celebrating a birthday over here…


i guess january isn’t entirely all bad, because my man has a birthday today! we started the celebrations over the weekend when i stole him away from work friday night and surprised him with a night away from the littles. we aren’t quite ready to leave the kids for more than one night, or go very far for that matter (wimpy new parents!), so we stayed in the city for the night at the ace hotel and enjoyed half of saturday together in the city without our babes (a major perk of finding the city’s best babysitter). it was really wonderful to be together just the two of us and also get 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep! been a couple of years for us both since that has happened….

weekend3 weekend1

^^^we also finally caught the new (or should i say old considering today’s date) james bond movie, skyfall. yes, i know it came out in november but also, we have two kids and i can’t even remember the last time we went to a movie because, you know, two kids. also,  best bond movie ever, right? ^^^


happy birthday, josh davis! my goodness, i love you so.

  1. Happy birthday, Josh! I love birthday celebrations – namely because they involve cake!!

  2. Katie

    How exciting for you two to get away! I’ve been hearing such great things about the Ace Hotels, too. Happy birthday to Josh and happy 8 hours and a Bond flick to you both!

  3. Bea

    Tantissimi auguri!!!!!

  4. Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Josh, happy birthday to you!

    I’m sure it was such a nice treat to get some time to yourselves!

    I hope Josh has a magical birthday and that all of his wishes come true.

    xoxo, Caroline


  5. Cheltz

    Happy Birthday Josh! I’m sure it felt great to get out just you two. Forgive me for reminiscing about the last time we went alone to a movie for my birthday — like 4 years ago! Don’t even miss them now, though :).

  6. Kerry

    I love this birthday celebration – nothing too crazy yet things that felt wildly rare and wonderful. So sweet :) Congrats on finding a great nyc sitter! now THAT is an accomplishment! xoxo

  7. Happy Birthday, Josh! And what a great night it looks like you both had. It’s always the simple dates that are the best x

  8. Happy birthday your you handsome Mr. You both are such a great couple to look up to :)

    XX, Adropofbliss.com

  9. You’ve inspired me to surprise my husband for his birthday with a night of our own!!! I would never have thought that was possibly without brining the babe. But for me, my mother lives right next door, the perks of family members being close by. Looks like y’all had a wonderful time.

  10. I just celebrated my fella’s birthday as well. I think I enjoy other people’s birthdays more than my own :)… Happy Birthday to Josh!

  11. Happy Birthday Josh! I hope you have the best birthday ever! x

  12. Laura

    Happy Birthday Josh! I cannot believe how beautiful you two are!

  13. Sarah

    Happy birthday! What’s better than a mOvie date with the one you love?

  14. Happiest of birthdays to your wonderful husband!! What a lovely night away!!! You guys are truly the sweetest! Xoxo

  15. and kate

    It looks like you had an amazing birthday celebration!
    I totally agree with you, James Bond Skyfall is the best Bond film! However I do have a soft spot for the oldies!!
    Kate xo

  16. Carie

    Happy Birthday Josh! And how lovely to have had a little time for just the two of you. I did manage to see Skyfall in November but only by virtue of beeing on maternity leave before Elma arrived and having H take the afternoon off work while Kitty was at nursery – it’s the first time we’d been to the cinema since before she was born and it felt very strange to be just the two of us (and a bump) again. Wonderful but we were so glad to see Kitty again when we picked her up.

  17. Tatjana


  18. Happy bday to him! you look lovely in the last pic!

  19. Copenhagen lady

    Oh how cool!!! And weird. I have been following this blog for a long time, but never written anything. I am a BIG fan of New York City, so since you moved back I have been following you even more intensely.

    The weird thing, is that I tomorrow will travel aaaall the way from Copenhagen, Denmark (Scandinavia) to NYC all by myself, away from my little boy and husband ( though carrying a baby-girl in my belly, so not ALL alone;) ). And I will stay at the Ace Hotel…. coolest hotel ever!! I am so excited. Now that you also stayed there for this very special night of yours, we can conclude that the hotel totally has the it-factor ;-) Looks like you guys had a great night. I wonder if you had breakfast at the Breslin? Or coffee from Stumptown…..? mmmm – can’t wait.

    Thank you for giving me many hours of reading about and dreaming of NYC, and for all great day to day stories about your life.

    love from Copenhagen

    • TAZA

      enjoy your trip! i have heard endless good things about sumptown from friends, but we aren’t coffee drinkers so we didn’t stop by!

  20. Copenhagen lady

    and of course – happy birthday Josh! :-D

  21. Nadira

    Greetings from India and Hearty Birthday wishes to Josh!
    Love, Nadira

  22. Abeer

    Awesome getaway! Going to celebrate my man’s bday tomorw.. I hope i had such an option with my little one n cud get away for a little while.

  23. alyssa

    happy birthday, josh! :)

  24. Nat

    Happy Birthday Josh! Well done to the both of you for having a night away. We have one 8month old baby boy and are still yet to see the ‘new’ Bond. You’ve inspired me to up think birthday preparations for my love next week. Although we are in QLD Australia which is flodding at the moment! God bless you all and Happy Birthday once again


  25. Elena

    Happy Birthday Josh!! Hahaha, we also (husband and I) didn’t see Skyfall until two weeks ago. (Oh, kids!) Love Bond movies! Thank goodness we had the in-laws in town as the world’s greatest babysitters :)

  26. Emily

    Happy Birthday Josh! I hope you both enjoyed the charming Ace Hotel, its my favorite in the city! xxEmily

  27. Aw you two are the best! Happy birthday Josh! You already have the best gift ever, an amazing family! :)
    (I’m cheesy, I know) haha

  28. Sally

    This made me laugh as we were desperate to see Skyfall (my husband is a big fan) but we have a 13 month old and no babysitter so we missed it :-( glad you enjoyed the film and your hubby had a nice birthday. I live in the UK and only just discovered your blog and I love it! You have great style and I love how you dress your little ones x

  29. I’m a little curious as to whether this post was sponsored (ie gift in kind) by Ace Hotel? Not trying to cause any drama, just wondering with debate around the monetization of blogs and all…

    • TAZA

      no, this post was not sponsored by ace hotel. just wanted to take my love out for a night away and chose this hotel. i always add all appropriate disclosures.

  30. happy birthday josh!

    what a great way to celebrate! i think i might plan the same for my husband’s birthday next month.

    although living in a city makes staying somewhere else in that same city much more fun than when you live in an average sized town like we do here in england! but perhaps we could go and stay in a village near by in the countryside instead…

    • TAZA

      staying in a little village in the country side doesn’t sound so bad at all!!!

  31. leah.

    happy birthday josh! so happy to see lovely baby mamas and papas, like you two, take a well deserved night off! yay for birthdays and babies and awesome baby-sitters!

  32. Michelle

    Happy Birthday Josh!

  33. What a lovely birthday you surprised him with! I love the look in all these photos. Very chic and fun. Xoxo

  34. Dani

    Happy Birthday Josh!

  35. kara

    happy birthday, josh!!

    ps – mmmm now im officially craving movie popcorn!

    xx, kara

  36. ashley

    happy birthday Josh….. It’s my sweet boo’s birthday too…. payton is my sweet, kind, caring & selfless daughter….. she turns 11 today at 7:07 pm ;)

  37. Happy birthday to Josh! Glad to see y’all got some time for yourselves (and some sleep!)

  38. hannah

    what a good birthday present!!

  39. olya

    very happy birthday to Josh! and very lucky you to have some time together! soooo needed when you have, you know, kids :) :) :) adorable as they are, everyone needs some “me” and “us” time :) kudos for an awesome babysitter!


  40. Rose

    No matter how terrible the weather is January is always a happy month for me because I have two girls who have the same birthdays. They are not twins…they are five years apart!

    This month was special for both of them because one is officially a teen (13) and the other turned 8! She was baptized, and that made our January even better!

    Happy birthday to your guy! xo

  41. Kate

    Happy Birthday to Josh! I’ve heard such wonderful things about the new Bond but haven’t seen it yet…I did see Argo last night though! Not sure where you are in the city, but Cobble Hill Theaters (right off the F) has $8 moveis on Tuesdays and Thursdays, which to me is basically free!


  42. beautiful and again beautiful …. I’m so happy for you&Josh…. b-day of husband was last 25th Jan but we stay indoor to to Little sickness …. but I’m in any case sure we’ll have again oppurtunity to celebrate with time for ourselves ….

    xo from Italy, xo from Lelli Family .

  43. Emily

    I think one night (and some day time) is the perfect amount of time away from your little ones! I’m sure it was refreshing, and great for you two! I hope you enjoyed your time, and congrats on finding a great babysitter!

  44. Lisa

    January kind of sucks, but when it holds a birthday, it must make it so much better. Happy Birthday!!

  45. Mary Martha

    I just spent most of the boy’s morning nap scrolling through your website. Your family is beautiful. You take the perfect pics to capture them too. You’re husband must be a great picture taker too. I can’t get over how much Sampson looks like E. at her age. Your trip looked amazing. And your bulldog is so cute. Do you still have him? I don’t see as many recent pics of him. Also, I loved your Stokke stroller. When I found out I was having twins I was crushed that stroller was no longer an option. There were some great pioneer pics too that seemed fun. You seem to balance the roll as a mom and your social media responsibilities (if that’s the word) so well. I’m not very good about following blogs regularly, but I check Instagram plenty. Happy bday to your husband too.

  46. Leanne

    Here in C’ville Va there is a different Josh Davis who is somewhat of a local celebrity. His claim to fame? He’s the voice on the message announcing school is closing for snow.

    Here’s a youtube spoof you and your husband might enjoy:


  47. Mary Hayes

    Happy Birthday Josh! And also, OMG where is that Rest Easy wall decal from! I LOVE!

  48. Jaclyn

    Happy Birthday to your DH!!! So happy you were able to wisk away and get 8 full hours of sleep un-interrupted and to spend some great quality time together :)


  49. Happy birthday to your husband! Seems like it was such a lovely celebration. And I agree about james bond–sky fall was so great! My husband is a big james bond fan and got me hooked on the movies.

  50. So sweet! Our first baby is only 2 months old, so we have a long way to go before we can do something like this… but I’m most definitely looking forward to it!

  51. Anne

    Sounds like a much deserved and needed night off! Happy Birthday Josh!

  52. Amber

    So nice! My friend got me hooked on your blog. It’s really one of the most fun blogs out there right now. My husband and I have an 8month old baby boy, 2 cats, a restaurant (the sexton, seattle), and I work away from home, so nights away are cherished. We are from Seattle, and are planning a weekend away in Portland soon. Looking forward to good food, laughing, dinner with friends, and SLEEP! I’m glad you were able to have a little time together. It’s so nice. And your family is so cute!

  53. Andrea

    Happy birthday to Josh! I may have to steal that Magnolias banana pudding birthday cake idea, that stuff is the BEST!

  54. Julia

    i didn’t know they had one in New York. Happy Birthday Josh!

  55. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO JOSH!! How awesome that you guys got to go on a mini getaway and have a date!! =)

  56. Sheree H

    This looks like a wonderfully spent birthday!


  57. Amie

    Yay, Husband birthdays are the best! Happy birthday to yours!

  58. Etheline

    What a fun celebration. I love getaways. We are actually sneaking out to NYC for a week in Frebruary…it’s my first time:) Thank heavens for grandparents…I know my little ones will be a-ok and I’ll be to relax. AND..you are totally right- BEST bond ever!!

  59. Rachel

    Happy happy birthday to Josh!

  60. Jenna

    Hi Naomi! Another quick question, are your glasses the LA MARQUISE from Bonlook?

  61. What a wonderful birthday surprise! Just being together is the most fun of all, isn’t it?

  62. Ann

    Naomi, what a sweet way to wish your husband a Happy Birthday! In his eyes, you definitely won wife of the year award ; )

  63. Amanda

    y’all got to see the new bond movie!!?? we have been trying ever since it came out. and we have zero children! lol! {my husband is in med school. he is always studying.} happy birthday tiesandfries!


  64. Happy Birthday, Josh! How blessed you two are to have each other :) I can’t think of anything better than Bond and Magnolia! Yum, yum!


    We stayed at the Ace hotel last weekend in Portland and it was AH-Mazing! Had a vintage photo booth in the lobby! love that place!

  66. Mia

    Hi Naomi! If you ever need more babysitters, my roommates Meg (she commented on your Instagram), Emily, and I would love to interview for the job! We are recent college graduates living in Manhattan and we adore your littles!

  67. Lea

    Eight hours of uninterrupted sleep is the best gift anyone could give to the parent of littles! How generous of Josh to share his present with you.

  68. Awh, This is so cute! Happy Birthday Josh and hope you both enjoy the rest of the month as well!

  69. Jaana

    We JUST saw Bond too. It was embarrassing to tell people. Haha! Love the ACE hotel. Looks just like the one in Palm Springs! I had no idea it was a chain? And happy birthday to your husband, from this birthday girl! :)


  70. Nadia

    Happy birthday, Josh! You are one lucky man! :)

  71. Katja

    Happy belated birthday to Josh from Germany! Sounds like you guys had a wonderful time.

    Best wishes,


  72. Oh how fun and cute! What are some nicknames you use for Josh? My husbands name is Josh and I’ve just come up with Joshy… I’d love to call him J.. But I have an uncle named J… my dad calls him Yashy… His friends used to call him like mexican “ho sway”
    What are some good ones?! : )

  73. allison

    Happy birthday to Josh! Date nights are the best when it’s just you two. I bet you’ll remember this birthday forever!

  74. JM

    Happy Birthday to your hubby. It’s nice that you managed to get some alone time. that is important. Happy parents make better parents. All the best to you two.


  75. Meghan

    Happy happy birthday! Looks like you two had a great night!

  76. happy birthday to your man!
    my warmest wishes for beautiful days!

  77. Morgane

    Très très joyeux anniversaire!!

  78. Lili

    happy birthday josh! how old did he turn?

  79. You two are so inspirational. I hope to have a lovely relationship like yours in the future.

  80. Erin

    Aww, good for you two to get a moment alone! Happy birthday Josh!

  81. happy birthday to your hubby! (and to little Eleanor in an hour!)


  82. lauren

    Your blog is the happiest place on the internet! I send pics of your sweet children to my mom all the time because they’re just so darn cute. x

  83. eva

    what kind of mother LEAVES her under one year old with a foreign person to spend a night in a hotel???

    definitely not a very attached mother , but then again, you never dedicated your life to kids but vice versa, kids needed to adjust their little lives to your frequent going outs…

    OUTRAGEOUS in my opinion.