a weekend in dc.

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josh and i have been talking and talking and talking for ages about going back and visiting dc since we moved away last august. but like with most things on our to-do list, there really is never any time to actually do those things we really *want* to do. we went back and forth all last week about when to go and calendar something, but by friday we decided to just go. friday. just do it.  because otherwise, when?! you know? and so, we packed up the kids in the car friday night. (we prefer starting all road trips after 9pm because then the babes are asleep for the ride and we get 3 or 4 hours of time to just talk, uninterrupted, which is one of my favorite things to do with josh. and i mean, when do you get that kind of time to just talk these days?! it felt like a date. i’m calling it a date.)

we had a great time seeing old friends, meeting new beautiful babies, visiting the hill and eating all of our favorite food (the dc food scene will always rival the nyc food scene in my book. you can’t argue with me on that one because i am stubborn and also, because dc has 2Amys. end of discussion.)

blogdc1blogdc2blog1 ^^^eleanor was in heaven saturday morning running around with old buddies.^^^^
blogdc13blogdc8 blogdc9^^^breakfast at eastern market.^^^

blogdc10 blogdc11

^^^you know. only the best.^^^


^^^walks around capitol hill.^^^
blogdc15 blogdc18 blogdc20 blogdc25blogdc29

^^^samson meets our friends’ new 2 week old beauty. i secretly hope they marry someday.^^^


^^^dinner with old pals at 2Amy’s.^^^

blogdc21blogdc30blogdc28^^^ and what’s this?! a group shot?! well that’s never happened before!^^^


  1. DC is one of my favorite cities in this world. so cool to see you back on those stomping grounds. lovely place <3


  2. katie p

    cute cute! where is your barrette from? really like it! :)

    • TAZA

      thank you! it’s from Shop Bando!

  3. hannah

    good job, lady on the street!!

  4. Ellie

    This is the cutest post I’ve seen in a long time. Blessings on you and your sweet family :)

  5. Heather

    I lived in DC for years, and so agree with you about 2Amys! So glad you made it back to see friends!

  6. Lauren

    love these pictures and so happy you made it back here— and to 2 Amys! :) Yum!

  7. naomi you have invented the most genius date night alternative!!

    stuck for a babysitter? just go out with baby asleep in the car. you could even add food to the mix but stopping at a drive thru :)


    • TAZA

      right?! :)

  8. i love how it looks like little eleanor is taking notes in her stroller, too cute!

  9. Looks like you guys had a great time. And Pitango, yum!! :-)

  10. Sarah G.

    Lovely post! I’m a new reader, but I love your style and your photography. I lived in DC twice when my dad was in the Air Force. It’s a special place for sure! Your kids are adorable!

  11. Oh Naomi!! Your photos are always so crisp and beautiful. I’d love to pick your brain for camera tips. maybe some day, sigh. I discovered a love for DC last December, met a best blogger friend, and am in her wedding this June in Georgetown. I LOVE DC.

  12. Dashley

    Love your houndstooth sweater (or coat?)! Where’s it from?

  13. samson. his smile. it gets me every time!!! and elanor. she is just so beautiful!

  14. Anne

    Fun! I love a good last minute road trip!

  15. What a fun spontaneous trip!! The drive down was definitely a date :) Adorable pictures, as always :)

    <3 Josephine

  16. Lindsay

    As always, your photos speak more than one thousand words. Beautiful.

  17. Ann

    Impromptu trips are the best!

  18. Lo

    those pigtails on Eleanor– how adorable! i babysit a handsome 2 year old boy… his hobbies are painting with his leftover food, coloring with half-eaten crayons, and singing! (you know.. if you ever come to chicago…/ looking for a little date for Eleanor…)

  19. Megan

    Random road trips are always the best! Your photos are beautiful and it looks like you had a great time! Whenever I visit DC, it’s always fun!

  20. Ana

    Well, it’s a beautiful group with beautiful babies!

    I really hope we get to visit DC soon! It sounds like a really fun amazing city!

  21. catching up with friends in DC is the best! my best friend lives in alexandria (OH so adorable), and we go often :) i’ll have to try 2Amys next time!!


  22. Oh my goodness these pictures are adorable! That one of Eleanor taking notes is SO cute!

  23. Sarah

    I would truly love to know which city you prefer and why. I’ve lived in NYC (Park Slope to be exact) and I’ve also spent a good portion of my childhood right outside DC (Montgomery County, MD) while the rest was spent in San Juan, PR. I love love love NY, but I also have a soft spot for DC. Although, my love is more childhood memory based which is why I’ve love an adult perspective.

  24. Amie

    What wonderful memories! Yay for road trips! I adore Samson’s face in the pic @ the gelato shop & Eleanor getting to run! How adorable. Your barrette is my favorite!!

  25. Lucy

    Not related to the post at all, but I just saw you in a tv advert!! I’m not sure if you will be able to see it as it’s for a UK greetings card company called Moonpig! You were on one of the cards in their new tv advert! Go check it out if you can (i’m guessing they used a stock photo rather than stealing it!?) x

    • TAZA

      yes! we keep hearing about this! so funny. it’s an old stock photo from a photoshoot we did with a friend a few years ago. always fun to see where those photos end up. some crazy places, that is for sure. thanks for letting me know!

  26. Amie

    What wonderful memories! Yay for road trips! I adore Samson’s face in the pic @ the gelato shop & Eleanor getting to run! How adorable. Your barrette is my favorite!!

  27. Tiffany

    I am attempting a 5 hour road trip this weekend with my 2 girls but my husband is hanging back for work :/ My only reassurance is seeing you guys travel so well with 2 littles too! And also, you have inspired me to find some awesome small, local eateries to try out while there instead of stopping at the nearest Chic Fil A!! Wish me luck!

  28. Mel

    Haha I know how you feel about secretly wishing that your child will get with a friends :) I’m secretly hoping that my daughter ends up with our friends little boy or at least best friends.

    Road trips are the best :)

  29. It must have been so much fun, taking Samson back to DC! You have made me crave pizza like a mad person and its only 9am here Down Under!!

  30. Natalie

    Stunning photos. Your family is so beautiful I love to see the many photos of you guys in love, it’s like looking at friends. Can’t wait for the next post ♥


  31. Anna

    It’s 12.30 in Athens, Greece and I was just about to turn off the light and close my eyes when I read that there’s a new post on!!! And I just couldn’t wait till tomorrow! ?You truly are among my daily inspirations…
    God bless ya all!!! xxx
    Anna from http://www.tincturetales.com/

  32. Anna

    It’s 00.30 in Athens, Greece and I was just about to turn off my bedside lamp and close my eyes when I read there’s a new post on! And I just couldn’t wait till tomorrow!You truly are among my favorite daily imspirations!!! Thank you so much!
    xxxx Anna
    from tincturetales.com

  33. Kelli

    where is your cute and cozy “happy camper’ shirt from? i love it!

  34. Lejla

    DC is pretty special. The first few weeks here were horrible, but now I feel I could even live here for a while. The city gets under your skin :)


  35. you social butterflies! looks like so much fun :)


  36. Rachel

    Oh my goodness, I can’t believe how BIG Samson is looking compared to that newborn!! and I also can’t believe how many times I mistake a pic of Samson for one of E. they are seriously twinners. so sweet(:

  37. Polly

    Did you visit your dog Kingsley, too?

    • TAZA

      no. he isn’t in DC. i wish!

  38. Kelly

    Some of those photos look like Georgetown, I miss it!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  39. What a great weekend and group! So glad you come for a visit and sad that I didn’t get to say hi. :)

  40. Emma

    Ah!! I am planning to do to DC in a month or so – this makes me so excited!! you & your family are so wonderful. By the way, could you perhaps share t-shirt & coat/jumper?! It’s an ace combination. Love from London

  41. Carie

    What a wonderful weekend! I’m totally with you on the merits of long drives with sleeping babies; we try to do a lot of ours at night for the same reason and it does give us a chance to catch up (and eat the unsuitable snacks usually kept hidden from the girls!)

  42. Melissa

    We always leave after hours for our road trips as well…even if its plus 10 hours. We always end up with some pretty good (albeit slightly crazy) conversations on the way, happy children, and tired parents…the only way to go. Looks like a great weekend!

  43. Colleen K

    I think I rival you as 2Amy’s biggest fan. I went to college at American and it was right down the street…The best was when a friend was a hostess and we didn’t have to wait in that horrendous line on Saturday nights! I live in the Bay Area now, but 2Amys is always #1 on our list when we go visit family and friends in DC.

    And, yes, starting roadtrips at 9pm after the littles go to sleep is the best idea ever. We do the SF -> trip 2 to 3x a year, and this is our go-to strategy.

  44. Deirdre

    Such yummy food and sunshine. The new site is great- cheers!

  45. annton

    that looks like a lovely trip; sunny, tasty & lots of laughter.
    besides that, because of emotional reasons, I fell for the “happy camper” shirt, where is it from (I hope no one else was asking that already & silly me, over read it!)?

    greetings from the studio.

  46. Brittany

    You really do have the cutest, most happy family I’ve seen. Husband and I are praying for babies and when God does bless us with babes, I hope we are as fun-loving as you two!!


  47. Alex

    Aww This was such a cute post – it made me smile! :)

    It looks like you all had a really lovely time and the babies are beautiful – they look so happy!

    ~ Alex @ Forrest Mush

  48. Seriously, Naomi, you are gorgeous in these photos! Motherhood really agrees with you :)

    Love this little trip, and yes that drive totally counts as a date! My husband and I drove our (almost) two year old around our city last Sunday so he would sleep and we talked and drank coffee. It was glorious.

  49. Emma

    What wonderful photos! Certainly makes me what to visit DC and the Eastern Market! :)

  50. Cortney

    You are totally right about the DC food scene-it’s pretty awesome. Also, that picture of Samson with his new friend is seriously hurting my heart. He looks all grown up. Tooooo cuuute.

  51. Sarah

    Did you visit Kingsley at all?

    • TAZA

      no he is not in DC. i wish!

  52. bri

    I love DC! I keep trying to tell my husband to quit his job so we can move back *fingers crossed* quite possibly happening this summer!

  53. Zoe

    I echo the question about the happy camper t shirt! I already googled but couldn’t find it :(

  54. This post made me cry. I know…sounds weird. My husband is on a 13 month deployment and I would give just about anything to load my 2 little babies in the car and drive, and talk, and drive some more with him.

    • TAZA

      oh man this comment makes me cry! i hope you get that car ride with your husband soon. you are a superwoman! and big thanks to your husband for serving!

  55. abbey

    I love your blog, and your family is just the cutest. Thank you for sharing your lovely life with us. I look forward to reading your posts every week.

  56. Carly

    Oh man, Samson is totally making a Mmmm face at the ice cream! And that mug with the newborn! He’s looking even more like his papa (and sister)!

  57. Rachel

    So great. Eleanor and her friends running around is just so cute. And yay for late night car talks with the husband :) Those are the best.

  58. Beautiful photographs! This makes me want to move to DC so badly.

  59. hayley

    adorable post! how does 2amy’s compare to lombardi’s in new york? i’ve heard they are comparable but i was wondering since you’ve lived in both places which you thought was better? i haven’t tried 2amys but i definitely plan on it if i ever find myself in dc

    • TAZA

      i think it’s better. ;)

  60. Nicole

    Your littles are adorable!

  61. Arika

    The picture of Samson with his “future wife” is to die for! The look on his face is priceless. Made my day.

  62. great feature on DC…haven’t been there in ages and am missing it. I must know where your houndstooth coat is from…i am crushing on it hard!!

    Thanks for sharing!

  63. cheyenne

    looks like you guys had a wonderful time :)
    such beautiful pictures!
    xo, cheyenne

  64. Ash

    Love your Black and Tan houndstooth jacket! :) Where is it from?

    • TAZA

      thanks! from madewell.

  65. alyssa

    i haven’t said this before, but you probably get it a lot: i really appreciate that you share your family adventures with everyone.

    and this will sound a bit cheesy, but: it gives me a real different perspective on life and makes me want to try something new and different. (like going to Shake Shack, haha).

    i also enjoy looking at your beautiful photos. i’m always secretly excited when i see a new post is up on here.

    thanks for sharing! :)

  66. Laura

    Samson is the cutest little man! Also, DC looks beautiful. Need to go there someday!

  67. There is so much I completely adore about this post. The yummy food, the gorgeously colourful and happy photos – and reuniting with old buddies (and little, tiny new ones).
    We moved to Dubai in October, and are currently planning our trip back home to the UK and Norway in the summer…. Can’t wait!!!! x
    Camilla :)

  68. bea

    so stinkin’ cute, that picture of e running with the other kiddies! i so miss being that young and waking up to new places not really knowing (or caring!) what’s going on as long as i’m with my parents!

  69. Beautiful post… I live away from my friends too and that group shot has made me nostalgic… snif!

  70. Anna

    Hi! I love your outfit in 10th picture! I wish it would be as warm here in Finland but today it’s -22C. :) your blog gives me hope of spring!

  71. Stephanie

    What kind of shoes does Samson wear? I love them!
    would like to buy them for my 6 old month son too!

    • TAZA

      his moccs are from freshly picked!

  72. Morgane

    C’est très beau et ça donne vraiment envie! Cool!!^^

  73. So… this pretty much looks like the best weekend ever.
    It’s -6 here and you’ve still managed to make me crave gelato!

    Lucy xx


  74. Saule

    You guys are the cutest family. i never wanted kids… until I found your blog!!! It does seem a very hard work though :-) xx

  75. Gemma

    The sweater cardi is from madewell I think? They do not ship to UK :-(

    • TAZA

      yes it is from made well! big bummer they don’t ship to UK. what?!

  76. marie

    Love the hair braids in the 2nd photo! Her mum must be really skilled to do that, and for a young kid. Btw Samson looks so hapy beside the baby. ;)


  77. Sheila

    Your family is inspiring & absolutely beautiful – not due to your fabulous style (but its fun too!) but because your family is lit from within! You are truly shining your light! God bless!

  78. Olya

    so loving this post! I am big for night driving trips myself too, except that my hubby is a SLEEPING monster, and I am not kidding when i say that. It’s like 10 pm and he’s OUT. I’m wondering if it’s the climate here ( joking) , but really ; we’ve NEVER had an issue in nyc. but then again , driving there is not that relaxing ;)


  79. I hope this doesn’t sound too odd, but we miss you here in D.C.! You always helped me appreciate my own city more :).


  80. Iwona

    Pretty sweet children!!! Beautiful photos:) I greet:)

  81. caitlin

    samson is so smiley!! so cute.

  82. amy

    eleanor with the pen & paper – love!

  83. Margaret

    I adore 2 Amys! I went whenever I could in college (went to American) and I haven’t been able to get back since I graduated since we live in FL now. I have to say that seeing how you manage to be really cool with two littles gives me inspiration that life doesn’t end with kids. ( I only have one little at the moment!) You just gotta get up and DO! I really like tuning in to get a little pep talk when it feels like… “will I ever get to do ANYTHING I like do to ever again?!” Keep on rocking it.

  84. bridget

    naomi, i always love your posts like this about d.c. i grew up there, so i think you can imagine my intense need to revisit…or just move back altogether (we’re currently in denver). posts like this only kindle the fire. ; ) but they give me some visual corroboration that d.c. is AWESOME — ya know, to show my husband. slowly wear him down.

    and i just love the photographs of miss e playing with all her friends. how happy is she!? and also your jeans. they’re heaven.

  85. Jess

    I’m so glad to hear you say that about the DC food scene. That means there’s hope! My boyfriend and I moved to Georgetown in November, and we’ve yet to find any favorite spots… Except, that is, for 2Amys, which we LOVE and found via your blog. We found out shortly after arriving that we had landed ourself in the touristy part of the neighborhood and have spent an embarrassing amount of money on overpriced, expensive meals, despite my obsessive amount of Yelp research. Do you happen to have your DC favorites compiled anywhere?

  86. Sarah

    What a nice reunion!
    Where did you get your amazing houndstooth sweater? It’s beeyootiful!

  87. Carey

    I was born at Sibley Hospital, lived on Capital Hill, frequented the Eastern Market with my Mom and sister growing up, sledded on the hill outside the Capitol, swam/ice skated in/on the reflecting pond, this was many, many years ago and I now live in the mountains of Colorado, but it was magical growing up in DC.

  88. Eli

    A great way to enjoy family time is definitely pack and just go, that’s what we did with traveling to London this week. Weather and assignments aside, if not now then when?
    Lovely photos, it’s always so colourful down here with Rockstars ;) xx


  89. Lindsey

    Where are your shoes from?? Super cute, Love everything you wear:)

  90. Debbie

    2Amys loves you guys! Thanks for stopping in !! Amazing blog btw.