we saw santa at the church christmas party last saturday.  eleanor still doesn’t like the guy…
and just as i was starting to think how awful we are as parents forcing our child to sit on the lap of some stranger in a big red suit with a weird looking beard, samson surprised me by loving every minute on santa’s knee….
merry christmas! 
and happy weekend!
photos by mark weinberg.
  1. Sarah

    That last picture of Samson is the CUTEST thing I've ever seen! Maybe next year eleanor will smile for Santa :)

  2. oh, sweet darling Eleanor! I think Santa's scary too!

  3. hanner


    i'm seriously laughing out loud. poor e.

  4. My daughter is terrified of Santa too and I felt like the worst mom ever when I forced her to take a picture with him. Such a weird tradition if you really think about it lol.

    Samson looks adorable, though!!

  5. Ana

    I think that's the way it usually goes, huh? From what I hear from parents, if one kid looks adorable, the other one will probably be crying…

    Poor E! I can see how that experience can be scary!

  6. -C

    I love Samson's yellow hat where did you get it?

  7. Shannon

    haha, this is so great! Samson is a brave guy!!

  8. Ragan

    i just found your blog and spent way too much time stalking you, your pictures are amazing! I miss Italy. You have the most beautiful family. I am your newest follower, I look forward to reading more about you guys!

  9. Jessica

    Hilarious! Samson is too cute! And E I don't blame ya!

  10. Janelle

    Man, I miss that Christmas party! Muah to the M1 from Texas!

  11. My Vivian (2) is NOT a Santa fan either!! At least you got E somewhere near the guy, my little one basically took off the moment she had him in her sight!! We literally have a blurred photo of my 2 older boys on each knee then her jetting! Ha!

  12. Drae

    Hey. I know that Santa.! He's almost a cool as his wife. You must have one stacked ward with yourselves and the rileys in it. So fun.

  13. Drae

    Hey. I know that Santa.! He's almost a cool as his wife. You must have one stacked ward with yourselves and the rileys in it. So fun.

  14. SH

    This is my favorite blog post ever! It is hilarious and adorable all at the same time. How is it possible that your family is as adorable as it is!?

  15. Nerea

    I was like E when I was a child! I always cried when I saw Santa and my mother decided told me the truth at the age of 3.

  16. colleen

    that last picture is too much – how adorable is he!

  17. hahhaha I laughed for ages! My 2 year old is the exact same! Waaa waaaa! And seriously, who can blame them?

  18. OMG! such a cute picture of Samson! amazing it is amazing how some kids love Santa and others are so afraid of him

  19. PSchmalz

    This is exactly what I needed after the events of the last couple of days to let the cutest family ever cheer me up which you always do

  20. I love how differ they reactions are, extreme! It's only the first time I saw E crying in photos after following your blog. Looks like she's terrified! Maybe she can appreciate Santa next year, hopefully. Memories happen again.:)


  21. Ali

    He is so stinkin adorable!

  22. Lindsay

    OHHH. So cute! This made my night.

  23. Oh goodness, who could pass on that happy face!!!! LOVE it!
    xo TJ

  24. Bless her sweet little heart. It’s so fun how they are night and day when it comes to Santa. S’s picture with the big guy is precious.