an afternoon in brooklyn…


yesterday the littles and i took 5 billion different trains (not really, but it did feel that way at times) to brooklyn to visit one of our favorite people, the brilliant brunette bombshell, meg fee.  meg is one of my favorites because she has this way of always leaving me determined to be a better me. we have both come a long way since those first few years at juilliard together, but  i’ve watched meg grow and learn and evolve into one of the bravest and most brilliant women i know since those college days. i just adore her.

the day was a chilly one, but we still explored the neighborhood (carroll gardens, you are so cute!) we walked and talked, had delicious sandwiches at prime meats and of course a few cookies from momfuku milk bar (if there is one in the area, how do you say no?)

thank you for a wonderful afternoon, meg! and thank you for allowing eleanor to touch and handle practically every item and thing in your apartment all while being calm and kind. that ain’t easy. so thanks for not freaking out. we love you.


^^^cutest taxi driver in brooklyn, found!^^^


^^^ugh. momofuku milk bar. you make a girl who hates cornflakes crave them in all her cookies.^^^

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^^^oh hey, just proof that samson was here on this adventure, too.^^^ blogbrooklyn3blogbroolyn8blogbrooklyn26

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love you, meg. and catch ya later, brooklyn!

  1. Janice

    Oh! Momofuku! And those gorgeous chairs! Lovely.

  2. lo

    that Brooklyn cruiser sure looks nice! and those cookies, delicious.

  3. Lluvia

    Samson looks just like your husband in one of the pictures, lovely family i’ve been following your blog for quite a while, i think it was before elenor & i just love it great photos

  4. Oh my, what a beautiful apartment! Catching up with old friends is the best. And cornflake cookies? I’m so intrigued. Love the pic of Meg holding E’s darling little feet.

  5. Emma

    Samson looks SO much like your husband in that close-up shot! Adorable pictures.

  6. Samira

    you all are so adorable!

  7. leah

    brooklyn, and your little ones, and this whole post just gush of sweetness! and isn’t it so good to have friends who are cool with your kids as well?

  8. They’re SO SO Adorable in these images. Meg was totally a trooper letting E snoop around. I know how antsy that can make some people! [Mostly just the littles getting hurt if something falls on them. Scary!]

  9. Prime Meats looks delicious! Must try. You guys looked like you had a wonderful day.

  10. Anaa

    Nothing better than an afternoon with a friend! Specially if it involves cookies :)

  11. Jessica

    Looks like such a fun day, and E looks so cute in that yellow hat! I mean, she looks cute in anything though, really. Lol.

  12. Kelsey

    …and also proof that Samson is a little mini Josh!

  13. oh crazy!! i just found meg’s blog earlier this week and absolutely loved it! i’ve been thinking about some of her words all week long and then you post this.

    it just makes sense that all of you lovely people somehow find each other. it’s just right. : )

  14. Love this. We might be visiting Brooklyn this year, now I must stop at that antique store and cookie place :)

  15. Minna

    Oh, LOVE those Eero Aarnio’s tulip chairs! Cheers, Minna

  16. Such sweet photographs! Really beautiful. I’m a huge fan of Meg’s blog, her writing is just so perfect. Amazing. Looks like such a fun day!

  17. one thing i appreciate about your life is that you take the time & energy to maintain friendships, tossing out that status pro quo rule book that states parents must stop being social, traveling, fashionable, out-on-the-town beings.

    so thank you for proving it can be done!

    brooklyn is swell, isn’t it?


    -britt (

  18. Marie

    glad to know that you’re hanging out with friends and even introducing your children to them! Life is beautiful with our loved ones around us, and that includes our friends. :)

  19. Hehe, I have the same mint polka dotted shirt as Meg! Target <3 Looks like a fun outing.

  20. Irela

    Once again, your photos are so beautiful. The picture of the cookie has given me serious cravings, I’ll have to get one with lunch today. I love your friend’s mint-green top ♥

  21. Amie

    Looks like such a fun day! Won’t it be nice when the weather warms up & we can all shed the extra 10 lbs of clothing we’ve been wearing this winter?! Love me some falling snowflakes…but not as in love with the shoveling snowflakes part! so excited for Spring & all the pics we’ll get to see of your littles running around!

  22. Lisa

    Fabulous pictures. Is it just me or does it look like New York has the best food?

  23. Love the Baby Gap dress! My little has one and I especially love that it can be dressed down with jeans or up with tights!

  24. Evie

    I found Meg’s blog through your blog years ago, and must thank you again for the discovery! What an incredible writer she is.
    Great photos, as always, doing your beautiful city a service. I know others have said it (not to mention it’s not exactly surprising), but Samson seriously is the spitting image of Josh! I remember when you wrote (after finding out it was a boy) “are we really going to have a little Josh Davis running around this house?” – et voila! There he is. :)

  25. olya

    i love meg too :) love reading her writing. and isn’t C. Garden’s so beautiful? i love it. you should make your way to brighton beach sometime – absolutely delicious cakes, pastries, etc. just on their main street. and CHOCOLATES. barrels full of them… ( somehow i am on my sweet tooth mood today) xo

  26. Jaclyn

    what a lovely afternoon!! so awesome to hang out with a great friend and eat delicious food!! yay :) have a great weekend xo

  27. Anne

    My goodness I want to live that afternoon so I can eat all the goodies you ate!

  28. lovely pictures, as always–they leave me craving good eats and wanting to reach right into my screen and munch on all the good nosh :)

  29. Rachel

    I know it’s annoying when everyone tells you who your babies look like (like you don’t know the most & see them the most), but little Samson looks SO MUCH like your husband in that picture!
    ^I just realized everyone else thought the same, ha! Beautiful family! xo

  30. Hanna

    Adorable. The shot in the taxi is the best :) Hanna

  31. Oh man! That picture of Eleanor in the taxi cab is JUST PRICELESS! :)

  32. Adorable pics! Eleanor and Samson are too cute :)

  33. agreed, cutest taxi driver ever….that sandwich looks delicious!

  34. Andrea

    Naomi! In the first picture your friend looks like zoey deschanel!

  35. rea

    it really does not take many trains to get to carroll gardens ::confused::

  36. April

    I absolutely love your blog! I keep coming back so I eventually just decided to follow you on Bloglovin, lol

    I have a few friends that live in Brooklyn. I always had this idea of what it’s like, but from your pictures it’s totally not what I’m expecting. I’ll have to visit them sometime!

  37. Sara

    Samson really looks like his dad in these pics.

  38. Alice

    I love this! I ADORE Meg’s blog, I had no idea you two went to Julliard together (why I would have known this I don’t know, but you know what I mean)! She and Eleanor look like they’re getting on famously- even when toddlers have a tendency to pull on earrings…!

  39. Your blog makes me happy. Your little family is just lovely. Had to share that.

  40. Eela Javid

    Gorgeous everything! Quick question: what camera did you use for the photos? Are you lugging around a dslr with you and if so, what lens do you also use?

    Thanks so very much!

  41. giulia

    aw, i left my heart in that carroll gardens neighborhood… every store or restaurant or bakery is so cute and the french toast at prime meats…
    you’re lucky to live so close to that heavenly place! (well, a few metro rides away, but still close enough!)

  42. Molly

    oh my goodness, momofuku!! I love a good afternoon in brooklyn. and I totally have meg’s polka dot shirt. love it!

  43. Beyond cute! And those cookies really do sounds marvelous!


  44. It’s so rewarding to see friends evolve into the person they were meant to be, and then some! Mmm Momofuku Milk Bar… love the cereal milk soft serve there!

  45. Sounds like a fun day! And hooray for friends who are patient enough to let your toddler inspect every square inch of their apartment! My two-year-old is notorious for doing this.

  46. Rylee

    where did you get Elenor’s yellow hat? and the pink hat you wore in an earlier blog?

  47. Jessica

    HAHAHAHAAH I love the fact that Eleanor has a coffee {wrap?} on her head! LOL. So cute.
    Beautiful photos, by the way!! Looks like a very fun day.

  48. You are so brave. I was just telling my girlfriend, that I am becoming one of those moms that turn down invitations to go anywhere because it’s a lot of work to take my son. I only have one 2 year old right now (baby number 2 is on the way) I want to go out, but it’s freezing and I just have to deal with the whining and the constant need for attention. I don’t know how you do it, living in the city.

  49. Lisa

    I’m loving your blog! I started reading your posts from way back when you started. I started a blog about 6 months ago and I get quite few views each post. I was hoping you could give some advice of how to get the blog out there a little more. I am sharing with Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook. Is there anything you suggest from when you first started?

  50. Lovely photos! xx

  51. Lisa

    It’s me again!!
    This is my blog if you wanted to see it!


  52. Lejla

    Brooklyn is the new cool place to be..wonderful shops..And how “brave” it is to go all the way to Brooklyn with the littles…:)

  53. Lorene

    I love the beanies for your kids!! Were did you buy them??

  54. Carie

    Definitely the cutest taxi driver around! We have a mini landrover defender in our play park and all the kids just love pretending to drive it, it’s such fun watching them play.

  55. Kate

    Thanks for sharing a link to Meg’s words. She has quite a way and was just what I needed today :) By the way, you’re just what I need most days! Because of you, I’m starting to photograph my food and my husband, not to share, but to remember happy things. Thanks

  56. Cardin

    Adore this and you! And Meg has been a longtime favorite blogger of mine. Happy you two are still so close! :)

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  58. Wonderful photographs – thank you for sharing!
    Have an amazing Sunday – even though you will probably read this on Monday due to your new rule of switching off on the weekends!
    Lots of Love;
    Kate xo

  59. Meaghan

    Such beautiful pictures as always :). It makes me wish I would have explored Brooklyn more when I lived in NYC. And those cookies sound amazing! And of course Eleanor and Samson look adorable. I love the taxi picture, such a classic for her to have growing up in NYC.

  60. Katie Howard

    If you are ever in Carrol Gardens, again, Buttermilk Channel is just two blocks down from Prime Meat. It is amazing; all the locals hang out there. It’s also voted the #1 most kid friendly restaurant in Brooklyn.

  61. Morgane

    Your babies are so nice and seems so smart!!

  62. kara

    i just love meg! sounds like a great weekend – i love how happy your kids always seem!

    xx, kara

  63. allison

    E is just the happiest little girl ever. Glad you had fun with your friends!

  64. Meghan

    love the ones of samson! x

  65. sinead

    You’re so lucky to live in New York, seems like such an amazing place! I really want to go there myself one day but in the meantime I’m enjoying seeing the city through your posts :-)

  66. Moll

    Beautiful photos! Samson looks exactly like Josh!

  67. I went to Prime Meats for dinner last week (on Meg’s recommendation) and my goodness it was delicious! Such a cosy feel, too.

  68. Melissa

    Do you have a second stoller? I was just curious…
    I LOVE your blog <3

  69. i grew up in carroll gardens in the 70s and 80s and my parents still live there. love hearing everyone rave about it. it’s always been cute. ;)

  70. Sally

    I pretty much say this every time, but… this makes me want to move there so badly! And I love how good y’all are about taking pictures. I’m definitely feeling inspired to document more.

  71. Mel

    I nanny in Carroll Gardens so I just wanted to say that you captured the neighborhood quite beautifully. You can bet everytime we pass that toy store, the little one NEEDS to hop on to one of the rides.

  72. Nora

    Thank you for your blog! It is awesome! Where do you get those lovely, special clothes from for your lil’ ones? Can you list a few places? Thanx

  73. Amanda

    If you have a chance, can you tell me where Eleanor’s little shirt dress is from??? It’s adorable!

  74. R4i

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