eleanor & the mirror.

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eleanor is such a hoot these days. we are loving this “almost 2 years old” phase where she talks and talks all day long and never tires of it.  it’s especially fun trying to interpret. we are probably the only ones who can understand her. ;)  the other day she chatted with herself in the mirror for a good 15 minutes and i caught almost all of it on film. don’t worry,  this clip isn’t 15 minutes long! just a few excerpts of her conversation with herself.

i think 30 seconds in is my favorite, when she starts making faces as she points ever so seriously at her reflection.  i obviously need to get her more little friends and do a better job at coordinating play dates before she starts thinking her reflection is her friend. :|

  1. oh! little e!! she is so darling, isn’t she!

  2. Thanks for make us happy

    Lelli, italian family

  3. robyn

    too stinking adorable for words!

  4. My husband and I can’t stop laughing! She is such a sweetheart! And just think, if she has that much fun with her reflection she will have ten times more fun with friends!

  5. Anne

    “….before she starts thinking her reflection is her friend.” That is too funny. Thanks for sharing these great little moments.

  6. Ahhh! Amazing. She is such a gem. Thank you, Eleanor for brightening my day :)

  7. Rima

    she is soooo cute!!! I hope you’ll share more videos in the future!

    Happy New Year

  8. She is teh best !!! I can’t stop smiling :D

  9. Candice

    That is SO sweet!

  10. Camille

    Too cute!! At least she’ll always have a friend for life, right? :)

  11. DeeDee

    Precious! I LOVE the terrific twos!

  12. Jean

    love these! they are absolutely adorable!
    i heard her say “ok” a few times? and maybe “my dad, k?” at 15 seconds.
    love toddler age!!

  13. Kelle

    oh my gosh, i was cracking up throughout this video – she just gets cuter and cuter as she grows :)

  14. Naomi

    very adorable! you must do a lot of pointing :)

  15. hilary

    i love how she puts her hand on the wall like shes leaning on it. and when she crosses her arms. Too cute!

  16. Chelsea

    Oh goodness this is too darling! She is a crack up!

    I have a little 5 month old girl and I am excited for that phase.

    Thanks for sharing!

  17. Donna

    She is just too cute! Thanks for sharing your kids with us. Your family is adorable.


  18. Alessandra

    Sweet and Funny Miss E!!!!!We have the same worries for the same funny thing!!! Our Dahlia cheat chats at the mirrors like E does. Can’t wait to send her to nursery school with other “Baba” (kids in dahlia’s language)

  19. oh my goodness, do you guys have italian roots?? she is a hand talker!! how adorable :) she also looked like she was telling somebody what to do..a little leader on your hands perhaps? absolutely precious :)

  20. JM

    Achingly adorable. I used to nanny for a little girl who did this. She’s sit in her stroller jabbering away, it really was the most unbelievably cute thing. Wow, enjoy this age, it really is too short!


  21. Haha oh she is so cute! I can’t wait for my little one to talk as much as she does! It’s so entertaining x

  22. Svannah

    Oh man! She made me giggle. I can’t wait for my little girl to start doing that. I got a ways though!

  23. Oh my that was so adorable! And she is just ever so serious with that stance and pointing at the mirror haha

  24. Rachel

    Oh bless her heart – this is precious! Seriously and ridiculously adorable! I can’t wait for cute kiddos and the cute little things they do like this! :) I bet you’re one proud mama of your kids.

  25. So stinking cute!! Couldn’t stop giggling.

    E and my son Oliver are weeks apart and he literally does the same thing!!! He’s in the mirror talking to himself. I get such fun watching him. I will miss these moments when he gets bigger.


  26. Meg

    She has found her kindred spirit! This really reminds me of Anne of Green gables, when Anne talks to herself in the window, haha :) Eleanor is such a little cutie :)

  27. Stacy

    Thanks so much for sharing all these little snippets of your kids. Mine are 12 & 10 now and it sure is fun hearing about (and seeing) all of the antics of your little sweeties.

  28. Erica

    oh my!!!! the arm against the closet??? my favorite!

  29. Leslie

    This is so cute. I love her mannerisms, leaning on a wall, the arm crossing the pointing. Whatever she was saying she meant business. Thank you for sharing this with all of us.

  30. Gillian

    This little one is TOO MUCH. This made my night – thank you for sharing!

  31. kwistin

    ahahaha! that just made my night so much more happy. what a character she is! it seems that she’s always had a strong personality. i’m glad you’re documenting its evolution!

  32. oooh how i wish i could understand! from the mouth of babes, right?

  33. Tyna

    E is just too cute!love:)

  34. Samira

    she is adorable!!

  35. ali

    can she get any cuter? little e is growing up so quickly. thanks for sharing all her sweet (silly) moments. xxx

  36. miranda

    Adorable! My little girl (who is the same age) says “bye” to the girl in the mirror when she leaves the room :)

  37. Abigail

    Oh my gosh! How cute is that?!

  38. Cheryl

    This just made my entire day.

    Eleanor is simply precious.

    Seriously, made my entire day. :)

  39. Maryn

    She looks a little lime Darla from The Little Rascals. :) Love it!

  40. Katie

    Yep, it’s decided. Cutest little girl in the world.

  41. joy

    OMG. LOVE.

  42. Michelle

    This is seriously the most precious thing I’ve seen in a long time. Little Eleanor just melts my heart! <3


  43. Theresa

    She is so grown up! What a cutie! She seems to have a strong sense of himself! I love how she speaks with her hands. You have a talker on your hands!


  44. Rachel

    Oh my goodness, she’s even cuter than I thought! This clip made my day. Biggest smile on my face right now!

  45. Mere

    SO cute. It’s awesome that you caught all of that on camera. I love how she keeps running away and then coming back. Amazing.

  46. Chrissy

    Ah I never get tired of how cute she is!

  47. rashmi

    OH DEAR GOD!!!! She is soooooo adorable!!!!! Laughing my head off here.
    Luuvvvv and kisses…

  48. Sini

    Oh E! She is so funny! This really made me smile :) Even if she would need more play dates, there’s nothing wrong to love yourself through mirror ;D

  49. Angela

    That is so cute! I used to nanny a baby from the day she was born until she was about one, and she just LOVED the mirror. She always smiled at herself, I’m so happy for you that you recorded such a great video that you’ll be able to keep for ever! :)


  50. bridget

    oh my goodness! new favorite post. it’s so e, so rockstar diaries, and SO cute. i always love your videos & am so happy you’ll be doing them for awhile (maybe even more now with the fancy new tab?). : )

  51. Hannah

    That is SO cute!

  52. Ariel

    my goodness this is just HYSTERICAL! the faces! and the mumbles. she means business, you can tell. ;) thanks for sharing! i love your photos but its cute to hear e’s little voice and facial expressions. you have the best babies.

  53. Ljubi

    Ooooh, I’m melting! It’s so funny to see her playing with her reflexion, my 2 yrs old does the same and here too it’s quite a challenge to understand what she’s talking about. She also sometimes has very long conversation with her mobile toy glued on her hear…I guess E. too? ;-)

  54. mariana

    :) (Oh sooo cute!!)

  55. Katja

    Love this!So cute!

  56. Crystal

    funniest cutest thing ever ha ha ha ha love it

  57. shannon

    ah, this just made my day! she is going to be explaining some hilarious things to us soon!

  58. Ashley

    Very cute video. Max is also at a similar age. It’s fun trying to interpret what they are saying and the smile on their faces when they know you understand their babbling. Such a fun age. I love it.

  59. kathy

    too cute! i don’t know how you kept from laughing while filming this.

  60. nina

    she is such a sweetheart, this video makes me happy

  61. CT

    That is so cute and you are amazing..I didn’t hear any goggles from you. My daughter is the same age as E and watching her talk in fake sentences gets me every time. It’s only a matter of time now…one day they’ll be making noises the next having a conversation we can actually understand.

  62. This slayed me. She is so adorable in still life, but seeing her in a video!? too much cuteness!!!

  63. Anna

    Oh my gosh! She’s the cutest thing! We now need to see little S !!! I hope someday I’ll be able to do that with my little ones…!!! Love to all your amazing family from Athens, Greece. XXX

    Anna from tincturetales.com

  64. Hannah

    she IS Boo from Monsters Inc. ohmygosh.

  65. i love how she points at herself as if giving directions. kids are so funny.

  66. Morgane

    Soooo cute!!

  67. E is the sweetest little girl! definitely made me giggle!!

  68. Oh. My. Goodness. E is completely adorable and so full of character! I wish there were translated subtitles to her life… that conversation at the end sounded serious. Tehehe. Oh, that made my morning!

  69. Lydia

    Oh lord, that’s cute! :D

    – L

  70. Audrey Crisp

    That is darling!

  71. daphne

    At the end when she wants to walk to the other room, she says something that I understand as “Ga je mee?” Wich is dutch for “Will you come with me?”
    Biingual allready! ;)

  72. that just made my morning! she is just too cute! you’re so lucky to have a little doll like her :)

  73. Kerry

    Sweetest. Thing. EVER. You must be sure to save this footage. You will watch it a million times as she grows up.

  74. Hannah

    naomi, she is just sooo awesome!
    i remember the twins having talks like this one, just not in the mirror. very very cute

  75. Jenna

    E is so dang cute! My little Ollie is a few days older than her and is chatting up a storm as well — it is most def entertaining!

  76. Megan

    Seriously could not stop giggling when I saw this this morning. She’s too much! Also loved that you couldn’t keep your laughter in!

  77. Ashlee

    HAHAHA! This is the CUTEST video I’ve seen in a long time! Thanks for posting a good laugh! =)

  78. What an imagination!! Eleanor my Mom and Dad would laugh their socks off at me when I was little (being an only child till age 9), because I did the same thing!! Hahahahaha…. so I’m happy to see I’m not the only little girl in the world who loved talking (so much), and mirrors, because I would get so embarrassed when they would catch me while I was playing ;-) E is a just a doll!!

  79. Sam

    How adorable is E?! Check out my new post on my blog! My Mom and I just visited Disney World last week! Taza, ever think of taking the kiddos to Disney?

  80. Chelsea

    Haha! That is too funny. She is so serious and animated–and your last sentence is so funny. Although she doesn’t seem to mind having her reflection as a friend!

  81. khanh

    oh i’m so in love…. with little miss eleanor!!

  82. Ridiculously adorable! I think my favorite part is her finger pointing. She really is emphasizing something there!

  83. Kelly

    She is too cute!! <3 I cannot wait until my nephew can run around, and talk all the time too!

    <3 Kelly

  84. Love this! We’re in the same ‘trying to interpret stage’ with my almost 2 year old. And she speaks 2 languages so I am usually totally confused!
    Love from Jerusalem!

  85. Those are some earnest conversations! She is adorable.

  86. Oh my gosh. I think the part that kills me most is her hand on the wall while the other one is pointing. LOVE!

  87. Klaudia.Poland

    I’m pretty sure it’s chineese;)

  88. Timi

    Awww, she is adorable! ^^ I can’t understand her, but I can’t understand adults speaking english neither. :P But it’s not necessary, she is cute anyway, ^^

  89. kirsty


  90. Hollie

    This made my day, she is such a sweet little sprite. Thank you for sharing!

  91. Oh my gosh… I just LOVE E!! What a sweetheart. Long-time reader of your blog, and you + your family are just so inspiring. <3