trapped in here.


we are finally beginning to feel like ourselves again over here! this whole sick thing has been no joke. and when both kids are sick, it’s hard enough. but then your husband and you as well? i mean, c’mon! let’s just be cruel now!

we have been in the apartment for so many days straight i am losing my mind. by 3:30 in the afternoon i don’t even know what to do with them anymore. should i let E watch *another* movie? proooobably not. but, you know. by 3:30 in the afternoon i don’t even know what to do with myself anymore. should i at least put a bra on? proooobably. but, you know.

good news though! there’s finally a light at the end of this tunnel and i think we’re out of the worst of it. plus, it’s  warm and beautiful in new york city today! so we’ll be moving this party on outside and getting back into the swing of things here shortly. i hope wherever you are, you are not sick or stuck inside.  and if you are, i hope you are sleeping it off soundly without two little ones crawling all over you and always lifting up your shirt. ;)


  1. Belle

    haha I know the feeling of a little one always trying to lift up your shirt! Mine’s begun to think its ok to do on the subway, so that’s fun… Glad your feeling better!
    belle @

  2. Belle

    haha I know the feeling of a little one always trying to lift up your shirt! Mine’s begun to think its ok to do on the subway, so that’s fun…
    Glad you’re feeling better!

  3. Belle

    haha I know the feeling of a little one always trying to lift up your shirt! Mine’s begun to think its ok to do on the subway, so that’s fun…
    Glad you’re feeling better!

  4. Claudia

    Oh! I was reading your blog, reading pass entries and I see you wrote a new enrty! Is the first time I write, and I Just wanna say I love your blog, your family is beautiful and I hope all of you recover soon and feel much better! I’m from Chile, sorry for the bad english, but this was the perfect moment to write.
    Blessings and much love from Santiago, Chile! <3

  5. yay for warm weather! and yay for getting of the sick bug. apparently that stomach things been making its way around the US…. weird.

    3:30 and no bra? you go girl! haha we all do it at some point(s)…


  6. Hi there, i love your blog and what you’ve been writing about. It brings us so much joy just to see those smiley faces and gorgeous pictures of your every day life.

    Thank you once again. Im really blessed by you and your family.

    leedear. singapore

  7. bridget

    glad the davis family is feeling on the up & up! and i love these photos & the title of your post.

  8. mau

    Ugh, I feel for you! The worst is when one of them starts school and starts getting the germs from there. That’s when the real fun begins! :-D Glad to see you’re all getting better.

  9. Jen

    oh man, they are so stinkin cute!! it’s so rough when they get sick though, i swear it take s good 2 weeks to cycle through everyone at our house! ugh!

  10. Kristie

    How do you manage to get such perfect pictures of your babies?!

  11. Maria

    Hope you’ll all feel fine again soon!!!

  12. So good to hear you guys are on the mend. We’ve all had those ‘home’ day moments where you end up not wearing a bra… or days… eek x

  13. Ariel

    ugh. we are so sick over here & today makes it one week. :( on saturday my fiancee was so sick we had to go to the quick care which only made me even more sick. (do people not cover their mouths when the cough anymore?) its been a nightmare. can’t wait to start feeling better. plus my mother is having surgery on thursday and guess who is taking care of her? me. *crossing my fingers i’ll have some energy back by then!* glad to see those sweet babes of your are getting better though! :) have a good time getting some fresh air today! xo

  14. Sorry to hear you’ve had a rough start to the year, but… BUT! You manage to write the sweetest, funniest, little glimpses of real life, along with adorable funny photos. It always makes me smile :)

    Get well soon! xx

  15. Marie

    Love your reflections on parenting. Mine are 3 and 1 and an absolute hand full so I know the feeling! Nothing wrong in grasping the straw called television every once and a while :)

  16. Glad to hear you guys are feeling better! I’m always feeling so sorry for myself when I’m sick, I can’t imagine adding two sick kids into the mix. Kudos to you two. Enjoy the nice NYC weather! x

  17. we know what you mean …. Little Leo and wife had chickenpox last month …. but there is a light after the tunnel …. agree!!!

    xoxo Daddy Lele

  18. Laura

    Ah I hope you’re all feeling 100% again soon! Samson’s onsie is so charming – where is it from?

  19. Miriam

    I love how Samson’s face is pushed up against the crib :) and I can totally relate, but instead of sickness keeping us inside (thankfully. I’m glad you are on the mend!), we’re stuck because of the cold wyoming winter where there is too much snow and nothing to do anyways. what am I doing here?? ;)

  20. haha glad you guys are all starting to feel better!


  21. poor kiddos! poor naomi and josh!! crossing my fingers i won’t get sick this year, i haven’t been sick for 2 years!! i suppose having little ones around though makes it tough to escape it…

    hope you all feel better soon :)

  22. Aw man, there is nothing worse than the whole family being sick! Get feeling better soon. :)

  23. Lydia

    Aw, sounds terrible .. Probably not easy to do the one think you have to do when you’re sick; to rest. But happy to hear that you’re all getting better (: Continue that way!

    – L

  24. Hillary

    The cutest beans ever! Hux and I have been sick for weeks it seems so I TOTALLY feel you. Glad you’re on the mend!


  25. that second picture was SUCH a beautiful capture! so beautiful, your little babies! hope you all feel better soon. xoxo

  26. at least they look like the happiest of babies!….even if they’re little sickies.

  27. i don’t even have kids and it is a daily battle to put a bra on…seriously, they are the worst :)

  28. jodi ink

    I’m so sorry you guys have been sick, but glad you’re all getting better. Same here with us and our little guys. But we’re on the mend as well, finally!

  29. Sara

    Oh yes! Babies and boobies! My most embarrassing babysitter moments involves children who thinks it’s fun to lift up or pull down my shirt, or even grab my boobs….. Yeah, that’s fun… Mhjeah.. Not really!

  30. Kacie

    I hope you have a wonderful day free of the confines of your home! We were sick all fall/winter and are finally rejoining the world ourselves… except it’s beyond freezing here. xo


  31. Sam

    So cute! Feel Better!

  32. peny

    we were in the same situation just a few weeks ago! its terrible, I hope everyone is getting fit again soon!

  33. Lori ME

    Love Samson’s onesie! So cute :]

  34. Rachel

    Ha those pictures are too cute. And sorry you’re still feeling sick! You guys feel better soon!

  35. Wendi

    I love when you share the ups and downs of your life! I always appreciate you looking on the bright side and only putting out good things, but it helps me, as a reader, to know that you have struggles, too. Love the photos! Glad you all are feeling better!

  36. sarah

    where is samson’s shirt from? so adorable!

  37. How do you not just squeeze and kiss Samson all day long? Sweetest little man ever!

  38. brandi

    OMG can they be any cuter? I’m so happy you are ALL starting to feel better!!

  39. amanda

    love that last picture and have fun outside!

  40. Marlene

    i hope you remembered to put your bra on before you went out today. I wear mine around my waist when im home, I like to have it half way on in case someone comes knocking at the door so i can pull up real quick but one time i forgot i had it on like that and went to the grocery store!!! talk about mortified!!!!!

    Glad to hear you are all feeling better!
    Take care luv! xoxo

  41. Melissa

    Few things are worse than being home sick with sick little ones…I’ve been there many times! Glad you are on the mend :)
    The Real McCoy(s)

  42. I hear ya, on day 4 of a killer cold & glad to know other moms plop their kids in front of tv when they don’t have childcare! Where do buy Samson’s clothes? I’m always looking for cute boys clothes… feel better!

  43. em

    aww, your babies are so cute. glad to hear you are all feeling much better. just got back to work myself after being home bed-ridden with a migraine. all is well now.

    thank you for always sharing tid-bits of your life with us. really do enjoy reading your posts and can never have enough of your little ones.

    kind regards,

  44. Janine

    Where is Samson’s onesie from? It’s adorable.
    Hope you are enjoyed the fresh air today :)

  45. Chrissy

    They’re so cute!
    I always think of this song when i read your posts, don’t know exactly why, i just feel like it fits Josh and you and your littles :

    God bless your family,

  46. Even though they are recovering they sure look adorable. You are truly documenting the best pictures for them. :)

  47. Sickness that affects the whole household is the WORST! Happy to hear you are all feeling better and making it out of the house!

  48. the egg

    ugh i’ve been sick this week too! i think this whole country has a bug.

    xo the egg out west.

  49. Chelsea

    Even with a case of the sickie ickies, those are some really adorable faces! And for the record, movies are the best and bras are totally overrated ;)

    Haute Child in the City

  50. Ann

    Yay for your health returning! I hope this weekend will be full of fun activities outside the home ; )

  51. gigi

    great that everyone is starting to feel better. no fun all being sick had the same over here last week so I know! xx. gigi. food and beauty blogger @

  52. HAHA You crack me up! I am a photographer stuck inside editing, I feel the same way. Uh… should I put on real pants today?! You funny lady! Give the kids a squeeze from your internet friend in Oklahoma!

  53. Lexie

    I’m so happy to hear that you’re all on the mend! You know what’s even worse than having your whole family be sick? A sick mama and papa with HEALTHY kiddos. That’s the battle I’m fighting today – a head cold on top of a tremendously uncomfortable 39th week of pregnancy with a healthy, hyper toddler while my husband is at work. But luckily I live close to grandparents and aunties and uncles who are all stepping in to help. Where would we be without family? Take care, Davis’!

  54. Samantha

    I totally can relate. I don’t have two yet, but i just finished my first trimester with my second. I had the hard core flu, on top of being pregnant….not cool. I think my son (21 months) is now addicted to Disney Junior and my iphone. Up until now, I haven’t had the energy to do anything and he sort of had to fend for himself. Plus, in Ohio, it’s the arctic so we couldn’t go outside. I don’t know how you did it with two.

  55. Corinne

    I feel your pain! It is so hard to be sick when your kids are sick. We have all been sick, too. Glad you’re feeling better!

  56. Court

    Psh…Why wear a bra when you have a perfect excuse not to? Anybody know any other reasons where not wearing a bra is acceptable (other than being terribly sick)? I could use one! HA! ;)

  57. Adriane

    Hope you guys are feeling better and have an awesome weekend.
    Naomi, can you please write about the differences and similarities of raising boys and girls?
    I have a girl and I just caught myself thinking how different of a mom I would be if I’d had a boy first…
    Thanks a lot!

  58. Sarah

    Love your honesty & humour in this post – and the picture you paint of family life! Thank you. Keep it coming! X

  59. Shoni

    I’ve been dying to ask…where do you get Samson’s clothes? Especially the lime green beanie.

    • TAZA

      the lime green beanie is actually from baby gap this season! i have collected baby clothing for ages, so there is a mix when it comes to where.

  60. Sheree H

    Adorable little ‘prison’ photos :)