a few favorite moments from last month, not to be forgotten.


^^^because this *was* a really beautiful moment. and then sister decided to kick brother in the back. you know, siblings. ^^^


^^^this box served as endless entertainment at our house for days … children don’t need toys. just tupperware. and a cardboard box. i swear. ^^^


^^^handmade rings with my loved ones’ names on my ring finger.^^^


^^^i don’t know where they get it from! ;) ^^^


^^^watching snow fall outside!!!^^^


^^^we are so obsessed with brussels sprouts this month. it’s crazy.^^^


^^^our little artist. i hope her love for crayons and chalk and pencils keeps on growing this coming year.^^^

*i bought samson’s NY onesie from one of my new favorite baby stores in manhattan, piccolini. and i ordered my rings from silver promo.


  1. It’s so true that kids don’t need real toys..my kids find the weirdest things to play with and those are not toys..

  2. sarah

    I am so thankful you included the link for those beautiful rings! I just bought 3 for my loved ones in heaven. A great daily reminder! I cant wait for them in the mail.

  3. Sheree H

    These photos are fantastic. Especially the sequence of Samson smiling/crying after E hurts him! Oh siblings. Her little crayon apron is so practical!


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  5. Jennifer Appleton

    I love those rings! I was wondering if you ordered them in Monogram font or Handwriting font? It looks to me like it would be Monogram, but I just wanted to be sure :)

  6. mandy boehl

    those rings are absolutely beautiful! thanks for posting the link! it will make a great gift for my sister in laws! :)

  7. Nico

    Hi Taza,
    Have just been on Silver Promo website. Just wondering how did you know what ring size to get?