1. Avalon


  2. alissa b

    this is are just precious! and i have to say how terribly adorable E is with her little pigtails!

    lovely photos, lovely family :)

    alissa b

  3. pots and pans were my FAVORITE toy when i was little! guess it was my little start in becoming a (high school) percussion superstar ;) maybe you’ve got some superstars on your hands too!


  4. Olya

    i love the picture with e holding on to the carseat! and you are ABSOLUTELY stunning with samson in the carrier. STUNNING. xo (ps ; don’t you love it? it’s my absolute fav carrier of all now)


  5. Looks like you guys have been having tonnes of fun!
    Lucy xo

  6. gorgeous!

    i love that you dress E in so many different colours. i try to do the same with my little girl instead of giving in to the ubiquitous pink.

  7. Oh you look stunning in that photo with Samson, and also – I love all their bright outfits! So cute and stylish

  8. Amie

    Oh my gosh, that pic of E with the dog & two other kiddos on the sidewalk…OH MY GOSH!!! She’s too much! Looks like lots of fun! :)

  9. Kate

    Samson’s puffy orange coat just makes him look so cuddly! What a happy little guy he appears to be!

  10. It looks like you guys have been having a lot of fun! Adorable pictures, as always!

  11. Anne

    Way to get outside even in the cold of January! Looks like you guys are keeping things entertaining :)

  12. Ok now… these pictures from your iPhone are always adorable. I love seeing them on Instagram too. The happiness from your family is contagious!



  13. whitney

    These are such beautiful pictures of you and your family!

  14. whitney

    What camera effects do you use on your phone?

  15. Teresa

    adorable! where can i find the polka dot pants E is wearing? I’d love to get those for my little girl… xoxox

  16. Maren


    if you are ever interested in hiring an aupair, please let me know!!
    I wrote you an e-mail several weeks ago, and yet no answer – i know you are very busy, maybe this reaches you.

    Have a great day,


  17. Jessica

    Such cute photos!!!! I love the last one of what I’m assuming is a farmers market?? Very nice :)


  18. Kelli

    That yellow hat is so cute!

  19. Eleanor is such a rockstar. She has so much personality and I will never forget the video of her talking to herself in the mirror. So precious!


  20. Marie

    I’ve seen your instagram photos a few times before but I can never get sick of them! your family is adorable. :)


  21. I love the way you take so many pictures of life’s little moments. Such memories!

  22. kristen

    Eleanor and the puppy! STOP IT!! I am dying!

  23. Rachel

    Oh that cute pots and pans picture – it is too adorable! And all of the friends in the crib – so precious! I can’t wait to be a mom and have all of my kids and my friends’ kids running around together :)

  24. stylish mamma in the third left photo! love it.


  25. Megan

    LOVE your blog! Seriously, it always makes me feel so happy reading your posts and seeing your adorable little family. I haven’t seen anything along the lines of beauty tips on here but I would LOVE to hear how you keep your hair so gorgeous all the time. It always looks healthy and stylish!!


  26. Lisa

    Merveilleux moments de vie :)

    Magique !

  27. I love your blog! I started one just over the last few months…

    My daughter looks like a baby version if E!!!!
    See here: robandtarawilliams.blogspot.com

    Love your little family :)

  28. Brittany

    Naomi…the pic of you walking with Samson…took my breath away! You look like a runway model.

    Your life is beautiful, but more importantly, I believe you are all beautiful on the inside. I think that really shows through on this blog.


  29. Sam

    So darling. I love this little family.

    New Post on my blog today! I have the same camera as Taza.
    She’s my inspiration for Blogging.

  30. Love the photo of Eleanor scribbling away on the pad of paper. Between that and her “photography,” I think you might have an artist on your hands!

  31. Ann

    The first photo of E holding S’s carseat is just too much! <3

  32. I love your little roundups! So much fun. I love the crib party!! I wish we could make an adult version.

  33. your “life lately” is one of our favorite post …. great collage …. great pics

    xo from Italy, xo from Lelli Family

  34. Such cute photos!!!!

  35. Meghan

    my daughter loves swinging the bucket swing and playing with pots and pans, too! so fun.

  36. You should totally be collecting all of your favorite places in New York for a post after a year or so of living there, so us small town folks can have a reference to all the “local loves” to visit whenever we get to go!

    Small book idea?!

    I think so.

    I’d buy it

    for $12

  37. Peter Schmalz

    Samson is like my nephew August, he is always happy. Which is good I guess

  38. Colinda bauer

    Your family is adorable! Would you share where you shop for your children’s clothes or even do a post about it? They are always dressed so cute! Thanks!

  39. Adriane

    Super nice photos!! Specially the one where E is writing and looks very focused… Perhaps, she’s taking notes for her own blog… kkkk

  40. Allison

    Your kids are so adorable! I love the pictures :)

  41. kristin

    aaaaaagh! bright happy times! love it.

  42. kristin

    also, i like that lindsey gal’s idea about you making a book.

    jus’ sayin….

  43. Laura

    Beautiful pictures. Lots of family love!

  44. Ray

    Your pictures from DC always make me miss it!

  45. carolyn

    I love Eleanor’s hats – where do you find them?

  46. Monika

    Ohh lovely.

  47. Sydney

    I love the pictures. Those little kids are just so cute!

  48. Danielle

    Hi Naomi, I am so curious,,,where do you get all of your adorable pom beanies?

  49. Daliana

    Hermosa Famila! Dios los bendiga

  50. Daliana

    Hermosa Famila!

  51. Sheree H

    I follow you and Josh on Instagram, so although I’ve already seen these photos, I’ll take this opportunity to tell you how adorable your children are! My hubby and I don’t have children yet, but I can’t wait!


  52. What a beautiful family! Great blog :) Come on over to my site sometime for some health and fitness encouragement :))))