1. Sherrie

    Aww Samson with the bow tie, so cute!

  2. Rachel

    E rocking out on her “geetar” is too cute.

  3. Maria

    Aaaaw their hats are amazing!!!

  4. hannah

    these photos are so sweet! thank you for sharing xx

  5. Kristen

    Lovely. Just lovely.

  6. flor

    i love the one where e was caught eating chocolate! i still laugh at that! your kids are awesome, naomi- and so are you! :)

  7. Robyn

    So cute! Love that xylophone…where’s it from?

  8. ahhhhh! they are just the cuties little lions and walrus and hippo!!! xoxo

  9. Eva

    Hi Taza!I’m an italian fan of yours!I’d like to tell to you all that your blog is so magic!You, your husband and your fantastic children inspire me everyday!I’d like to meet you all one day! xoxo

  10. I love your style! Happy New Year and I am glad you are all feeling better :)

  11. lisa

    lovely photos !

  12. Kayla

    I have a little brother who is close in age too. I am so lucky to have always had my partner in crime, my little side kick! E is lucky too!! What a special bond.

  13. Chelsea

    I’ve loved the name Eleanor forever and reading your blog has reaffirmed that even more. I hope to have a cute Eleanor of my own one day!

  14. Amie

    so cute! the bow ties..they just get me! & then there’s both of your kiddos out cold in the stroller wrapped up snug as bugs, so so so sweet!

  15. Kelly

    I absolutely love the design of your blog


  16. Melissa

    Love the story your photos tell…

  17. Jazmyn

    That first photo is so adorable! Your kids look they are going to be the best of friends when they grow up. Ugh more baby fever, I can’t! Lol one is enough for now.


  18. giulia

    these two littles look so happy together. i’m sure they have so much fun :)

  19. Ana

    Lovely pictures! Eleanor and Samson are too cute!

  20. Laura

    My daughter (4 years old) drags her brother (11 months) around like that too. They both think it’s hysterical.

  21. Oh how much I adore your littles! They make me want some of my own, but not quite yet. Thank you for always being such an inspiration, love your blog xoxo

  22. Oh how much I adore your littles! They make me want some of my own, but not quite yet. Thank you for always being such an inspiration, love your blog xoxo


  23. I was walking down 78th street the other day and could not believe the amount of trees that were piled up along the curb on just one street. Love the new design of the blog, Great pix as always.

    Ali of


  24. Meg

    a couple of adorable little siblings! and to think this is just the beginning of their long friendship to come, so sweet :)

  25. Lori

    I LOVE your polaroid wall!!!!!!!!

  26. gwen

    Is that baked beans on toast? I have never seen it served like that! Is there a story behind it…like an old family favorite….or a New York thing?

  27. Miriam

    I don’t know which one I like more, Eleanor playing her “geetar” or the Samson wheelbarrow :)

  28. samson has to be THE most smiley baby ever! every picture you take he is grinning away :) what a doll!


  29. Christie

    How funny, I just bought one of those One Line a Day books too! It’s been fun to write a little note each day. :)

    Love the pic of the two bubbas sleeping, adorable!

  30. Bri

    such sweet photos. i can’t wait till i have two tiny ones so they can play together!

  31. Eli

    :) Young Audrey Hepburn playing her guitar on the first photo :) Adorable little E. xx


  32. Mindee

    love love love all your pics! your kiddos are SO adorable!

  33. Haley

    I love the one line a day journal. It also freaks me out to think of my life five years from now, in a mostly good way. Also, so enjoy the font that all of these comments are in, it is making them really fun to type.

  34. Michell

    Seriously.. Samson is growing so fast and looking more and more like Eleanor everyday.

    Your family is just too sweet. <3

  35. Anne

    Love the two guys in their bow ties! So cute

  36. Marina

    I thought you’d appreciate this video. Beautiful. I don’t think anyone can see this and NOT want to dance.


  37. Ashley

    I have to say that little Samson really does have a way with the camera. He is always smiling directly at the camera. So cute. Wish my son would do that – he just tries to grab that camera anytime I try. And of course little E is adorable too.

  38. Ann

    The last photo of J & S reminds me of the phrase, “Like father, like son.”

  39. Morgane


  40. Agnesss

    All of you are so sweet :) This little gentleman especially :)
    p.s. new colour of trolley?

  41. lily

    i love your pictures :)

  42. awww the last pic with S and your hubs is adorable! love the bowties!!
    eek your family is just adorable! hope you have a great weekend!

  43. LOVE these. Top picks, E flinging around Sam, and Sam and Pop with their bow ties. Can’t handle it. Must start having kids soon…. haha

  44. Sam

    Always makes me smile. Check out my new post? The last of my trip to Disney last week!

  45. sinika

    I started the ‘line a day’ journal two years ago, so I just started my third year writing in it and it is so fun looking back! You will love it!

  46. What a fun, full life!

    with grace & gumption,

  47. Karen

    Hello there :-) aww your photos of your tinys are divine!! I live in England and while in new York 2 yes ago my daughter got proposed to on that rock in central park where your photos are, awww brings back memories. Xxxxx

  48. Heather

    SO adorable. I have a baby boy about 1 week younger than Sampson. So cool to see him with his adorable big sister E. :))) And that baby bow tie is to die for!

  49. Kristen

    I just got one of those line a day journals and can’t wait to fill it up! So fun!

  50. cheyenne

    so cute! love that last picture with the bow-ties :)
    xo, cheyenne

  51. bridget

    1. i showed that photo of miss e & her friend in central park to, like, my whole family. including my in-laws. we all oooohed, we all ahhhed.
    2. i love that no matter where you move, you seem to always put a polaroid wall back up. it warms my heart right up.
    3. i love the one of you & josh. cute crinkle nose!

  52. Your kids are adorable.. I love all the pictures..

  53. Naomi

    A nap! Luxurious indeed. Great snapshots…as usual :)

  54. i completely agree with you…

  55. Sheree H

    I follow both you and Josh on Instagram, and I love all the adorable photos that you post!


  56. Julie

    Would you look at Samson in a bow tie! Quite the dapper young gentleman.

  57. Ashley

    Hi Taza! Hope all is well in your adorable world! I’m in the market for a stroller – scary, beautiful times. Do you recommend the buggaboo or stokke? I see you’ve used both over the years ;)

    I’d love your opinion!


  58. Sachi

    Where is the photostrip from? Always trying to find good photo booths in the city!