sundays are for pancakes.

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blueberry pancakes, at our house. but it doesn’t really matter….puffed pancakes, banana pancakes, plain pancakes. any kind, really, and you are good to go.  make them at dinnertime, they will taste better. and eat them with bacon. but don’t tell us if you do because then we’ll just be jealous because we didn’t have any bacon with ours and that was a bummer. ;)

  1. no bacon?! gasp. haha, they still look delicious! too bad there’s no chocolate chip ones…? ;) happy week to you!


  2. Abbey

    Looks delicious! I need to eat breakfast more often.. :)

  3. Yum-O! Those look good! We’ve been on a french toast kick as of late, but maybe with Sienna’s berry obsession we can pull a switcharoo :) Thanks for the inspiration and the midnight pancake craving lol

  4. Sundays are definitely for blueberry pancakes, church, and time with family. And these look so delish! YUM-O!!

    BTW, love the vine video of your littles! Just joined vine myself. Hope we can be Vine pals.


  5. I saw these photos on Instagram today! They looked so tasty that my boyfriend and I went and got banana and blueberry pancakes for lunch :) Thanks for the inspiration! So tasty.

  6. Ann

    You had me at pancakes ; )

  7. Pancakes… My kryptonite. -_-

  8. Madison

    i wish i was as talented as you are to cook 3 pancakes at one time! i usually just do 1 and if i’m confident enough sometimes 2.
    and banana pancakes are my absolute favorite – with chocolate chips.

  9. we had ours for dinner! I prefer pancakes for dinner, they are ten times more delicious for some reason :-)

  10. kristin

    ha! this is just kind of adorable. i’m so glad you document the cute little things. :)

  11. Shelby

    Oh man… I am lusting after these pancakes so hard.


  12. Ashley

    Bacon and maple syrup with pancakes is a must. Gorgeous photos.

  13. Ashley

    Breakfast is SO much better when it isn’t eaten at breakfast time. :)

  14. every time i eat pancakes jim gaffigan’s voice pops into my head!


  15. I made pancakes this Sunday, too! Strawberries, ice-cream and maple syrup for me. So so good!

  16. YEAY – we have the exact same tradition – every Sunday. Loooong pancake breakfasts – usually with a whole table full of topping choices. Our neighbours popped round this Sunday and joined us! The best way to spend a weekend morning.
    Love your delicious photos!

  17. Morgane

    Huuuuum!! That’s look so good!

  18. We had blueberry pancakes on Sunday too! But for lunch,,, ha! x

  19. I surely like that!

  20. brittany

    we make some pretty dang good vegan pancakes on sundays over here. and on mondays. and tuesdays…and, you get the picture.

    and what is it about rainy days that makes them so much more appealing? maybe it’s because i live in portland?

    charming post, as usual!

  21. brittany

    we make some pretty dang good pancakes over here on sundays too. and mondays…and tuesdays…and well, you know. :)

    and what is it about rainy days that makes them so much more appealing? maybe it’s because we live in portland.

    anyways, charming post as usual!

  22. Loulou

    Oh, they look good! We had blueberries yesterday too, but in the form of homemade blueberry pie! My husband made one with the fresh berries we froze in the summer, specifically for this purpose. So darn good!

  23. sinead

    Yum, I love pancakes any way and at every time of the day :-)

  24. kristina


  25. Eli

    How to have fun in the morning with some kitchen utensils… you have that magic wand, Taza, Yum! xx

  26. kara

    mmmmmmmm! we make it a point in our house to have pancakes or waffles every single sunday and we eat them right in front of the tv – usually with cartoons on! it’s the little things!! :)

    xx, kara

  27. Rachel

    My husband said he wanted pancakes last night. I wasn’t really in the mood. Then at 10pm last night when I saw this post I told him I decided I did want pancackes. Haha he wasn’t very amused :) But those blueberries in that batter look so good!

  28. Ariel

    Glad to see you all are feeling better! We have been on a pancakes kick for dinner over here. They’re just so good! :)

  29. AM

    looks yummy!

  30. Cathy

    That looks yummy :) nice pictures to see before I start my day, I hope you have a great one
    Vintage Inspired Fashion by Independent Designers for Your Little darling

  31. I love all of your photos. I’m reading you’re blog for a long time. I think you are an amazing mum! (:

  32. Etheline

    We just got moved to 1:00pm church and are taking major advantage of the time to relax and have wonderful big pancake breakfasts:)

  33. Leigh

    We had pancakes too :) Chocolate chip! I found a recipe for 2-ingredient pancakes that I really want to try! Bananas and something else, I can’t remember! It was off I’m super excited to try them!

  34. allison

    Couldn’t agree with you more. Breakfast for dinner is the best…. and even better when theres blueberries :)

  35. mai

    blueberry pancakes are the BEST.

  36. olya

    this post made me laugh. i posted our saturday morning cake today :) we must be on the same wavelengh or something :) :) :) i’ll do pancakes next week sometime. now i just wish i didn’t have this morning sickness so that i could eat them too. things one does for babies, right?

    xo olya

  37. Julie

    Bacon + pancakes = heaven! And there’s nothing better than having breakfast food for dinner. Love it!

  38. Meghan

    There’s nothing much better than pancakes at home on a sunday morning!

  39. Marion

    They look delicious !

  40. The best pancakes I’ve EVER had were the wild blueberry ones at Clinton St. Bakery which we ate on the little steps next door to it because they were out of seats… SO GOOD.

  41. Pauline

    Hi Taza, could you please give us your recipe ? Because I’m french and even if we are good cook, we are really bad at making pancakes ;)
    Thank you,

  42. cortney

    glad to see y’all are up and at em’. nothing makes me happier than breakfast for dinner. especially pancakes for dinner! extra butter! extra bacon! nom nom nom.

  43. Recently I’ve heard a lot about puffed pancakes…I have to check them out!!! Sundays are perfect for pancakes!! =)

  44. Ella

    I love weekends when they start with pancakes.

  45. Rachel

    These look delicious!! I may just have to make some right now :)


  46. Jaana

    We had pancakes for dinner last night! With delicious grilled pineapple (try it, so good!) and maple syrup. And some with my sister’s homemade pear syrup (YUM!). There may or may not have been bacon. :)

  47. Anne

    even sans bacon those look so good! something about breakfast for dinner makes the weekend so good :)

  48. anelieze

    that’s what we’re having tonight with the missionaries! and of course there will be bacon.

  49. Julie

    These pictures are absolutely stunning! I will have to remember to take pictures next time I make pancakes, hopefully they turn out even half as nice as yours <3 These are making me crave pancakes, guess who's heading to the store!

  50. Sare

    You Should try ELVIS pancakes! Peanut butter, banana slices, and BACON in the batter. Maybe they sound gross, but trust me, they’re amazing pancakes.

  51. Sheree H

    Those look delicious! My hubby isn’t a fan of pancakes/waffles/crepes, unfortunately! Otherwise I’d be making them every weekend. On second thought…maybe it’s a good thing he doesn’t like breakfast-y foods. I’d be 500 pounds!


  52. jaclyn

    Pancakes are the best!! MMMMM

  53. Your pancakes look very good ! I’m craving for it now. I wish I had a good receipe to make some…

  54. Anna B.

    We didn’t have any bacon with ours this week either. So I threw in some chocolate chips to the batter for good measure!

  55. Skirt PR

    These look delish. Do you mind if we crash your next Sunday brunch?! We’ll bring bacon :)

  56. Ana

    Oh there’s nothing better than pancakes on a Sunday morning!

  57. cheyenne

    so good! i’m making my boyfriend a surprise breakfast with blueberry pancakes tomorrow :)
    xo, cheyenne

  58. Esther

    Is your recipe a secret? Cause if not I’d love to know what it is…those look PERFECT.

  59. This is one of those things that I have been looking at doing for a while, but this is definitely a good reason to get on and do it!

  60. Ann

    Can you please…send me the receipt? Thank you.

    • TAZA

      it’s just some recipe that came up in a google search for “homemade pancakes.” we don’t use fancy recipes… mostly come from online. :)

  61. ima

    you guys should really do a recipe section. everything just so yum. you know the home-made kinda yum!