a few moments from the past week or two, not to be forgotten.


^^^oh hey girl, you have a squirrel on your pocket!^^^


^^^PEEK A BOO!^^^


^^^christmas trees kicked to the curb all over manhattan. it is so depressing! and yet i somehow feel the need to take photos of them because i guess it’s my way of dealing with it. but good news is the trees are made into mulch for the city, not just tossed. i think i can live with that.^^^


^^^this place makes a really delicious lobster roll. every once in a while i save my pennies and treat myself to one. i’d rather have a lobster roll from here than a dessert. and that is saying something!^^^


^^^sometimes before breakfast or getting dressed or anything else, you just gotta jam.^^^


^^^eleanor has started to read books to samson. it doesn’t get better than this.^^^


^^^eleanor’s owl snow globe from her christmas stocking. it was a prized possession until samson accidentally broke it the other day while i was bouncing him too close to where it sat on the shelf. these babies and their reach! big bummer. ^^^017blog

^^^i have no idea what is going on here.^^^


 ^^^been making lots of weird salads these days. things that you wouldn’t think go well together until you try, like spinach with salmon and goat cheese and pomegranate seeds and almonds…delicious.^^^ 020blog

 ^^^she knows the letter E! yay! and only the letter E, but we’re working on it.^^^


^^^a sushi date with my love. we talked about “the children” and “parenting” and “school systems” and “raising kids in manhattan vs elsewhere” and “what in the world should we do and why does this consume us” the entire time. i guess that’s where we are in life…^^^


^^^this face. can’t help but kiss it 5 thousand times each day.^^^

have a great weekend!

  1. Caity

    The peek a boo pic, as well as those last two pics of Samson are quite possibly the most adorable pictures ever! Little kid smiles, so much fun.

  2. Oh my word, your children are so, so precious. I absolutely love the way that you document these little day to day moments, very sweet.

  3. Liv

    Lovely photos! I like the idea of the salad and will totally try that combo,
    I love mixing weird things and coming up with something that works together! And I am really happy reading that you are having such great healthy salads. Being a real wholefood hippie kid that always eats healthy, I was sometimes worried about you posting so much fast food and sweets ;) So good to see that you keep the balance.

  4. Bailey

    Those last two of little Sammy are TO DIE FOR! I’ve came backed and looked at them twice now :)

  5. Kiti

    Time flows to fast, your baby boy is so big already! Your fotos are very inspiring, Taza:) Happy Sunday!

  6. Vera

    Oh wow, they are just too beautiful!

  7. amber

    i love these photos. particularly the ‘jam’ photo before breakfast. really cute, and beautiful lighting. so fun! the trees, on the other hand, that just looks so sad.

    i don’t live in new york, but i’ve heard that it can be really difficult figuring out the best school option for your child while living there! it can be so stressful! good luck! :)

  8. Amanda

    Love these pictures. I am obsessed with Luke’s Lobster in DC! Would eat it every day if I could ;)

  9. lena

    Love these! Would you mind sharing where the squirrel pocket dress is from? I’m in love with it.

  10. You can take the broken snow globe and make it into an ornament! I did it with my sons snow globe that broke! You should be able to pop out the owl and what it is sitting on, basically the whole inside. Then remove all the remaining glass and glue string or ribbon to the inside then glue the rest back in! They make great ornaments and then you have a happy kiddo!

  11. Ali

    Lobster roll….mmmmmmm!!!

  12. Morgane

    Everything is lovely, but the squirrel on the top is so cute! Rolls seems delicious!
    Et ton fils est si souriant c’est vraiment un plaisir à voir!

  13. amy

    such sweet smiles!

  14. so nice and precious moments!
    it seems to me eleanor looks like you
    and little samson like your man : )
    have a lovely new week!

  15. Lydia

    <3 You guys

    – L

  16. Nina

    Have you ever seen Nursery University (2008)? It’s about the Manhattan preschool system. heheh Don’t worry, whatever/where ever it is that you two decide about raising your children, they both have the amazing love from their parents, and so you can never go wrong! Now that you have mentioned it, I can’t wait to see/read some stories about E and Samson in school :)

    The lobster roll….I almost got in a plane and flew there!

  17. Super random question: where are your socks from? They look so cozy/comfy!!

  18. Rachel

    Mmmm I miss Luke’s lobster rolls! I need to find a good place in LA ASAP to make up for it!

  19. Gabby

    Eleanor and Samson are so adorable! Thank you for sharing all of these precious moments!


  20. Randi

    Ahhhh… we all have those questions, sista! We’ve enjoyed living around family for 3 years now with our little one… and it has been AMAZING… now we’re moving to Northern Va (a far cry from the Florida beaches and backyard BBQ’s I grew up loving). I find myself wanting open spaces, a big backyard, a wrap around porch and views for miles…. but I’m also nesting hardcore, so… you know. While we’re looking forward to a new adventure, I do dream of raising our girls in a little Southern charm before their schooling ages. Ugh… why can’t I just take all the people I love and make them move with me… life would be so much easier then.

  21. hande ece yener

    taza where are you? ıs there anything wrong? we are curious about why you didn’t post anything, also in instagram and twitter. Are children ok? we are hoping to hear news from you see you soon.

    hande and yasemin……………<3

  22. claire

    That salad and sushi was enough to make my mouth water! Also, loved the stack of Christmas trees AND that they aren’t just being tossed. Good job NYC.


  23. Brittany

    your family inspires me so much. whenever i’m all “bleh”, a post from you sort of gets me moving again. :)
    i do the salad thing too. i try to use whatever is in the fridge. it’s sometimes delicious and sometimes scary.

  24. amanda

    that close-mouthed grin that samson does melts my heart everytime i see a photo of it! you’ve got some seriously beautiful babies!

  25. Shelby

    CUTEST BABY IN THE ENTIRE WORLD. I can’t even haaandle it. Oh man.

    You are one lucky mama.


  26. kara

    i just love how happy your kids are! and samsons smile…. ahhh he’s gonna be a heartbreaker!

    xx, kara

  27. I’m glad you said you and the Hubby talked kids the whole time, mu husband and I hashed out a new budget over dinner and talk it over quite a bit, I was beginning to think we were turning into a boring married couple, but he explained to me, ” this is life, we are sharing it together and this is what marriage is” : ) Glad you had a wonderful weekend full of life!

  28. Megan

    Samson’s face just breaks my heart!

  29. Ooooh that Samson boy kills me dead! Also…I can relate to the broken snow globe. My 3 yr old these days is a tornado. Christmas items did not fare well this year.

  30. Cassie

    oh my heck! those last pictures of samson are killing me! that face!!!

  31. I love that you show people that life as a mother is so joyful and fulfilling! So many doubt it anymore. Does it ever overwhelm or worry you that so many people watch you and take interest in your daily life? I am guilty of looking forward to your posts but have wondered how you handle all of the love and constant observation! You do it beautifully.

  32. Oh how great is your blog? Your family just seems so great! Wow, I don’t have kids or relate to a lot of the situations that you write about, but somehow I still love to browse through your pages. Just gorgeous and well-written. xo

  33. Sheree H

    Look at that little smirk! Too cute. I love the photo of E and S exchanging glances while playing peek-a-boo, and of her reading him a book! Those will be photos to show at their wedding.


  34. seems your kids are always always smiling….soooo cute!
    greetings from rainy germany, geisslein

  35. Cindy Dickey

    Hello! Where did you get your round pink and purple pillows with the button in the middle of them?

    • TAZA

      from urban outfitters!

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  37. Yeda

    Ohhh , he is so cute :) amazing Face :) I realy love him’s smile : D