unplug’ tmw! Wish me luck :D