hello there, weekend.


the weekend is always special to me because we get to have papa around and i *sometimes* get to take a nap! oh, a nap! just saying the word sounds so luxurious. who else hasn’t had a full night of uninterrupted rest in like, 2 years, raise your hand.

the last few weeks have been interesting. i found my first grey hair and finding it kind of wasn’t very awesome at all even though i love seeing grey hair on other women. i also visited an orthopedist for the first time.  as a girl who spent a good fifteen years of her life forcing unnatural turnout on her body all in the name of dance, i always thought i’d end up there sooner of later. turns out, i ended up there for this thing called “mommy wrists” before ending up there for my hips! mommy wrists, basically this thing where your wrists hurt like hell all the time from using them more than usual and in extreme ways… most commonly seen in powerful athletes but also seen in mamas. because you know, we are athletes, too. lifting and bouncing and holding these heavy bundles of baby all day long, makes total sense, you know? so thanks, kids! love you back!

and before i keep going on and on about how my body has changed more in the last two years than ever with these munchkins, i’ll sign off here and wish you a happy weekend!

*for those curious, my boots are sorels and i bought them discounted from GILT. and thank you bonlook for my new sunnies!

  1. Kristina

    My husband had “mommy wrist.” Cured in three visits with an acupuncturist.

  2. Until now, I really though my mom had completely made up “mommy wrists”, but apparently it’s a real thing! (She always called them “twisty wrists”). If she were reading this, she would recommend hot baths and if you’re feeling flush (her word), a professional massage. Moms everywhere deserve to be pampered – wrists especially!

    Happy weekend! x.

  3. Sarah E.

    I love that scarf so much! Just had to tell you.

  4. Ariel

    Could you tell me, pretty please, where your scarf is from? ;)

  5. Babywearing! I think the only reason my wrists made it was because I spent very little time literally holding my little ones. I picked them up and popped them in a sling and saved my wrists(and arms!).

  6. Ah I feel you on the achy wrists!Mine are pretty burnt out and I’m only 26! Don’t fret too much over that one gray hair or more will come ;P Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. Meg G

    I am 32 and I found my first gray hair in my early 20’s.

    It is when you find gray hairs in places other than the top of your head that it is a bit disconcerting.

    Ta-ta for now! Have a wonderful weekend with your lovely family!

  8. I have mommy wrists too! I always considered myself to have a high tolerance for pain but i’ve been whining like a big ol’ baby these past few months. it seems like every little thing i do with this poor wrists pains me….opening jars, reaching for something, even moving the pillow at night! here’s hoping our wrists heal fast!

  9. Stella

    I’m only 24 and I’ve been finding gray hairs already for years!! Both my parents went gray early (and they totally rock it!), so I figure there’s no escape… except hair dye ;) But as someone who’s never dyed my hair, I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it. Hope your wrists start feeling better soon

  10. Christie

    Raising my hand at not having an interrupted night in two years! My little one is nearly two and I could probably count the number of nights she slept through without waking on one hand. Nowadays she will go back to sleep after a quick drink of water, but it’s getting a bit ridiculous. It’s funny how you adjust to being sleep deprived though. Now if I get a full night’s sleep I feel a bit disoriented the next day!

    I’m also with you on the body changes – I have such terrible lower back/pelvic pain after pregnancy and since carrying around my little one. The things we do for our babies. :)

  11. Amanda

    My sister is suffering from the same thing! What did your doctor end up saying to do to help it?

  12. Elizabeth Flamm

    So glad to know I’m not the only one! Mine have been hurting since I was 20 – due to too much violin playing in college. Now that i have a wriggling 10 month old I am dealing with pain almost daily.

  13. bri

    ahh i love those boots! if i didn’t live in southern ca i’d grab a pair. i’ve been lusting after some bean boots for some time now. as soon as we move back east i’m getting a pair :)

  14. Joy

    I feel ya on the grey hair! I’ve started finding them every few months and it’s very hard to be mature about it. :) My husband has been going grey since his early 20s, but men are so lucky because they often look hot as silver foxes!

  15. Susan

    Mommy wrists…ouch!! I got through it by rest (yes, I remember hard to do with kiddos) try not to flex wrist, relax it when holding the little ones and contrast baths for wrists (ah, felt so good! Hot and cold baths).
    Enjoy your weekend!

  16. Linda

    Girl, please. I started going grey at 20!

  17. Tessems

    Just a brief public service announcement about Sorels:

    If you live anywhere remotely cold, I do not recommend Sorel boots. The company was sold a few years ago and they are now made in China with cheap rubber. They are very poor quality!

  18. Amie

    Love your look! Hope your wrists feel better soon, enjoy your weekend!

  19. Arianne

    Getting your first grey hair now is so not a big deal; I got my first grey in high school! My senior year a grey hair popped right out of my head and now I have more than a few…I pull them out, but I know I’ll have to dye them someday soon or else I’ll have bald spots.

    My Mom went grey pretty young and has been dyeing her own hair got years, and I’ll probably follow suit. Hope your mommy wrists get better!

  20. Wendi

    I bet you would look lovely with grey hair, too! Hope your wrists feel better soon. One day, your sweet babies will appreciate all you’ve done for them.

  21. Ana

    Oh I don’t have any kids and a nap would sound luxurious even for me! Have a great weekend! xoxo

  22. happy weekend!

    i have mummy shoulders from lifting my little one {plus toting around a gigantic bag with toys, nappies, wipes etc etc, not to mention bags of shopping…} totally worth it though.


  23. Ann

    I’ve never heard of “mommy wrists”! It sounds like a downright nuisance. I hope you heal up quickly mama : )

  24. Jessica

    Just have to say I’m lovin’ the new blog design. Sometimes I just stop by to admire it :) have a wonderful weekend!

  25. Hope your mommy wrists get better soon! And have a nice long nap this weekend, you deserve it.

  26. Michelle

    Love your scarf! Have a great weekend! (I hope you get to take a long nap!) :)

  27. shadia

    You are awesome, and so pretty
    and your family is so cute.

  28. Samira

    Love your boots!!!!

  29. Karen Claudino

    well…if it makes you feel better…I have grey hair since I was 10 years old…How cool ? Thanks to my lovely mom genes ¬¬’

    But I think I’m lucky since it’s only on the left side of my head ( Don’t really now why Oo) and it’s very little…

  30. Obsessed with those boots! You are the cutest.

    I love how honest you are about your mommyhood body changes!

    Have a great weekend :)


  31. Melany

    I feel the same way about weekends! I definitely look forward to my husband being home to help watch my 4-year old and 9-month old for the exact same reason: I just want a nap! And while I am taking that nap, I will dream about taking more naps.

  32. Ashley

    I haven’t heard of “mommywrists” but I suspect it’s similar to what I had from lying on my side while breastfeeding my son. I had to sleep with wrist splints for months! All better now though thank goodness.

    Would love to know where you got your scarf from.

  33. Mindi

    I had mommy wrists..so painful! Sleeping with flexible splints to immobilize my wrists at night (got at Target) and letting hot water run over them when I washed dishes helped a lot. So did Advil. It took 9 months to get better. I hope you feel better soon!

  34. I’ve got mommy wrists too! And a grey hair. AH! But you know what? We’ve brought miracles into this world, and for that I am thankful every single day, mommy wrists, grey hairs and all!

  35. look at you, all decked out in purple! so colorful :) sorry about your mommy wrists, hope they get better soon–you’re right, mommies are athletes!


  36. MissM

    I haven’t slept through the night in 167053…well….in two years…I want a nap, too! :-)
    Love your boots! And sorry about your wrists.
    Enjoy your weekend!

  37. OOh – what gorgeous colours in your photos! Sorry about your wrists… ouch.
    Let’s hear it for the no-sleep-crew. I slept for 5 hours last night…uninterrupted!!!!! I felt all dizzy with positiveness when I was woken up at 5 am. Thanks little ones, what a treat ;)

  38. Caroline

    I love love love LOVE You Taza! You are amazing person! :)

  39. francesca

    i really love your post and your style…you a very cute family
    ciao from Italy!

  40. kristen

    too funny…i was just complaining about my wrists hurting. mommy wrists…who would have thought.

    love your blog! kristen
    mikie and kristen

  41. Danielle

    I told my hairdresser to keep it to himself when he finds my first gray. I don’t want to know. :)

  42. Emily

    Haha your mommy wrists crack me up! We are athletes! My husband will let me sleep in on the weekends when we can, and I literally think about it all week. I give myself a pep talk getting up in the mornings ‘on Saturday I’ll just get to keep sleeping, Two more days’ haha! Too bad this morning I only rested for a little because my youngest is teething and needed momma, and the baby in my belly decided this morning was a good time to continually kick my spleen :)

  43. Andrea

    I love how much your body changes in your twenties [please sense the extreme amount of sarcasm with that one], I can only imagine what our thirties will bring with them ;) I haven’t even had kids, and I am right there with you pretty woman. although, I guess I already have some momma scars, now. Kind of seems cruel to get the scars minus the sweet babies so count yourself a lucky lady ;)

  44. siheme sebaa

    Hi there!
    I am happy that somebody finally says the truth about being a mom. No it’s not so easy and natural to be a mom. And it’s not a shame to say: yes, it hurts, we don’t sleep a lot, it’s not just lullabies and funny stuff. But we love them! My little NOah is 18 months old,. .When I see you 2 babies playing together, ah it’s so cute!Thinking of having another one, but I’m sooo tired…
    Padron my English, I’m French but I live in the USA: :http://notreaventureauxusa.blogspot.com/ (in French)

  45. Sinead

    Eek that sounds so sore, hope you get better soon :-)

  46. Brynley Shumway

    LOVE your boots! Your family is so cute.

  47. Hali

    Love the boots.

    Also, question, what kind of camera do you use?

    • TAZA

      thanks! camera info under the ABOUT tab in FAQ’s!

  48. I’ve never heard of “mommy wrist”, but as for grey hairs, those appeared early 20’s for me – just a sign of a mother’s love (& concern) for her family I guess :)

    I too love your scarf…and the black & white jacket/cardigan that you’re wearing. Infact I’m pretty sure I’d love the entire outfit…you look stunning.

  49. Chelsea

    I was a ballerina for 15 years, en pointe for many of those, and I always figured I’d end up at the orthopedist one day as well. Now the fact that I could end up there with ‘mommy wrists’ is even more baffling to me! Good luck :)

    Haute Child in the City

  50. Samantha

    I’m not alone! There are others who suffer from the ‘mommy wrist” epidemic. Gah! It feels so good to know I’m not crazy and making this stuff up. (Direct quote from my husband :-)

  51. tcm

    Hi there. this is a large shout out from Toronto. I stumbled upon your blog a few months ago and I can’t stop reading! You have a beautiful family and an amazing sense of style. So glad I found your blog. I’m a pretty cool mum to a sassy six year old little miss and its nice to find other hip moms on here holding it down with style. much love from all the way over here! xx

  52. Amy

    Oh man! Mommy wrists hurt, ridiculously! I feel your pain. I had that when my girl was 5months, and it went away after 4 months. I did get a steroid injection by a physician into my wrist for the de quervains….helped…and wrist brace helped, very disabling pain tho…..hope it goes away quick!

  53. ml

    Coveting your scarf & sunglasses – any chance you’d share where they’re from?

  54. Melissa

    I too have had little sleep for the past 7YEARS!!! Which I believe is the hardest part of parenthood. My friend actually broke her wrist from “mommy wrist” hope yours is on the mend!
    The Real McCoy(s)

  55. Well, you absolutely don’t look like someone who could possibly have grey hairs yet!

  56. Carie

    Well according to family legend I was born with a grey hair so clearly grey is no respecter of age!

    And I too am in the sleepless night club – on the plus side it’s made my newborn seem like an excellent sleeper because I’m so used to the interruptions!

  57. Timi

    Get well soon!

  58. JM

    I hope you’re enjoying your weekend. We had our own share of sickness this weekend, so i am recovering in bed. i hope you have a fun and relaxing one.


  59. Marion

    Wonderful colors !

  60. i love the juxtaposition of wearing sunglasses and snow boots. that’s new york weather for you???

    • TAZA

      ain’t that the truth. :)

  61. Anna

    Hope your weekend in DC was amazing!!! my hairdresser found my first grey hair last year when I was only 21 and I can assure you it was pretty terrifying…..
    xxxx Anoodles

  62. bridget

    sorry about your wrists! i’m a photographer & since i’ve started shooting weddings more & more, i’ve noticed i have weird body aches for months at a time. it’s NOTHING compared to having little ones. i’m sure of that! but maybe i oughta roll on down to the doc as well.

    p.s. love the hot pink laces on your sorels.

  63. Briseidy

    interesting! I didn’t know such thing existed but I definitely have mommy wrist haha

  64. Michelle

    Man… I love naps, wholeheartedly. I think that naps are one thing that I am going to miss deeply when I have kids. But… I’m sure it’ll be entirely worth it! You are definitely super-momma!



  65. cortne

    Hope you have a super relaxing weekend! im sure you deserve it! oh those two little ones. so lucky that they seem just so perfect though.


  66. Louise

    you are such a beautiful woman with such a perfect family.
    You are so blessed!

    all love,

  67. great shoes :) i love it :)

  68. It’s actually good to hear how things have changed – better than pretending that nothing has! I think other new moms appreciate your honesty :)


  69. allison

    I hope your mommy wrists will get better soon! As usual, your outfit is killer. Those boots, especially.

  70. Nicole

    Wait till you’re 35, you’ll find lots of grey hair, and not only will you find grey hair, your knees will start to hurt, you can’t eat all the junk food in the world and not gain weight, and, well, I could go on and on. But you are a beaut, so enjoy what you have! Love your blog!

    • TAZA

      oh gosh. i look forward to it. :|

  71. Anne

    My goodness your style is the best! Hope your weekend was great :)

  72. i had mommy wrist with my first baby!! i couldn’t believe how bad it hurt…they gave me a cortisone shot and it worked. what did they tell you to do? I feel it coming back with my second one and i don’t want another shot, it HURTS!

  73. Alondra

    I love your scarf and your sweater! Where are they from??

    • TAZA

      thank you! my scarf is from zara and the sweater is from madewell.

  74. What was the solution to the “mommy wrist” !!!!!!!!!!?????
    i think i have mommy thumb i think too.. my little one is 5 months.

    • TAZA

      he didn’t really have one because the pain is bearable for me. they can give you shots if it is too much, or you can wear a brace. but i’m going to wait it out. since the pain is usually caused by inflammation, it is supposed to go away eventually once you let up on your wrists a bit. so we’ll see… good luck!

  75. Sam

    Check out my new post on the blog! Taza and I have the same camera! My latest post is some pictures I took in the Leu Botanical Gardens in Orlando, FL. Anyone from there??

  76. Well hello there, weekend! So nice to see you again!

  77. I had BAD mommy wrists — or ‘overuse syndrome’ as my orthoped called it! Actually my dad diagnosed me first because he’s an attorney who knows a lot about sport medicine, I thought he was making that term up!

    I had to have about 6 weeks of physical therapy and some kind of heat machine treatment, plus the wrist splints to sleep in. It was SUCH a pain!

    How’s your stroller working for you? My wrist situation was greatly worsened by my stroller, the thing would not steer well….

  78. amanda

    so pretty! hope you had an awesome weekend!

  79. Meghna

    Hi! Could you please please do a post about how the both of you met? That would be amazing thankyou sorry i’m a teeny bit nosey ;) XX

  80. hello there…would you tell me where that beautiful scarf comes from?????thanks a lot……Astrid from France

  81. just noticed that you already answered that question….sorry :-)

  82. you are an awesome writer. hilarious, clever, witty, and so much emotion. i think it is often understated, as to how your blog has gotten so popular. you are of course stunning, and so is the rest of your family- but you are also a great, captivating writer. very enjoyable to read:) im sorry about your body pains- never fun. but all in the name of love right?? and girlfriend, i only have a couple years on you- and i found my first grey hair a few years ago- and FREAKED! ha… ever since i search consistently and rip those bad boys out by the root. kinda fun actually:) loves to you my dear, keep up the good work,

  83. i love your blog, don’t find many that are so clear, it is nice to see that someone really understands.

  84. Sheree H

    I never knew there were such a thing as mama wrists! Something to look forward to when my hubby and I have kids, I guess!


  85. Michelle


    I had mommy wrists with my first baby (I have three kids now); it killed to just lift a gallon of milk. I had a friend who had to wear a brace and another one who had cortisone shots to help! Anyway, I was not interested in either of those things, so I googled (so cheesy I know) a natural cure. I do this a lot, a good/bad obsession of mine. Anyway, I’m not sure if you can find it because it was now six years ago, but I found some post somewhere of a mom who cured her mommy wrists using some *very* simple (like so simple it doesn’t seem like it’s going to work) yoga-inspired stretches with wrists and fingers. I can’t remember them exactly. One was sprawling the fingers out and pushing them against each other. The other one involved just spreading them as far as you could. There were a certain amount of reps recommended, etc., but I think it took less than 10 minutes a day. Long story short, I was inspired to try it. I did it. It worked pretty quickly, within a week or two. It has never come back. Once in a while I have to pop my wrists inward to “reset” them, but the pain has never, ever come back. So simple but really awesome! Someone might have already written this in the comments, but I thought I’d share and don’t have time to read through them all. Good luck!

    • TAZA

      thanks for this michelle! someone else was telling me about this the other day. definitely going to try to find out more and give it a shot! thanks again….

  86. Just stumbled upon your blog from Finding Beauty in the Ordinary.
    Love, Love, Love it!! New follower! Follow me back too?

  87. Lisa

    I know this is a super old post but I just LOVE your boots! Do you remember where you got them??