because a trip to dc isn’t complete without stopping by willards bbq, it just isn’t.


because a trip to dc isn’t complete without stopping by willards bbq, it just isn’t … even if that means driving 45 minutes out of dc in the opposite direction of new york on your way home…we’re crazy stupid like that because we’ll do anything for good food.





and let’s wear a bow tie while we’re at it. that’s how much we love good bbq.

dc trip tip:  willard’s bbq is a few minutes from the smithsonian air & space museum.  go for the bbq… and see the museum as a bonus. ;)

  1. The food looks really good! (And that’s coming from a vegan…!) x

  2. Kelsey

    Samson’s bow tie and suspenders – cuteness overload right there!

  3. Mehlaqa

    Omg Samson looks so cute in his bow tie outfit. Adorable little baby.x

  4. I LOVE the bowtie! So happy for all this D.C. love, too. We lived on the Hill while you were there in a little studio on 9th and East Capitol. Now we’re in Sicily and love it, but our memories of Capitol Hill will draw us back, I think!

  5. Brittany

    oh naomi, you’re killing me with the baby clothes and hunger-inducing eatery shots!

  6. samson and THAT bowtie! like father like son… just love it ;)

  7. this looks so yummy, it’s making me hungry! and the bowtie is too precious–does he ever not smile?! so cute :) looks like the extra 45 min drive was totally worth it.


  8. Agata

    I wonder.. What kind of camera do you have? Because your photos are so… clean… strongly colored. Well, you know quality of photos is delightful.

    Sorry for my errors.

  9. good food is always worth travelling for!

    your kids kill me they are sooo cute!! :)

  10. Amie

    Oh my goodness, just stop!! Your littles are waaaay too cute!!!!

  11. Lejla

    Oh man, I live here almost five months now, but you still manage to introduce me to DC’s hot spots :) Thanks for that..

  12. Ashleigh

    Saw your darling sisters wedding featured over at green wedding shoes blog. So fun to see all you sisters come together for her special day!

  13. Katie

    Aaah I live just a few minutes away from this place and have been wanting to try out their BBQ since we moved here. Now I definitely feel obligated!!

  14. candice

    Naomi, you need to bring your little family here to Texas soon! We will show you some amazing B.B.Q! Plus, we just miss you!

  15. Heather

    Oh my gosh, that little boy tie is the cutest! Such a great big smile too!

  16. i can’t take the cuteness.

  17. Heather

    I’ve lived in NoVA nearly my entire life and I’ve never been to Willards – it’s definitely on my list now though!

  18. Rachel

    We live in Southern MD and I love this new excuse to head to the Air and Space Museum sometime soon.

  19. Lindsay

    The bowtie! The cutest thing, ever!

  20. Ana

    Your kids are so adorable! I love how you dress them.

  21. Jen

    Willard’s is delicious! We’ll do anything for good food too, we drove from VA to Philly just for a cheesesteak!

  22. Oh that looks delicious! My husband loves barbecue and we’re going to be in that area in the springtime. We will need to go by it. Thanks for the tip!

  23. Teresa

    Love the bow ties! Your kiddos are too cute!!! thanks for sharing these!

  24. Sara

    its that good, huh? Its about 10 miles from my work, in the opposite direction of home. i think i can manage that.

  25. WOW wonderful pics taza, your children are so lovely …. i love how you edit photos…. all of them have the same size, is it due to Photoshop?

    xo from Italy, xo from Lelli Family

  26. Carie

    It looks delicious – and yay for tiny bowties -Samson is so cute!

  27. Natalie

    E & S are such mini-yous! They’re so cute with her dress and sneakers and his bow tie. Definitely the cutest children I’ve seen! You’re so blessed ♥

  28. Love the bowite! My little 2 year can’t go to church with out them hahaha. And thats pretty funny you guys drove out of the way for BBQ must be good! :)


  29. I love it! I work about 5 minutes from Willard’s, and it’s a frequent catering choice at work events. One of these days I’ll try actually going there! :)

  30. Samson. Sweetheart. Bow-tie & all. Your Mommy you just MUST thank her when you grow up to be a tall strapping “good looking” lad! Just like your Dad! I mention this, because your Momma goes out of her way to make sure you are dressed to the nines, and at such a young setting an example for you and your sissy like that is commendable. Hip Hooray for good Mommies and God Bless them everyone :)

  31. Olya

    Those pics made me hungry and I don’t even like meat that much;) preggers hormones;) and yes, bowties all the way!

  32. I don’t think it’s crazy to travel (way) out of your way for good food! That’s essentially how all our vacations get started…”Hey, I heard about this great place…”

  33. kara

    omg i go to dc all the time… how in the heck have i never tried this?!?! cant wait to check it out next time im in town!

    ps – could your kids be any cuter? i think not!

    xx, kara

  34. Annis (Handgehaakt)

    Hi Naomi, so nice to see a post from you again. And thanks for the reply on my tweet, i felt a bit like a stalker sending it :-) but food and babies, isn;t that the perfect combination? Its kinda all i thnk about haha.
    Annis from

  35. Allison

    oh my goodness, I work 5 minutes away from this place and have never heard of it. I will be going there now, haha. Thanks for the recommendation!

  36. heather

    Have you ever tried Dinosaur BBQ in Harlem? If you haven’t tried it, girl. You must. Best in the world, if I do say so myself!

  37. Guisou

    It always hits the spot being able to satisfy your stomachs cravings! Thank you for introducing us to this place, if I’m ever in DC i’ll be sure to visit x

  38. Rachel

    I’m adding this to my “to-eat” list next time I’m out in DC. Sounds so good.

  39. That last picture is just precious! I wouldn’t think twice about driving hours out of my way for a good meal – especially if burgers are involved!

  40. bridget

    samson’s suspenders. i can’t even handle it.

  41. Jenny

    Willard’s is my most favorite BBQ! I have to stop in whenever I visit my parents. It’s always packed, so it must be pretty good:)

  42. Haley

    MmMmmm, I love a great BBQ joint. :) I hope one day to make it to DC and I’ll definitely be adding Willard’s to the itenerary! From reading previous blog posts, I know you have family in Utah. :) Next time you’re here, stop by Pat’s BBQ in Salt Lake. My mouth is watering just think about it.


    PS – Your little Samson in his suspenders and bowtie…he slays me. ;)

  43. Chely

    oh my gosh, Samson & E are too funny! I love these pictures <3

  44. Michaela

    my, how adorble is this bow tie?! you guys honestly have the cutest children ever!!!! also i would like to say that your family is one of the reasons I still believe in love :)
    (btw, it is so weird to see your pic in the British moonpig ad!)

  45. leah.

    your photos really are lovely -and little samson’s tie – so sweet!
    i will need to keep williards in mind in case we decide to take a little trip to d.c. this year (i am trying to talk the husband into going for the cherry blossoms!). in philly our favorite little bbq place is sweet lucys. it’s not close to anything especially interesting, but it is right off of 95, so if you are ever traveling on 95 and just need to have bbq – that is the place to go!

  46. Jess

    I love the way you dress Samson (and Eleanor too, I just have a boy so I pay special attention to baby boy wear) – can you share where you shop for him? I’m particularly interested in where I can find adorable tiny bowties and suspenders. My apologies if there is a post on this somewhere that I failed to find…Thanks!

  47. Crystal

    Oh you have such cuties! Will your shop will be up and running any time soon? So curious to check it out! ; )

  48. Marie

    your children’s outfits are adorable! Just wondering- do you take a long time to dress them up? Cos sometimes its not easy to dress little ones, esp in fancy outfits.

    Btw the little bow-tie is toooo cute :)

  49. Marie

    Adorable outfits! Just wondering- do u take a long time to dress up your children? Because I have a boy and it takes a long time to dress him up in such fancy wear. Any tips? Haha. ;)

  50. jing

    omg… josh with his “mini me”!! Utterly adorable!

  51. Ann

    S is looking quite dapper ; )

  52. Teri


  53. Vanessa

    I love the way you process your photos! Could you share briefly how you edit in photoshop? I have tried and tried to achieve a similar look but just can’t figure it out.

  54. Samson looks so cute! My son has the exact same pants, too!

  55. Morgane

    Huuuum!! So good! Samson is so cute!

  56. Katja

    I just love Samsons outfit!!! Adorable!

  57. Iva

    Its funny how différent good food is in US compared to Europe .. :) to me this seems like junk food … But you know how to make things look good! Thats à real talent!

  58. cheyenne

    good food is worth a 45m drive!
    looks delicious, and your kiddies look adorable!
    xo, cheyenne

  59. Thays

    Hey, I found pictures of you and samson + you and E at this brazilian tumblr ( It’s about the different faces of motherhood!

  60. Err…ridiculously cute!!!

  61. If two tiny kids are still smiling this much after 45 mins extra in a car you know that’s some good good right there!

    Lucy xx

  62. Anne

    Samson and his little outfit- killing me dead!

  63. Sarah Reed

    Um, that baby in his little bow tie is the cutest thing I have ever seen! He takes after his papa doesn’t he! I am moving out east later this year so we will have to make a trip to Willards when we’re near DC!

  64. courtney

    i like the trip tip! what a great idea!

  65. Calliope

    Willards is awesome! We always stop by for burnt ends on our way to Nissan Pavilion, err Jiff Lube Live, whatever they’re calling it these days.

  66. mmm! southern bbq is the best.

  67. Amy

    Oh My Oh My! Where did you get Samson’s outfit! I need one of them for my 6 month old! He looks so handsome!!

  68. Elena

    omg, Samson in those suspenders! haha, adorable.

  69. the bow tie is too much – in a great way!! what a cutie lil’ man!

  70. Sofie

    Samson looks so adorable with his tie!!!

  71. Sheree H

    That food looks delicious! Every city has a place like that. You’d regret it if you didn’t stop!


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