a bit of the weekend, with beautiful photos to accompany it…


over the weekend we got to spend time with tim, kesh and their darling baby roo (who, once you consider the time difference in australia where they live and all, was born just a few hours after samson).  let me tell you, it was one fun, food-filled weekend!  (with beautiful photographs to prove it because tim is made of pure talent.)

one of my favorite things about the blogging community are the long lasting friendships we have made online with so many. and what’s even better is when those online friendships are finally brought to life by meeting that friend in person: someone you have admired from afar, who has inspired and encouraged you, or taught you so much with their words and stories and photographs. someone half way around the world, even.  this blogging world is pretty rad sometimes.

anyway, that is what saturday felt like.  spending the day showing friends from the internet our favorite city in all the world and feeling like we were old friends the entire time. feeling like you can share your dreams or frustrations about life with them and they are listening. talking all things baby and children and not feeling judged. eating your third gluttonous meal of the day before 2 o’clock with friends who are happy to do the same! i guess what i am trying to say is, saturday was awesome.

tim is also one of my favorite photographers. and he was so kind to whip out his camera and document our family in the city together. this meant so much to us because we don’t have any photos of the four of us besides that time i forced my friend julie who was visiting from dc last december to take one of us while we were standing on the street (it’s the one you see on my sidebar. thank you, julie!)  these photos are also extra special to me because they capture us as a family of four here in new york city. this city feels like home- it’s where it all started… and who knows what will happen over the years to come, but it’s where we sometimes imagine we’ll be in the long run, too.

many more photos to come… because i love literally every photo tim took. and also, it’s my blog and stuff. ;)  thank you, tim! we love you guys.21816113 141512

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all photos by tim coulson.

  1. Wendi

    Love these photos of your beautiful family! Especially the black and white one of you and E. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Lauren Brimley

    These are beautiful, Naomi! (great job, Tim!)

  3. Arti K.

    These are great! I love the b&w of you two and the strollers especially :)

  4. Emily

    Love these pictures!! =]

  5. teresa

    LOOOOOOOOve them. all of them. I wanna hang with Tim. :))

  6. Teresa

    I love the pictures and all of the colors! it looks like you guys know how to have a great adventure even on chili days! XOXO

  7. robyn

    gorgeous photos – lovely having talented friends!

  8. Angelica

    these photos are absolutely gorgeous! you are stunning as always, and the kiddos look super sweet and adorable :) samson’s smile is infectious! it’s so cute! love your posts xoxo

  9. ashley

    What gorgeous photos of all 4 of you. I am looking forward to making blogging friends who share my interests from my foray into blogging. Really nice to hear positive stories from the blogging world. Only hope to connect which such talented and creative people as you have. :)

  10. Ah so cute! I love these informal pictures-they capture families so much better than the traditional style.

    Your babies are gorgeous but S…he is just a few days younger than my little guy and its so cute to see them reaching these milestones. They are both such happy boys-perhaps it is having bossy older sisters?! (E and my daughter are the same age too). Teeny age gap but we love it too!

    Cute blog! You can see what we’re up to at http://www.samandasha2.blogspot.co.uk

  11. Camille

    Holy cow, no joke, not a single weak picture!

  12. Bianca

    Lovely photos!

  13. Ana

    What a beautiful family! Amazing photos. And your skirt is adorable!

  14. Carlyn

    Beautiful pictures! There is so much joy in all of your faces :) I really LOVE the skirt you are wearing and have been searching for one like it for awhile now. If you don’t mind me asking, where did you find it?

  15. Hannah

    gorgeous photos! love to see more… he’s such a talented photographer and you have a beautiful family. :)

  16. I discovered Tim Coulson through your blog and he has quickly become one of my favourite photographers too. I love how much he loves his family, and just how open and honest he is about it. These photos are absolutely lovely!

  17. amanda

    oh my gosh, those are like, perfection!!

  18. bridget

    every single one of these photos is jaw-dropping. it must be so nice to finally get some photos with all four of you in ’em…and ones that capture a real day-in-the-life of your family. i love all of them so much. tim may be my new favorite photographer as well!

  19. A nice day!!!!with smilies….
    Une belle journée en famille*Avec de merveilleux sourires***SwissKiss

  20. Nancy

    Love your beautiful family!! :)

  21. Sarah

    SO great: the blogging community connecting AND these pictures!

  22. krissy

    You all look so beautiful and sososososo happy! Love it! I also love your sunnies…mind divulging where they are from? pllllease! xoxo!

  23. your photographs are always full of so much happiness I love them!

  24. Kylin

    Beautiful images of a beautiful family! So happy to see my favorite photographer at work in NYC. Definitely a home run, Tim, Taza, and fam!

  25. Saskia

    The pictures are amazing! Captures your beautiful family perfectly!it feels like kesh&tim are the australian davis family:) i am spending every summer in new york.loving the city! Would be great to meet you one day( dont want to sound creepy hhaha)

  26. Haley

    Y’all just glow. Beautiful.

    I so admire your family! Thank you for sharing these little snippets from your day-to-day.


  27. Amelia

    You guys are just the coolest, most beautiful family! These photos are all so lovely.

  28. Jacki

    Some of my best friends are people I have met online. At first it felt a little weird, but now it’s just a happy part of my life :)

    These photos of your weekend are lovely – your family is just so darn photogenic!

  29. Michelle

    Beautiful photos :)

  30. Awww really lovely pics!!!

    xx Olivia

  31. STUNNING photos!! I think it really captures your family (or what I think of your family as)! I love the blogging community… sometimes, I feel like i”ve found kindred spirits :)

  32. wow, loving these. especially the one at the record store. can’t wait to see more! and i don’t know how you braved a skirt in this frigid weather, you make it look so easy :)

  33. wow! these photographs are stunning!! can’t wait to see more!!!

  34. These look like move stills from a movie that I would love to watch. What a fun day! How exciting to finally meet friends that you’ve only known through blogs. I love it!

  35. Oops, *movie stills :)

  36. Victoria

    Tim Coulson ROCKS! How beautiful to have these treasures to keep.

  37. Agree Naomi it’s beautiful to share experience photos and dreams …. it’s beautiful to know family who lives abroad (important experience for us to exercise our bad english) …… it beautiful to see how you spent your week end outside with you littles (we are obliged to stay indoor again due to the fact that little leo is again sick) ….. you have a beautiful family …. you have a beautiful blog

    xo from Italy, xo from Lelli Family

  38. Teresa

    That is so beautiful. I do not know if she is big enough but she may like see “A trip to the moon” ( the music is so nice too). Also, you may had it but there is a book in Spain , “Mama, ¿de qué color son los besos?” (Mama, witch are kiss colours?) I am sure you are going to love read witch your lovely kids.

  39. Amie

    Oooo look at you sassy new yorkers (pic #5)…hahaha, they are all fabulous pictures! You have a beautiful family. I’m so excited to go check out your friends work!

  40. Oh, these are just so lovely! Especially the way the colour pops out of that swing shot.

    Tim is a talent indeed… x

  41. Jaime

    I hardly ever comment, but I had to write to ask where you got your lovely skirt? I simply must have one of my own! :) Also, thank you for writing this blog – your posts cheer this mama of 2 under 2 up more than you know. :)

    • TAZA

      thank you. it’s from club monaco.

  42. Christine

    Love these pictures…and I adore your jacket. Can I ask where it’s from!?

  43. laura

    i love the one in wich you are playing with your hands to make the littles smile!

  44. Oh what lovely photographs! Especially the black & white image of Samson – so perfect! That’s definitely one for you to frame and treasure. You’re so right about the internet – I’ve met so many brilliant people through twitter and blogging; people I genuinely call friends.

  45. Lovely photos! Once again, how would you pick which ones to frame? Love the B&W one with the stroller. You guys look out of a magazine. :)

  46. Anissa

    These photos are absolutely gorgeous!

  47. Alice

    Your son is just the biggest beamer!!! So so adorable. And I LOVE the picture of your daughter cuddling/ strangling him. Kids are the cutest. x

  48. Kelly

    These photos are amazing, I am glad you got someone to take them – they are precious!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  49. cortney

    whoa, you guys may have eaten almost as much as us this weekend. these photos are truly stunning.

  50. fritha

    after seeing some pictures from all four of your insta feeds I was kind of waiting for this post (in a non creepy way) but to see how beautiful I knew the photos Tim took would be. Beautiful family, amazing photographer – perfect recipe! Glad you had a great weekend
    Fritha x

  51. kendall

    these photos are amazing! X

  52. Kara

    these are great! E reminds me of a little Drew Barrymore…

    xx, kara

  53. lindsay

    Those photos are so beautiful. He did such a great job. I checked out his website, too, and those are equally as stunning. You all live in the best city in the world!

  54. and kate

    I absolutely love this post! It looks like you have had an amazing weekend, making even more wonderful memories with your two children!
    Tim is an awesome photographer – every photo tells a thousand words and I truly cannot wait to see the rest of the photos from your weekend!
    I hope your week is as amazing as your weekend was,
    Love Kate,

  55. I’ve never seen his blog but I’m hooked now! Such a cool fam. Two cool fams. Awesome.

  56. Oh yes they are awesome indeed!

  57. Ann

    What a fun filled weekend! Tim is indeed gifted with a camera. I know these photos of your family will be treasured for a life time : )

  58. Brittany

    Such a beautiful family, Naomi! So full of joy!


  59. Bea

    Taza!!I don’t have a blog since so much time, but I have some blogfriend, (just 2), but what you say it’s so true!!!
    It’s nice to see people around the world that can talk one each other thanks to intenet!
    I love these photos!!!
    Buona serata a tutti e 4!

  60. could your family be any cuter? yes, big fans of Tim here too x

  61. Jess

    These are such lovely photos! Your family is absolutely gorgeous, and can’t tell you how excited your blog makes me for the future! :)

  62. belinda D

    Love love love.
    These are as amazing as I had expected. I was lucky enough to do a workshop wth Tim and he and Kesh are amongst the most beautiful and inspiring people I have met.
    You can feel the love and true joy in everything he captures.

  63. These are breathtaking! What beautiful photos to have forever!



  64. These photos are beautiful! It looks like you had an absolutely perfect Saturday :) I can’t wait to see more! Also, your leather jacket is awesome! Who is it by?

    <3 Josephine

    • TAZA

      thank you. from zara.

  65. alyssa

    beautiful photos!and i absolutely *adore* your outfit. is that gorgeous jacket from zara?

    • TAZA

      yes, from zara!

  66. Olya

    I may or may not have come back for the fourth time today to look at your gorgeous all selves :) makes my heart absolutely melt. These pictures radiate love and happiness, thank you for sharing!


  67. Billie

    The photos are of course stunning, your family is so very photogenic, but my, Naomi you look extra beautiful! I love your hair,make-up, and outfit especially in this!

  68. What beautiful photos! I had never heard of Tim before, but he’s definitely on my radar now. Thanks for exposing us to someone new.

  69. These photos are just gorgeous! You will be able to treasure these and look back on them for years It’s nice not always having to be the one behind the camera or using the timer ;)


  70. Jenny

    The photos are amazing. They really capture a true joy in your family!

  71. Belinda

    Your pictures and lifestyle is so inspiring, especially when you have a bub yourself (me) . Great shots!

  72. Carolyn

    Such beautiful and precious photos. I’m surprised I have never discovered Tim’s work before, being an Australian photographer myself. I’m definitely adding him to my reading list.
    Thank you for sharing!

  73. Lisa

    They are beautiful images. I had the privilege of doing his photography workshop in September last year and it was an odd (but fabulous) feeling finally meeting someone in the “real” world after reading so much about their life and journey through this wonderful blogosphere we reside in.

  74. Julie

    Oh! These photos are beautiful!

  75. These photos are absolutely gorgeous, but mostly because they showcase all of the love in your family! I can’t wait to see more.

  76. Marissa

    Gorgeous photos. Beautiful family. Lovely friends :)

  77. Tiffany

    I love all of the photos! I know what you mean about not having any photos as a whole family. And unfortunately my husband isn’t photographically inclined either so it is mostly always me taking the photos and not very many with my little ones! You have such a beautiful little family!

  78. jodi

    I’m so glad you guys got to meet in person. The Coulsons are a special bunch – three of the kindest souls you’ll ever meet. And as for Tim’s photography…well, it’s one-of-a-kind. He captured you all beautifully – all your sweetness and colour and love. x

  79. Raquel

    Beautiful!!! I hope one day I get to meet you guys!!!

  80. Rachel

    These photos are beyond gorgeous!! They are so perfect – I love how they capture the essence of what you guys are doing – just spending time together as a family. Photos like that are my favorite – they’re the ones that aren’t posed and they capture the best of moments. Love love love it. Tim is amazing.

  81. nicole zacharias

    OMG- how gorgeous is your little family!?!!!!

  82. N

    As a photographer one of the most wonderful things to do when photographing a family is chase them around their house, city, favorite place and watch them interact with another. These are beautiful images so full of life. Thanks for sharing!

  83. Yishy

    What WONDERFUL photos!!!

    Your life is so completely different from mine.. I always enjoy seeing what you’re up to ;)

    Lots of love from LONDON <3

    xx http://www.smallcrazy.com

  84. Yishy


  85. What PRECIOUS photos!! Tim is such an inspiration. His stories and his photographs are mind blowing. We are lucky enough to be welcoming Tim into our home in early March so he can shoot out family. I cannot wait x

  86. Yishy

    What WONDERFUL photos!!

    My life is so completely different to yours.. so I really enjoy seeing what you’re up to <3

    Lots of love from LONDON!

    Y xx

    [sorry about above comment – pressed it by accident]

  87. i live in australia and my sis in law is a photographer who ‘liked’ tim’s picture of Josh holding samson up in the air in the record store (which you havent put up here!) straight away I was like I know that guy and baby… lol of course I dont really know you …. fun to put the connections together