venezia, italia! part II




^^^samson somehow knew to wear this striped shirt so he’d fit in with all the other gondolieri.^^^


^^^E photo bombing the boys. hahaha.^^^




^^^the famous pierini from Harry’s Bar.^^^



^^^goodness, venice is stunning at night with all the lights reflecting on the water.^^^


^^^stealing a lick of papa’s cono di gelato.^^^

and that, folks, is a wrap! until next time italy… (because one can wish and dream, right?)

see venice, part I.

  1. Oh now you are making me want to go Venice, too! A lovely virtual escape from my desk at work – thank you for brightening up my Tuesday. x

  2. Molly

    how lovely! a beautiful family and backdrop.

  3. Gosh, Venice is stunning.. We went years ago, and I’d love to return someday and take the children! Especially after seeing all your Italy photos – they’re an inspiration for sure. Thank you so much for sharing all these beautiful details.

  4. Morgan

    Hey! Long time follower here, love your new site and was reading your FAQ and saw that “taza” was a nickname? I thought this was your real name! (Pronounced “Tay-zha”) …. So now I’m weirded out. Haha. What’s your actual name? And how are you pronouncing “taza”?

  5. Julie

    Stripes are always a good idea! Samson is a fast learner.

  6. samson with those socks and hat, love it. glad you found these extra photos!

  7. Erin

    Could you please share where you got the beautiful scarf in all these photos? Love your site and thanks!

  8. Lauren

    Your family is just the cutest and your pictures are precious! Especially little E’s personality in the photo bomb one. Love it!

    L. loves to share

  9. So beautiful

  10. Samson always looks so curious. Its amazing. It looks like you guys had a fantastic time.

  11. Blakely

    Beautiful photos, as always! Such great memories with the sweet little

  12. These photos are gorgeous! I can’t wait to go to Italy someday.

  13. Carolyn

    This last picture reminds me of so many nighttime strolls through Rome with gelato or tartufo or whatever other Italian goodies we could find…Italian streets with all their cobblestone and families out for treats and sparkling sidewalk cafes all night have a special music, don’t they? So glad you got to experience Italy!

  14. Andrea

    How beautiful, the picture of Venice at night is truly so breathtaking, it must have felt just like a dream being there. Your little family always looks so happy, too. How crazy to think they are world travelers at such a young age!

    Wishing you a good week.

  15. Thanks for sharing your trip with us. I have really enjoyed your Italy series x

  16. Leah

    Delightful! You looked like you all had such an amazing time.

    I’ve been twice now (all the way from Sydney, Australia) and fall in love with its beauty, food and wonderful people!

  17. Iva

    Lovely post. The whole family looks always natural on the photos! YOu two are profesionalists of taking pictures!

  18. beautiful photos as ever! i’m such a fan of stripes, have far too many striped clothes for my little one!

    i want some gelato now!

  19. Hannah

    Thanks for sharing your Italian adventures…I loved seeing your amazing photos! Italy is somewhere I would love to go…I keep trying but it keeps falling through…one day though!

  20. i really love your photos! i enjoyed reading your posts on italy! we went to Venezia too just before Christmas. You are right : the gondola ride is ridiculously high but seriously, it is a must-do,this is SO venice! we did the ride on a sunday, maybe a little bit less chaotic (since there is less traffic on the waters!) but we also had a baby wanting to touch the water all the time and couldn’t stay quiet on the seat! ;-) if you are interested to see photos of Venice during Christmas time, you can see my post :

  21. kara

    omg that pierini looks a-mazing! and has anyone ever told you that E looks like a little Drew Berrymore?

    xx, Kara

  22. Samira

    love the photos!! what fun you lot had!

  23. Allison

    I went to Italy two years ago with just a backpack of clothes like you! It was extremely hard to keep my clothes clean but completely worth the no hassle luggage. I love looking at your photos, they are beautiful and make me want to go back!


  24. so pretty, makes me want to go to Italy right away.

  25. Hannah

    The photos are amazing!! I hope I get a chance to go to Italy one day.


  26. Dino

    he is getting so big and is just getting cuter and cuter! ahh! your family is so blessed!

  27. Ok! Your littles about kill me with the cuteness… I’ve looked forward to seeing E’s sweet pictures and updates (not being a Mom myself), but your precious Samson is coming into his own now and I’m swooning! They are the perfect mix of you and Josh (boy and Girl wise). Isn’t God just super good? Children are just a pure blessing, and you and Josh are marvelous parents (even if I don’t know you at all)!! High Fives on raising these sweet babes at home with such love and happiness, I will include your precious family in my prayers :)

  28. Lucia

    OMG! I have found your blog a week ago, but it is passion for me.. i check it all the time and cant want to see little E. to make some “children stuff” with his angel and smiling face! lovely family! And babes are happy. This is perfect line for life :) enjoy it!

  29. Lucia

    cant wait* no cant want :)

  30. Lucia

    no his but her.. ok i need a break for study.. :) sorry for a lot of comment :)

  31. Melanie

    Oy! Samson is something else with that little stripped shirt, adorable!

  32. Natalie

    I’m starting to think you should just start posting source lists at the end of each post where you get your, Josh, and those darling children’s clothing and accessories.

    PLEASE tell me where you got the backpack in the last photo. It is PERFECT.

  33. Arianne

    You do realize ‘infamous’ means that it’s famous for something bad, right? I assume you just mean famous because I’m sure you wouldn’t have ordered the peirini if it did have a bad reputation. :)

    • TAZA

      i did just mean famous! thanks for pointing that out. totally got that one wrong. :)

  34. Timi

    Beautiful pictures, and still your family is wonderful!

  35. Annie

    I love your scarf, Naomi! Can you tell me where it’s from? Also: Samson looks so cute with that little green hat.

  36. Courtney

    Naomi, I love your jacket in the last picture! Where is it from? Also, I’m going to Ireland for a week and plan on only bringing a backpack – these posts make me think it might actually be possible!

  37. amy

    such great captures. vivid & lovely! xx

  38. That baby and his striped shirt just made day. Someday, if we ever travel abroad, you are making me want to take my littles!

  39. Marie

    I must have said this a million times already but I’ll say it again… Your children are adorable! Love the photos, Italy looks stunning ♥

  40. Lydia

    Cutest kids alive!

    – L

  41. Lizzie

    Naomi! Your posts are always beautiful, but especially the ones from Italy- I just can’t get enough! This beautiful scarf of yours, however, keeps popping up and every time I am dying to know where you found it! Also where did you get the hat you wore throughout Italia!? Your packing was very impressive and all those tips will help me when I travel thru Europe!

    Thanks for sharing!!

  42. all the colors… both you and your surroundings… i don’t think there could be a bad picture with all the prettiness happening :)

  43. loved hearing about your adventures in Italy and you take such beautiful photos!

  44. Jessica

    Naomi- I absolutely love your boots! Who makes them? Thanks so much! We went to Italy for our honeymoon- one of my favorite places ever (at least so far)!

  45. bridget

    so very happy you put mister samson is he best striped top. it was a good call.

  46. bridget

    in his* best striped top. schwoops!

  47. Ariel

    beautiful photos! you look gorgeous in the last one. wish i looked as stylish as you do all the time!

  48. Anne

    Josh and Samson on the gondola together is just too cute!

  49. Lauren

    Who makes that backpack?

  50. Simone Gurgel

    I follow your posts and love everything you post. Your family is beautiful and very cute kids!! Congratulations on the blog! And I’m following you here in Brazil … a hug.

  51. Lindsey N.

    I love Venice! You captured it so well:) Also, where is your jacket from? It looks so warm and non-bulky! Love it!

  52. Ann

    E just gets a kick out of those birds haha!

  53. Miu

    Again, very beautiful pictures!
    They really make me want to go to Venice again!

  54. Looks like a super fun trip! My cousins lived in Italy a few years ago — unfortunately we never made it over to visit them! xo m

    ps. yummy blog design, by the way!

  55. Kyl

    We are planning a Europe trip with our 2 year old in the Spring. I’d love to see a post on your 2 backpack packing list for this trip, since I am completely intrigued and slightly in disbelief that you made it work!

    Your italy pictures are beautiful.

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  57. lena

    Naomi, I’ve been admiring your quilted jacket. Could you please share where it’s from?

    • TAZA

      thanks! from zara.

  58. Sheree H

    Samson’s little touque is perfect. And that gelato looks delicious!