parmigiano reggiano while in parma, italia!

104i promise, i am almost done with these recap posts from our trip to italy last month! i swear! thank you for indulging me as i share photos from each place we visited. ;)  so… after our time in cinque terre, we took the train to parma where we spent one day touring a couple really cool factories! the photos in this post are from a morning spent at the parmigiano reggiano factory where we learned how local parmesan cheese is made. the factory is very tiny, and the process is so hands on and involved. from milking the cows twice a day every day to begin the cheese and butter production, to soaking in the salt brine bath, to allowing the cheese to mature for at least 18 months with careful hands on attention to each wheel, it was fascinating.   each wheel is also individually rotated every few days and examined before an official mark of quality can be branded onto it. it was just so hands on… the time and energy that goes into each of those cheese wheels.  we had a great time walking through and learning about the process.










^^^eleanor checking for hollow spots in the cheese which someone does each day to ensure the wheel is maturing properly.


114 117120this was seriously a big highlight for us.  and now i feel all fancy because they taught us to eat our parmesan cheese with a little honey  (have you ever tried that? i’m hooked!) we’ve been snacking on parmesan cheese ever since parma and seriously, we can’t get enough!

  1. Steph

    Fascinating!!! Thanks for sharing, Naomi.

  2. Leti

    Can’t wait to read more about this trip!!! Can’t get enough of it :)

  3. Lucy

    I am OBSESSED with parmesan! I can’t wait to eat the real thing next month in Florence… will definitely have to try it with honey. Sounds amazing x

  4. Parmasan with honey is the best (so is blue cheese…soft cheeses…) a few candied walnuts and quince or fig jams, or very high quality balsamico are nice too. Italy somehow just gets all the right things perfectly right.

  5. Alisha

    This is making me hungry!

  6. Maritza

    Love the new design and layout. Can’t wait to see what will be in your shop category!

  7. lisa

    Naomi! you must try parmigiano also with fig jam, or balsamic reduction!!! coming from another foodie: trust me, it’s heaven!!!
    My husband is from Reggio (the other half if parmigiano reggiano) – we’re actually heading there on Sunday to spend Christmas with family. Question: did you put your bugaboo in a stroller bag?

    • TAZA

      yes! they had us sample some with balsamic and it was also delicious! we toured a baslamic factory, too! that post is coming soon. ;) jealous you are heading there this weekend!

      i couldn’t actually find a stroller bag for our bugaboo. i don’t think they make one for the donkey, or if they do i couldn’t find it. we just used heavy duty black garbage bags since we checked our stroller at the gate. it worked fine. have fun!

  8. ashley

    Love the photos and the factory tour looks fascinating, Have to try out honey on my parmesan. Sounds yummy! I miss proper cheese living in Thailand,

  9. Ah, Naomi, I love the new blog design. It’s gorgeous and I am a huge honey/fig jam/cheese lover, when I do indulge (lactose intolerant) it’s the only way to go.

  10. susan

    now i can tell my husband that he’s been fancy for years! he’s always eaten his cheese with honey. wonderful photos!

  11. Agata

    You’re a great family. It’s really nice to look at your photos.
    I found your blog by accident and now I look in here very often.
    Of course love the new design and layout!

  12. Dean

    What a joy. I dreamt many times of bringing one of those rounds home with me. One of the best things about Italy is their love of artisan craftmanship, especially when it comes to food. When was Josh in southern Italy, and who was his mission president?

    • TAZA

      he served in 02 -04 i think and his mission president was president caruso. i actually got to meet him while we were there which was so much fun! did you also serve in italy?

  13. Patrizia

    What a fascinating post! I always wondered how they made Parmesan cheese. It’s nice to know it’s still so hands on even though machines usually do everything nowadays. That’s probably why it tastes so fantastic! I’ll have to try the honey/parm combo. And I love the last photo of Eleanor holding her slice of Parmesan! She looks so sleepy from what I’m sure was an adventurous day for her. Happy holidays!

  14. Absolutely divine! The workmanship and hours of love that are poured into this labor of love, I’m so happy you are still sharing your extraordinary adventure!! Thanks, I know we are all reveling in these sweet moments in time :)

  15. Natalie

    ooooh isn’t this lovely. I love a little honey on parm, brie or manchego. throw some red pepper flakes (for the adults) over the honey and it will not disappoint! I adore the new site and thanks for letting us peek into your trip!


  16. melissa

    I lived abroad in Parma for six months and we toured that exact factory a number of times. It is so great to see it again and that you and your family enjoyed it!

  17. Sarah

    Your post reminds me of the Parmesan boyfriend I had once upon a time when I studied in Spain! When we met, he told me he was from Parma and said, “You know, where they make the cheese.” (Donde se hace el queso).

    I loved visiting the factories in his hometown. It was awesome and we contemplated for an hour or so whether to bring a whole wheel back to the states!

    Glad you got to enjoy the experience. I also loved the provolone in Italy.

  18. Cory Ann

    Mmm…you had me at CHEESE!

  19. Timi

    I enjoy all of your posts, it doesn’t matter, old or new. Just keep sharing. :)
    Your family is still beautiful, I love to see this connection between your husband and the little ones.
    And cheese with honey – I tried it a few years ago, it was hardly believable, but they are awesome together!

  20. Lejla

    I love cheese. In Bosnia we have a wonderful one, its called Livanjski sir, from a city called Livno.

  21. Sarah

    I’ve heard of goat cheese with honey, but not parm. Oh, boy I can’t wait till I’m done nursing so I can have dairy again!!!! I miss cheese!

  22. bridget

    i blame it on vegetarianism — ok, actually it’s just that i LOVE pasta — but the two things our fridge is always stocked on is pesto & fresh parmesan. can’t get enough of it. i would have been in wonderland on that tour! but parmesan with honey — now that’s something i’ve never tried. : )

  23. Marie

    Wow I didn’t know that making cheese was so time-consuming and hands on. Thanks for this informative post and as usual, lovely photos!

  24. Whitney

    Love the new site design! And cheese with honey, yum! Could I ask what kind of baby carrier you’re using? We’re going on a trip soon and need a quality one!

  25. Dean

    Yes, I served in the now defunct Padova Mission (northeastern Italy: Venice, Padova, Verona, Florence, Bologna, Reggio Emilia. My parents served in Catania from 05-07 and we took our for boys (ages ranging from 1 – 11 at the time) to see them. You two are a beautiful story.

  26. Hey have you thought about developing a mobile site for your new site? That would be awesome! One day I hope to be able to go to Italy!

  27. Oooh that’s awesome! Would love to tour a cheese factory one day :)

  28. Beverly

    Love these photos! My grandpa was Italian and I grew up eating cheese with honey, brings back fond memories. We also loved to toast bread, spread goats cheese and drizzle honey on top. Basically it’s heaven (;

  29. Krista

    I thought those were clay bowls at first! That is a lot of cheese! What an interesting process.


  30. Patience

    the new blog looks really nice! i love cheese and honey. try it on blue cheese and even if you don’t like blue cheese you may just with with a little honey. maple syrup is also amazing on hard/stinky cheeses- has the same affect as honey.

  31. Alicia

    Oh my goodness parmigiano with honey is one of my favorite indulgences. SO yum and I’m loving your Italy recaps… makes me miss and want to take another trip back to Italy soon.

  32. This is awesome. Your photos make me miss my short trip to Italy in ’08.

    P.S Love your new site and now I can leave you comments! (Not just on twitter)

  33. Kacie

    Please tell me you brought home a whole wheel and gave it it’s own seat on the flight!?


  34. Lexie

    Gorgeous photos! And I, for one, am still loving all of your Italy posts!

  35. i’ve never thought to tour a parmesan factory…next time i go to italy, this might have to make the list.

    and i love honey with parmesan! one of my favorite combos is an apple slice coated with honey with grated parmesan on top.

  36. Kelly

    Hi Taza,

    I follow you on instagram and bloglovin. I found out about the new site on instagram and assumed that it would be linked to your old blog so I’d still get your new post on bloglovin, but its not. I had to follow love taza separately. I know you get a lot of repetitious comments, so if you already knew I’m sorry. If not, I thought I’d let you know so you don’t lose readers who are unaware of the new site.

  37. Ariel

    Oh my gosh! I did not know a thing about cheese and my does it sound like a load of work! No wonder its so darn expensive. ;) My mother is the biggest cheese lover I’ve ever known, I think she would have died right there and then. haha And don’t apologize for the Italy posts, we are loving them!

  38. Vivian

    I’m SO happy to see all your Italy posts! We are spending 1 week in Venice next summer with what will be a ~3 month old baby. So I’m glad to see that you were able to do these neighboring city trips w/both Samson and Eleanor. Parma is on the top of my list for “must-see” and I’m hoping a day-trip won’t be too difficult with a little one. Did you also visit any of the proscuitto places?

  39. Abbey

    I hardly ever comment (but read often!) and I just wanted to tell you that your new site looks amazing! Very clean and so visually appealing!

    And honey and parmesan? Why haven’t I heard about this until now? Sounds like a match made in food heaven. Thanks for sharing this tasty treat!

  40. Jodi

    Hi Naomi!
    I love your blog and you’re adorable family! My sister and I started a mom blog called You are such an inspiration with two kids so close together and all the fun you have together. Looks like y’all had a blast on your trip! You are so brave for traveling so far and long with two little ones. Way to go!!

  41. Adriane

    Hi Naomi, loved the photos, it seems like a great tour in Parma!! Oh, and the blog looks amazing!!
    Are you having any problems with you blog feed? I updated my google reader, but still doesn’t show your recent posts…

  42. Sarah


  43. I love seeing how things are made straight from the source! So fascinating!

  44. Ariel

    I have a strong belief that real Parmesan cures most evils! great pictures and i love your new site!!

  45. Abi

    How cute is your family?? For real. I love seeing your vacation photos and your new blog design is great!

  46. Lorene

    I found your blog 2 weeks ago, I loved it so much that I read from E’s birth to the present in 2 days time, crazy I know xD I just had my little princess and reading your experience with E was reminding mine, and kind of showing me what could happen next haha :p Reading you made me want to do my own blog as a diary like yours, which I started and enjoyed it already in just a week of time, but then there was complication with my in laws and I decided to stop it.

    Your family looks so nice and happy!! E and S are just gorgeous!! Can’t wait to keep reading about all your new adventures :)

  47. I love parmesan cheese so much – and I had no idea so much work went into it. Cheese is gift from above, I am convinced.

    love the new blog layout!

  48. Danae

    What an awesome experience! Josh was probably in heaven here :)

  49. Linna

    i have been scrolling the page up and down because the first pic seems moving and i thought you added some magic in it! Hahaha~

  50. Jessica

    I came back from Italy obsessed with cheese! I’ve been doing Italy recaps for awhile too- I’ve been back about two months now. Looks like cheese heaven to me!

  51. Brianne

    I wish I had a bath as big as that cheese tub!

  52. Cheryl

    Seeing all those rolls of cheese reminds me of the Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood episode where he went to the cheese factory. I Remember as a kid thinking that would be so awesome to go to…lol…now I see your photos and I think the same thing. Guess my food tastes havent changed much.

    Love the new site. Excited to see what your going to post in the “shop” area.

  53. Melissa

    Love cheese! Looks so fun and interesting.

  54. Sara

    Parmesan cheese and honey is my favorite!

  55. Jenny

    I love going to visit places like this, the process seems so fascinating! Maybe it’s why I’m such a huge fan of cheese… xo

  56. Sheree H

    That’s alotta cheese!