over the weekend…

this weekend we had a few friends in town from DC. and in my opinion, there is never a better excuse to go eat and eat and eat in new york city like there is when people are in town.  i feel like we just move from a bagel to a cupcake to an extra large donut to a cheeseburger and milkshake… you know? there’s no place for gluttony like new york.  right now, i sit here thinking that juice cleanse making its way around the internet doesn’t sound like such a bad idea. but you know me…. ;)
and now, a few photos from our weekend…
—eleanor and papa admiring the rockerfeller christmas tree!—
—yes, that’s my husband dancing on the street with a bunch of random santas—
—at le parker meridien with my boy—
—this “candycrane” gingerbread creation
at le parker meridien is so good—
—santas everywhere this weekend for the SantaCon—
—the windows at bergforf goodman—-
—an afternoon with one of my favorites, miss marci—
new york, you’re a whole lotta fun during the holidays.
we love you.
  1. love that your husband just dances on the streets! and samsons smiles are always so jolly :)

  2. Cassie

    I wish I was there, to see all the festiveness and eat! xx

  3. i love all those cranes on the tree behind you and samson–what a fun idea. and of course you and samson in front make it even lovelier. glad you got to have some good quality time in the city with visiting friends!

  4. It was SantaCon in San Francisco this weekend too. Loved seeing all the silly Santas around town.

    Thanks for sharing these great pics! I agree there's no place like NYC during the holidays. Enjoy!

  5. Gaby

    all of your posts make me want to go to new york, but this one especially

  6. haha i love those pictures of your husband dancing! i would love to see new york during the holidays – i bet it's amazing.

  7. Your husband is a super star! Ahahah got a good chuckle out of that. & I adore samson's little face.. eek! <3

  8. this literally makes me miss NYC 684955 times more. great pictures! :)

  9. New York looks amazing! We will be visiting one day…hopefully! Check out my blog sometime,

  10. My daughter is almost the same age as Eleanor – apart by a week – and I have the hardest time getting her to keep her mittens on. No matter how cold it is outside she insists on pulling them off. Any tips?

  11. Jenna E

    Great pictures! Josh is such a goofball lol. I have always wanted to visit NYC especially around Christmas. It seems extra magical.

  12. Kerry

    ohhh santa con. i think you maybe handled it better than i did. but i was forced to make a stop in penn station that day and.. oh my. the massive crowd of drunken santas. in delightful news: i was also at doughnut plant this weekend and could there be anything better? perhaps not. josh seems like such fun, what a love-filled family :)

  13. Looks magical. One day, I will make it to New York at Christmastime! (or just to New York in general)

  14. this is making me miss new york so much!
    i'd love to visit during the holiday season, it looks so magical :)
    xo, cheyenne

  15. animru

    so beautiful….
    merry christmas!

  16. I wanna visit NY now! :)

  17. Josh never struck me as the kind of guy who danced in the middle of the street, but now that I know he is I find him even more likable. Your family is the sweetest!

  18. Amy

    oh the gingerbread creation! Christmas in summer is so different yet so similar! x


  19. I love Christmas time! Lovley photo!

  20. Is it weird that I'm kind of freaked out by the amount of santas?! Did the kids not find it confusing – surely there's only ONE santa!!

    Absolutely love the photos of Josh dancing – the best way to be! (crazy!)

  21. Victoria

    You always look like you're having so much fun. It's lovely to see.x

  22. Oh your husband is amazing. NYC is such a nice place for xmas

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  24. how cute is that picture of you & samson! & the pictures of josh dancing made me LOL. you two seem like so much fun. :)

  25. Samson always has a beautiful smile on his face, it's wonderful

    georgia, x


  26. colleen

    you captured nyc at chrimstas so well! love this.

  27. Teresa

    Ohhhh how fun! Love these pics and NY! and that mustard skirt!

  28. Amanda

    I was just visiting New York with my friend for our birthdays. We were there to see Santa Con too.

  29. Lyndsay

    New York is so much fun around Christmas. I'm a little disappointed that I missed SantaCon this year. I never participate, but it's fun to walk around and Santa watch.

  30. christmas time in new york looks awesome!

  31. Molly

    Okay, where are those gorgeous looking donuts from? I need to go there ASAP!

  32. Angelica

    LOVE the pic of your husband dancing with the santas…so random, yet so rad. those bergdorf windows are ah mazing!! you and the baby look so beautiful!!

  33. c.m.c

    Are those donuts from donutland!? Or Donut Planet? I haven't had a pistachio donut in over a year and the first time was at MacGuffin Films. They had ordered them and I fell in love.

  34. Risa

    Awe! What a great weekend. There really is no better place to spend the holidays. The way NYC lights up in December is just incredible! Merry Christmas! xoxo

  35. Kristina

    I love all of the Santas wandering arond, so fun! Those pictures of your husband dancing are hilarious.


    Kristina does the Internets

  36. Kaolee

    this looks absolutely fun!

  37. Marie

    Beautiful photos! Have a merry Christmas at NY ;)

  38. em

    I will be in NYC for just one day and night on Dec 26th, do you have an restaurant recommendations near Gershwin Theatre??

  39. New York looks amazing in the holiday season. I am from the UK and have been to NYC twice- once in March and once in September time- I am yet to go when its all Christmassy, but I hope i will one day!

  40. Look at you tiny thing in your mustard pencil skirt….you must only eat one bite of all the yummies you describe.

  41. Tascha

    SantaCon is by far the weirdest and funniest thing I've experienced in New York so far! I love being here for Christmas!


  42. samson is the cutest little thing i have ever seen! his smiles always make me laugh. you always make me want to go shopping with those outfits!

  43. Jessica

    Uh-mazing! Makes me want to go to NYC for the holidays. The doughnuts look delicious! And Josh dancing with the Santas is hilarious!

  44. Burger Joint? ;) Yum. You make me miss that city with posts like this…MERRY CITY CHRISTMAS!

  45. I love the tree covered in origami cranes! How neat?! Happy holidays to you and yours, Taza!

  46. Love the photos are your hubs dancing with the santas! Too funny :) Looks like so much fun in NY I wish it was that festive here!

  47. Looks to have been a superb weekend!

  48. i love the photographs of josh dancing with the santas. classic josh move…i even showed my husband and he laughed. : )

    p.s. is that a ban.do glitter clip? the glitter bobbis are totally on my christmas list this year. they're so whimsical and fun…and good for uncooperative bang days, too.

  49. holtkamp

    you guys are the coolest family, especially your dancing husband!

  50. Boy, do I wish husband and I lived in NY! Looks like so much fun!!

  51. Ann

    New York seems like the perfect place for the holidays. So festive!

  52. MOLLY

    I always see you guys eating out. How on earth do you stay so tiny? What do you do to workout?

    PS Love your blog!

  53. SH

    I love all the Santas running around! And that gingerbread creation is just amazing. I can't imagine the effort that went into that! Samson is too cute.

  54. Looks like you are having a blast! We still need to make our way back to visit. It's been more than a year!


  55. Man I want a New York weekend!

  56. Sonja

    haha that looks like so much fun!!!! It's like you walked into a city wide movie set! :o)

  57. Julie

    Those Bergforf Goodman windows are delicious!

  58. Merci pour partager la magie de Noel avec nous ;)

  59. Caroline

    I really love to follow the story of your day-to-day with your beautiful family. By the way, looooove the new facelift of your blog :) great job!

  60. Bethany

    DONUT PLANT?! yummm

  61. i use to be a nanny on long island. one of my favorite things to do was to take the train into the city during Christmas. i love love love NYC!! how fun to live there with your husband and children.

  62. eliza


  63. Emily

    I like the blog design, but I don’t like the comment being all the way at the bottom…did I miss a link like your old comment section had?

    Anyway, I came to comment: I know! I’m heading up to NYC in about a week and all of my friends have been texting me about the food we will eat. I am so excited. I think I might have to go to that donut place you’ve been taunting us with on IG.

  64. Jennifer

    OMG the new look to your blog is gorgeous! I was waiting to see what you would do because your header was definitely outta date. :P These pictures are adorable. I’m always in awe of how much love and fun your family shares.

  65. Lindsay

    Love your new blog design! And I love all of your beautiful photos of NY at Christmastime. You’re so very talented. :)

  66. Christina

    Listening to music today and had a thought… Is Samson named after the Regina Spektor song?

  67. Sarah

    Beautiful! I’d loove to know where your boots are from they’re awesome!

  68. Emily

    Cutest Blog ever! you and your family are an inspiration! Adorable website also! I have always wanted to visit NYC esp during the holidays and your blog makes me want to even more! Also where is your adorable yellow skirt from, if you don’t mind me asking! Thanks for your lovely blog!

  69. lauren

    How stinkin’ funny that your husband was dancing in the streets with random Santas. That one put a smile on my face this morning :) Looks like it’s interesting there during the holiday season for sure.

  70. i would like to visit new york one day…
    looks amazing!
    thank you for this foto travel!

    & i like you new layout!

  71. Johnny

    What is the name of the doughnut shot that you were at? It looks delicious!

  72. Sara

    WOW, Bergdorfs looks amazing! I was in NYC just before Thanksgiving and they weren’t open yet, I’m so bummed I missed such BEAUTIFUL displays!

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  74. everything looks so lovely. xx

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  76. Sigrid

    Merry Christmas :)

  77. gigi

    Love the dancing pics so cute! and your outfit is so perfect and festive. having friends as guests is always fun Have a very happy holiday!. xx. gigi. food and beauty blogger @ http://www.gigikkitchen.blogspot.com

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  79. margeaux

    I love these pictures so much (especially the first one!). Thanks for sharing all these beautiful photos with us. Hope you’re having a lovely new year!