at the MoMA…


last week i was out running some errands with the littles downtown when both fell asleep in the stroller on the way home.  i decided to test my luck and try to run by the MoMA since two sleeping babies meant i’d actually be able to stop and pause and stroll slowly through the museum all while enjoying it at my own pace. ;)

when i was a few blocks away, i decided to really test my luck and text josh to see if he wanted to take a long lunch and join me.  when he replied, “yes” it was like a dream! so we went to the MoMA with two sleeping babies and it was kind of like a date! then once we got inside the museum, the littles woke right up and they were like, “hahaha. we are crashing this date!”  so our time at the MoMA turned into more of a chaotic family outing. but they basically have an elephant on exhibit (douglas gordon’s playing dead), and i think eleanor about died she loved it so (here’s a vine video we made). it was also fun to watch samson take everything in. he gets so wide eyed and observant looking up at everything and everyone.  i forgot how much i adore this 9-10 month old baby stage. it’s definitely one of my favorites.

moma5moma03 moma8
moma05 moma6 moma9 moma10

see you later, MoMA!

  1. So cute photos! The museums a great place to take little ones!

    Juliette Laura

  2. Lottie

    i took my baby girl t the tate modern. she was way too little to appreciate it but i can’t wait to take to see the first time she really takes it all in.

  3. so cute! i love that you live in the city and on a whim you can stop by the MoMa. the babies are adorable and i just die seeing eleanor in love with the elephant, so presh =)

  4. I want to go back to the MoMA so badly, it’s been several years since I was in New York but after my study abroad in Paris I gained such an appreciation for art & am dying to make the trip to NYC!

  5. This is so sweet. I seriously look forward to having kids in part because I’ll be able to do things like this with them. I know yours are too small to grasp officially “going to an art museum,” but there’s still so much they an love about the experience.

  6. Chelsea

    I love the MoMA! How lucky you are to be able to just pop in!

  7. allison

    Sounds like it was a little bit more fun after the kids woke up! Looks like a great time. haha I can only imagine E’s reaction to the elephant. Too cute!

  8. This looks like great fun. I love doing art galleries and museums with the kids I look after. The great thing about them here in London is they’re free, so if it all goes pear-shaped you haven’t lost out ;)


  9. leah

    gotta love it when they crash dates – sneaky babies! looks like it turned out to be a fun time, even if it wasn’t quite what was planned!

  10. Of course they woke up! My three would do the same…but kudos to you for making it work!

  11. Nicole

    Ahhh….the MOMA

  12. charis

    adorable! we love “effants!” ‘eleanor the elegrant elephant’ by caspar babypants is my toddler’s favorite song these days! maybe your little one will enjoy it too!

  13. giulia

    this is wonderful!

  14. lo

    how fun!! I love art museums… the moma is on my to- visit list :)

  15. Cheryl

    What a fun surprise outing! :)

  16. Ester Sparkles

    It sounds like soo much fun when the kids woke up!I think is great you took the kids to the museum, it seems like they appreciated it their own way!
    I would love to visit NY and the MoMa someday!!Thank you for the cute pictures!

  17. JM

    This is one of the reasons I can’t wait to go and visit new york again, so many great museums and galleries. i loved the moma the last time i was there. we are lucky in that we also live in a cultural and interesting city (some call it the NYC of Britain, just a lot smaller but a similar feel), it’s nice to just do things like this spontaneously.

  18. Lisa

    There is so much culture and museums in New York. More so than in my small town. Your children will be VERY cultured.

  19. I can’t wait to see that discovery stage whenever I become a mom! They must have gone crazy with all the lovely things to see!!!

  20. adorable. in the 3 years i’ve lived here, i’ve still never been to MoMA… i think i need to plan a date asap. thanks for the inspiration :)

  21. Maggie

    Despite your little ones waking up, it still seems like it was a fun excursion! Thanks for sharing.

  22. Meg

    i’ve gotta ask, where did you find samson’s leggings?! so cute, that guy.

    looks like such a fun time with your family. i really love how you get out everyday and take the kids with you to venture places! i just had my first baby, and you’ve made me push myself to get ready and go out and do things! i really enjoy it. thank you.

  23. It certainly looks like it turned out to be one fun outing! Your family is too precious – your posts make my day! :)

  24. Dani

    I love that you are exposing your children to beautiful forms of art. It’s perfect.

  25. Michelle

    Such nice pics, so cute :)

  26. Jaclyn

    aww what a great way to spruce up your day! and to make josh’s day even better!!! xoxox

  27. Hannah

    isn’t moma just the best museum around this globe. i know a lot great museums but moma tops all of them!

  28. Your blog is always a joy to read. Thanks for sharing your NYC adventures with us.

  29. Julie

    I love that you guys bring the littles to art museums. That is the best!

  30. I love how you always take your Littles on adventures. thanks for sharing x

  31. I blog about museums, including regular pots about ‘kids in museums’ (, so I really loved this post. There is nothing better than little ones enjoying museums from a young age. I’ve been taking my two year old some since we was only a few weeks old. Best wishes, Jenni

  32. FANTASTIC photos!

  33. Kelly

    Aww, absolutely adorable! Sorry they did not sleep for you but it still looks like you had fun!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  34. Alice

    With two littlies as adorable as yours, I’d imagine they could get away with a lot more than crashing your date haha!! It looks like you had a lovely time though :) x

  35. Eli

    If every errand could start and end up just like yours I’d be making ‘to-do’ lists with pleasure!! xx

  36. stop it with that last one. that samson and his grin…too sweet.

  37. Lindsay

    The pictures of Eleanor’s silhouette in front of the elephants are AMAZING! Your children are so beautiful.

  38. Alyssa

    Oh, wow, looks like so much fun! One of my favorite art museums is the VMFA here in Richmond, VA. You look beautiful, as always. :]

    Vintage Sale $10 & Under!

  39. Alanah

    Looks like so much fun!

  40. Jessica

    So cute! I have a pass for the Museum of Art here, hoping to make it out one day with the little ones without any sort of meltdown, lol.

  41. The MoMA is one of my favorite places, no doubt about it…

  42. Meaghan

    That is one of the many things I love about living in NYC(Back when i did) Just being able to go to one of the best museums in the world whenever you feel like it. I loved going to the MET last minute and just spending so much time there. Especially in the Egyptian area.
    And Eleanor is so adorable, its cute she loved the elephant. And Samson has the sweetest smile.

  43. Quinn

    Seriously adorbs! How cool to explore MOMA with Mom and Dad!

  44. Love this! Babies are such curious creatures <3

  45. Jacob

    i’m sure you were looking forward to the date – but you wouldn’t trade this family memory for anything! E and S are so so cute! Also, the exhibit seems to be really rad!

  46. So many posts are making me SO sad I don’t live in NYC anymore!

  47. Michele

    Love the MOMA. What time did you go? It looks like nobody is in there. That’s awesome. We went to the Natural History Museum on Sunday and it was psychotic. I literally had to bust out the leash for my 15 month old. Way too many people. That looks great to be able to let her run around and really take it all in. Beautiful photos as always.

  48. Hannah

    Naomi, i love your blog! hope you are well!