hello there, weekend.

the weekend is always special to me because we get to have papa around and i *sometimes* get to take a nap! oh, a nap! just saying the word sounds so luxurious. who else hasn’t had a full night of uninterrupted rest in like, 2 years, raise your hand.

the last few weeks have been interesting....

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trapped in here.

we are finally beginning to feel like ourselves again over here! this whole sick thing has been no joke. and when both kids are sick, it’s hard enough. but then your husband and you as well? i mean, c’mon! let’s just be cruel now!

we have been in the apartment for so many days straight i am losing my mind....

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eleanor & the mirror.

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eleanor is such a hoot these days. we are loving this “almost 2 years old” phase where she talks and talks all day long and never tires of it.  it’s especially fun trying to interpret. we are probably the only ones who can understand her. ;)  the other day she chatted with herself in the mirror for a good 15 minutes and i caught almost all of it on film....

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venezia, italia! part II

^^^samson somehow knew to wear this striped shirt so he’d fit in with all the other gondolieri.^^^

^^^E photo bombing the boys. hahaha.^^^

^^^the famous pierini from Harry’s Bar.^^^

^^^goodness, venice is stunning at night with all the lights reflecting on the water.^^^

^^^stealing a lick of papa’s cono di gelato.^^^

and that, folks, is a wrap!...

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