a bit of the weekend, with beautiful photos to accompany it…


over the weekend we got to spend time with tim, kesh and their darling baby roo (who, once you consider the time difference in australia where they live and all, was born just a few hours after samson).  let me tell you, it was one fun, food-filled weekend!  (with beautiful photographs to prove it because tim is made of pure talent.)

one of my favorite things about the blogging community are the long lasting friendships we have made online with so many. and what’s even better is when those online friendships are finally brought to life by meeting that friend in person: someone you have admired from afar, who has inspired and encouraged you, or taught you so much with their words and stories and photographs. someone half way around the world, even.  this blogging world is pretty rad sometimes.

anyway, that is what saturday felt like.  spending the day showing friends from the internet our favorite city in all the world and feeling like we were old friends the entire time. feeling like you can share your dreams or frustrations about life with them and they are listening. talking all things baby and children and not feeling judged. eating your third gluttonous meal of the day before 2 o’clock with friends who are happy to do the same! i guess what i am trying to say is, saturday was awesome.

tim is also one of my favorite photographers. and he was so kind to whip out his camera and document our family in the city together. this meant so much to us because we don’t have any photos of the four of us besides that time i forced my friend julie who was visiting from dc last december to take one of us while we were standing on the street (it’s the one you see on my sidebar. thank you, julie!)  these photos are also extra special to me because they capture us as a family of four here in new york city. this city feels like home- it’s where it all started… and who knows what will happen over the years to come, but it’s where we sometimes imagine we’ll be in the long run, too.

many more photos to come… because i love literally every photo tim took. and also, it’s my blog and stuff. ;)  thank you, tim! we love you guys.21816113 141512

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all photos by tim coulson.

  1. sally

    love your scarf. where is it from?

  2. Carly

    oh my gosh, all of these photos are SO fantastic. such a beautiful little family you have :)

  3. leah

    beautiful photos! i love how you never seem to be afraid of using a lot of color – in your outfits, home, ect. so pretty!

  4. Court

    Hands down the cutest family pics I have ever laid my eyes on. Please, please share more!!

  5. Ariel

    *sigh* you have such a lovely life. ;) these pictures are beautiful, Naomi.

  6. Lea

    Beautiful work on the creation of the Davis family, and kudos to Tim for documenting the four of you so well! I am thoroughly impressed with his portrait captures.

  7. Brooke

    You guys are simply adorable.

  8. Amy

    I LOVE the bright spring colors you’re all wearing! Despite the snow hats and scarves it makes me feel like sunny weather is right around the corner:)

  9. Natasha

    I’ve being following your little blog now for around 6 months (One of your photos popped up on instagram one day and led me here).
    This blog and your family are truly adorable, delightful, inspiring and so many other pretty words could be applied.

    Today I clicked on the link to the wonderfully talented Tim’s page and fell in love with his work (That now makes two blogs I will check on the regular :) thanks!)
    While admiring his storytelling through photographs and thinking how lovely it is he is a fellow Australian… I then discovered he grew up on the beaches where I did and still live on the Central Coast.

    Sometime such a large world can feel so small :)

  10. The blogging community has brought me so much joy! I am meeting two internet friends this month and am so thrilled! We have been online friends for ages and it will just be so fulfilling to officially meet them. These pictures are just gorgeous!

  11. Abeer

    What awesome photos! Totally loving each click.. I hv been dying to get some natural family shots with my own.. N btw i hv n xact same photo of a three year old me sliding down a slide n my dad on the other end catching, as urs n eleanor’s. :)


  12. Ursula

    Gorge! Love the black and white pics the most.

  13. Laura

    Perfect family! This pictures are awesome! So beautiful!

  14. Morgane

    Such a wonderfull family! Tim’s blof is amazing!! Thank you so much!

  15. seda

    wanted to buy converse to my little girl after see E…Xx

  16. Meg

    I absolutely adore all of these photos! I love to read your posts everyday, for when I read them it puts a smile on my face!

  17. Carie

    What lovely pictures – and how great to have some of you all together; I’m so often missing from our family photos because I’m the one behind the camera, I always have to remind myself to appear in a few!

  18. yvi

    i relly love those pic. they’re great. and you’re also guys!

  19. Margaret


  20. Shannon

    Cutest family ever!

    BTW I’m doing a new giveaway each day this week on my blog if you wanna check it out! http://www.gbofashion.com

  21. lu

    super cute :)

  22. Bene

    Beautiful! Just beautiful! These pictures are really good and so dear! I have been rendered quite speechless at them. Your friend Tim really has got a talent for sure!

  23. Brianne

    Your skirt is perfect! It reminds me of a Barbie dress I had when I was a child (and was obsessed with)! These pictures and your family are beautiful!

  24. Cassie

    I love the black and white photo with your beautiful baby looking at the camera. I love the facial expression, delightful.

    I always look forward to reading your latest posts. I love this blog and how cheerful and beautiful it is.

    Thanks for sharing.

  25. Theresa

    Wow! These are amazing pictures of you and your family. Such beautiful photography! I would post more if I was you, too.


  26. Erin

    These are beautiful! The black and white one of you posing with Josh and the stroller in front of you is amazing! Thanks for sharing !

  27. Samson looks CHEEKY. He had many cute shots before, but that one with his big smile is by far the best.

  28. Melissa

    So beautiful. That’s all.

  29. Julie

    Amazing photo’s, I can see why your so in love with them all. I need to find myself some photo savy friends, I always hate when I get back from beautiful places and there are never any pictures of myself other then the stretch-the-arm-out kind.


  30. kiti

    You are a perfect family…so beautiful photos!!

  31. Kelly

    please show us the real parenting stuff,like you use to.Not the fluffy stuff that makes us feel useless for not being a gorgeous family,living in NY..there lots of people that love you all.Most of us don’t have this life..No offence intended and I am sorry if I offend you,but please keep it real..eeek even typing that I feel mean,I’m not intending that.

    • TAZA

      it is never my intention to make anyone feel useless while reading my blog! none of us have the same life but hopefully we can be inspired by bits and pieces of others lives’ and better our own…at least that is what i try to get out of other people’s posts i read. personally, i like to focus on the good, on what i love in life, and what makes us happy. i do keep it real by sharing my struggles and frustrations from time to time, but i try to not focus on the negative stuff too much. it’s just not my style.

  32. Louise

    Your family is perfect! Such wonderful pictures!

  33. Lizzy Wayne

    Hi Naomi,
    I noticed that you have Samson’s Patagonia puff suit as a bunting while he’s in the swing – My daughter, Charlotte, has the same suit and the bottom can be worn as legs as well so they’re all covered up in swings & seats. Just a little FYI.

    • TAZA

      thanks! samson’s suit barely fits him now when the legs are zipped up separately (growth spurt) so we just unzip the bunting and let it hang like a long coat when he’s in the swings!

    • TAZA

      it’s at west 4th street!

  34. Emily Hulen

    I think people forget that being happy and enjoying life is being “real” too. Isn’t life filled with both happiness & frustration, good times & bad? the positive is just as real and important as the hard stuff. The reason I come to your blog is to be reminded of the good. Thank you for being wiling to share your happiness.

  35. Kay

    Wonderful post. You have a beautiful family. Did you know that a photo of you and Josh is on a television advert for special occasion cards here in the UK?

  36. Patti

    Hi Naomi! Your family is beautiful and it is my guilty pleasure to follow your blog :) These days, I am finding myself utterly impressed at how much you get out with 2 babies! I have a precious 3.5 month old and I find it nearly impossible to go out to eat with my hubby or visit a friend without messing up her whole day. If I do it anyway, I find myself awkwardly nursing in the car in the corner of some parking lot or just have a seriously fussy baby on my hands. Any tips for making successful outings without torturing my daughter are greatly appreciated!


  37. Bonnie

    So cute! Seriously.

  38. Awesome pictures! I love your jacket and sunglasses! Where did you get them?

  39. AWESOME!!!

    I love this stunning pictures. just a lovely family.


  40. Josie

    Hello, Love your blog and pictures, makes me think that I can manage a second baby :) I live in Costa Rica planning to go to Europe in may and New York for fall, so I’m looking for the best gear, we are taking our 1 year old, I read your posts from Italy but was wondering where is E’s coat from and her glasses?
    Thanks in advance for your response, and maybe you could do some posts on clothing? We all wonder were all your stuff is from, great taste!!!
    Good vibes! From Costa Rica!

  41. Jaana

    Wonderful photos! :) I especially love the black and white of Eleanor (second to last).
    And since I think this every time I read your blog… you have the cutest, smiley-est babies I’ve ever seen! Other than my own nieces and nephews, of course. :)

  42. Laura

    I .m so on love with your scarf i dreamt about it !

    Please where os it from ?

    By the way we love your blog here on France !!

    • TAZA

      thank you! it is from kate spade.

  43. beautiful pictures indeed. so happy you all had a fun-loving weekend with your friends from down under.

    you all look so great – you ought to be in tv, seriously. i am on the verge of writing to ryan secrest to produce a reality tv of your lovely family.

    best always,

  44. Marysia

    Such cute photos Naomi… Can I please ask where did you get the sunglasses in this post please…please… :)

    • TAZA

      thanks! i bought them from gilt. they are karen walker.

  45. rebecca

    Where in the world is your scarf from? It’s lovely and really pops in these gorgeous family pics!

  46. the egg

    samson in the patagonia baby sack is absolutely precious.
    you two make GORGEOUS babies!

    xo the egg out west.

  47. Joni

    Okay I’m OBSESSED with these photos!! I love the feel and look of a candid lifestyle shoot. I”ve been wanting to do one for some time with my little fam, but I feel like it won’t look natural enough. It’s so hard not to pose or look dumb when someone’s documenting you’re every move. But you do it so effortlessly! Beautiful family. Lucky you are

  48. Oh yay! Tim, Kesh and Roo are just awesomesauce – as are these photos! He just has an amazing gift, doesn’t he?! xx

  49. Sarah

    I’ve been reading your blog for years. My first thought when I saw this post was, “Ohhh, she finally replaced her red cowboy boots! Yay!” It was at that moment I decided that maybe, MAYBE, I need to lay off the internet a bit. :)

    Thank you for creating such a happy little corner of the Internet. It’s a nice place to stop by every now and then…quiet and lovely and happy. Best wishes -S

  50. AMAZING Pictures. Really amazingly glowing and glorious.
    Guys you are really the shiniest family ever. BEAUTIFULLY HAPPY.
    thanks for sharing those intimate life moments!!

    You make the most simple week-end looking completely out of this world!

    Raphaelle xx


  51. Cecelia

    Your pictures are beautiful, thanks for sharing!

  52. kredyty

    When I originally commented I clicked the “Notify me when new comments are added” checkbox and now each time a comment is added I get several e-mails with the same comment. Is there any way you can remove people from that service? Cheers!

  53. oh that Tim Coulson, he has one wild talent! It’s funny that he takes that golden (australian to me) light with him where ever he goes!

    Such a thrill to see his work here, on your uber blog. But i’ve always called him Uber Tim, so i suppose it’s PERFECT! :)

    xo em

  54. Darcie

    Love your skirt and that you are brave enough to wear it in winter in New York!

  55. These pictures are fantastic. The one of you both pushing the stroller in black and white reminds me on an older photo I would have seen of my parents from back in the day! So sweet. Your family looks full of love in every picture!