a few moments from the past week or two, not to be forgotten.


^^^oh hey girl, you have a squirrel on your pocket!^^^


^^^PEEK A BOO!^^^


^^^christmas trees kicked to the curb all over manhattan. it is so depressing! and yet i somehow feel the need to take photos of them because i guess it’s my way of dealing with it. but good news is the trees are made into mulch for the city, not just tossed. i think i can live with that.^^^


^^^this place makes a really delicious lobster roll. every once in a while i save my pennies and treat myself to one. i’d rather have a lobster roll from here than a dessert. and that is saying something!^^^


^^^sometimes before breakfast or getting dressed or anything else, you just gotta jam.^^^


^^^eleanor has started to read books to samson. it doesn’t get better than this.^^^


^^^eleanor’s owl snow globe from her christmas stocking. it was a prized possession until samson accidentally broke it the other day while i was bouncing him too close to where it sat on the shelf. these babies and their reach! big bummer. ^^^017blog

^^^i have no idea what is going on here.^^^


 ^^^been making lots of weird salads these days. things that you wouldn’t think go well together until you try, like spinach with salmon and goat cheese and pomegranate seeds and almonds…delicious.^^^ 020blog

 ^^^she knows the letter E! yay! and only the letter E, but we’re working on it.^^^


^^^a sushi date with my love. we talked about “the children” and “parenting” and “school systems” and “raising kids in manhattan vs elsewhere” and “what in the world should we do and why does this consume us” the entire time. i guess that’s where we are in life…^^^


^^^this face. can’t help but kiss it 5 thousand times each day.^^^

have a great weekend!

  1. Jacki

    Those kids of yours are just so cute! Sweet little faces :)
    Seeing those Christmas trees makes me a little sad, and also reminds me I need to take out my own fire hazard of a tree this weekend. I guess it’s about time, being that it’s mid-January and all!!

  2. dana

    the kids are TOO precious! Samson looks JUST like Eleanor (in a boyish way or course!)

  3. bea

    omg samson is starting to remind me of tobey maguire

  4. Virginia

    those last two pictures! that GRIN! made.my.day. i hope you have a splendid weekend with your precious family.

  5. Oh gosh! such wonderful and beautiful pictures. Your little ones are just so so sweet x

  6. Julie

    What smiley little faces! How fantastic. My husband and I seem to only talk about the future on sushi dates too…I think it’s just something about the wasabi :)

  7. I love the photo of her reading to him! and Peek a boo!! Man, they’re adorable.

  8. Chelsea

    Your life is so colorful. I love it! Plus, you’re just a great inspiration all around :)

  9. Hannah

    I’d love to see a short video of E&S playing together. Bet it’s so fun for you to watch! E also seems like the coolest toddler in the world!

  10. june

    Wow Naomi!! You’ve become such a professional photographer. Your pics are so beautiful and your kids adorable! I am so curious about your shop… what will you be selling? When will you tell us?

    I’d love to know.

    Great blog. Lots of love!

    June :)

    • TAZA

      it’s almost finished! should be up soon! ;)

  11. What a sweet little face!!! :) I don’t blame you!

    Happy weekend to you!


  12. Clementine

    Samson is so cute!!!!

  13. Oh my goodness, Samson’s little face is so cute! I can’t wait to have kids. I hope they are as wonderful and adorable as yours.

  14. Simply thank you for such great photos that keeps my dreams of having a family very alive. Love Samson’s pics. He is growing up so fast. Adorable :)

  15. Ana

    Samson’s face!!! Too adorable!!

  16. Lindsay

    Those kids are so lucky. You bring so much joy and happiness to their lives! The pictures are so sweet.

  17. Jen

    Those last pictures of Samson are to die for!

  18. Samson’s face in those last two pictures is too cute for words. You and Josh are raising some pretty happy, smiley babies!!

  19. Maëlle

    Oh my, this little boy of yours is just too cute ! And he reminds me so so much of my little brother when he was little… that’s why i just had to comment, ha!
    Have a great weekend with your loved ones Naomi!

  20. Jazmyn

    Your kids are so adorable! :) I also need a sushi date really bad lol.


  21. Emily

    That Samson and his grin!! Seriously he is too cute- and very handsome!

    My husband and I used to have the same conversations over and over and over when it came to schools and where to go! We used to live in the city of where we live now. I didn’t think I could ever live away from it. However I had a lot of dreams of a big family, and I just couldn’t do that where we were. I moved to open spaces (and great school districts) and am pregnant with my third :) It’s a personal decision but we couldn’t be happier- and sometimes you surprise yourself! Plus we don’t live too far so we can go into the city for dates and such. Good luck – these decisions require lots of talks over dinner :)

  22. Tiffany

    Oh my goodness! The last photos of Samson and that wider-than-ever grin! Contagious smile! :)

  23. Janssen

    We’ve been having these same conversations for the last seven years of our marriage. Some people seem to have a spot that just is the ideal for them (for most of our friends, it seems to be Utah), but we don’t have that draw to a single place or family that is centrally located, and so it’s a hard decision for us.

  24. Lejla

    They are so cute! I was always wondering whether you find it easier now that you have two little ones. They sure play with each other and that leaves you more time for other things that you can do, right? Or is it just the opposite?

  25. Nice pictures ! Beautiful family! I love your blog.. I have to try the lobster roll when I’ll be in New York in April!!!! (Hey! A dream come true!)

  26. those faces from samson… you KNOW he’s gonna be an ornery fella in a few years ;)

  27. christina

    oh my goodness! the last two pictures of Samson are too cute! also i love how you’re almost in a split in that picture with Samson between your legs. such a dancer pose!!

  28. Kelly

    Oh my goodness, what adorable photos! It looks like you have been having a great time!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  29. brandi

    omg they are seriously the cutest!!! What a gorgeous family! :)
    Happy Weekend!!

  30. Anne

    Love posts like this with a big compilation of photos! How could you and Josh not talk about all those things on a lunch date?! Lots to consider. Your littles are the cutest

  31. Brittany

    how do you manage to charm us with every post, all over again?

    this blog is not good for my new york or baby obsession.

    …but i will never stop reading.

    thanks for the inspiration!

    zealouslyzika.com (our positive lifestyle young married people blog)

  32. Ah! So cute! My husband and I have finally found ‘our place’. Like you in NYC, we struggle in London to find a family friendly yet vibrant location and we’ve finally found it! Follow our adventures in our new home at :


  33. elizabeth

    hi taza,

    e’s owl snow globe is cute, but not as cute as her and her little brother. i cannot say enough how much enjoy following your blog. it’s so wholesome and beautiful. love your family and appreciate how you share you with us all. hugs and kisses to you and your family. best always in manhattan and everywhere you travel or are.

    love, liz =D

  34. Leigh

    OMG! Those last two pictures of Samson are to die for! Too much cuteness!

  35. Erin

    Your kiddos are so gorgeous! Those smiles on Samson’s face! You capture them so well, too.

  36. Patricia

    Did you get a new lens? These pictures are beautiful. Love the bokeh. Mind if I ask what lens was used? These seem too awesome for the 50mm you have listed.

    • TAZA

      thanks! no still using the 50mm!

  37. janine

    once a dancer, always a dancer…love how youre sitting in the first photo, if i had to guess id say your toes are pointed too!

  38. Julie

    Absolutely love your blog!!

  39. Ann

    S looks a lot like Josh in the second to the last photo!

  40. Jenny

    Your family is the cutest. Like ever.

  41. Samantha

    So adorable!

    Quick tip…if you’re interested. If not just disregard! As someone who teaches young children how to read…instead of teaching your babes the names of the letters teach them the sounds. So instead of teaching her ‘E” teach her the sound “eh” as in elephant. That way when she is old enough to start reading she will already know all the sounds and it will be so much easier!

    Adorable family! :)

    • TAZA

      that actually makes a ton of sense. thanks for sharing your tip!

  42. Oh Naomi, he is really really cute! All of a sudden he has so much hair that I hardly recognize him! What a honey. Have a great weekend. :)

  43. Olya

    my absolute goodness. adorable smiles from ALL of you :) 5000 kisses at the very least to that face. Melts my heart and makes me warm inside ( and excited :))


  44. Gosh your photos are so crisp i love them all. Isn’t it so fun to have 2 babies so close together. Thats what I have and its so amazing how they interact. Such a blessing.


  45. Amie

    wonderful pics, such fun memories!

  46. Lexie

    Samson’s little smile! Holy smokes – they don’t come any cuter. My second baby should be here any day now, and I just can’t imagine the joy that must come from watching siblings grow together.

  47. ha! i sometimes wonder if i will wear a hole in my little one’s cheek with all the kisses i give her :)

    eleanor reading to samson is so adorable.

  48. Kate Kemp

    Hi there,

    I live in London and just wanted to let you know that a company called moonpig.com is using one of your images on their Valentines Day card advertisment…just FYI incase this isn’t approved…



    • TAZA

      thank you. it’s actually a stock photo that they bought from a stock photography site. it’s from a stock photo shoot we did many years ago with a friend.

  49. Rian

    I just love your blog! Your family is very adorable! You bring out the joy in everyday things we all, sometimes, take for granted.

  50. Irela

    Oh my, that lobster roll looks so delicious!

  51. Carie

    Oh such lovely pictures! Your babies are really growing up fast and they’re both such cuties.

  52. Mary @ B&Gjournals

    Those last two are so so sweet, the first looks like josh and the second looks so similar to you and e. so fun to see Samson growing up!

  53. haha samson in the second to last photo, love it. your family is so adorable. i feel like every time i comment on your blog that’s all i can say, but it’s just so true! :)


  54. Carlyn

    You have lovely children, absolutely adorable. Everything looks beautiful in your photos.

  55. Adorable!

  56. Maria

    i just came here to show my husband some pics of the baby beauties! now he loves them just like i do. i wish you’d post more pictures with samson’s smile, it melts me <3 now thinking on having my own little ones sounds better :-) kisses to your lovely family!

  57. This is beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing with us.

  58. Sarah

    If by chance you ever consider living in DC again, I have to say that the public school system in Montgomery County, MD (which is RIGHT outside DC) is amazing. Truly amazing. Oh and that smile on your boy’s face kills me, can’t even imagine how much you must love it.

  59. Don’t stress too much about raising your children in the city! I was raised in Toronto, and the city walks + children’s events + museums/galleries + art centers were something I could never give up. They really honed my cultural & academic abilities (in a fun way! without me even realizing it!), and helped me gain a fantastic taste palette (I love meeting people from different ethnic backgrounds). I somehow ended up in medical school, so I don’t think I turned out that bad. ^-^ Good luck!

  60. Julie

    you guys got a new sofa! loving that blue velvet!

    i am obsessed with samsons smile. i don’t know how you ever get anything done with that sweet little face staring at you!

  61. Molly

    Where’s your gray top from? Oh and that totally sounds like dates with my husband, except we talk homeschool and raising boys and how in the world do we have one getting baptized this summer?!

  62. Melisa

    You two are the best parents in my book.

  63. Melissa

    The only thing my hubby and I ever talk about is our kiddies, I hope we can find something to do when they grow up! Maybe we will still just talk and worry about them.
    The Real McCoy(s)

  64. Keena Z.

    Your babies and your family are beautiful! I love reading your posts and enjoying the small moments.

  65. Kirsty

    oh my, Samson just made me smile the biggest smile! :)

  66. omg that last picture is pri-ce-less! i loooooooooove your son’s expression. i also can’t help but kiss my little boy millions of times each day; my hubby thinks im crazy! ahah! the jamming picture is also adorable, where did you get the colored xylophone?

  67. Ariel

    Sigh, you have the most lovely life. Always enjoy your photos, they’re always beautiful. (And that salad sounds yummy!!!)

  68. Jo

    Not that you asked, but I grew up in nyc with both parents working full time, and I’m so glad I did! I spent summers away in the countryside and I think it was the perfect balance. I never had a backyard, and maybe I missed out (I’ll never know), but I enjoyed having the city as mine.

  69. Jenna

    Hi Naomi! Haven’t said hi in awhile. Love your blog, I keep telling my husband how much I would love to raise kids in NYC, at least for the fact that there is no want of museums, people, culture, and places to explore. Curious what you guys decide to do.

  70. How dare you share that lobster roll!! Now it’s all I can think about :(

    And goodness, gracious when I think your children can’t get any cuter you post photos like this!

  71. Amanda

    Samson just looks like he knows more than all of us in those last couple photos. :)

  72. Julie

    Oh, these littles are just too sweet!

  73. Jaana

    oh, you can clearly see you’re a dancer by those limbs in the picture with little E. i can’t sit like that for more than 12 seconds! good memory snaps. and love the little squirrel pockets :)


  74. marie

    Wow for a second there, i thought that it was Eleanor in the last 2 photos. Has anyone told you that they look so alike, like twins? Haha. They’re both so cheerful and adorable. :)


  75. CK

    Naomi your photos are so gorgeous! I know you have probably been asked many many times but I did numerous searches on the blog and couldn’t find where you mentioned what camera you have and what lenses you use?
    I can see you use mainly a 50ml lens ? but would you mind sharing what camera and lenses?
    Thank you so much

  76. JM

    Utterly gorgeous photographs. Samson seems to be growing up so quickly. I know how you must be treasuring these time. They are beautiful, our kiddies!


  77. Christmas trees in the streets make me sad too :(

    Beautiful pictures!

  78. Michelle

    Samson and Eleanor are too cute!

  79. This is such a sweet post. Your kids are darling! We love the This is series of city books. We have London, but would love the whole collection.

  80. Teresa

    These pictures are really great! Love the “peekaboo” one and the last two of that boy! I can understand why he gets kissed a thousand times a day.. :)

  81. Rowena

    I read a news story in January about Christmas tree sellers donating their remaining trees to the elephants at Berlin zoo. A Christmas treat for the elephants and the trees don’t go to waste!

  82. jennifer

    i have to ask…where is samson’s xylophone from? i’ve been looking for one for my little guy because he love’s the one i keep in my classroom, but i really wanted a wooden one. if you have time to share, i would be oh so grateful! thanks.

  83. Amanda

    Oh my. I nearly died at those last 2 photos of sweet Samson. So freaking cute!!

  84. daphne

    Is that a unibrow we see potential for on Samson? ;)
    That smile on that little man is awesome!

  85. Laurel

    sweet babes and sweet faces!

  86. Alyson Sharette

    Move back to Utah and send E to my family’s charter school. They have incredibly high test scores and no tuition!

  87. Traci Cox

    Oh my world, those pictures of Samson are soooo cute!

  88. Love the photos, I always make sure my daughter is with me as I read your posts, she adores your kids. She was very sad the Eleanor “fell down” in the photo where she was looking under the blue couch. “Oh no! Fall down!’

  89. Too cute! Reminds me of my babies! Love love love.