venezia, italia! part I


here’s the last bit of our trip to italy from november, all thanks to my lost sim card which we found last week. what a joyous day!

so, venice! i was surprised at how much i loved our time in venice. mostly because josh has been before and wasn’t the biggest fan… also because  most people we know suggested we skip it or spend just one day there tops. but we ended up spending a few days there, and i had a lot of fun!  maybe it’s because the italian job is one of my favorite movies ever. so i was just giddy the entire time we rode around on the canals. the first afternoon we were there, we went on one of those ridiculously over-priced gondola rides, and while it was far from romantic and more chaotic than anything (which is to be expected with a toddler who does not want to stay seated and would rather lean over the gondola to play with the water), it was such a fun experience and for me, was the icing on the cake to our adventures in italy!

*for those who asked about how we managed to fit everything for 2 weeks abroad into 2 carry-ons, i updated my post on traveling abroad with littles and included that info at the bottom! hope it is helpful!


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^^^the masks & glass blown balloons were so beautiful.^^^^


^^^ “RAAAARRRRR!!” ^^^


  1. Beautiful photographs. I love how interested E is in everything!

  2. Ariel

    Yay! I was loving your posts on Italy, so I gotta say Im happy ypu found your photos! ;) Your blog is always my favorite read. Loooove the pic of you & S on the gondola! Cutest! :) Hope you all are feeling better! xo

  3. This looks so amazing, I went to Venice back in 2008 and sadly only have two pictures of myself there! I think looking at this pictures though has made me want to go back with my husband in tow

  4. Leigh

    Oh Venice looks beautiful! So glad you found your pictures! Hope you and your little family are feeling better!

  5. Ah, I love Samson and Josh in these photos!!! E is always gorgeous of course, but these photos make me want to force my boyfriend to wear bow ties. Am I alone in this??

  6. Laura

    Beautiful photos Naomi! Yay for finding missing camera cards!

  7. Gilly

    Lovely photos!! Has been great reading all your posts on Italy :) I really love the scarf you’re wearing in the first photo… Could you share where you got it from? X

  8. I have always wanted to go to Venice it looks so beautiful.

  9. such beautiful photos! we went to Venice before we had our little one, but now seeing this post makes me want to go back and take her! luckily for us it’s not so far from the UK!

  10. Hello, I went in Venice for my wedding travel! It was so marvelous! It’s very nice to see pictures of its town!
    Great pictures! Have a nice day!

  11. Samira

    love the photos!! I have always wanted to go there!

  12. Conny

    These pictures are just too good for words!

  13. I have a picture of my daughter sitting on that same lion in St Mark’s Square! We live in Sicily and our visit to Venice was one of my favorite trips we’ve taken, much to my surprise as well.

  14. Looks gorgeous! I was in Venice in early January a couple years ago, and opted out of the overpriced gondola ride – now I feel like I missed out!

  15. Olya

    Naomi, what jeans are you wearing all the time in Italy? Jean-aholic as I am , I’m dying to know. Very cute and very flattering.

  16. Gotta say, I’m with Josh! We took a day trip to Venice during our honeymoon in October and it was NOT my favorite! We kept getting lost in those winding streets! It was the only time we got in a fight the whole trip…..ridiculous considering we were on our honeymoon lol!

  17. Miguel

    Hi… I was there with my wife on november 2011., it was our Honeymoon.. but I also lost a memory card that contained the Venice Photos… :-/ I Just ask if you please could send me some panoramic photos (original size).. whatever you wants… is just to print some of them to put it in our Honeymoon Album… please!! I really appreciate you this favor.

  18. Allison

    Such a happy happy family! Keep these photos coming, because I’m in love. Venice looks like a dream!

  19. Laura

    This city is so beautiful! I love yours family pictures!

  20. jaclyn

    WOW what a beautiful trip!! I am so happy you were able to enjoy yourselves while bringing the lil ones!! You give me hope on traveling internationally with our lil guy :)

  21. What beautiful pictures you have taken!! Thank you for sharing!! E and S are just adorable :)

  22. love all these pretty shots, and i really love josh’s blazer. thanks for sharing!

  23. Carie

    We went to Venice when Kitty was 7 months and just loved it. The boy was taking classes with his art group so I spent lots of time exploring with Kitty packed up in the ergo before meeting up with the group again. I’d love to go back again – despite all the steps it is a great city for small children and it looks like you had a fantastic time.

  24. Emily

    I absolutely loved the time I spent in Venice and couldn’t understand why anyone would suggest you skip it or limit your time there! I’m glad to see I’m not alone :) x

  25. Janica

    Beautiful photos! I was there in November and none of my photos are as beautiful as yours. U’re inspirational!

    Could you please share which model of camera you used to take these photos? Thanks and Happy New Year!

    • TAZA

      thanks! my camera info is in the FAQ section of my blog under the ABOUT tab!

  26. absolutely beautiful photos! I am so curious to see the packing update I was definitely wondering how you managed to look so stylish off of 2 carry ons!

  27. Ali

    I would love to go back to Italy! I had some amazing moments there and your pictures are making me nostalgic. I have a 2 year old now, and would love to make him a little world-traveler! Thanks for sharing!

  28. Sara

    I want to go there so bad. I was thisclose to going but we missed our train.

    Also Josh looks so GQ in these photos with those sunglasses. Ha ha. Glad you had a good time.

  29. Eli

    Italy will never bore (almost) anyone – it’s so beautiful and magical in every way. xx

  30. I loved Venice, too! I was underwhelmed by Rome, but Venice was amazing! And I didn’t even spring for a gondola ride!

  31. Beautiful photographs! Looks like you guys had a wonderful time on your trip. I remembering loving Venice as well. Such a charming place.

  32. Rachel

    Venice looks amazing! I’m glad you found your sim card – those are some great pictures! And I bet it was a little chaotic with two cute kiddos on a gondola. Over Thanksgiving we took my niece and nephew to a swamp/alligator park (…i’m from the south) and we thought about taking a boat tour, but realized with a crazy 3-year-old who also likes looking/playing in the water, that probably wasn’t the best idea. So we opted for the train ride instead. It was a lot easier :)

  33. i swear you’ve managed to post more photos from your two week there than me who lived in italy for three months. props to you! these are lovely, it’s no wonder you want to share them :)

  34. Ann

    I know the Gondola ride was ridiculously expensive but, with a view like that, I know it was worth the extra $$$

  35. Stella

    Lovely pictures! When I visited Italy I heard that Venice wasn’t worth it either and we didn’t have much time so we skipped it, but after seeing your pictures & DesignMom’s (she was just in Venice) I reallly want to go back!! What a unique and interesting city.

  36. Rachel

    I was surprised by how much I loved Venice too – it is such a gorgeous place! – What a great set of pictures. I didn’t get the chance to go on a gondola but enjoyed watching them float by under the beautiful bridges!

  37. stacy

    you may already be aware of this problem, but most of your pictures never load for me since your site was updated! i miss seeing your beautiful pictures, hope it can be fixed. xo

    • TAZA

      thanks for letting me know. i hadn’t heard this yet. what browser are you using?

  38. Love these. The picture of you and Samson on the gondola is just too adorable. How would you pick which pictures to frame? I bet you’re having a hard time with so many good ones.

    • TAZA

      haha thank you. i always run into this problem because i want to frame every single photo of my kids. i think it’s a mama thing. it’s hard. ;)

  39. Venice is my favourite place on Earth. I’ve spent there almost all my Summers since I was a child and I always discover new corners and breathtaking views everytime I go back.

    Lovely pictues!!!

  40. Carrie

    Do you think you could put where you get Eleanor’s hair clips from? I just love them and have a 2 year old Eleanor myself! Thanks :)

    • TAZA

      hi! i ordered them from Tea Collection!

  41. Erica

    Oh my goodness! These pictures brought back wonderful memories from my own trip to Venice two summers ago. I am a high school student and after experiencing the magic of Italian style, I have started taking Italian. Your photos capture the essence of the city beautifully!

  42. Beautiful pics, beautiful see your holiday in our country. I love Josh expression un these photos ….. so dreaming …..

    xo from Italy, xo from Daddy Lele

  43. Natalie

    Beautiful photos, absolutely lovely post makes me very jealous- I’m going to Italy this summer and I can’t wait to be on a boat in venice now! ♥

  44. Kellie

    That’s awesome that yall were able to travel with the kidos. They must be some well behaved little ones. :)
    That’s awesome that yall were able to experience that with them. Love your photos!!

  45. Court

    These pictures make me want to pack my bags right now and head to Venice! The city looks (almost) as cute as your littles!

  46. Natalie

    Beautiful photos, makes me very jealous- I’m going to Italy in the summer and can’t wait to be in one of those boats in Venice. Such a gorgeous country ♥

  47. Amanda

    Great photos! I don’t care what anyone says, I love Venice! I have visited that city four times now and would go back for sure.

    Also, thanks for updated your traveling with littles post. Those backpacks look rad!

  48. Chely

    I love how much Eleanor’s character shines through your photos. I can’t wait to see little Samson’s personality as he gets older!

  49. alyssa

    beautiful photos as usual, naomi! are those boots you are wearing from frye?

    *also, beautiful jacket in the first photo. do you mind telling me where you got it? thanks in advance!

    such a lovely post.

    • TAZA

      thanks! yes my boots are from frye and the jacket is from zara.

  50. Carolyn

    Josh’s attire looks amazing!
    Ps. Kudos for loving The Italian Job!

  51. Sarah

    Oh my! You and the fam are adorable. Your post makes me want to grab the husband and return to Venezia to eat heart of chocolate gelato (assuming that’s what that says/means).

  52. bridget

    josh is SUCH a style maven. i have a million things to comment on — miss e’s smile (always), your gondola photos, the blown glass balloons — but really, some praise for mr. davis had to be expressed!

  53. Love all the photos and would love to go over your travelling with little tips, it would be a great help!love italian jobs too!:)


  54. Kiki

    Beautious ! Love the hat, where from??

    • TAZA

      thanks! it’s from gilt. the brand is hat attack.

  55. Gorgeous images, as is expected. However I must point out, your husband looks so dapper! Definitely blending into the high fashion menswear in Europe. Good for him!

  56. Jennifer

    Your pictures and family are so beautiful! So much love!

    Love our boots! What brand are they? They look sooo comfy!

  57. you took two babies to italy? what a feat! my son, ace, just turned two and i’m expecting a baby girl in march. italy is my all-time fave place. i’ll be calling on you when i’m ready to venture back:) xx

  58. Michelle

    Hello, Naomi! It is always such a pleasure to see pictures of your beautiful family and your stylish outfits! You are very good at combining patterns and bright colors that pop in your photos. Very lively and artful!

    Would you mind sharing where you found your lovely scarf blanket?

  59. Claire

    I love your Italy pics, reminds me of me and my husband’s trip but unfortunately we didn’t get to go to Venice, so this was a real treat :) I would have been giddy with excitement as well. Cheers!

  60. Alina

    Love that scarf you are wearing! Would love to know where it’s from? :)

    Thank you!

    • TAZA

      thanks! from Zara.

  61. keep ’em coming! i’ll never get tired of looking at pics of your italy trip :)

  62. See all your Italy pictures is so fun! But what I can’t get over is that you only packed carry-on’s!? Come on now, really? Because that is a remarkable talent! Especially with your fun hats, and husbands blazers!

  63. Jen

    I love samsons hat! And your husband is a hunk! :) adorable camily as always!

  64. Amy

    LOVE LOVE LOVE!! WHat kind of camera do you guys have? Every single picture is gorgeous!!!!!


  66. I DO NOT understand why some people don’t like Venice! It’s one of the most unique places on earth, magical even! ;) great photos, Naomi!

  67. Lydia

    Nice! Always wanted to go there .. One question; You always have so pretty pictures with such a nice light – could you make a post about which camera equipment you use and some photo tips? (:

    – L

  68. Jessica

    you have such a beautiful family. i love all these photos so very much!

  69. Hilary


  70. Sheree H

    Your family is so stylish!


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  72. Fifine B.

    Thank you for giving us a glimpse into your lives. I just discovered you today via Pinterest. I am from New York, now living in Las Vegas. I’ve also spent some years in Italy. Venice is one of my favorite places. Your posts and pictures make me nostalgic in such a great way.

  73. Clara

    I apologize on behalf of my Italian compatriots selling ice cream for writing “cuore” (=heart) with a “q” instead of “c”!

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  75. Diana

    My husband and I are planning a trip to Venice and Spain for the summer. Can you recommend a place to stay in Venice?